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  1. Monica followed her roommate as she explained some details about what the three of them were looking at, and the person behind it. It was interesting enough, she supposed. Nothing that fascinated her, but it wasn’t too boring either, and that was all she could really ask for from an event like this. She was turned towards the artwork, and away from the rest of the room, when it went down. She turned around upon hearing the cry, seeing Corinne on the floor and various people in various stages of reacting to it. She considered what to do. People were already on their phones, and from the looks of it part of the couple she’d observed previously was a doctor. So, according to the mental checklist she tried to conjure up in her head, that was the most important parts taken care of. Monica saw the two museum employees approaching, and since there didn’t seem to be anything be, she in turn approach them as they got closer to Corinne, if for nothing else then to hear what was going on. Plus, if it came down to it her basic medical training could maybe come in handy.
  2. Notice: 1d20+9 16 There ya go
  3. It had lasted a total of maybe 20 seconds for Nicole to pull a Nicole. Monica wondered if that was a new record, before remembering that no, it really wasn’t. Even just considering moments she herself had visited, this one actually was about middle-of-the-road. Then again, maybe that was part between those two’s dynamic? They were roommates after all, and Monica had heard weirder stories. “Hey.” Monica replied with a fairly neutral tone. “Didn’t take anybody in here for an art connoisseur, so no surprise on that front. “ The adult couple walking around the exhibition did intrigue Monica somewhat. This was a private showing, wasn’t it? Had other people than Corinne been invited? It had to be considering they were there, if so, who else was currently walking around? In a feat of paranoia, she’d managed to catch them talking about something that referred to her and the others, probably. Maybe they’d realized who she was? With Astrid and Nicole bickering, Monica could’ve taken the opportunity to lean in and let Aja know, but really, if it was anything worth keeping an eye on, Aja had probably figured it out way earlier. So, she attempted to maybe get everybody talking about something that wasn’t their maturity. “You got here earlier, anything worth checking out?”
  4. Monica had gotten one of the invites through her roommate, and at that point, it was just courtesy to head along. She didn’t care too much about modern art in general, but she’d gotten invited and backing out would’ve been weird, especially since Aja knew full well that Monica didn’t have much else to do until later on Saturdays. She showed up in an outfit that was quite fancy compared to her usual style, wearing an oversize black turtleneck and some jeans. She’d probably stand out less that way, and considering she’d already stand out somewhat due to her lack of interest, she didn’t really need to draw more attention to her. She’d travelled to the museum together with Aja, and gotten somewhat overwhelmed with the size of the exhibition once they’d arrived, it had been bigger than she expected. “I’m just gonna tag along with you for a bit if you don’t mind.”
  5. olopi

    Green Machine IC

    “That’s not wh-“ Monica was about to continue, but at that point the Supervisor cut her off, so she just stayed quiet. Frickin’ time limits, made this stuff annoyingly difficult to explain. As the others picked out what islands they were gonna rush to, she had one of those moments where she just couldn’t focus on anything. Getting cut off and having people think she’d done something stupid usually did that to her. She got snapped back out of it by Huang addressing her. “Huh. Oh, yeah. “ As she looked around her everybody had all these flashy powers, meanwhile all she really had to do was walk up to the next flag. Then again, she’d planned to user her abilities today, so use them she would. A few steps backwards to allow her to run up to the ledge, and then she was off, jumping the distance to the next island all the while keeping her eyes open for any kind of distraction. Most likely one involving something slamming into her at high velocity, she assumed.
  6. Lady Liberty (14) Last Gasp of Summer (4) And Carnal Forbearance (3) Assemble! (1) Green Machine (5) Let's Fall in Like (1)
  7. No idea if she fits you plan, but let me know if you want to include LL, I'm fine either way.
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    Green Machine IC

    “Hm, good to know. I was thinking we could use the wind to transport the flags, would leave our hands free. Not sure about the sort of resistance we’ll be facing though. “ It was said resistance that made Monica feel uncertain about this all. Just what did Claremont consider appropriate? If it was anything like the way this entire … thing was set up, it’d probably something really unfair and annoying. She turned to face towards the isle that had already been assigned to Danica. “Yeah, should be able to make that jump if I push my powers. Not sure I trust it though. I get this feeling like the second I’m in the air, something’s gonna show up to try and throw me off my path. Call it a hunch. “ She turned back to face the others. “Micah, can you watch my back and use some wind to make sure I don’t fall short or overshoot? Actually, all of us. Don’t know about you, but I don’t really wanna know what happens when you fall down that nothingness…”
  9. olopi

