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Avenger Assembled

Against All Of Me: Barren Immensity (OOC)

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Did I never start an OOC for this? Shame, shame! 


I did promise some actual numbers - so @Gizmo, let's see a Tactics check from you. @Electra, you can take Erin's Notice for Skill Mastery (which may not be high enough), or you can roll it - with the caveat that it's what _all_ the Erins will roll. 



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There are bombs on _all_ the bridge supports, down under the water; while there are enough of you to cover all the bridges, that does mean you're going to have to make some hard choices about who's going to go where - especially since only some of you are going to be able to see well enough and function well enough underwater to get access to the bombs. What are you gonna do about that?




This will take slightly more time than you have - you think you will be able to keep the bridge from falling but some of these bombs are going to detonate. What are you gonna do about that?

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