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Found 4 results

  1. Heritage

    Viva Vibora!

    So we need to start generating some ideas here, lads and lasses! Strong, virile ideas to make the heavens SHAKE! I haven't read through the entire VB book, but are there any cool villains in it that we should start converting to our local 2e Homebrew? Or FCU ones that would be a good fit? Torque is up for anything!
  2. Nick has broached the idea of his character Willow being brought to trial by the Atlanteans for the destruction of their people and much of human civilization thousands of years ago. This thread will be for considering and resolving any issues with the concept and exploring its implications. As AA has suggested that this be an Interceptors thread, I've offered to GM it. The loose story so far is the first sentence above. @Nick, what were you thinking this would be for? How does this affect Willow?
  3. @EviscerusNox A villain sprung up out of talk for Spitfire and Vitalus team up thread. Things discussed: - Will be a credible threat first appearance. Jobber afterwards. - Powers were never really decided on. Takes tattoos off people? Empowers himself off of others tattoos? Forces control on inked persons? - Tone of the villain will be a silver interpretation of an iron age villain. He's rude and angry and doesn't like anyone! These are subject to change. If the peanut gallery wants to chime in/get on this, speak up
  4. So, this thread is probably going to seem a bit scatter brained at first. If it ends up that way, I'll try to go back through as time goes on and clean things up. I'm going to break this up into a couple different posts. I welcome input from other people, but I'm trying to get the idea balls rolling here. Anyways, the main purpose of this thread is to propose, explore, and brainstorm on ideas of things we can do, large and small, to provide some good options for those players whose characters are either high PL (14 or 15), or cosmic in nature/scale. Why? Because to be hones
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