    Let's Fall in Like

    Okay Monica, you can do this. Let’s give them something to remember. With a push that she may just have put a bit too much force into – her powers were finnicky like that – Monica opened the door with a literal bang. She stepped inside, having – only partially unintentionally – drawn people’s attention now. Not only was she positively beaming, but she was doing so quite literally, her powers lighting her up and making her stand out even more. She was wearing a sparkly golden dress, which was by no means subtle, and had used some gold makeup to really bring out that look. With a fair bit of help from her roommate, ‘cause some of this stuff had been difficult to apply on her own. A set of white-and-blue elbow-length gloves finished off her look, and also helped conceal some of the scars she wasn’t too keen about showing. Her hair, which, for once, she was actually showing at its full effect, also included some golden highlights, once again lit up even more thanks to the interplay between Monica’s natural golden glow and her entire look. It turned out having spent the last week or so training how to walk properly in heels had paid off, as she took her first steps into the auditorium. They also made her even taller, which together with what the Spirit of Liberty did now that she was feeling confident about this evening, made her stand out even more than her looks did already. She took a look around the room, picking out who she knew already, and figuring out just whose attention her entrance had grabbed. Tonight was all about making an impression, whatever that impression would be. Now, of course she hadn’t come here with any sort of date, but she wasn’t feeling like just leaning back and letting things happen, she felt like initiating some things. And as it happened, the two people closest to her were Micah and his roommate. She walked up to them, her confidence still strong and stable. “Well hello there. “
  10. olopi

    Green Machine IC

    “…Whoa. “ Seeing the blank room become what felt like a scene ripped straight of a videogame was quite impressive, so this was what the Academy had been talking about when they’d mentioned advanced technology way back when Monica first learned of them. She took in the view, visually exploring the landscape and taking a peek downwards. She wasn’t too fond of heights, sure, but curiosity was quite a powerful motivator. She listened to the teacher’s explanation. Seemed simple enough, judging by the non-chalance about the situation, falling probably wouldn’t be too bad. And then came the catch… She turned her head over to look at Danica, who reacted just about how Monica had expected it. Ugh, so this was what the academy was pulling. This was how they’d do their “team-building.” Force on person out and make them rely on the others. She could see through that, and it did not amuse her in the slightest. And the group apparently didn’t even get time to think. “Come on now, that’s exactly what they want to happen.” The faint glow that was surrounding Monica grew stronger as she began to talk. “They’ll need more than some antagonistic design to slow us down. Now, which one of us thinks they can move the fastest?” Before she’d even gotten a response she turned to face Micah, a tiny smile on her face. “You said you control weather, right? Does that include wind, and if so, how strong can you go? ‘cause I have an idea…”
  11. olopi

    Green Machine IC

    Monica listened to the explanation with quite a bit of interest. She’d heard some rumours about the oh so ominous sounding area while listening in to what a few older students had to say during lunch break one time, but other than that, she didn’t really know anything about it. Some sort of illusion thing, then? With scenarios? “Sooo, it’s essentially … whatever comes after advanced reality? Cool. Not that I’ve made any experiences with the other reality-but-slightly-different stuff before. “ Granted, some of that sounded a bit more ominous. How could things go wrong during one of these? Were they that real? That brought up some questions, ones which Monica would have to look into at a later date probably. Right now didn’t seem like the right time to question what she was about to do, not when she was actually feeling the power-high. “Capture the Flag? Now there’s something I haven’t heard in a bit.” She looked at the others, perhaps sizing them up a bit. “With us that should be quite an interesting little game. “ “So, how much control do we have over what these … simulacra are?” she grinned a little, a devious grin at that. “ ’cause I’m thinking we set them up like one of the other teams for some extra competition.” She stopped for a moment, thinking about what she’d just said and about taking it back. This wasn’t her, this was what her powers did to her. Ugh, she had to be more careful about this stuff, she clearly couldn’t handle it yet.
  12. olopi

