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Maximillian Mars (PL11) - NPC Tier 3

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Maximillian Mars
Power Level: 11 (166/166PP)
Unspent Power Points: 0
Trade-Offs: Under caps.


In Brief: Super genius super villain that has mothballed his armor to lead a succesful technology corporation, hiding his ongoing villainy behind a popular reputation


Alternate IdentityThe Commander (Secret, former)
Birthplace: Emerald City.

Residence: Riverfront, Emerald City.
Base of Operations: MarsTech Headquarters, River Front, Emerald City
Occupation: Head of MarsTech, Criminal mastermind
Affiliations: MarsTech, the Chamber
Family: None known


Age: 55 (DoB: 1964)
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5'
Weight: 170 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Light brown, greying at the temples

Always dressed in tailored suits from London, Maximillian Mars always looks his best. A bright smile on his lips, a gleam in his green eyes, his hair and beard immaculate, he simply looks perfect, even as wrinkles are beginning to show on his face. 




Once, there was a super villain known as the Commander. He wore a high tech armor, filled with alien technology that he had stumbled upon and reverse engineered as a young man. He wanted power, he wanted riches. He fought the Centurion on several occasions. He was foiled by the Freedom League. Under the Moore Administration, he fought FORCE Ops on several occasions. His ever evolving armor meant that any encounter would mean something new. Never employing the same trick twice, he was a persistent foe. While he was defeated, he always managed to escape, and his identity remained a secret.


And then the Terminus Invasion happened. Surprising even himself, the Commander fought side by side with the heroes, even aiding his hated foe the Centurion against Omega. After the Terminus Invasion, the Commander disappeared. Most believed that he had died. Few claimed to have seen him in the years since, but it was never confirmed. It was all just rumors.


Years later, the company known as MarsTech appeared. Seemingly out of the blue, the MarsTech brand became synonymous with high tech user friendly technology. The popular Deimos laptop! The Phobos operating system! Stylized and cheap smart phones! They seemed to be ahead of the competition in every regard. Research in the history of the company showed it as a simple start up, all the work of a single man. Working for hire, the founder would eventually create a juggernaut of technological advances that would take the world by storm.


That man, that founder, was Maximillian Mars. Inviting the world into his life as the chief designer, creator and director of MarsTech, he would only continue to grow on popularity, as he raised his company to even greater heights in his native Emerald City. He was a man of the people, a friend to every employee, he offered benefits and great pay, paid insurance for all of his employees: In short, the man of the year for all years.


And of course, he was also once the Commander, and even now, he was a member of the Chamber, the organization that rules Emerald City from the shadows, supplying his technological expertise and businesses to their goals. The Commander armor left in storage, he now had more power than ever before.


Maximillian Mars might be a lighter shade of black than his compatriots in the Chamber, and almost a hero to the people of the world, but make no mistake: At heart, he is still a villain, and his ultimate goal remains: Nothing less than world domination. 


Personality & Motivation:
Maximillian Mars is a genius and a visionary. Even as the mastermind behind MarsTech, and the creator of the vast majority of their technologies and advances, he is friendly and affable. He knows the name and history of every employee, he eats lunch with the janitors every other week, if his time permits. He genuinely cares about his employees, and does his best to keep the them safe from machinations of the Chamber.

Still, Maximillian is a super villain, even if he no longer wears the colorful armor of the Commander. He has a ruthless side, having masterminded several of the Chamber's plans, and even if he is the voice that will advocate keeping innocents safe, he is more than willing to go through with anything, if it means furthering his own goals.


His ultimate goal? To rule everything. Emerald City is just the start, the testing phase of his plans for the world. After all, Maximillian Mars is a nice man, but he also knows that he is a genius, and he really do know better than everyone else.


Powers & Tactics:
Maximillian will rarely, if ever, directly confront others in combat. Those days are simply behind him, and he would much rather play mind games, or, if it comes to it, send henchmen, mercenaries or even MarsTech security to deal with any potential trouble. He keeps his involvement in any scheme a secret, perhaps even more so than the rest of the Chamber.


Power Descriptions:

Maximillian posses no overt super powers, but he incredibly intelligent, able to process knowledge much faster than the vast majority of humanity. His Commander armor is currently in storage, but can be used if necessary.


