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Puzzle Box: The Fun Guy (OOC)

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Five Mushroom Men left. 


They are all going to release spores!


Ill treat this as an "aid" attack with abit of wibbly wobbly to stop it getting out of hand. The combined effect will be a Nauseate 10 cloud area attack.


i.e. DC 20 Reflex Saves and DC 20 or 15 Fort Saves. 


Penny Coin: Reflex Save: 1d20+12 26 with evasion 2 avoids the cloud altogether. 


Reflex Saves: 5#1d20+10 20 11 12 13 14 Boddy Flock makes his reflex save (and has evasion 2), the other sprites do not. 


Fort Saves: 4#1d20+2 10 4 18 3 awful rolls, and to keep things simple, I will say they are all completely helpless from the Nauseate effect. 


Meaning Oswald is up next!

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Ozwald will dismiss the grumblings of the fun guy as the whining of a petulant student and use his summon a tornado power to sweep up the mushroom men and their spores, throwing them against the roof and letting them fall back to the ground!


DC22 reflex save!


Then opposed strength


15! Or 9 for those who make the save. (Halfs the mod but not the roll I believe.)


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First, that wind will elegantly disperse the cloud area, so nice work. 


Secondly, Opposed STR: 1d20+6 23 they stay upright. However, in keeping with their general stupidity, I will say that they are flat footed this round from the buffeting!


I believe Pan is up!

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Well, Pan doesn't want to get too close, spores or no, so... Another Pixie Blast, aimed at the nearest Mushroom Man.


1d20+11 = 31


And a crit threat! If it hits, and crit is confirmed (guessing both), that's DC 31 Toughness.

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The Mushroom men, being fungus, are immune to critical hits! On the flip side, thats a tough toughness save to beat!


Tough Save: 1d20+7 27 but, lamentably, it is but singed!



Oz is up!


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Hum! I think Oz will continue to be slightly helpful and wobble drunkly as he bounds amidst the mushroom men and with a pirouette attempt to use his winds of change power to turn them to stone.


DC22 reflex for half

DC22/16 fort to resist, if they are immune due to being an object they must make a reflex save again by house rules.

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The winds of change. 


They actually cant meat that save (Reflex +0), so all turned to stone!


Combat over. Crisis not!

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