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Sagrado Corazon


Sagrado Corazon


Something has awoken in Chris De La Cruz, He can command the minds of the weak willed with his voice alone.  But that is not all, he can do, Things, that he can't explain.  Heal the sick, repair the broken, create something from nothing.  He's not sure how or why.  It also came with a Voice in his head telling him about a great and terrible destiny.  


When Constantine the First converted and brought Christianity to dominance in Rome he tasked a group of bureaucrats and scholars to track down evidence of his own continued Divine Providence.  They dutifully pored through aging census records, legal documents, and writings of the churches earliest history in judea.  Much of this was adjacent and integrated into the First Council of Nicea.  Eventually the Divine Emperor was supported through assorted Doctrine, the Papacy, Holy Roman Emperor, all drew from this well.  Yet within those scholars and bureaucrats there were true believers.  The documents they found became a guide to track what they believed to be the blood of Christ as well as the disciples.  


This small group grew and continued to study the families observing for signs of hte Divine within them.  When Saints were uncovered or declared they ran their genealogies as well and slowly they began to track what they believed to be the Spirit made Flesh.  Soon they turned to refining the bloodlines through arranged marriage or other manipulations.  Eventually the most promising families found secret support from powers secreted within the church, in return they followed the Sects plans.


One such family came to be the Iglesias family now of tampico Mexico though they traced back to faithful in spain over long years of colonization.  In return for following their church sponsors requests in marriage and other matters the family was richly rewarded with contracts and political support that even the revolutions and upheavals of the end of colonialism could not break.  In 1998 the youngest of the family fell pregnant, the father unknown, both tainted in the eyes of both the family and the families sponsors within the Church.  They were sent away to a convent controlled by this hidden sect where the boy could be observed and raised with a firmer hand and maybe be of use.  Until one night they vanished.


Maria Iglesias, now Maria De La Cruz fled in the night with her child of twelve.  They eventually made their way to America, Vibora Bay and settled having she thought evaded her family's plans for them.  They lucked into a sympathetic officer in immigration who managed to fast track their citizenship.  A miracle in it's own right.  The boy Cristobal, Chris, grew into a man in Vibora Bay, unaware of this legacy that may or may not be his to claim.  His mother never told him of her family's claims of divinity, she doesn't really believe them herself, more pompous grandstanding from her religious and authoritarian parents.  


Chris came into his power when a man came to the dance club he was visiting.  Chris stopped him before he could kill.  Then ran.  He thought he was losing his mind.  He's still coming to grips with what it means.  There is a Voice in his head that tells him about destiny and fate and his power.  He doesn't know if he can believe it but it also wants him to help people and with his own voice he's able to do just that.  He has taken up the name Sagrado Corazon and even got a costume together.  He's shown up in the aftermath of disaster, occasionally stumbled into trouble starting, guided by the Voice.  



Costume and Appearance

Sagrado Corazon is a fit attractive Latino and his costume does little to hide those facts.  The skin tight bodysuit clings to his frame like a second skin in an iridescent silver.  Over this he wears a lacing of crimson ribbons running up his arms and legs and beneath the small matching vestlet over his chest.  His chocolate colored eyes are mostly hidden behind a small domino mask of similar silver material though nothing else hides his handsome features or dark hair.  When he can afford it chris highlights his hair in a bleached platinum blonde.  He moves in and out of costume with confidence and poise and exudes a comforting gentility that tends to put friend and foe alike at ease.





Primary power is the Voice.  Sagrado Corazon is able to call upon the Divine to empower his commands and enforce obedience in the weak willed.  This can be utilized subtly to control an individual directly through a series of commands or applied more directly to halt a foe in place or sedate them as well as to affect the mood of a crowd.  By meeting the eyes of a potential foe he is able to drive home the effects of their actions on others, for most criminals the realization of the harm they cause is debilitating.  if nothing else the wash of emotion is disorienting.


Additionally his existence is somewhat blessed, as if watched over by some higher power.  Attacks miss at the last moment due to a stray bird or deflect off of improbably surfaces.  He also has the voice in his head warning him of danger and how to evade attacks.  With his natural grace he's able to usually avoid the worst of attacks.  He can extend this grace with concentration to defend an area from many forms of attacks the bullets and other projectiles improbably interfering with each other or lodging in a thick book or badge or wallet.  It is miraculous...


On the subject of miracles, with concentration Sagrado Corazon can call forth his tie to the divine to perform minor miracles healing, repairing, creating.  He's least comfortable with these abilities ot sure at what price such things may come.





  • Maria De La Cruz (Mother):  She's there for him 100%.  Of course she may be a more likely target than aid she is well liked in the community and people often ignore the housekeeper making her contacts in the hospitality industry a potential source for information.
  • Father Rafael:  Chris has an uncomfortable relationship with his priest.  Surprisingly it's not over his sexuality, mre his attendance and sometimes, reckless personal relationships.  He hasn't revealed his secret tothe Prist yet but other than his mother he is the most likely one to find out.


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