Better a Villain than Bored: Maximillian wants fame and riches. He wants everyone to respect him, and he has achieved all that. Legally, too. So why do he is he still a member of the Chamber? Why do he still manipulate Emerald City, if he does not always need to? Simple: Boredom. What better way to fall into a lull?

The Commander: The stock of MarsTech would surely drop should Maximillian's true nature as a villain and a member of the Chamber come to light. 
MarsTech: Maximillian genuinely cares about his employees at MarsTech.

Abilities: 4 + 2 + 6 + 20 + 8 + 8 = 48PP
Strength: 14 (+2)
Dexterity: 12 (+1)
Constitution: 16 (+3)
Intelligence: 30 (+10)
Wisdom: 18 (+4)
Charisma: 18 (+4)

Combat: 8 + 18 = 24PP
Initiative: +5 (+1 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative)
Attack: +4 Base, +10 Melee (+4 Base, +6 Attack Focus), +4 Ranged, +12 Commander Suit Weapons (+4 Base, +8 Attack Specialization)
Defense: +9 (+9 Base,), +5 Flat-Footed

Grapple: +12 (+10 Attack, +2 Str)
Knockback: -2/-1 (Toughness /2)

Saving Throws: 5 + 8 + 9 = 22PP
Toughness: +5 (+3 Con, +2 Undercover Shirt)
Fortitude: +8 (+3 Con, +5)
Reflex: +9 (+1 Dex, +8)
Will: +13 (+4 Wis, +9)

Skills: 168R = 42PP
Bluff 15 (+19)

Climb 6 (+8)

Craft [Electronic] 15 (+25)Skill Mastery

Craft [Mechanical] 15 (+25)Skill Mastery

Diplomacy 12 (+16)

Drive 6 (+7)

Intimidation 12 (+16)

Investigation 6 (+16)

Knowledge [Business] 12 (+22)Skill Mastery

Knowledge [Life Sciences] 6 (+16)Note: Focused on superhumans

Knowledge [Physical Sciences] 15 (+25)Skill Mastery

Medicine 3 (+7)

Notice 12 (+16)

Pilot 6 (+7)

Profession [Criminal Mastermind] 9 (+13)

Sense Motive 12 (+16)

Swim 6 (+8)

Feats: 27PP

Attack Focus [Melee] 6

Attack Specialization [Commander Suit] 8

Benefit 3 (Wealth)

Benefit 1 (CEO of MarsTech)



Distract (Bluff)

Equipment 1

Fascinate (Bluff)

Improved Initiative


Skill Mastery (Craft [Electronics], Craft [Mechanical], Knowledge [Business], Knowledge [Physical Sciences])




Equipment: 1PP = 5EP

  • Undercover Shirt (Protection 2, subtle) [3EP]
  • Smartphone

Powers: 3 = 3PP


Quickness 6 (Descriptive Name; Flaws: Limited [Mental tasks only][3PP] (descriptors)

Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP

DC Block





Attack bonus



DC17 Tou (staged)




Totals: Abilities (48) + Combat (24) + Saving Throws (22) + Skills (42) + Feats (27) + Powers (3) - Drawbacks (0) = 166/166 Power Points

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Maximillian Mars, converted from Emerald City Secrets 3E, as requested by Ari. 

PP spent above 15PP/PL, but due to conversion. 

Not really meant to be a direct combatant without his armor, which is why he is under caps, as noted under trade offs.


EDIT: Made 1 foot shorter at Ari's request.

Edited by RocketLord
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Flat-footed defense is half base defense rounded up, rather than down. Blame the game designers for this one, it trips everyone up.


At +10 melee attack and +2 Strength, this character would have a +12 grapple bonus.


At +5/+3 Toughness, this character would have -2/-1 Knockback.



Minor typo: 'Bsuiness'.


I'm assuming the 'Commander Suit' will have powers that are only relevant per-thread, defined by the GM when it and if it comes up? Odd to see Attack Specialization in a device that isn't on the sheet.

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I was sure that everything with half was rounded down, but oh well! Good to know!

And I'd completely forgotten to fill out grapple and knockback, my bad. Thanks for the numbers.


All fix



Typo fixed


As mentioned on discord, the Attack Specialization feat is really mostly a flavor thing. I doubt he'll be pulling the Commander Suit out of storage anytime soon, but he did use it for a long time, and then its there if he starts actually using it. Very weird, I know.

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