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  1. When things start slowing down, ninjas undead army. Roll some initiatives if you're at the restaurant area.
  2. As if on cue, from the outside, a horde of people were walking down the street. They wore the form of human, but as anyone could tell, these were the recently dead. There was no time for answers. Barron scoffed, "so, sorcerer, this'll be my chance to show y' my loyalty." He drew two sharp glowing daggers. Gorth was already up and out of the door, giant ax in hands, screaming in his barbaric language. Barron sighed, if y' wan' any of th' dead in one piece, I'd recommend gettin' out there quick."
  3. Of course, on Moe's side of town, disappearance basically was the polite way of saying 'dead but not found'. But this city had shown her some weird things before. Maybe aliens, demons, or faeries did it. Still, some of the transients were some of the people she knew, at least in passing. Technically they were supposed to throw away refuse at Joe's. But Moe knew where the homeless looked first and took the food out first. The only ones to shoo them away was the cops that barely came around. But boy were they in trouble if those cops ever came around. At least they didn't 'disappear' if they were lucky and a certain shade.
  4. Moe grinned at Casey's forward attitude. She didn't know what power she had, but bot did that girl have gumption. Her little talk to the blue haired guy worked. Everything was 'calming down'. then the police came. She could see the punks flair up, chafe at last! To be fair, that was one of their friends lying on the floor. And she had no idea why. Could her large jolt of emotion been the catalyst of his demise? Moe had to lay down some truths when the officers asked for her statement. She mentioned the boys harassing the girls, that there was a big cross up. That he was dead when he hit the floor. That she could see emotion, or lack there of, considering he was dead. That little tidbit was known to Frank, but was something no one else in attendance, except maybe Casey knew. When the officer asked if that's all she could do, she white lied and said that's all she could have done to see if he was alive.
  5. Shrike Hysti looked confused and surprised. Like the thought Shrike put forth was anathema. "Is it this world that has no ambition or is it you?" She stood up and looked down to Shrike, her hands gesturing gesturing quickly, "power is the only thing that keeps us alive. Power is the only thing that will keep anyone alive." She put her hands down in front of Shrike, palms up, splayed in an arcane way. An eye appeared in both hands. "Take my left hand and I'll show you true power. Give you some of mine. Take my right hand and I'll show you where you started... after i take my robe." Warp Windleaf looked up at Warp with tear-stained cheeks. Like she understood her. It was all so futile though. "I'm not the one to talk strategy," she said meekly. "Barron is our leader. His brilliant mind knows no bounds." She wiped her eyes and stood up, "but you're right. Even though the spirits of your alien world will not take me, I... I can do some good. Even though I can't access the life force of your alien world. Even though..." She stopped, a moment of silence, looking as she was about to cry again. "I don't want to die. I don't want them to die. Fjords, I don't want that abomination of life to die. But some times, things need to die." Me. Them. Him." She looked to Warp, "take us back. To the tavern Gorth was going to." Queenie/Mr Murk "Can understand. Witch spell," Gorth said in a perturbed tone, "don't keep secrets." Barron saw the two heroes conversing and tried to listen in, but Gorth let the cat out of the bag. He shook his head and appeared in the chair next to Gorth, standing on it. "Last time I leave you as look out for th' smart bunch." He scarfed down the last few bits of his first plate, surprised that Gorth hadn't gobbled it down. "Listen, th' biggun is righ'. We can' start keepin secrets. Come on now. What are y' tryin' to hide from us?"
  6. I'll be answering this some time today. My weekend has been busy. Sorry for faltering!
  7. Sensus Maybe I'm Blind Spirited Away Eat at Joe's The Pied Piper of Hanover GM Visitors? Visitors!
  8. Right now, she's letting him go. And tending to the customers until Frank sees to let her go. Which is why she asked Casey to stay close.
