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Golgotha Tenement Blues IC

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Mister Strix's keen ears felt every vibration from upstairs as the bodies hit the floor, just as they picked up every word of the soliloquy from the jovial giant who dispatched them. His lips curled up into a sinister smile.


Gun's jammed. Friends down. Don't have to worry about taking either one out of the equation.


The man in white spun around and grabbed the last gangster's throat. His fingers clamped down around the man's neck like a mechanical vise, and pulled him close.


So congratulations. You get my undivided attention. And thanks to you, I worked up quite a thirst.


The vampire's fangs extended and he bit into the thug's skin. His body shuddered as the first few drops of the man's blood hit his suddenly elongated tongue.


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Doctor Thorne

Leaning on the railing she looked down as Strix attacked the lone goon, she couldn’t help but feel a twinge of concern. From her time around the vampire, she knew he was somewhat in control, but she also knew that the thirst was always just below the surface. Rosa quite liked the vampire and would hate to have to put him down.


“Do you think he needs our help?” she very pointedly didn’t say which one needed the help.

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Judex leaned over the railing for a moment before looking back at the good Doctor wit ha sigh.


"Our fine feathered friend needs help...against himself. See you down there!"


He took two steps back, then vaulted over the railing, his trajectory flinging him to the opposite side of the stairwell. He laid hold of the railing there for a moment, before repeating his earlier move. Down he went, hopping between landings before he finally made the last leap. His landing was solid, a classic three-point affair that was muted only due to the rather lackluster surroundings. Slowly, Judex stood, holding his hands palm-forward as he walked toward Strix.


"Now now my friend, do try not to get carried away there..."

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The flunkie spasmed in terror as Strix captured him in the steely grip of his undead might.  As the vampires gifts went to work on the criminal he let out a muffled cry then a low groan of almost pleasure helpless and supported only by the vampires grasp, his heart readily pumping the sanguine lifeforce into the vampires waiting gullet.


Strix could taste the thugs terror on his tongue the fear of bothe what the monster would do to him and the price of being part of this debacle.  Grabbing the kids and dragging them off should have been simple, he hadn't even known why so many had been sent to intimidate a junkie and her brats.  The vigilantes hadn't been expected by these flunkies but clearly those who sent them expected som resistance just not with such power at their command.  The man in his grip spasmed hungry for his next fix and thoughts growing hazy as the blood loss began to set in.  He barely even knew where to dump the kids, a familiar warehouse, and only knew that his dealer Frankie was cutting a discount if he was one of the ones to bring in the little snitches.


The Strix's mystic sight drifted then to the hazier events of potential futures each more depressing than the last.  In most the thug in his grip died at the hands of some gangster or another of or overdose after a big score.  But a common thread was overhearing someone telling his dealer where to find the kids next and the Drug dealer low rent though he was promising to get the informant their fix and hanging up with a smirk and muted, "stupid whore." before dispatching one gaggle of thugs or another to eliminate everyone in some apartment, house, trailer or motel room.  


Finally the thugs heart started to flutter.  If strix didn't stop soon he'd not survive the experience and nothing more of use was coming from him.  The languid strung out relaxation of his limbs gave out to the weakness of blood loss his hands limp at his side now longer even attempting to grasp at the monster feeding from him.

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