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We Are The Cartoon Heroes

Moira Morley

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Idea: Some part of town gets turned into a cartoon. A Looney Tunes cartoon. You don't want to be a cartoon forever, do you? So you have to find the reason. Caveat! You cannot leave the area. Anyone who enters the area is cartoonized and cannot leave the area.


You are now a cartoonish version of your character. Powers (like normal) are harmless, but not subtle at all. They have a cartoonish tint to them. Use superstrength? you grow huge muscles! Use flight? Wings.  Use heat vision or cold breath? the visual will come out as something fitted to the descriptor. Also, if someone gets knocked out, they can recover quicker. Not instantly (unless it's appropriate to the character and/or funny).


I'd want a small group. Two or three at most. Anyone interested?

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