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  1. Tagging @EternalPhoenix and @Exaccus just for proper protocol.
  2. July 12th, Third Day of the Terminus Invasion 2248 Hours Briefing Room A1, Subbasement Level 1, Claremont Academy In the hours and days following the Invasion, only few safe areas remained for the citizens of Freedom. One of them was Claremont Academy, as it turns out the Summers had planned for the eventual inevitability, the Academy was prepared for an attack. Or at least, that had been the expectation. As it turned out, the systems themselves could not hold off the hordes of bodies being thrown at them, and what heroes had made it to the Academy spent their time in shifts, assisting with the defence to the best of their ability. The Subbasement was, for the time, fully secured, and the dorms were filled up with people receiving first aid and doing their best to recover before heading out into the fight once more. Walking through the hallways, one had to avoid stumbling over weapons, equipment and clothing, hastily thrown away, with nobody having the energy to try and keep things organized. Keeping up the fight was more important. Which was why a small crowd of heroes had been gathered in the briefing room, for a top-priority assignment. The group was being briefed by headmistress of Claremont, Callie Summers herself. It was a simple briefing, no fancy graphics, no extended speeches, just right down to business. “As you may have noticed yourself, the Annihilists have changed their method of attack. They’ve incapacitated multiple people and dragged them off, something that we’ve been trying to keep under wraps as good as possible in order to preserve some degree of morale. “ “Now, I’m not telling you this for nothing. Our scouts have managed to track down the location these people have been brought to, the College. We need to get them out, and with every minute that passes, they are in more danger. As are we. I need you to get in and extract them. We have no idea how many people are being held there, or what exactly is being done to them. “ “This will be dangerous. You will probably see things I wouldn’t want anybody to see. You will face what we can only assume is a massive force of enemies. We won’t be able to keep up any radio contact, you will be on your own. But don’t ever forget this, all of these people rely on you. This is your chance to save potentially dozens of lives, while also dealing a major blow to our enemies. “ “Now, any final questions? The faster we’re done with this, the more people you can save.”
  3. There was a silence, followed by some muttered words coming through, even though they were intelligible. The voice soon continued to speak. “This is what I get for using different filters, argh. It’s me. Same person, you….” Once again the voice became muttered, essentially intelligible. Within moments of Auguste activating his powers, the turrets pointed at him became a bit more active too, probably beginning to aim properly. “Noble Knight my ass. You all couldn’t get me when I was prepared, so you tried to lure me into security and kill me here. Too bad I prepared for that one, eh? Last chance, you can run and figure out how to deal with your colleagues coming after you, or you can leave the place in a bodybag. I stopped playing around a long time ago. ”
  4. Sha’ir waited, frantically trying to figure out what to do, paralyzed by his options. None of whom felt even remotely useful in the current situation. He considered all sorts of things, from calling in backup, to just letting Creek do his thing. Neither of those, ‘nor any of the other things he considered, really felt like the right choice. It was only when Creek addressed him that an idea struck. One he could probably work with, at least for now. “Depends on which town you want. There’s the city, but if you wanna track down proper murderers, you’ll probably find more in the rural areas. “ Was that true? Potentially. Hakim didn’t really venture outside of the ECs too much, he didn’t need to bother with all that potential baggage. Meanwhile, he ducked down, touching the ground with his hand and slowly rising up, drawing a spirit up, which soon took the form of a spectral horse. “It’s not quite the real thing, but let’s see about that…”
  5. “Would be quite nice to know who sent you. And don’t come at me with that “independent” BS, I saw through the pattern a looooong time ago. The failed sniper was a nice touch, gotta give you that. Get my trust up, figure out the details and then strike me here. “ Then, there was complete silence. The room seemed to be perfectly isolated, even though the outside was quite loud thanks to everything happening in the area, none of the sound made it through. And whatever powered all the tech (it probably wasn’t connected to the main power grid), was quiet too.
  6. Hakim really didn’t know what to do at this point. Sure, he had options. But judging from the looks of it, none of them really worked. This wasn’t something he could deal with directly. Indirectly maybe, although he didn’t really know how to accomplish that either. He could attempt to stall Noose forever, but that wouldn’t do much good either. Still, he couldn’t let him roam freely either. Sha’ir just stood there, unmoving. He’d let Creek make the next move. Perhaps he’d figure out something in the meantime. He could always follow him if it was necessary, after all.
