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Found 13 results

  1. August 8, 2015 10:00hrs Eastern Daylight Time Freedom City, Trainor Field. It was a warm but seasonal day for a coastal summer, partly cloudy, the rains of the early morning had subsided. Although the humidity sort of annoyed a certain blonde-haired pilot sitting on her trainer plane, or what she called her trainer. While not anything a superheroine could call a proper super-plane, it looked high performance none the less. She liked to fly it at airshows recently when not working the streets or her day job, and it made some good side money. After all, it's not every day you see an elf be a pilot. She straightened out her orange-colored flight-coveralls, she decided to ditch her usual super suit and flight pack, there needed to be some maintenance anyways. She zipped up her red flight vest, checking to make sure all her usual kit was in the proper pockets. If she could pull out a chart or a flare gun on reflex, that was helpful. She decided not to have the velcro patch of her tie to Archetech on this flight today... not company business. But she was also waiting for her trainee... She knew Grimalkin wanted to sharpen her skill in flying aircraft of this world. And she didn't mind it. She loved flying this aerobatic wonder, even if it was a little fiddly. Naomi starts making pre-flight checks waiting for Grimalkin to probably walk over at any moment. (Note that our aircraft is a stripped to the bone non-military version of this aircraft except for the ejection seats, and navy blue in color with the aircraft code: N42099-X on the tail.)
  2. HGM

    Bloody Sunday

    GM Ga'hai Crash SiteNorthern Ireland, United KingdomSunday, May 17th, 20157:22 PM Drunk College students had decided to camp out for the weekend when the came across the wreckage of an alien ship. It only took a few excited phone calls and the local media was airing the wrecked ship nonstop. The Ministry of Powers had cordoned off the area once the excitement had died down. They were going to send a team of scientists to examine it later. Foreshadow didn't feel like waiting for an undisclosed "later". Making his way into the crash site, Foreshadow had to sneak around the guards. Even if they were on the same side orders were to stay away. He just didn't quite care. When the video of the crash site made it to international waters, Naomi instantly recognized the wreckage of the ship from old notes her mother left behind. It was Ga'hai in nature. Borrowing an Archetech jet, Naomi made an impromptu visit to Archetech's UK branch under the guise of testing how the craft would hold up on international voyages. Historically, woodlands have gotten a poor deal in Northern Ireland compared to the rest of Europe. Woodland Clearance had all but removed most of the natural forests. Well succinct to say that forrestry was a dead industry in Northern Ireland. But, there were still enough parks and moorslands for the ship to have been hidden there for some untold amount of time.
  3. OOC for "Flying Into the Storm" because there's gonna be action, boyos.
  4. An OOC thread for Monopoly Misappropriations.
