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  1. I was pinged! Initiative: 1d20 7 And now back to the law, business and accounting caves!
  2. olopi

    Player Away Thread

    As mentioned previously, the next 2 weeks are gonna be my final exams, which include, amongst other things, 3 years of various subjects crammed into long exams, all held at times so early man was not meant to be awake at them. What this translates to is that right now, and for the next 2 weeks, I am generally almost always exhausted in some way, and I'm already noticing the effect on my creativity, so threads I'm in may slow down further/stop entirely because of this. I'll try to keep up at least some semblance of a posting schedule, but if I drop off the face of the earth entirely for some reason, you know why!
  3. Everybody was using all their fancy tricks, while Monica just stood there wondering. Neither Ashley (who seemed to get ever more upset) nor Lulu managed to get any results. The others did have a point though – this was the shell that Danica was carrying around usually, after all. Probably. Monica walked up to the shell's opening. "It is a turtle shell after all, yeah. " Once she was in front of it, she turned around to address her teammate for just a second. "Come on Micah, don't just talk, act!" Monica had caught some stuff about her teammate's issues with his powers and what they meant for him, but sometimes, a bit of pushing probably was a good idea. She hadn't learned all of her powers by just sitting in a corner crying, after all. (Although a lot of that had been involved). She knocked on the shell with some force (it could take it, hopefully), before getting onto her knees and trying to move her head into the shell. "Hello? Anybody in there?"
  4. olopi

    [IC] Dance Macabre

    Dead Head If the bartender minded, Burt could not see on his face on the few glances he got of that before he walked off. From what it looked like, the Bartender had returned to either serving guests or staring into the distance. If the host had noticed Burt following them, he did not show it, disappearing into the room together with the two women and closing the door behind him. Just then, a man left what (most likely) was the bathroom. At probably about 7 feet, he towered over Burt, as he walked towards him. He was wearing a black denim vest, with no sleeves beyond the ones formed by his many tattoos, and was sporting quite a formidable beard. He too set off Burt's senses, in the same way the host and a few other guests had. The man walked towards Burt, locking eyes with him, placing himself between the hallway that led to the room the host had entered and Burt. "Bathroom is unoccupied now." Just then, Mutt responded again. There's a heavy door here. Hallway behind it, but I think I'm getting closer. Could take some time to get through this though. Miracle Girl Darlene picked a piece from the rack, before turning to a corner, away from all the others, and working on taking off her current outfit and putting on the other one instead, although at this point it was hard to tell whether or not that had anything to do with the drink that had been splattered all over it. The host, meanwhile approached Casey as she sat down on the bed. The grin on his face was pretty clear at this point, as he picked up a set of shin-height boots seamlessly as he approached. "A fine choice, may I offer these to go along with them? They should be less worrisome to move in" he held the boots forward. "Only minor outfit alterations for you, then? We will have to wait some time for your friend, so tell me, what brings you here?" All the while, he came ever closer, slight movement after slight movement.
  5. Considering the rep Ashley wanted to go for, her name made sense. Monica had heard of the encounter with the Raven only in passing, she hadn't been sure whether or not it actually had happened. But that was – probably – the confirmation that yes, that had happened. Apparently Monica's response was satisfactory, as Ashley opened the door, somewhat unexpectedly. And then, immediately, things turned a bit sour. It was pretty clear to Monica what had happened – Ashley didn't seem like the kind of person to lose her temper out of nowhere unless the situation called for it. She stretched her neck slightly to actually look into the common room, expecting some sort of shattered glass or something, but what she saw was a lot less concerning. Probably? It seemed that Ashley's momentary loss of composure had inadvertedly alerted a few of the other students who were enjoying their day off. "Well, looks like Danica's been busy…" While Monica didn't know exactly what was going on right now, she did recognize the pattern on the shell. Even after the session that they had as a team, Monica didn't really understand Danica's powers though, so she had no idea if this was something normal or not. She moved towards the shell relatively casually, looking at the others. This didn't really feel like it'd turn into anything dangerous, after all. "So, uh, what now?"
  6. olopi

