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Crystal-Gazer (PL10) - Heritage (Titanium)

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Name: Crystal Gazer

Power Level: 10/10 (156/170PP)
Tradeoffs: None
Unspent PP: 14


In Brief: Telepathic teen trying to escape her criminal family.

Alternate Identity: Louise 'Lulu' Beaumont
Identity: Secret
Birthplace: Columbia, AL
Occupation: Student
Affiliations: Claremont Academy
Family: Charlene Beaumont (mother), Darryl Beaumont (father), Kyle Beaumont (older brother), Caleb Beaumont (older brother), Bobby Beaumont (older brother), Megan Howell-Harrow and Robert Harrow (foster parents)

DOB: February 23, 2002
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Red


Lulu is a pretty girl from Alabama with pale skin, long red hair and dark brown eyes. She wears a lot of denim, mostly cutoffs in her favorite colors (pink and black), and she favors denim purses trimmed with studs or sequins. In terms of shoes, she has a large collection of pink sneakers and gym shoes, and she often wears girly baseball caps. She doesn't wear a lot of makeup, mostly just enhancing her lips and eyes.


Claremont provided her with a rather bulky armored suit in response to her case worker's concerns about her safety; as a going away gift, her brother Bobby spray-painted it pink and black and spelled 'GAZER' across the back shoulders in sequins, like a football jersey.



The Beaumont family has a somewhat checkered past back in Columbia, Alabama, with a history full of moonshine stills, reckless driving, and the occasional assault or petty theft. But those exploits are largely associated with the men of the family; the Beaumont women are known for something entirely different. Some call it ‘the gift’ and others ‘the sight’, but the red-headed women of this family all seem to have an eeriness to them. Harriet Beaumont predicted the 1935 Labor Day Hurricane, and Imogene Beaumont before her saw the Blocton Mine cave-in of 1895 clear as day. The fact of the matter is, very few of the Beaumonts have demonstrated the ‘true gift’, but that hasn't kept them from running a lucrative fortune-telling business for over forty years out of a rundown house just outside of town.


On the night Lulu was born, a bolt of lightning struck a tree in their backyard, splitting it right down the middle, though there hadn't been a storm. Her father Darryl, an assistant manager at the local Piggly Wiggly who’d recently been fired for stealing steaks, declared nothing good would ever come of the girl, and seemed determined to prove his point. Darryl hounded her incessantly throughout her childhood, while showering undeserved praise on his delinquent sons Kyle and Caleb, both of whom were notorious in the Columbia area for drunken fights and making their own explosives. Only the Beaumont’s youngest son Bobby ever showed her any kindness, and they had always been close.


However, once she began to show signs of the true sight at age ten, everything changed; suddenly Lulu was 'daddy's little girl’ as Darryl finally saw a way to use her to make money. With Lulu's unseen help, the fortune-telling business became very profitable, but her daddy didn't stop there. He forced his young daughter to extract credit card and banking information from their clients’ minds, threatening her or Bobby with physical harm if she didn't comply. They even pulled her out of school when she turned thirteen, supposedly to ‘homeschool’ her, but really it was to have her around the house so she could do more 'sneakin’ and peekin'’, and her studies suffered.


One day when she was a fifteen, it finally came to a head; Darryl wanted her to enter the thoughts of woman who'd just lost her husband, and was looking to talk to his ‘spirit’, a scam they'd pulled before. But the woman had three children to feed, and her daddy wanted to rob her blind. When Lulu refused to steal her thoughts, Darryl moved to strike her, but then he suddenly stopped; Lulu had just discovered her mind control ability. To her father's horror, she forced him to drive them both to the local police station to confess to his crimes. However she couldn't maintain control forever, and a confession under coercion is not legally admissible.


The revelations were enough for DCFS to step in, and when word of her story reached the headmaster of Claremont Academy, an offer was made to place her with a foster family in Freedom and enroll her in the academy, where she could obtain a proper education and learn to use her powers for good. She chose the heroic name 'Crystal-Gazer’ after the derogatory term her dad used to describe the family fortune-telling business.


Personality & Motivation:

Lulu is friendly and outgoing, though prone to long, thoughtful gazes, which usually means she's using one of her powers. She loves to find out other people's stories, but is fairly reluctant to share her own, as she is deeply ashamed of her family. Though she learned a lot of tricks and scams from her brothers, she detests swindlers of any kind, and will only use these skills for harmless pranks or to punish wrongdoing.


Lulu is very powerful telepath, the sort that only comes around once or twice a generation, and she feels awful about how her family used her powers for criminal gain. She is particularly  interested in exposing con artists and loan sharks, and any who would harm mothers or children.


Powers & Tactics:

Lulu can read minds, project her senses miles away, send thoughts to others and create impressive psychic illusions, including the ability to make herself invisible, though this does not fool devices like cameras or other surveillance equipment. She can also control minds, though she finds this power a little unsettling.


As a more or less straight telepath who lacks  any purely physical powers, Lulu has to get creative in a combat situation. She mostly relies on her illusions to confuse or frighten bad guys, though her ESP is excellent for recon. If things get really desperate, she will take over a thug's body, and shift the balance of power that way.



"Ah’m sorry, ah didn't mean to pry.” Sometimes it's hard for Lulu to resist the urge to poke around other people's heads, even though she knows it's wrong.