  9. She morbidly laughed to herself about the thought of him kicking into overdrive and her falling to her doom in some backwater fly over country. "Yeah, I can wait. Like you said, the scenery's awesome," she said, still holding on. This was going to be the weirdest story yet! "About Hologram and psychics. How many others are there? Like is there a population?" She stopped herself, maybe she was asking the wrong person. Then again, his computer wit was what kept them talking. Maybe he was a giant computer. "Sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself. Sure, give her a call. Ask her add one more to the line up!"
  10. Oh great. Cops. And here Moe was with only one alibi, the drunken pirate lady. Moe closed the textbook and drummed her fingers on it. "Well, aren't you a sight for sore eyes," Moe smiled at the cop lady. "What you see is what you get," she motioned to the room. "Heard a scream. Went to investigate. Found Flintlock doing investigations too!" She nodded to Flintlock, "we seem to have some very strange circumstances, eh?"
  11. Time skip to later or do dem gangers got sumfin fow us?
  12. Moe stopped for a moment when Casey admitted she had powers. That was either the alcohol talking or, being Freedom City, it could be true. She nodded, either way, she wasn't about to put the over emotional college girl in the way of danger. "Yeah, paper thin disguise, I guess," she said softly conversing with Casey in her mother tongue, "I'm more brains than brawn though. Eh, more heart then brawn... That doesn't even make sense. Just don't get too far away. I don't want to have to pick your pretty corpse up." She looked to Stephanie, with a smile and her native language, "don't worry dear, we're only discussing the seasonal Netflix shows," she said trying to alleviate some tension. She looked to the doctor with a much more sour grin, "you have a nice night, doctor."
  13. Hysti had been playing around with the helmet and the cloak. She wasn't able to get to the ring. The two items were more than enough though. The spells cast on them were very VERY strong. But the chaos tempered them for her mind. She could use them, if only for a little while. The items were unaffected by the Hysti's insights. Hysti was not startled by Gretchen's sudden jump. The magic she learned from the helmet warned her of incoming danger. So she was ready for it. The helmet, the cloak, and Shrike's costume were strewn over the bed's side table. Hysti was wearing a white silk gown. "That robe," she smiled at her garment on Shrike, "it looks good on you." She stared for a quiet moment breaking the silence suddenly after noticing Shrike had asked a question, "that's the answer we all want to know, apprentice. The necromancer takes the bodies of the fallen. He takes their soul. He turns them into his undying slaves." Hysti placed her hand on Shrike's lips, shushing her response, "but he's walked into his own death trap. When he dies and tries to return? He won't be able. His hubris in coming to this world. We're going to kill him here. Put an end to his reign of terror." She pulled closer to Shrike, "and when he dies, I will drain every last bit of his magic and the souls he possesses. And you, my apprentice, will reap the benefits of my ascension."
  14. Windleaf seemed tireless, running for an hour tops. Warp, however, easily followed the trail. Windleaf's sadness turned to angry yelling after a while. She went from caressing the trees to hitting them with force enough to shake the weaker ones and bloody her soil covered knuckles on the thicker ones. She stopped only after she tripped over an unseen rock formation. Warp knew that Windleaf could keep going. But she'd just stopped, sitting on the rock she tripped over. She pulled up the hem of her dress and rubbed her calves. "I-It's no use," she said with a whimper, "I'm no use. Why do you follow me? Leave me to rot here in this alien forest." She looked up to Warp, seeing she was not going to leave. Standing up in anger, she turned into an owl human hybrid with wings on top of her arms and an owl head. She screeched at Warp something terrible, but Warp could tell it was all show. the owlbeast woman turned away, returning to her normal form and looking to the sky. "I'm trapped here. I know it. We're going to meet the soultwister and I'm going to assume my owlbeast form and," she stopped herself, "not do anything. Can't do anything." She turned to Warp one more time, "Do you know how long they'll last without my ability to call upon the spirits of healing and protection? Going in their naked would be just as useful." She stopped, and let it all sink in. "I'm going to get us killed," she said sadness overcoming her again, as she sat on the rock.
