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With All Respects To Max Tegmark, We Like It Here (OOC)

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So @Avenger Assembled, @Electra , and @KnightDisciple.  I took some liberties starting it in Foreshadow's Freedom City Base.  Kept Vague what they could have learned in the past few days of the invasion.  But, here you go thus begins Suicide Squad Freedom City edition.  The totally safe mission to take out one of the three generators with a somehow less wordy title than this.  

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I had a work call come in while working on the post, and at this point it'll be tomorrow before I have enough brain cells to do anything with it. 

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Hm. Well, I can roll a Knowledge: Tactics, but, broadly speaking, I see 3 strategies:

-Everyone blaze in

-Two forces, one all-out attack and one stealth

-Everyone sneak in


Let's assume Teleport won't work no matter who does it (since none of us are Annihilists or Omegadrones). 

I think (looking at our sheets) we have a non-zero chance of sneaking in. If we go for that, I say we sneak through the parking lot to the nearest building that gives us access to the underground.


Then, we have...hm. Someone needs to run point. We should probably keep Foreshadow safe-ish so he can do tech-stuff to the DOOMGIZMO. 


I could put CT on point, especially once his edits are official and he's got a pretty-decent stealth and perception. He can also adapt on the fly sufficiently to help the others rally to him. Or stealth-kill a Drone with a dramatic neck snap. 


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Going to Stunt off of his Fires Of Creation Array, and give him Impervious 10, let's say. We're going to keep that running as long as possible. Hero Point to negate Fatigue. 

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Should be 3 HP for CT unless you're invoking a Complication somewhere.




Free Action: Talk!

Move Action: Get up in the Giant Robo's business.

Standard Action: Melee Attack: 24. If that hits, it's a DC 28 Toughness Save, and the attack has Penetrating 12. 

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Works for me!  I actually thought E wa was still up since that was the last update my phone gave me!

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