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Found 7 results

  1. Bedlam First Assembly 9PM October 30th 2018 Light Rain Dr. Thorne sat nursing their drink at the dinner where their prospective, client? informant? had requested to meet. The girl had sounded scared, genuinely scared, but determined and thought the PI might just be able to get what she knew to the right kind of cops. Outside in the spotty glow of failing streetlights the occult investigator could make out the knot of hardened looking young men paying a bit too much attention to the diner. Perhaps looking for victims, perhaps trying to screw up the courage to knock over a place under the protection of one of the families. Mr. Strix had stalked, followed, the group after he'd seen the handoff of clean and disposable guns in an ally a few blocks away. They had kept to the better traveled streets not giving him alot of room to find out more but that kind of hardware was not the sort of thing for a casual carry. They intended to use it. Pastor Theo set the last of the chairs up on the table in the churches small community room. The last of the NA attendees were vanishing into the cloud of cigarette smoke that lingered outside every meeting of this sort. Event he chill rain wouldn't stop them, though one supposed it was mostly better than the less legitimate vices they were trying to kick with varying degrees of success. It was like the weather. I night that seemed to be holding it's breath. Not quite still but with an air of something to come. And then it did, in a flash of dirty scarves and worn sneakers the girl spotted the gangbangers ont eh corner and bolted nearly knocking more than one off balance junkie off their feet as she sprinted for the closest thing to sanctuary in a town like Bedlam. A church. Most of the gangs were just superstitious enough not to try anything in a house of god, most of them. Across the street Thorne and Strix saw the gang member move into action the jumpier one flashing enough of his new iron to have the junkies and other patrons clearing out before they became victims, or worse witnesses. While a pair headed around the back and a couple fanned out to watch the street in each direction just in case the apparent leader approached the door grinning through a mouthful of fake gold. "Eh man, you see my sister eh?" he snickered not even trying to hide the lie, "She need get home real quick momma gonna be worried where she get to."
  2. OOC for this Street is basically clear and the staff of the diner has found reasons to be back in the stockroom and kitchen with loud music playing. All the exits are in view of at least one of the gang members there are eight, nine including the leader. Judex and Mr. Strix both get an HP for their complications being pinged (with the church and secret Id and religious iconography and all that. A reminder for later, you can spend and HP for inspiration/minor changes to the environment for thematic effect (handily placed skylight, clues of where to look next etc) in case things bog down when we get to the investigation portion.
  3. @Grumblefloof ok ooc for this: http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/9617-supreme-ultimate-competition-chicago-winners-party-ic/#comment-252149
  4. GM Peninsula Hotel, Chicago March 10th, 2017 9:00 pm The Peninsula hotel had become a hub of activity. Reporters swamped the hotel and drones zipped about. The banners for the competition had been strung all over as multiple floors were filled with staff and fighters. In addition the ground floor had been almost entirely repurposed to serve as a headquarters for the competition. The main event hall had been turned into a party. Besides the slightly more tasteful decorations than inside. Drones zipped about as Kid Kamehameha entered the party. The speed of Laka had meant that he could arrive in time. He stretched out and showed the invitation. The bouncers let him in easily as he ignored the reporters. There was something afoot and this would be the time for it.
  5. @Grumblefloof ooc for: http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/9593-supreme-ultimate-competition-the-original-ic/
  6. GM The invitation had found Mr. Strix unsolicited. He had not been unaware of the competition that was going on in Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, The Emerald Cities, and Freedom City. He had in fact been looking into it. The prizes were too good. Millions of dollars worth of merchandise, and the fame and fortune that a televised event like this would have. It reeked of something sinister. Not to mention that the money had been moved around almost exclusively in the shadows until a few weeks ago. He had been "looking" into it after all. Maybe that had been enough to earn him an invitation. The invitation had been surprisingly plain, left somewhere he would notice on his patrols of Bedlam. It had been left tied to an arrow in a spot where Strix usually patrolled. A simple envelope with the word Strix which contained a simple card. A square of Manila color it had a yellow and green taegeuk symbol on it with the trigrams for fire on the top, water on the bottom, thunder on the left, and mountain on the right. The word "Supreme" was on the top and "Ultimate" on the bottom. The back side had a location, date, and time. Grant Park, Chicago, IL 4:45 PM March 10th, 2017
  7. @Grumblefloof Ooc for this: http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/9593-supreme-ultimate-competition-the-original-ic/#comment-251628
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