“Ah can't let them find me!” Lulu lives in terror of her family tracking her down in Freedom and trying to take her back home.


“There's too many voices in mah head!” As a small town psychic in a big city, sometimes Lulu can get overwhelmed by all the telepathic ‘noise’ in the area.


“Oh, ah didn't mean nothin’ by it!” Sometimes Lulu likes to play pranks on her friends with her powers; it isn't always well-received.


“Ah dunno; it just gets really hard sometimes.” Lulu's been through a lot and is a long way from home, and misses her brother Bobby. Sometimes this can lead to depression and loneliness.


Abilities: 0 + 2 + 4 + 4 + 10 + 10 = 30PP
Strength: 10 (+0)
Dexterity: 12 (+1) 
Constitution: 14 (+2) 
Intelligence: 14 (+2)
Wisdom: 20 (+5) 
Charisma: 20 (+5)

Combat: 8 + 10 = 18PP
Initiative: +1
Attack: +4
Defense: +10 (+5 Base, +5 Dodge Focus)
Grapple: +4
Knockback: -5

Saves: 3 + 4 + 5 = 12PP
Toughness: +10 (+2 Con, +4 Defensive Roll, +4 Protection)
Fortitude: +5 (+2 Con, +3)  
Reflex: +5, (+1 Dex, +4) 
Will: +10 (+5 Wis, +5)

Skills: 84R=21PP
Bluff 15 (+20) Skill Mastery

Concentration 15 (+20)

Diplomacy 15 (+20) Skill Mastery

Disable Device 4 (+5) 

Drive 4 (+5)

Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 3 (+5)

Knowledge (Civics) 1 (+3)

Knowledge (Current Events) 1 (+3)

Knowledge (Earth Science) 1 (+3)

Knowledge (History) 1 (+3)

Knowledge (Pop Culture) 1 (+3)
Knowledge (Streetwise) 3 (+5)
Notice 10 (+15) Skill Mastery 
Sense Motive 10 (+15) Skill Mastery

Feats: 8PP

Equipment 1

Fascinate (Bluff)
Second Chance (Concentration checks to maintain powers) 
Skill Mastery (Bluff, Diplomacy, Notice, Sense Motive) 

Ultimate Save (Will)


Equipment: 4 + 1 = 5EP

Heavy armored suit:  Protection 4 [4EP]

Laptop: [1EP]

Powers: 7 + 38 + 8 + 14 = 65PP (Descriptors: all psionic)


Enhanced Feats 7 (Defensive Roll 2 and Dodge Focus 5) [7PP] (Telepathic)

Psionics 16.5 (33PP Array, Feats: Alternate Power 5) [38PP] (Telepathic)
BE: ESP 4 (Clairvoyance; Auditory + Visual Senses, 1 mile, DC 24 Notice; Extras: Action [Free], Duration [Sustained], No Conduit, Simultaneous; Feats: Fast Task 4 [Full Action to search 1-mile-diameter area], Subtle) {33/33}

AP: Illusion 8 (All Senses; Extra: Duration [Sustained]; Flaw: Phantasm, Feat: Selective) {33/33}
AP: Mind Control 10 (Domination; Extras: Conscious, Instant Command; Flaw: Action [Full]; Feats: Mental Link, Subtle) {32/33}
AP: Stun 10 (Pain or Sleep; Extras: Alternate Save [Will], Mental, Range 2 [Perception]; Flaw: Action [Full]; Feats: Sedation, Subtle, Variable Descriptor [pain or sleep]) {33/33}

AP: Mental Blast 10 (Extras: Alternate Save [Will], Mental, Range 2 [Perception]; Flaw: Action [Full]; Feats: Subtle {31/33}

AP: Mental Transform 8 (Alter Memories; Extras: Alternate Save [Will], Duration [Continuous]; Feats: Subtle) {33/33}

Super-Senses 12 (Danger Sense [Mental], Mental Awareness 2 [Mental], Postcognition [Flaw: Uncontrolled], Precognition [Flaw: Uncontrolled], Uncanny Dodge [Mental]) [8PP]

Telepathy 6 (12PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 2) [14PP] (Telepathic)
BE: Communication 6 (Mental, 20 miles; Extras: Linked [Comprehend]; Feats: Rapid 3 [x1000], Subtle) {8} + Comprehend 1 (Speak Any Language; Extras: Linked [Communication]) {2} =12/12}
AP: Concealment 10 (All Senses, Flaw: Phantasm, Feats: Selective) {11/12} 
AP: Mind Reading 10 (Extras: Effortless, Mental, Flaw: Duration [Instant/Lasting]; Feats: Subtle) {11/12}

Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP

Totals: Abilities (30) + Combat (18) + Saving Throws (12) + Skills (21) + Feats (8) + Powers (67) - Drawbacks (0) = 156/170 Power Points

DC Block

ATTACK                      RANGE SAVE                            EFFECT

Unarmed                    Touch DC 16 Toughness         Damage [Physical]


Illusion                        Perception Check vs. Will       Decieved

Mind Control              Perception Check vs. Will        Controlled

Stun                             Perception DC 20 Will Save     Dazed/Stunned

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I listed 'psionic' at the top of all the powers, but should I put it after each power instead for clarity's sake? And do I need to be more specific than just psionic? Not sure if the pre- and postcognition count as 'telepathic'.

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