  7. “Come on, the jig’s up. I know your bosses won’t exactly like this, but if you spill the beans right now I’ll let you off the hook and you can take the first train out of the city and disappear off the grid. Or you can go on and try to complete your mission, but … in your situation, I wouldn’t try.” Whatever the woman was speaking about, she was doing so with determination. Clearly she believed in every word she was saying. It sounded like she’d finally accomplished something she’d been attempting for a while, although there was a hint of stress in her voice, something that told Auguste that perhaps, things weren’t going as she’d expected.
  8. The woman didn’t even bother to respond, instead slowly piloting the armour in a different direction, turning a corner after a few moments and disappearing behind a few crates, somewhere even Auguste’s vision didn’t quite reach. Meanwhile, he made his way down the stairs. It was simple enough, the doors weren’t locked. He could actually hear how one bomb shelter door opened behind a wall, suggesting he probably wasn’t alone. He stepped through it shortly after, and it led down some stairs, closing behind him. He could note that there were cameras placed in quite a few locations. Hidden away, but he’d managed to stop them either way. After a short descent, he entered a well-lit white room. Immediately he could see what appeared to be quite an advanced workbench by one of the walls, and a sophisticated PC network in one of the corners, with screens spanning most of the wall. However, as soon as he entered the room, the door behind him closed, quite rapidly. Two turrets, quite obviously, appeared from the ceiling, pointing towards Auguste. The woman’s voice could be heard over the intercom. “Gotta say, this has to be the most advanced tactic so far. Need to burn this base anyways, sorry buddy. You’re not getting me this time. So, how about you spill who’s behind all of this and I let you escape without giving you an emmentaler makeover?”
  9. “Alright. My base it is, then. “ With only a moment’s notice, the thrusters keeping the armour midair stopped, making it (and thus Diamondlight) drop down, picking up again to propel them northwards. She seemed to meet Auguste’s request as the altitude dropped ever so slightly throughout the flight, until the two once more reached an urban area. Probably Basel, although Auguste wasn’t entirely sure. First she rose up higher, once more creating a fair bit of distance between her and the ground. Then, shortly afterwards, she once more shut off her thrusters, dropping from the sky quite quickly and only burning to avoid a crash shortly before hitting the ground, not the most comfortable of experiences. They landed in front of what appeared to be one of the many warehouses in the city, probably holding some goods that would be delivered to the cargo harbour. “Go inside and immediately take the first door to your right, then go down into the cellar. From there follow the lights. “ “I need to take a different entrance, I should be there shortly though.”
  10. First of all, Hakim needed to catch his breath. Now he was away from prying eyes so at least he could do that. Running really wasn’t his forte, perhaps it was time to look into that reduced gym membership cost WestRock offered. Assuming he could survive this day. Which still wasn’t all that certain. He turned to face Noose, sounding somewhat determined. “Now? Well, now I get to dispel a curse spoken out by a culture that was really, really good at making them annoying. “ Then, he switched to something more relaxed. “You don’t happen to have the name of the guy-slash-people responsible for this, do you?”
  11. She flew upwards for what Auguste presumed was about 20 seconds, reaching quite a height in the meantime. They’d reached the height where people were only visible in groups, high enough that Auguste really didn’t want to slip at this point. Which was easy enough, the armour seemed to have been designed around somebody holding on. The woman controlling the armour didn’t respond to any of Auguste’s jokes, but she did humour him enough to respond to his question. “If my assumption is right, somewhere off the grid. I’ve got a place but getting there will take a bit of time. If you’ve got a suggestion, go ahead.”
  12. Dex: 1d20+1 8 He's slow, but apparently slightly faster!
  13. Judging by the armor’s slight head tilt, the woman was not amused. “This really isn’t the time. I’ll carry you, then.” Without hesitation she grabbed Auguste with her shield arm, the shield apparently didn’t need to be gripped to stay connected. She was careful about how she did it, but judging by her grip, she could exert quite a force if she wanted. “You’ll want to grab on properly, makes this next part a lot more comfortable.” And with that, she lifted off, flying pretty much straight upwards for a bit.