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Found 7 results

  1. Here's this. As always, ask me anything. I do make mistakes. Get your first post out of the way, and then let's Initiative ourselves. For my reference (and yours, if you like): Heart of the Earth Neutronic Paragon Blind Swordmaster
  2. It seemed like Lynn and Gretchen (alias Grimalkin and The Shrike) had only blinked, and the world was now somehow…off. It was subtle, with a slight dreamlike quality. Now they were in the modern equivalent of a (audience less) Roman Coliseum. How, why, and when did this happen? Kind of…fuzzy on that one. There was a slight memory of leaving Silberman’s Books, but that was all. The duo were close to the walls. Directly opposite from them were three other people. It was a bit far for either heroine to see them properly, though they wore obvious costumes. One was male, and the other two obviously female.
  3. Just joined the site? Feeling rusty? Or just feeling the need for a quick thread? Well, allow me to assist you. Basically, this is you vs one of my builds. No big fancy plot, nothing special happening. A danger room kind of scenario. It doesn't have to be canon to your character if you don't want it to be so. My intent is to familiarize newer players with the mechanics of play, but I won't necessarily turn away an older player who's itching for the simplicity of what I'm offering. Two on two is also on the table. That's about it, honestly. For a look at what I'm talking about the first one is here and over here. Fair warning, I'm not necessarily the fastest poster in the world, and my work schedule can ruin me for posting sometimes. So if you're looking for raw speed, I'm not your man.
  4. So, then. Moira Morley (alias the superheroic Scion) found herself on a wide beach. It stretched to her front and back seemingly endlessly. To her left was a tropical jungle. To her right was the ocean. How did she get here? Gods (perhaps literally) only knew. Where was she? Again, gods only knew. At least it was a cloudless day, and the sun was bright. The only thing preventing her from relaxing and maybe going for a swim was the guy about ten feet down the beach from her. He was approaching quickly, and (one more time, because why not) gods only knew who he was or what he wanted.
  5. Well. We both know what this is for. Still, ask me anything. I do make mistakes, after all. Soul of Flame
  6. We wastes no time. Initiative, Vorik. You're up against Temporal Hacker. http://orokos.com/roll/554302 32 for TH.
  7. How did this happen? Who knows? The point was that Mannequin had found himself in an abandoned warehouse. Except even that didn’t seem right. There was something…off about it. It was like someone’s idea of an abandoned warehouse rather than a real one. There was a voice as a woman in neon blue striped black appeared almost out of nowhere. “This is a test. Let’s see what you can do.” The woman cracked her neck and assumed a combat stance.