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Road Warriors: Gold Rush! OOC


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Following that, the three minions keeping their guns trained on the civilians move into the cover of wooden bank stands and peer out with guns in hand!


the one left standing fromt he other group doesn't seem to respond to the command and instead carries on its assigned task of moving the gold from the vault for some reason!


Two on Gauss as she just shot at Carl! Protect carl!


1d20+6= 12 and 10! both missing i imagine!


One on Rev!


1d20+6=12 missing again!


Now for calamity Carl!


He's gonna split his shots between the two of you!Power attcking +2 / -2

1d20+12= 21 and 28


Please make a DC23 Toughness save!
Rev Have a HP! Cause you're now doing the electric boogaloo from his Stormhammer revolvers! (piezoelectric blasters)

you are Dazed!


Sundance samantha is gonna level her Rifle at Gauss!
1d20+8=15! So a miss!

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Ok, since Rev is prone she has cover from the minions and the crooks so, target prioritization on the minions makes em shoot at gauss


3#1d20+6= 11, 21 and 12 1 hit!


D21 toughness save please.


Carl is going to use his Autofire damage to lay covering fire for Sam! (you can take a -4 to attacking sam or chance a DC23 toughness save to ignore it)


Sam for her part is goinna try again, moving a bit further back and unloading another strange blast from the rifle!



Please make a DC18 fortitude Save Vs Being Stunned!

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