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Diamondlight (Titanium)

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Power Level: 11 (229/250)
Unspent Power Points: 21
Trade-Offs: none
In Brief: Gambling Businessman infused with Daka-Energy
Catchphrase: “Lighten Up!”, “How Illuminating!”
Alternate Identity: August "Zed" Zoss
Birthplace: Switzerland
Residence: Various / International Jetsetter
Base of Operations: Various / International Jetsetter
Occupation: Businessman, Gambler
Family: Henri Zoss, Father

Age: 37 (DOB 8 / 8 / 1980)
Apparent Age: 30-35
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 80Kgs
Eyes: Silver-Blue
Hair: Blonde

August looks like a handsome, broad shouldered man in good shape, with mid length blonde hair and peculiar silver blue eyes (that glow when he uses his powers). He dresses stylishly, favouring jackets and turtlenecks, or smart suits (including black tie).

The wealthy Zoss family stretch back a couple of Centuries in Switzerland . In World War 2, Rudolf Zoss was the recipient of various Nazi Party (including the Thule Society) illegal goods, stored at the Zoss mansion. Amongst the good was a powerful Daka crystal, stolen from Dakana. 

August Zoss made the most of his inheritance. The Zoss family may not have had the most moral of histories, but they were clever. Hugo was smart, astute, and charming. He studied psychology in Cambridge, Economics in Paris, and European Law in Brussels. He aspired to be an intellectual, but he often was a hedonist, and developed an addiction to gambling. 

Meanwhile, Doctor Henri Zoss (the son of Rudolf and father of Hugo) was driven to use the Daka Crystal in their vaults when his dear wife was sick, believing he could energise the human body. It did not work, and she perished. However, August (his son) found out about the terrible heirloom, and tried to intercede, believing it belonged to Dakana. Ripping it from his father's laboratory he was exposed to its energies and transformed, infused with the energies designed to save his mother. 

August was already a capable man, but now energised, he turned his mind to loftier goals than study and pleasure. The realisation that his family had an ignoble past, and his new powers, drove him to a new chapter in his life. He was now concerned with the power and corruption of the emerging plutocrats of the world; and he determined to use his talents to hold to account the rich and powerful who so often were accountable to nobody...

Diamondlight would dearly love to return the Daka Crystal to Dakana, but for the fact that he still feels some family shame about the matter (And would prefer to do so secretly). He is however stopped by the fact that his father is now extremely ill too, and is using the energies of the crystal to stay alive...

Personality & Motivation:
August was always a pleasant, charming, intellectual man. He had trace amounts of narcissism, but these have disintegrated with the knowledge of his heritage. He remains much of his personality but now also is committed towards atoning for his families past. He has a complex relationship with wealth – enjoying and savouring every luxury it brings, but also being deeply concerned about its abuse and corruption.

August considers himself (and arguably is) a man of the world, an intellectual. He talks with a hard to trace, pan-European clear accent.

That said, he maintains a darker desire – an uncomfortable addiction to risk taking and gambling that he has not, and probably never will, shake. He has therefore an additional “adventurous” streak. This is not quite the same as reckless – he prefers calculated gambles that he can carefully manipulate (but are gambles all the same).

Powers & Tactics:
Diamondlight can emit blue-silver coloured energy. Combined with his intelligence, and ability to sense light from every direction (thus giving him proverbial eyes in the back of his head), he can strike out with laser beams in every direction, emits bursts of blinding light around him, or most spectacularly, emit shining blades of light from his body to fight with.

His Daka infused energies allow him to create a protective force field around his body (of the same colour), and actually provide him with limited sustenance and vitality.

Diamondlight can also “bend” light around him, giving him a form of invisibility. If he moves too fast, the distortion becomes apparent so it is really only useful when moving very slowly.

Aside from his powers, Diamondlight is an extremely smart, astute, and charming man and is an expert in psychology, law, and economics. He is a master of social skills and a world class gambler. Combined with his resources, he could be considered just as “dangerous” or powerful even without his energy powers.

