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What Made My Hamburger Disappear (OOC)


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Initiative round 1


14 Arctos     1HP      Uninjured

10 Jessica   1HP      Uninjured

3   RoidRagers          6 remain


Arctos is up.  If you're trying a Demoralize action give me your Intimidation roll.  If you're trying to just scare them into Passivity take an HP for the auto fail and you can take your action.

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Alright since these are minions you can take ten and will hit them with your bonus.  Normally you write that out so the GM doesn't have to dig up the relevant stats off hte sheet  somthing like:  Take 10 to hit with fill with sin hitting a 20 if that hits its a DC 25 will vs. damage.


That said you can hit and they can not actually make that will save so that one will drop.

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Arctos Takes a Bruise.


So from what I read Arctos in human form triggers a DC 21 toughness save.


I'm going to give you the take down effect on this since they are technically in melee range and it fits with the idea behind the manuever so saves go as follows.

First thug hit 17(KO), grappled Thug(28 unharmed), second thug Hit17(KO), second save for grappled thug 16(KO) (rolls for orkos)


So those three are all KO'd Two thugs remain the one who tried to grab Jessica and the one who hit Arctos.


Initiative round 2


14 Arctos     2HP      Bruisedx1

10 Jessica   1HP      Uninjured

3   RoidRagers          2 remain, 4 unconscious


Jessica is up.

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He gets a 20 on his save so manages to resist the spirit. 


RoidRagers actions:

The first will attack arctos again. and gets a 14 which I think misses, DC 28 toughness if that does somehow hit.


The second will huck a piece of debris at the shake shack knocking out a support, the stand is under threat of collapsing on some of the customers and workers that were cowering behind it.  Then he'll turn and run.  You each get an HP for the setback.


Initiative round 3


14 Arctos     3HP      Bruisedx1

10 Jessica   2HP      Uninjured

3   RoidRagers          2 remain, 4 unconscious


Arcots is up

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There is one of the super punks fleeing and about a move action away.  One who was recently attacking Jack and hasn't been able to run yet though looks like he's gonna.


The shack is supported at least long enough for everyone to get clear so long as Jack keeps holding it up.


Jessica is up if she wants to try to take out the runner that threw the table or the other one before he starts running.

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