  5. The Boardwalk South Freedom City Friday, June 26, 2015 5:32pm The afternoon was hot and sunny; with the summer solstice just a week past, the days were long and the skies clear and even very nearly blue on this particular day. The height of the sun above the horizon made it feel like mid-afternoon instead of nearly evening, and the throngs of tourists and locals both enjoying the glitz and pageantry of the Boardwalk district were taking full advantage of it. Only blocks away the streets were starting to snarl with rush-hour traffic, filled with hot, tired commuters just getting off a long day's work and looking forward to getting home, but here the atmosphere was much more relaxed, and the temperature was even mitigated somewhat by the presence of the river to the north, flowing along blue-green and silent. There was much to do for all sorts on the Boardwalk, from drinking and gambling for those of legal age, to walks by the river, tourist-watching, or even a little illicit pick-pocketing for those unable to slip past casino security.
  6. OOC for this thread. Feel Free to work up whatever opening you want to/reasons for being at the Cultural Arts festival. Note: The AEGIS video footage is indeed tampered with. SHADOW's attempting to make Blue Stinger look dangerous so that if gets captured they can kidnap him with ease. Not that Seahawk or Blue Stinger are aware of the AEGIS footage, unless you wish to write them having their own copies of similar footage. Which I'm game for.
  7. Footage played on a projector showing the destructive wreckage of a buglike battlesuit destroying some sort of facility There was fire, bloodshed, and above all corpses. The bugman left swathes of bodies in his wake. Blood dripping down his armor. He looked up at the camera before the feed cut off. Yves Zermeño, Alyssa Wild, Sven Johnson, and Carlos Zermeño were all sitting inside of a meeting room. Called together as part of an impromptu task force under Agent Lazeny. "Who is this?" Wild asked. "A new player is in town. We don't have any real data on him. The higher ups have been referring to him as the Beetle. Forensics thinks the building he destroyed was some sort of lab, perhaps a Powerhouse facility as there are signs of genetic modification. All of the research in the facility had been destroyed. Our techs were able to scrounge up and piece together this footage. Recent sightings have seen the Beetle apprehending local criminals, no new confirmed casualties. " Lazenby responded "Are we sure the footage hasn't been tampered with? Someone could be using AEGIS to hunt down an escaped science experiment. If the subject has been fighting criminals without any confirmed kills. It doesn't exactly speak to the blood soaked image we just saw." Carlos asked. Skeptical that they should take the footage at face value. "We're not. That is why the other Agent Zermeño will merely be conducting a threat report. Whether ally or foe, AEGIS cannot afford to be left in the dark. You and Sven will be monitoring her from an AEGIS relay station. Agent Wild will standby and provide fire support if it is needed." "..." Yves sat there silently. Somehow suspecting she'd be the one stuck with the investigating. Collecting her thoughts for a moment she finally asked. "How will I find this Beetle?" "Hang around Freedom College. His recent sightings all fall within a certain area around the campus. We don't know if he's a student, faculty, an employee of a nearby business, or merely that it's all coincidence. But, if he pops up you should be near enough to find him." Essentially confirming AEGIS had absolutely no way to track "The Beetle" down yet. * * * Freedom College Southside, Freedom City, NewJerseyWenseday, May 6th, 20153:15 PM Freedom College was hosting its annual Cultural Arts Festival. A joint campus production with FreeSA. There were public performances. Indoor galleries. Even the food itself was a work of art. Both in taste and production. Students were urged to participate in the local productions or at the very least attend in support of their schools.
  8. HGM