Tactically, Diamondlight will use his social skills (possibly augmented by invisibility and illusions) to first make sure he is “playing” on his terms. Once in a fight, he will use bursts of light and lasers against multiple foes or targets at range – but his preferred mode of combat is to use his “Laserswords” from each hand.

Power Descriptions:
Diamondlights' powers look like clear blue-silver-white energy constructs. His eyes glow when he uses his powers. When his force field is active, it gives him the same hue.


Daka Deflection: Daka crystals “bend” his powers, causing beams of light and energy to bend away from the crystal or even, sometimes, absorbing them and causing a mighty feedback loop on Diamondlight (which could seriously injure him). This is less of a problem the nearer the crystal is to him, oddly (in other words, it affects his powers more when they are ranged)

Gambling Gent: August can hardly ever turn down a game of cards or dice. He is essentially addicted to gambling – if it were not for his mastery of gambling he would be quite broke. People can distract, delay, or manipulate him with this addiction (and he could always lose…)

Enigmatic Energies: August constantly emits very low level energy that is harmless. However, if stressed or emotional or distracted (or a combination of), these fluctuations could cause minor disruption to electronics (such as stopping his mobile phone working in a crisis).

Horrible Heritage: August and his father keep the family shame quite secret, and he would do anything to keep it that way. Hugo feels a need to make amends to (or at least feels indebted to) Dakana. He will be completely trusting and extremely helpful (And thus easily manipulated) by these groups (or those successfully pretending to be from those groups). As noted above, he would dearly love to return the family Daka crystal, but for the fact its energies are keeping his father alive. 

Heroic Hedonism: August is a hedonist whose tastes are very broad rather than very gripping. He will seek out and be seduced (in the widest sense of that term) by anything that would feed his intellectual, artistic, philosophical, or sensual lusts. He would “fall” for a masterpiece of modern art, an exclusive wine tasting event in Paris, or dinner party with a revolutionary politician just as he would a pretty face.

Paternal Problem: Henri, his father, is sickly and still grieving over his mother. He lives almost as a recluse in the family mansion in Switzerland, and could be a source of vulnerability for August.

Abilities: 4 + 4 + 4 + 8 + 12 + 12 = 44
Strength: 14 (+2)
Dexterity: 14 (+2)
Constitution: 14 (+2)
Intelligence: 18 (+4)
Wisdom: 22 (+6)
Charisma: 22 (+6)

Combat: 22 + 22 = 44
Initiative: +6
Attack: +11 Base
Defense: +11, +6 Flat Footed

Grapple: +9
Knockback: -6

Saving Throws: 6 + 8 + 6 = 20
Toughness: +11 (+2 Con, +9 Force Field)
Fortitude: +8 (+2 Con, +6)
Reflex: +10 (+2 Dex, +8)
Will: +12 (+6 Wis, +6)

Skills: 128 R = 32 PP
Bluff 12 (+18)

Concentration 14 (+20)
Diplomacy 8 (+14)
Gather Information 4 (+10)
Intimidate 4 (+10)
Knowledge (Art) 4 (+8)
Knowledge (Behaviour Sciences) 12 (+16)
Knowledge (Business) 16 (+20)
Knowledge (Civics) 12 (+16)
Knowledge (Current Events) 4 (+8)
Language 6 (English, French / German / Italian [Native Swiss], Latin, Russian, Spanish)
Notice 4 (+10)
Profession [Gambler] 16 (+22)
Sense Motive 12 (+18)

Feats: 13 PP
Benefit 3 (Wealth 3)

Equipment 4
Improved Initiative 1
Jack of All Trades

Takedown Attack
Uncanny Dodge (Visual)


Equipment 4PP = 20 EP


Headquarters: The High Steaks Restaurant / Casino / Penthouse Residence (Toughness: +10 [1 EP], Size: Large / 10 story building [2 EP], Features: Communications, Computer, Dock, Fire Prevention System, Garage, Gym, Infirmary, Library, Masterwork Living Quarters [2], Pool, Power System, Security System 3, Staffed [16]) [19 EP]

