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Nick has broached the idea of his character Willow being brought to trial by the Atlanteans for the destruction of their people and much of human civilization thousands of years ago. This thread will be for considering and resolving any issues with the concept and exploring its implications.


As AA has suggested that this be an Interceptors thread, I've offered to GM it.


The loose story so far is the first sentence above. @Nick, what were you thinking this would be for? How does this affect Willow?

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Well as per discussion in Chat, this much has been decided, or at least not actively spoken against:


Atlantis and her surviving colonies petition the ruling Council of Farside City to consider their case against the Guardian Willow. She is invited to be present to defend herself and reach a peaceful agreement with the Atlanteans, represented by Prince Telemachus, an invitation extended to the rest of her Earthly allies, family and friends. As the only terrestrial lawyer with much applicable experience, the revenant Lucy Harkness winds up as her defence attorney.


But it has to be proved that a crime was committed in the first place, which is where the Farsiders' advanced technology and relaxed social mores about telepathy come in handy. By drawing on echoes of the past and exploring the mentality of Min, her defenders and accusers, something like truth might potentially be arrived at.


Nick since you've no precise plan for this, do you mind if I mostly make up the circumstances of the situation, since there's conflicting data all over and I feel it'd be more interesting if the N/PCs legit don't know for sure what happened 100,000 years ago.


Overall it working similar to Rashomon seems like the easiest bet. Only one person involved was ever there and even her memory and perception isn't flawless. It being about what everyone else wants or believes seems more useful than time-travel detective work or revealing some secret plot to smash, this being an issue she can't punch I recall as something Nick was explicitly interested in.


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