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Room of Danger (sixth edition) OOC


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On 11/25/2017 at 5:36 PM, Cubismo said:

Zeitgeist Blue, 


That's good to know, ZB! I myself have had to contend with a couple time-consuming essays and was actually kinda relieved that the story got delayed for awhile. Can't wait to see Salvo in action!




Computer Check: Trying to gain control of rogue robots: 1d20+12 31


Good enough for me.

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No. They won't be operating independently. You're controlling them. So, if you want to use them to attack that is your Standard action. Something else? Move action.


I don't know if you want to reroll that with your HP, but all 15 will tell if that some are physical types (bladed hands, hammer hands, grabber hands, etcetera), and some have specialty equipment (cutting lasers, shock arms, blowtorch arms, etcetera). They're reasonably sturdy for what is a step up from industrial robots, but you're pretty sure you can take more punishment then they can (IE they can be easily one shot by anything above a normal gun).

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13 hours ago, EternalPhoenix said:

Well, she's flying near the ceiling, about 25 feet in the air. And the robots can't fly. At all. That's something I should've mentioned on your check, but it slipped my mind. Would you like to try something else and edit your IC post??

Sure that makes sense. You mentioned that Lamellar was hiding amongst the robots, right? If that's the case then can I safely assume that Replica knows which one is Lamellar now since she's controlling all the bots?

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