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Room of Danger (third edition)

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It seemed like Lynn and Gretchen (alias Grimalkin and The Shrike) had only blinked, and the world was now somehow…off. It was subtle, with a slight dreamlike quality. Now they were in the modern equivalent of a (audience less) Roman Coliseum. How, why, and when did this happen? Kind of…fuzzy on that one. There was a slight memory of leaving Silberman’s Books, but that was all. The duo were close to the walls. Directly opposite from them were three other people. It was a bit far for either heroine to see them properly, though they wore obvious costumes. One was male, and the other two obviously female.

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The two young women had just locked up the store for the night, planning to go for a late night stroll, when they felt the sudden sense of dislocation. They suddenly looked at each other, their previous discussion instantly forgotten.


-Well, then.-


-This is bad.-


-Suit up?-


-Suit up!-


There was a swirl of gray mist around Lynn Epstein, and when it parted she was once again Grimalkin. For her part, Gretchen twisted her Ring of Power as she floated in the air, and there was a strobing flash of light around her body as she transformed into the Shrike.


-So now what?-


-We make contact-


The changeling conjured up a large glowing sign that stood over them both.






-And now...we wait.-

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The three seemed to confer for a time. When they were finished, the male gestured. Dust, sand, and small pebbles rose from the ground. They formed a very large message.






With that fully read, the dust, sand, and small pebbles showered down on the two heroines. The man was riding towards them on…was that a flying boulder? The other two women were in midair, with one being carried with one arm by the other. As they drew closer, the two heroines could see that the man and the flying woman were unarmed, but the woman being carried aloft had a pair of short swords at her waist. The man, however, did appear to be coated in a thin layer of rock.

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Grimalkin sighed and shook her head.  "Frickin' earthbenders! These guys tend to be tough." Then she shifted to mindspeak; it was faster than talking, and theoretically harder for the bad guys to pick up on.


-I'll try and stop the lovely ladies with a well-placed obstacle; you wanna take a shot at 'The Boulder'?".-


-Works for me.-


Grim gestured with her hand, and a massive block of wood, thirty feet to a side, appeared in the air; if the changeling timed it right, it should land right on top of the two women as they flew. Meanwhile, the Shrike raised her left hand up, right hand on her wrist like she was holding a piece, and fire a beam of hot red energy from her glowing Ring of Power right at the man, targeting center of mass.

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Grim’s wooden box hit Neutronica. The woman didn’t even try to dodge it. She didn’t even notice the impact. Terreign, however did notice Shrike’s beam. It punched through the layer of rock coating him, but failed to do any further damage. He refilled the hole with a small effort of will. Now that the obvious earth controller was in full sight range, it turned out he strongly resembled a certain professional wrestler turned movie star. Yet, the movie star had never done anything like jump off the boulder he was riding onto another smaller one and throw it at them with a wave of his hand.


Neutronica, for her part, dropped off her ally on the ground, and proceeded to give the Shrike a good hard punch. Nothing fancy about the brunette in skintight yellow and black. Swordheart also kept it simple, electing to simply draw her two short swords and do her best to cut Grimalkin into ribbons. Interestingly, the brown skinned woman was wearing a blindfold and clearly wasn’t following the action with her eyes.

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When the massive rock came hurtling at them, Grim and Shrike both reacted quickly, though the inhuman fae was much faster; while the changeling managed to deftly backflip clear of the missile, the young ringwielder was only fast enough to shift clear part of the way, so it still winged her. Luckily, the mystical enchanments of her Cloak of Mystery absorbed all the impact, though Lynn still had to check up on her girl.


-You okay?-


-Not even a scratch.-


-Glad to hear it!-


Now the pair faced two individual opponents, and things got interesting. Neutronica's blow caught Gretch square in the gut, and if it wasn't for the magic items she bore, the barista-turned-heroine would probably be crippled,  but the Cloak once again absorbed the attack. For her part, Grim went into her intricate dance of combat; the way she moved, it was impossible for Swordheart's blades to find their mark.


-I'm gonna try to fade out; see if she can still sense me.-


-Got it.-


And with that, Grimalkin wrapped herself in glamour and disappeared to all normal senses except for touch; she didn't know how the duelist's powers worked yet, but regardless, this would reveal more information. She then leaped towards her, claws of night slashing at her stomach.


Meanwhile, the Shrike took to the air while she fired a blast from her ring at her own opponent.

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Even though her claws did hit flesh, Lynn could tell from the way the 'blind' swirdmistress moved that she was more than aware of her position, which madd sense; obviously her other senses compensated for her loss of sight. Still, the changeling opted to stay invisible in case either of her two companions wanted to get a shot in, which definitely worked when Terreign attempted to pummel where he thought she was standing. 


Which meant more hits would be targering her girlfriend. Which was okay, because she was a tough kid who could take it. Right?


-You're gonna draw more fire if I stay like this-


-Bring it.-


-God, I love your angry heart.-


So even though it didn't help her with her current adversary, Grim stayed out of sight, and dodge a vicious sword strike from her foe before putting all her force into a nasty blow of her own. Meanwhile the Shrike did an impressive aerial backflip to avoid Neutonica's before blasting her with the Ring of Power at point blank range.

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