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Room of Danger (third edition) OOC


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Initiative time.


http://orokos.com/roll/562881 13 for Terreign


http://orokos.com/roll/562885 8 for Neutronica


http://orokos.com/roll/562886 16 for Swordheart


Fight will commence with them having arrived at your two's position next to the wall. Unless you intend to go out and meet them, in which case it'll start out in the open. Arena is...let's go with a 1000 ft diameter. Wall is 25 ft high.

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Grim's Init: 1d20+12=14 Wow, is that a sucky roll for her!


Shrike's Init: 1d20+3=13


Ah well; they were hoping it wouldn't come down to fighting, but they were wrong!


EDIT: in retrospect, everyone's roll sucked! xD


Considering Shrike and Terreign's Init scores (+3 and +1 respectively), I believe Shrike goes first on the tie? That way I can post Grim and Shrike's moves in the same post, one after the other.

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Okay, technically we can do Grim's box one of two ways; as a Snare or as a Damaging area effect. The Snare is a simple DC16 Reflex save to avoid being caught, but I'd rather drop a big chunk o' wood on them for straight Damage; I'm just lest sure of how that works, other than I think it would be a targeted ranged effect.


Shrike is much easier; 1d20+10 to hit, DC 25 Toughness save if it hits. Roll to follow shortly.



Shrike's Blast: 1d20+10=20

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Just a side note. If you're dropping it on the two ladies from up top, please be advised that Neutronica is carrying Swordheart literally by the arm. So it would be...difficult at best to hit the latter that way. I'd even go so far as to say the former was providing Cover against Area attacks from above. She's a danglin', see.

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All right, first things first. Swordheart, being first and dangling in a bad spot to do anything, will delay. Second, Terreign will throw a boulder at the two heroes. DC 20 Reflex for half, DC 25/20 Toughness save. Neutronica will close to melee range after his attack, drop Swordheart, and unleash an All Out Attack against The Shrike.


http://orokos.com/roll/567957 23 is a hit. DC is 27 Toughness. Swordheart is now finished delaying, as she's on the ground and ready to get to work. Quick Draw swords, let the attack check against Grim happen.


http://orokos.com/roll/567959 26 is also a hit. Normal DC is 20 Toughness, but these are steel weapons, thus Iron vulnerability makes that DC 22 instead. I won't enforce the Weakness, as 1) I'm unclear as to how that works with attacks and 2) brief contact with blades does not a full minute make. I'll write up a post tonight at work, probably.

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So just to clarify, both must save vs Terreign's attack, then Shrike has to save vs Neuteonica's attack and then Grim vs Swordheart's?


A note on Grim's issues with Iron: it is listed as 'Uncommon' as it is specifically Iron (i.e. cold, cast, pig, etc), not Steel, as that would have made it a 'Common' Weakness and Vulnerability. Yes, obviously steel is made from iron, but iron is a traditional ward to faeries, and magic doesn't follow normal logic. I mention this now because we've never lumped Steel in with Iron in Grim's 9+ years on this site, and it sets a dangerous precedent.


Again, if she had the Common version, I would not try weaseling out of it; you would have me dead to rights. 

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 Okay, so Grim is attempting a Sneak Attack while Concealed on Swordheart, which might not work, depending on how her Super-Senses operate. DC 22 Toughness save if they hit, DC 24 if Sneak Attack comes into play.


Claws Attack: 1d20+12=25


Shrike will be doing her standard Blast; DC 25 Toughness if it hits.


Blast attack: 1d20+10=24

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