    [OOC] Dance Macabre

    Alright, so: The moment she looks at the clothes Casey does feel a strange desire to put them on instead of what she's wearing right now, drawing her in. And once the host says what he does, there's just a moment where she feels as if she dozed off, you know that feeling when you wake up but still feel half asleep, right? When you're not entirely sure if you are awake or not. She manages to snap out of it pretty much immediately tho, after having taken a step or two towards the clothes – in the middle of the motion. Feel free to write it out as you want beyond this.
  7. Monica nodded along as she tried to process everything, as this conversation had gone somewhere she didn't quite expect. Or had she, unconsciously, maybe expected this, and thus pushed towards it? She began to reconsider what she'd done and said so far. She had invited Corinne here, after all. "No, no, you didn't." she seemed a bit absent, lost in thought. "Sorry, just trying to get my head wrapped around all of this." She rubbed her temple. "I think I just realized some more stuff about myself, or maybe I know now even less…" Monica's mind was racing, especially when it came to answering the elephant in the room. Had she pushed Corinne into this? Because the more Monica thought about it, the more everything she herself had done so far painted a picture. And when she actively considered that, she did like the offer that was on the table right now. So long as she just did her best to ignore all the doubts she had about herself. But that applied to just about every decision she made. She did her best to hide the fact she was somewhat flustered right now, now that she had figured out her emotions. "We … we can totally try, yes. No big promises, just see what happens, how things do or don't work out. No big expectations." Once she was done with that, a smile formed on her face.
  8. Monica grimaced slightly. "At least figuring out myself and who I wanna be is something I have experience with. " she paused for a moment, thinking of where to take this next. She had come here to figure out more about the sisters, so only talking about herself was a bit counterproductive. "So, what's being the baddest bitch get you? Beyond a fancy name?"
  9. olopi

