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Puzzle Box: The Fun Guy (OOC)

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Just for a bit of fun.


Free action: forcefield up!


Standard action: Use create objects (thaumaturgical constructs) to conjure a rug under the golems plodding cheesefeet


Move action: attempt to trip the golems by pulling the rug out from under it so it falls backwards.


I'm assuming since it's an area thing it will be reflex saves on its part but lemme know if anything from me is needed.


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Free action: sustain forcefield, dismiss magic rug.


Standard action: let's show off some master ethermancy and create a chill out zone for that semi-liquid golem! Let's see if it starts to solidify.


Seeing as it's selective huge and blah blah blah only golem is feeling cold (extreme) and distracting (DC5) as I make the skies fill with hail.


Move action: Talk smack..?

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So I will do an experiment.


Using illusion I will create fake images of penny everywhere, they'll move and make noise and try to avoid being touched by the golem but most importantly they'll have a magic aura similar to penny that I copied to trick the puzzle box. I wanna see how it reacts.

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SO with that Oz can determine it was an experimental golem. It has all the usual immunity to magic but, being a very obscure type of Golem, somebody was trying something. The magic seems to be in the blue veins (a fungus) rather than the cheese itself. 


He can, if he so wishes, do some ritual or hocus pocus to try and track down from whence it came. Magic plot compass ahoy!

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