    Bloody Sunday

    OOC for this thread. Also make sure to PM or just note in the OOC me anything related to the Ga'Hai you wish to pop up here. I'll definitely ask if there's something I need to know as well.
  9. Lynn Epstein's West End apartment. Monday, April 13th, 2015. 3:05am "Fuhh!" Lynn abruptly woke up in bed, her heart racing; the sheets were tightly wrapped around her and the pillow was on the floor. She sat up and blinked her eyes, the darkened bedroom as clear as day to her faerie eyes. Two of her cats were curled up on the bed, clearly upset at being disturbed by her rude outburst, so she reached out and scratched between their ears with her claws, just the lightest touch. "Sorry, babies; Mommy had another nightmare." It had been one of the bad ones; she and Bill were at the ranch, celebrating the twin's birthday. Her parents were there, along with Erik and Ellie, and the kids were enjoying pony rides. Then Viktor arrived fashionably late, laughing with an armload of packages, and everyone was excited to open their presents, but only Lynn could see the long black spider legs poking through wrapping paper, and Ruthie eagerly reached out to grab her gift- The ageless changeling went into the bathroom, ran the sink and splashed her face with water. She filled a cup with water and drank it, more out of habit than any real thirst. Lynn contemplated her face in the mirror, the perfect flawless mask, and sighed. "Ya need help, kid; better go get some!" - - - ArcheTech's Hanover facility, 9:22 am that same day Lynn didn't feel like flying; at times like this, the mindless jostle of public transportation was somehow more appropriate, and she could just veg out in her seat like everybody else. It took a lot longer, but eventually she made it to Hanover and what was left of Dok's legacy; she realized belatedly that she'd never stepped in this building before, and wasn't sure what to expect. She'd opted for a sort of 'office casual' look, with a tweed jacket over a simple cotton blouse, dark Capri pants and brown ankle boots. Reaching under her blouse, she found the familiar ring on its thong; she pulled it out, gave it a quick kiss, then tucked it away as she headed for the main entrance. Once inside, she made a beeline for the security desk, and offered the security guard on duty a dazzling but nervous smile. "Hi! I'm not sure who I should talk to; I'm sorry, I didn't make an appointment." She leaned in closer. "My name's Lynn Epstein, and I was hoping to talk to someone about Viktor...Archeville?"
  10. This is the OOC for >Dropping In. When I make a GM post, I will then be making a Seahawk post. There is some plot inbound. If I need rolls, I will request them here.
  11. Seahawk was heading to Wharton to try out something in the forest, namely to test out a theory with her ability to infuse her body with energy... if she could use that energy to amplify her strength, what happened with those sailors wouldn't be as much of an issue. As she got to the forest there was a warning test on her helmet's HUD... Fuel Out, activate parachute... Warning, Parachute module not installed... "Activate Parachute? There's supposed to be a parachute on this thing?" She starts falling from the sky as the glowing wing-like nimbus from her flight pack disappears. She almost instantly starts tumbling. "OH CRAAAAAAAAAP!" She shouts as her pack tries to sputter to life to try to slow down, but to no avail. Warning, still at terminal velocity, apply emergency measures... Severe or Fatal injury is now a likelyhood... Recording data for black box... "I WOULD IF I HAD ANY, YOU INFERNAL... Oh dear, this is gonna hurt, isn't it? Miss A really needs to put that new power supply in t..." A loud crashing sound is heard through the forest over the sounds of nature, followed by a splash. Seahawk's crumpled body floats up to the surface of a small lake... or large pond... Seahawk wouldn't know, She's dead at least for now. Bouyed by her suit's life preserver. Warning, pilot has suffered terminal injury. Inflated life preserver for retrieval of corpse. Contact with Archetech HQ has failed. Logging crash data to black box. Activating beacon. A couple small lights start flashing on the strap of her flight pack with a regular beep... Outside of that, it is quiet at the impact site. But Seahawk's fall didn't go unnoticed...
  12. Even after her promotion, it wasn't usual for Naomi to be called in to ArcheTech headquarters, but at least the summons had become a less unnerving thing. She'd come in several times already for meetings with the Human Flight research group, getting her measurements taken, explaining exactly how she felt when exposed to various flight conditions and g-forces. They'd made all kinds of interested humming noises and gone off to their drawing boards, promising they'd get back to her. And they had, hence the meeting today. Miss Americana was waiting for her when she disembarked on the tenth floor, already wearing a clean new labcoat over her russet slacks and cadet blue blouse. "Hello Naomi, nice to see you again," she greeted the test pilot cheerfully. "Ready to try out the new rig?"
  13. Almost a week after the unfortunate incident with the sabotaged plane, Naomi finally received a summons to ArcheTech headquarters. She'd filed exhaustive reports, of course, been debriefed by her supervisor, Vithya Naganathan, as had Mike and Rory, her ground team, and Keegan her backup pilot. She'd had an extensive physical that included checks of vision, hearing, reflexes and proprioception, which had been a little bit interesting given some of the things she hadn't known her body could do until recently. But all of that had been done at the test facility at Lonely Point, a place she was already familiar and comfortable with. Today's summons was to the tower in Hanover, where Naomi hadn't been since she was hired. The lobby of the imposing building was not so bad; sure it was very large, but its grandeur was softened by the fact that it was full of schoolchildren exploring displays on the wonder and excitement of renewable energy and recycling. The noise and bustle of kids on a field trip was distracting until she made her way to the relative quiet of the horseshoe-shaped front desk, where an extremely efficient-looking young woman with an earpiece scanned Naomi's ID badge with a palm-held scanner. "You're meeting with Miss Americana," she told Naomi tonelessly. "You're cleared for top-floor access. Please follow the arrows." She gestured, and a line of green arrows lit up along the midline of the wall, heading for a bank of elevators. "Have a nice day."
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