Alt HQ: Zoss Swiss Mansion (Toughness: +10 [1 EP], Size: Large / Mansion [2 EP], Features: Communications, Computer, Garage, Grounds, Gym, Hangar, Infirmary, Library, Masterwork Living Quarters [2], Pool, Power System, Security System 3, Staffed [16]) [1 EP]


Powers: 18 + 2 + 5 + 41 + 3 + 7 = 76 PP


All powers have (in addition to others below) “Daka Energy Crystal” descriptor


Force Field Array (16 PP Array, Feats: Alt Power 2) [18 PP] (Light, Force descriptor)

BP: Forcefield 9 (Extras: Impervious 6, Feats: Selective) [16/16 PP] "Hardlight"

AP: Forcefield 9 (Feats: Selective) linked with Environmental Control 5 (100' r Bright Light, Feats: Precise Flaws: Touch Range) [10+6=16/16 PP] "Shining light"

AP: Forcefield 9 (Feats: Selective, Subtle) linked with Concealment 2 (Normal Visual, Feats: Close Range, Selective, Limited Flaws: Blending and Passive - reduce concealment to partial rather than full) [11+5/16 PP] "Softlight"

Immunity 2 (visual dazzles) [2 PP] [Light sensitive / no need for eyes]


Immunity 10 (Aging, Environmental Cold, Sleep, Own Powers, Starvation and Thirst, Trait Effects, Flaws: Limited to half effect) [5 PP] “Sustained by energy”

Light Array (36 PP Array, Feats: Alt Power 5) [41 PP] [Light descriptor]
BP: Damage 11 (Extras: Area [Burst, Targeted], Selective, Feats: Improved Critical 2, Precise) [36/36 PP] “Laser Spray”
AP: Dazzle 11 (Extras: Area [Burst, General, 1-1100’ radius], Feats: Decrease Area 11, Increase Area 3, Flaws: Range [Touch]) “Light Burst” [36/36 PP]
AP: Create Object 11 (Extras: Movable, Feats: Precise, Stationary, Subtle) [36/36 PP] “Hardlight”
AP: Illusion 11 (Visual, Extras: Duration [Sustained +1], Feats: Area Progression 3 [50’ Radius]) [36/36 PP]
AP: Damage 11 (Feats: Accurate, Extended Reach 2, Improved Critical 2, Precise, Split Attack) linked with Dazzle 11 (Visual, Feats: Accurate, Extended Reach 2, Improved Critical 2, Precise, Split Attack, Flaws: Range [touch, -1]) [18 + 18 = 36/36 PP] “Laserblades”
AP: Damage 11 (Feats: Accurate, Improved Critical 2, Increased Range 2 [5000' max], Improved Range 3 [1000' Increments], Precise, Extras: Range, Penetrating [5 Ranks Only]) [36/36 PP] "Laser Vision"


Super Senses 2 (Extended 1 Normal Vision [x10], Low light vision, Radius Normal Vision) [3 PP] “Light Sensitive”


Teleport 5 (500' a move action, Feats: Change Velocity, Turnabout, Flaws: Short Range Only) "Light Flash" [7 PP]


DC Block
ATTACK       RANGE            SAVE                  EFFECT
Unarmed      Touch            DC 17 Toughness       Damage
Laser Spray  Touch/Area Targ. DC 26 Toughness       Damage

Light Burst  Touch/Area Gen.  DC 26 Reflex/Fort     Dazzle
Laser Sword  Touch/15’        DC 26 Tough, Ref/Fort Damage, Dazzle


Abilities 44 + Combat 44 + Saving Throws 20 + Skills 32 + Feats 13 + Powers 76 = 229 / 250 Power Points


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These add up to 38



Cost Summary is off, I think you may have added something twice.

Immunity’s cost isn’t designated


Total Summary

Even without the aforementioned changes this one’s off slightly, probably last minute changes?

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