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Aurora (Pl 10) - Curious Key

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Player Name: Curious Key

Character Name: Aurora

Power Level: 10/10 (150/153)

Trade-Offs: +2 DEF -2 TOU

Unspent Power Points: 3


In Brief: Cripplingly anxious wannabe heroine with a mysterious interstellar artifact.


Alternate Identity: Aurora

Identity: Reina Nightingale

Birthplace: Ceduna, South Australia 

Occupation: Student

Affiliations: Claremont Academy

Family: Samantha Nightingale (Sister), Raymond Nightingale (Dad), Gretchen Nightengale (Mom)


Age: 16 (DoB: December 4th, 2002)

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 125lbs

Eyes: Green/Purple

Hair: Black/Purple


In her regular form, Reina is a smallish, mousy girl with scruffy dark hair stopping at about her ears, green eyes and a pair of spectacles she needs to address her severe nearsightedness. She prefers baggy clothes a couple sizes too large that she can feel cozy and shapeless inside. On the inside of her left palm is a broken white circle containing a symmetrical arrangement of eleven stars. In the dark, it seems to glow.


When she invokes her powers, Reina's hair shifts to purple and stretches at length down her back and her muscle gains clear definition. A scarf roughly half the length of her body spools out from her shoulders behind her, where it floats and shifts in a gradient of gentle blues, greens and purples. The rest of her clothing is replaced with a a long purple shawl laid over a blue sleeveless shirt with the same white symbol on her torso that's on her palm. Below that, she wears a purple, knee-length skirt over star-speckled black leggings and purple boots.




Growing up, Reina's family moved a lot for their parents' jobs. She and her older sister were forever strangers moving in and out of schools every year or so, but where her sister quickly connected with those around her, Reina was deeply shy...a quiet girl who other children were often unkind to.


Her admiration of heroes, and in particular, heroines, was deep-seated on the edge of obsession, and while she was all too happy to plaster their posters on her walls, the reasons that others assumed she wanted too sat deeply wrong in her stomach. In her mid-teens, Reina finally put two and two together discovering she didn't just admire girls, but that she was a girl, and struggled with what exactly to do about it.


One day, when Reina was fifteen, she was with her family on a summer camping trip, exhausted and miserable, taking a rest a little ways away from their camp. She saw a shooting star and made a wish. But this star didn't disappoint over the horizon. It crashed into the forest, and Reina chased after it.


When Reina found the crash site, the ship was a wreck. Just outside of it, Reina saw a scorched and smoking cat, and rushed to help it. But it wasn't a cat at all. It whispered something to Reina and pressed its head against her palm. She blacked out.


When she came to, the 'cat' was dead, she was empowered and things started moving very quickly.


People searched for the mysterious meteor that had been seen flying in, but no one seemed able to find what, if anything, had landed. No one but Reina, for whom the wreck existed always in her mind, a thought away. Her new powers, and the nature of the ship she was not connected too, were deep and inscrutable mysteries to her.


But to Reina, it didn't really matter. In her heart, fear and exhilaration made war on one another. Her powers had made her dreams come true...Made her a heroine. She had been patrolling haphazardly for a few weeks when a Freedom cape met up with her and tried to talk her down. Eventually, she pointed Reina in the direction of an academy in the city that would make sure that, if she was set on doing this, would at least show her how. Her parents were confused and overwhelmed, when she told them everything. They were almost happy to hand her off to Claremont, who at the very least would have a better idea how to handle her.


Personality & Motivation:


Deeply anxious and nervous, Reina is constantly worried about coming off poorly and imposing, her conversations peppered with a constant stream of apologies for nothing. She lives her life in constant fear that the people who she hangs around and call her 'friend' are just tolerating her irritating self. She's shy, sweet, sincere, and just wants to make as many people around her happy as possible.


Reina is scared of conflict and scared of fighting, which doesn't seem like it should line up with her goal of becoming a hero, but its something incredibly precious to her. For the longest time, Reina has watched heroes from afar with starry eyes, picked her heroes from among the ranks of Freedoms' finest and spent her quiet, vulnerable moment wishing she could be like them while dismissing that she'd ever get the chance. But now she has it, and Reina knows now that if she waits until she's not afraid then she wouldn't be able to get up in the morning.


Powers & Tactics:


Reina can use the Sidereal Sigil to manifest her will as an idealized self, through which she can access her powers. When invoking her sigil, Reina can fly freely through the air at her will, has super-strength and becomes much more sturdy, and can manipulate her scarf with the same dexterity she could any of her arms or legs. She can also conjure bursts of energy and light from her left hand, which she mostly uses to attack from afar.


In general, being somewhat easily overwhelmed, Reina prefers to soften her targets up from afar, injuring and blinding them, before getting all close and personal to finish the job. 



The Meek Will...Um...I'm Sorry... — Reina has crippling social anxiety, especially around people she doesn't know, which makes it very hard for her to talk to people clearly, especially in tense situations. This can put her in some very bad spots. 

...What Do I Do... — Reina is very new to the hero business and doesn't have a clear idea of what's appropriate and what's not. She's scared and prone to moment of hesitation. Bluff and emotional pleas are very easy ways to manipulate Reina into stopping, and a creative villain might be able to find even more creative ways to take advantage of Reina's deep-seated insecurities.

Sidereal Sigil — While its plain enough what Reina can do with it, even people who have studied it don't really know what the Sidereal Sigil is. Its an extraterrestrial artifact sure, but whose is it? What is its true purpose? Is there anyone looking for it? Why was it given to Reina in the first place?...And what kind of people want to get their hands on it? No one really knows. With the nature of her power shrouded in mystery. But its certain to cause trouble somewhere down the line...