  15. Gorth listened to Murk's tales of hunting 'the old ways'. He enjoyed the simpler life. These iron towers did not bother him like they did Windleaf, but Gorth prefered nature to the clatter of civilization. He too told staries of brutal hunts as the food and drink came to the table. While Murk's hunts happened ages ago, Gorth's happened a few days ago. The lion he wore as a loin coth was a hunt that happened just this season. The beast was no normal sized lion. It was monstrous, but Gorth was much more savage than the beast. Of course it was enchanted shortly after it was finished. It protected him finer than any steel, made him faster, kept him warm in the cold and cool in the heat, and had a spacious room for storing things. Gorth shook his head when Murk mentioned the less savage, more civilized world they were in. "I know. If had chance, take you back. Show you true way again." He woofed through his fifth helping of whatever was brought to him. Being half-giant, it took a lot more to feel him. And the drinks were fizzy, which he liked, but had no kick to them. Still, he thanked the serving girls, complimenting them on their service while leering at the prettier one. But all of that stopped when Murk asked about the wizard. Gorth's jovial attitude soured back into gruffness. "Takes bodies of the fallen. Twists them. Makes them his undying slaves. Hysti, Windleaf says he takes soul. Uses it to control." He reached into the mouth of the lion and pulled out the same bounty poster Barron showed earlier. "Tried to take our world for undead domain. Failed. Now hunts for other worlds to corrupt. He's here. Somewhere." Barron had found a way into Warp's tablet. There were puzzles to unlock gold. But the damn thing didn't cough up the gold when his expert fingers slashed through the fruit. Maybe this thing could be turned in for a reward of gold?
  16. Moe searched around the place. She looked at the body and around the room they were in. Still it seemed like she would turn up empty handed. "Well," Moe scratched her head, "she and I are going to have some of the same answer. I got nothing." Moe sighed, pulling a biology text book from behind the couch. "Flintlock," she said thinking out loud flipping through the pages of the book, "does it seem strange to you that there is nothing around here to point the way to an escape? I've watched crime TV before and they a least leave a trail. What about you?"
  17. Moe searches! And promptly finds nothing.
  18. Well, she has Speed 1 in this environment. She's not too much faster than Warp. And Warp can teleport!
  19. Would there be a 'calm down' skill? Diplomacy is 'like me' not 'calm down'.
  20. Moe steadied herself. The cops would be here... soonish. They don't come around these parts fast as other parts of the city. She wanted to calm the group of guys, but she'd rather not have a repeat. The blue haired guy started laying blame. And to be sure, Moe didn't know if it was her powers that lit the fuse to that guy's death. Drugs are bad enough, but with an overload of emotions, who knew what would happen. "still, you need to stay here," her steely-eyed gaze locked on to the doctor, "I'm sure the cops and the medics would love to hear your side of the story." She looked over to Blue, "you need to calm down," she said softly, "I know you're upset, but until the cops get here, there's likely nothing we can do." She looked at the other guys and then back to Blue, "be the leader they need right now."
  21. Barron was not amused. There was hardly anything worth taking around here. Well, maybe the food. The little man swiped from each plate when people weren't looking. None of this green paper would fly on his world. Maybe the coin? Still, there were little gadgets that people seemed to gaze at longingly as they ate. Made it easy to steal their food. He had to get his hands on one of those. But the people seemed to keep their eyes on them all the time. He pulled the gadget he swiped from that girl back there and touched it. He didn't read the language, but he would find out how to use this thing! Gorth nodded. "Meat, cooked meat. Best meal." He looked to Murk, "I hunt. Not in town. Hunting in plains. Best hunt. Elf does forest. Likes animals. Easy kills." He looked over to his ax, "brought me many kills. Animal and monster." He looked to Murk again, "will bring down the wizard."
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