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Room of Danger (seventh edition) OOC


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Well. Here we are. We use orokos.com for the rolls, which will go here along with any thread related questions and commentary if you can't find me in Discord. As Rose already knows.


And I'll be holding onto these


Mistress of Despair


Songstress (note: when I built this one, I was still confused about the difference between Perception Range and Perception Area. I'll be treating this one's powers as if they had the latter, as that was my intent. Of course, if you're not reading the sheets of your foes, you're now very confused. Ah, well.)

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19 minutes ago, Cool Homosapien said:

Strangely enough, the fear affecting the ones fleeing is all their own emotion. The cause of all of their sobbing, on the other hand, is not. That utter despair is someone else's and wouldn't (as an emotion vampire would know) normally be there.


14 minutes ago, Blue Rose said:

Attempting to reduce the general chaos and get information.  Skill Mastery on Diplomacy.  Enhanced charisma up, and assuming Attractive doesn't apply; result of 27.

That'll work somewhat. You have no chance of getting through to the terrified, and others too busy returning to sender/being blind and deaf to communicate. But! One of the staggering folks can lend you some info. I'll put it in a post, after Cool's intro.

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