Emotional Resonance — The Sidereal Sigil operates on a wavelength of emotional resonance with Reina, making her wishes real. But having that kind of connection can have its downsides. When incredibly distressed or upset Reina may be unable call up her Sidereal avatar at all...or, even worse, it might breathe life into her fears and nightmares.

The Derelict — Aurora's mind and soul are tethered in ways that are poorly understood to a wrecked spaceship. Reina barely understands anything about it, and certainly can't read any of the text or warnings on its displays. Aurora could easily have trouble coaxing the Derelict to act as she needs, and who knows what sort of other strangeness might be drawn to the crash, or what malfunctions in the ship Aurora will need to deal with?


Abilities: 0 + 0 + 2 + 4 + 6 + 0 = 12PP

Strength: 10/30 (+0/10)

Dexterity: 10 (+0)

Constitution: 12/26 (+1/8)

Intelligence: 14 (+2)

Wisdom: 16 (+3)

Charisma: 10 (+0)


Combat: 8 + 14 = 22PP

Initiative: +0/16

Attack: +4 Base, +10 Melee, +10 Starbolt 

Grapple: +12/22/27

Defense: +12 (+7 Base, +5 Dodge Focus), +4 Flat-Footed

Knockback: -0/-4


Saving Throws: 0 + 7 + 3= 10PP

Toughness: +1/8 (+1/8 Con)

Fortitude: +1/8 (+1/8 Con +0)

Reflex: +7 (+0 Dex, +7)

Will: +6 (+3 Wis, +3)


Skills: 36R = 9PP

Computers 8 (+10)

Knowledge (Pop Culture) 10 (+12)

Knowledge (History) 4 (+6)

Notice 8 (+11)

Sense Motive 4 (+7)

Language 2 (English [Native], German, Japanese)


Feats: 15PP

Attack Focus 6 (Melee)

Dodge Focus 5

Power Attack

Equipment 3


Equipment (15EP)

HQ: The Derelict 15EP

Size: Small (+0)

Toughness: 20 (+3)

The Derelict is a crashed alien spacecraft in the wilderness of Wyoming, on a camping ground that closed for business shortly after the Derelict first fell from the sky which is now being incorporated into the nearby Red River nature preserve. Concealed from the casual observer by some still-active perceptual masking technology, the derelict, once a sleek, beautiful marvel of magitech has been grounded indefinitely, its cockpit and piloting tools a mess, its engines fried, and its hull compromised too much to reach space safety. Much of the ships' original capabilities remain a mystery, as the only parts of the ship that have retained full functionality are the living quarters, coms, magic door and a backup computer system.


It has some sort of poorly understood connection to Aurora and the Sidereal Sigil she bears and has been ever since she gained her powers. It will only listen to her. Aurora uses the Derelict primarily as a secret hideaway, all too happy to lounge in the sleek and comfy rooms accessible from the magic door while the rest of the ship lies broken behind its own sealed bulkhead doors.



Concealed 3 (DC +20)



Fire Prevention System

Living Space


Powers System

Security System (DC20)

Powers 2

Teleport 8 (Magic Door, 2000 Miles, Extras: Portal [+2]; feats: Progression 1 [10ft by 10ft]) 33PP Descriptor: Magic, sidereal

Super Senses 1 (Sidereal Communion; Mental Communication Link: Aurora) [1PP] Descriptor: Magic, sidereal


Powers: 81+1= 82PP


Alternate Form (Sidereal Avatar) 20+14+5+3+13+1+1+24 81PP Descriptors: Wish Magic

Enhanced Strength 20 (Sidereal Strength) 20PP Descriptor: Prowess

Enhanced Constitution 14 (Sidereal Body) 14PP Descriptor: Prowess

Enhanced Feats 5 (Sidereal Reflex; Improved Initiative 4, Uncanny Dodge [Auditory]) 5PP Descriptor: Prowess

Flight 1 (Starbound; 10mph, 100ft per round; Feats: Subtle) 3PP Descriptor: Sidereal

Stellar Array (10PP Array; Feats: Dynamic Alternate Power [+2], Dynamic)  13PP

DBP: Enhanced Flight 5 (Shooting Star, 500mph, 5000ft per round) 10PP Descriptor: Sidereal

DAP: Super Strength 5 (Rising Star, 4 ton light load, 8t ml, 12t hl, 24t maxl, 60t p/d) 10PP Descriptor: Prowess

Additional Limbs 1 (Prehensile Scarf) 1PP Descriptor: Animation

Elongation 1 (Extending Scarf, 5 ft, Flaws: Limited [Scarf], Extras: Continuous) 1PP Descriptor: Animation

Damage 10 (Starbolt; Effects: Ranged, Feats: Precise, Accurate 3) 24PP Descriptor: Sidereal


Super Senses 1 (Sidereal Communion; Mental Communication Link: The Derelict) [1PP] Descriptor: Magic, Sidereal


Drawbacks: -0


DC Block

ATTACK RANGE           SAVE                     EFFECT

Unarmed [Base]           Touch                    15DC Toughness           Damage (Physical)

Unarmed [Powered]    Touch                     25DC Toughness           Damage (Physical)

Startbolt                        Range                    25DC Toughness           Damage (Energy)


Totals: Abilities (12) + Combat (22) + Saving Throws (10) + Skills (9) + Feats (15) + Powers (82) - Drawbacks (0) = 150/153 Power Points

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