    Green Machine IC

    Monica seemed pretty content for once as the teens waited around. She was eager to start before she began to second-guess herself again, sure, but right now, she felt good. She looked at what she was wearing, and it felt right. It was what she’d wanted, and finally testing it out in the proper environment was something she’d actually been looking forward to whenever she saw the costume. She turned over to face the new arrivals. She’d seen Micah around and the few had exchanged a few words, from what she could tell he was somebody that she wouldn’t have any real issues with, and having somebody not completely different from her on the team was probably a nice thing. Granted, she didn’t exactly know him yet. But that was what these exercises were for, wasn’t it? Danica, on the other hand, was somebody Monica couldn’t really get a feeling for just yet. She’d seen her before, sure, but that had been about it. “Sounds like an idea. Might also be good in case there’s some lesson-related stuff. …Not that I’m offering any free homework or anything, just to make that clear. “ She did get a bit uneasy as the waiting continued, tapping her fingernails against her legs silently.
  13. Monica followed, trying her best to at least keep it together for the moment. The break helped, but she still felt pretty on-edge about the entire situation and had to distract her brain somehow, all of those thoughts weren’t something she really wanted to deal with. Not now, and preferably not later either. The place that Janus had lead her to was pretty nice. She sat down and just took a few deep breaths for the moment, listening to what Janus had to say. She’d heard some rumours about them but didn’t actually know much. And she didn’t feel like probing, either. Not right now. “Heh, yeah, I can understand that one. It just doesn’t feel right, does it? But ugh, what can we do about it.” Monica leaned forwards, tilting her head and supporting it with her hand. “That’s really nice, thanks. I don’t want to be a nuisance, you organised all of this, you shouldn’t have to worry about me. Same about the others, I don’t want to drag all of them down. Kind of tempted to just head back to the school, I’m still not done with the new Physics stuff. “ “Mhm. I dunno, it feels like she’s on a whole different level. Most of them didn’t have to deal with this” she threw her arms into the air, although it wasn’t clear what she was trying to indicate “ constantly getting all that hate, from everybody. And then there’s all the stuff related to my body, ugh. I didn’t want to come at first because I knew this’d happen, there’s no way I wouldn’t feel out of place when most people are wearing just beachwear. I’m really only here because my therapist told me to, apparently facing this head-on could be a positive experience?” “I mean, this right now is, but I’m not so sure about the rest of the evening.” She turned her head to look back towards the direction from which they’d come from, and smiled ever so slightly. “Guess we should head back before they start to wonder what we’re doing here.”
  14. As Nicole read out the next question, Monica once raised her shoulders a bit, having returned to a look that suggested she wasn’t entirely comfortable. Something, that she herself realized summed up this entire conversation so far. She looked down at her piece of paper, trying to figure out what to say. Sure, she had strong opinions on this, but she didn’t really want to have another moment like the one they’d had just moments prior. She tried to put what she was thinking into words, figuring out what sounded strong yet not confrontational, something that summed up a lot of her thoughts into a few sentences at most, she didn’t have time to rant on and on. Not that she felt like she could do that just from an embarrassment standpoint. Her anxiety was bad enough without drawing all the attention, and right now that didn’t make the entire situation any better. She continued to look down at the table and the text, hoping one of the other two would cut in, because she really couldn’t figure out how to make this sound alright.
  15. olopi

    Green Machine IC

    Alright. Come on, you can do this. This is who you are now, so it’s time to show all those ####ers who doubted you what you can do. Time to show all of your new teammates that they won’t be carrying around a crutch with them. Monica was sitting in one of the basement’s bathroom stalls. She hadn’t been sure about this “Doom Room” thing, and at the last minute she got anxious and ducked out. She was early anyways, so it wouldn’t matter. Was this really what she was now? She looked down at her body and her uniform, the one that Beth had commissioned for her. It had been a sort-of passing of the torch. Come on, you’ve faced worse. Who knew what her teammates would expected from THE Lady Liberty. That name had recognition, and people associated things with it. And none of those things were “has no real combat experience.” Monica barely knew how to handle herself in a fight, and last time that happened, it was all reflexes anyways. #### it, they can’t expect that from you. Their fault if they get their hopes up. You’ve got the powers to back it up, that’s all you need. There really wasn’t any way out of it now. It was safer to train now than in another one of those situations. Monica got up, opened the stall’s door, and splashed some water in her face. Moments later, she continued on her way towards the Doom Room, passing by a few more people and spotting Veronica and somebody else in front of an entrance of some sort, that probably was the right place. Monica approached them with a look of determination on her face. She was wearing her full uniform and appeared to be both a fair bit taller and slightly broader than she usually was, although that may have just been a lighting thing, as she was also surrounded by a light, warm glow. “Didn’t expect to be the third one here, assumed the others would be eager to be here ASAP.” Realizing she hadn’t seen the boy around before, she addressed him real quick. “Hey, I’m Monica.”