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Red Net (OOC)


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So you do have some time on route to do some knowledge / research checks, although as noted in previous thread there is nothing on Red Dawn or Mother board, other than the fact that there are no internet references linking either of those two terms with Darwin - X, suggesting an extremely powerful deletion.


You do have the medical and physical data on the Russians as new information. Enough for Synapse to make a knowledge (Beh Sciences) taking 10: if made, she can


Basically confirm her suspicions that this was a mind wipe. She will also recognise that these are well conditioned, well drilled, professional soldiers - who have undergone extreme training. In any case, this gives you a +2 bonus to future psionic rolls on them, and also any social skills

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So for the purposes of PLOT, Synapse will, to a degree, succeed. But what else?


Make a mind reading power roll, with a +2 bonus from reading and understanding the psych profiles (as above)


DC 10 (Automatic)

The Sleeper is indeed behind this. More so, you bring up some memories of being trained in a secret, and small, facility in Moscow [complete with enough memories to actually go to this small building]. The soldiers themselves were all previously special forces trained - legitimately by the Russian government, but they then appeared to have been side tracked through mental manipulation into a programe lead by the Sleeper. 


DC 20


There are memories of Doctor Zero inspecting and medically examining the soldiers, and the Sleeper giving them patriotic speeches whilst simultaenously altering their minds. There were probably two dozen soliders, selected from special forces, and driven to extremes of training and brain washing by a combination of the Sleeper mentally pushing them, and Doctor Zero ensuring top physiologicla health - although importantly, not Darwin-X - for they seem to have run out of the virus!




You find lingering memories of the meeting of the Red Dawn itself, that the Sleeper has tried extremely hard to surpress and wipe...five figures, including the Sleeper - its leader, and Doctor Zero - whom you recognise



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Not really necessary; the pilot is PL 1 at best and armed with a tiny pistol, so you can effectively feel free to narrate your action. Synpase could even beat him hand to hand, frankly! However, your action may need a roll if its not a direct combat thing. 


However, Synapse and Replica are of course in a time sensitive pickle!

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Thats enough to knock out the pilot. 


As for the plane....


TOughness DC 25 Saves for the crash please! This is lethal damage, too. Synapse will have time to get her forcefield up, of course. If you do think of anything to do in those final seconds, please add it in to the narration. 


There is of course a possibility that the pilot and the co-pilot might die. I would like to leave that to your feelings...I do not casually throw about death of course, and there is the possibility of some cool medical rolls to stabilise them. On the one hand that may feel too brutal, on the other, it may serve to punctuate just how frightening the Sleeper is (frankly he is the most terrifying villain I have ever made for me) and propel the hereos. 


Let me know your thoughts (and your rolls!)



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So, Synapse is going to use Extra Effort to power stunt the following off her main array:


Move Object 16  (Extras: Area; Flaws: Range 0)


This will give her enough strength to lift a 747 as a light load (with 50 tons of lifting to spare). 


I have been planning a edit which was going to rework her array anyway to fold her telekenetics into the array, as I figure she has been working on it over the past few years and has gained in power with it.

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I think given the combined INT of Synapse and Replica, their skills, and the fact that the WEST plane is very well equipped you can narrate that however you wish. The more interesting part, I think, is to make it look like a crash. It will of course look like one at first glance, but the issue is how long - if at all - the forensic examiners will take to determine it is "Fishy" ( by fishy I do not mean that it was you guys deliberately blowing it up, but there are some questionmarks such as lack of bodies, inclonclusive debris, etc). 


I think thats best done by a straight INT roll (I am open to suggestion!)

DC 10 the examiners will take a day (for you guys, automatic!)

DC 15 the examiners will take a week

DC 20 the examiners will take a month

DC 25 they cannot accurately determine, ever, if it was "fishy"


I doubt you will need more than a week to get to Moscow, but...who knows? :)

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Let me know what you want to take with you from the plane. Its very well stocked with medical and scientific equipment, of course, and is reasonably well stocked with other stuff from swiss arrmy knives to ropes and tents. So unless its something really whacky, you are essentially limited by what you can carry and / or what looks inconpicious!


Then, its a matter of how you want to get to Moscow!

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We have a bit of a continuity issue in the thread.  Synapse was not changing or finishing the demolition of the plane until North and the others left (as they needed to hike away to set up their camp away from the "crash" site, so they are not found when the wreckage is found).

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