    [OOC] Dance Macabre

    Alright, @Heritage , can you give me a Will Save?
  10. olopi

    [IC] Dance Macabre

    The barkeep seemed to hesitate for a moment when Burt named his drink, perhaps just taking the time to recall the ingredients, perhaps something else entirely. "Ah, a man of taste I take it. One moment…" He ducked down below the counter and there was some rumbling, as he probably rummaged through his bottles. The woman didn't seem particularly strained when she pulled up Casey, but nothing about her suggested that she was any stronger than she looked, either. Once she'd undone her collar, the host carefully held onto her so she could hobble around alongside him. "I am sure you'll find something that is your taste, I've made sure to have some different styles ready…" As they walked off, the woman who had helped Casey back up gave her – and Darlene – a nod and a wink before disappearing into the ever-growing crowd of dancers. The two women that were directly involved in the commotion walked off, together with the host who was leading them towards the central stairway. Right then, the bartender reappeared from below his counter, placing the glass on the bar and adding in the last few touches. "Indeed. He is a man of exquisite taste, gotta say. Don't know much about him though, he tends to keep his cards close to his chest. 4 bucks for the drink. " A few more people approached the bar, drawn here by the previous commotion, and began to order drinks themselves, which occupied the barkeep for the moment. They were talking amongst themselves, about, from the sounds of it, a recent breakup one of the had gone through. Noted. Going in now. Mutt seemed to be in position, then, as he began to describe what he saw. No light down here, ruff. Looks fairly generic so far, all concrete. There's some shelves here, they look empty. Two freezers … with blood bags inside. But, ruff, that's not the blood I'm picking up on, there's more somewhere. The host (whose skin, now that he was touching Casey, felt a bit too cold for it to be completely ordinary), helped Casey up the stairs, as Darlene walked next to them. On top of the stairs they found themselves in a hallway, which led into two directions, sideways to the stairs, and a double-width door facing the stairs directly. He pointed down one side of the hallway "the bathroom is over there if nobody has told you yet.", and then began to lead the two sisters towards the other side. Past two closed doors, both facing further inwards into the mansion, he opened a door, and gestured the two sisters inside. He tapped onto the wall twice, missing the light switch, before flicking it on on the third try. The lights revealed a relatively average room: a window facing outwards, a bed right below it, and a closet to the side. Probably some sort of guest room, the mansion was big enough to have something like that. On the far side of the wall, a rack of clothes was located, and opposite to the bed, a few sets of shoes stood at the ready. The clothes were pretty much all black, and at a first glance, seemed to definitely be on the skimpy side of things. As for the shoes, there were two sets of casual sneakers, but also some more heels and even knee-high boots. The host gestured towards them. "Please, take your pick. " Darlene stumbled forwards at first, then moved towards the clothes rack. Something about the way she moved, and spoke, wasn't quite right. "Casey, look at these, they're so pretty."
  11. Barrier (1) Praetorians: Shards of Time (1) Bird of Arms None None Sha'ir the Spellsmith None None Lady Liberty (14) Yo! What's the Problem? (8) Mud Pack (3) Shell Game (2) Arcade Action (1) GM (13 -> 26) The Cretan Connection (6) Dance Macabre (5) Arcade Action (2) Bonfire [Titanium] None None Refpoint to Barrier GM Point allocation: 1 to Sha'ir, push Lady Liberty up to 25 with 11, and if I counted correctly and that leaves 14, then give those to Barrier. If I counted incorrectly, push LL to 25, and then give BoA and Sha'ir one each.
  12. Just for clarity's sake, Barrier is setting up her Interpose + BP: Teleport 4 (Extra: Accurate ,Flaw: Limited: Can only target area next to allies) so that if any get attacked she can take the impact. And unless otherwise specified/we enter mechanical combat, this'll stay in effect.
  13. Barrier had spent the time since the others had left for the station in an uneasy quiet. While she did not doubt there abilities one bit, she also didn't know what to expect, and intel had been sparse at best. And that never was a good thing. Before she had fully realized what was going on, the hooded figure had already appeared on the ship, and before she was able to really do anything, she found herself and the others inside a canyon, with the familiar sound of a battlefield ringing in her ears. That, immediately, got her back into the mindset. She spun her shield into place with one swift motion – much quicker than what people had come to expect of her, and began to shout. "Everybody form u-" and then, already, only her and the Imperatrix remained on the ground, the others having taken to the air already. So much for that then. Still, she could still see the others, and she could feel the powers bestowed to her by the Spirits. She would not let any Praetorian come to harm, ready to shield them from whatever may come their way.
  14. Now that sounded awfully well-adjusted from Ashley. Not what Monica had expected at all. "Wait a few years?" That didn't really fit with what she'd so far assumed about Ashley. Once again, that just showed her how little she knew about her. Not that it was easy to learn anything about her in the first place. "I never really wanted to be a symbol of all this stuff. Sure, I want change, I want things to be fairer, not to be afraid all the time, but … this is much more. Feels like every side just wants me as a plaything so they can claim to have the support of Lady Liberty. " "Which I've been a lot more aware of since that day, yeah. Two very different versions of me, and I'm not entirely sure which of them had it worse, truth be told. It's what these powers mean, I guess. Can't be Lady Liberty without being political in some way. Can't just go in, beat up a few people and disappear again. Gotta watch your every move, no matter what. " "At least here at Claremont it's only the classmates and not the entire world that are ready to pounce at a moment's notice. "
  15. "Alright. I can respect that." Not entirely unexpected – Monica knew the feeling of wanting to be left alone well enough, and contrary to popular belief it wasn't an invitation for people to swoop in. Like she would've done, she realized. So much for that… Still, this did give her an opportunity to catch Ashley, without her being super protective of Judy. And she'd already said more than she had for the entire tour prior to this, so maybe Monica could figure out something about her this way. And if Judy came out of the common room and still needed some cheering up, she'd be here still. Good enough. "Pretty much." Ashley's training meant she could easily tell that this was an answer Monica had to give regularly. "If I want any chance at college after this, I gotta put in all the effort I can all the time. Helps me stay out of the spotlight, too. Don't need to see my face next to pundits every day. Or on imageboards, for that matter. Besides, it's Liberty, not America. Those two things don't always have to go together." That was perhaps a bit more than she would've said normally, but from what Monica could tell, Ashley was the one person at Claremont that would mind a statement like that the least. "I'd rather not end up as some #### propaganda-piece like my dimensional doppelganger."
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