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  1. "Hm?" At first Monica didn't really know what exactly was going on, but then she realized just what Corinne meant, and responded in full. Well, she tried to at least, actually doing it was another thing. "Oh. No, no, it's not something you did. It's nothing really…" Yeah, no, that one wasn't satisfactory. That wasn't a response at all, really. She took a deep breath and tried again, even though she still hadn't entirely figured out what she wanted to say. Or really, what caused these feelings in full. "It's … well, I don't really know. Have you looked at a mirror? And at me? It's … I don't know, jealousy maybe? You can pull all of that stuff off … uh, weird phrasing, but … well, yeah. That. It's stupid, I know…." Actually being confronted with this was something Monica hadn't planned for at all. She'd spoken about the entire thing with her therapist a few times, sure, but she'd never really talked about her feelings towards Corinne in particular. Right now she wished she had. Or maybe actually thought about this in full. Not just put it onto the pile of things to resolve eventually. Because right now she just made herself look horrible in so many ways.
  2. The first day after some time off was always somewhat special. Monica had enjoyed the time at home, but truth be told by the end of it she was very much looking forward to FC again. Her sister was fun to be around, but also somewhat exhausting, especially when she wanted to hear more and more about what Monica was doing at Claremont. Which got complicated fast. Especially with her being very excitable, and the whole secrecy thing that was still an issue sometimes. The first day of school had also meant quite a lot of homework, too, because that was something that you couldn't stop teachers from doing any time they saw that students were not busy for some time. So that had taken up more of her time than she'd wanted too. But it was over for now, the school day was done and Monica didn't really have any plans whatsoever when it came to the rest of the day. She was playing with the idea of heading out into FC proper later today, as she was approached by Corinne in her typical flashy fashion. Monica didn't know exactly what was going on right now, she hadn't really seen Corinne with this kind of expression before. Probably something serious, then. That lack of knowing what was going on did reflect in her voice, as she replied. "Sure… What's the matter?"
  3. olopi

    Mud Pack

    Once she'd split off from the group, Monica took some time to breathe. Right now she mainly needed to figure out how she felt about everything that had just happened. Sure, she'd heard of shapeshifters before. The Grue were a thing, after all, even if she didn't know how much of the things one heard about them was just propaganda – them being aliens and all. But actually meeting somebody who could do it, and what was associated with it, was a lot more complicated. Her grumbling stomach reminded her why all of this was happening in the Cateferia. She scanned the room real quick, but from the looks of it, none of the people she'd maybe talk about this with were around at the moment. So she just grabbed one of the avocado sandwiches that had been prepared for the day (private schools, crazy), before figuring out her next move. Somehow Monica had the feeling that just disappearing from the tour would lead to trouble later down the line. Maybe from Summers, from one of her classmates, or somebody else entirely. She'd have to deal with these feelings for now, until she actually had some time to settle down and think – or talk – about them properly. A quick text confirmed where the others were at the moment, so Monica walked in only moments after, a single person was always faster than a group when it came to these things. She was still carrying half her sandwich, rules about eating in the library be damned. It was her alibi after all. She helf it up for the others to see as she rejoined them without saying a word. …And apparently Nicole was here. Monica was already regretting this, but it was too late to leave again.
  4. Is taking Monica into the 80s a good idea? No. Does that mean I wouldn't do it? No. (But please do give others preference over me if they wanna be included)
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    Mud Pack

    And then all hell broke loose. Or at least, so it felt. Of course Corinne, being her perfect self, somehow managed to fix the thing immediately. She was prepared for these kinds of things, somehow. Which was much more than Monica could say for herself. Not that she really felt like saying anything right now. Was this some kind of way the Headmistress wanted to make this obvious immediately? Was this just some sort of joke? At this point Monica really had no idea anymore, just when she thought she'd maybe managed to figure it out for once. Seeing a … perfect (ugh) copy of herself in the flesh wasn't really something Moncia had prepared for today. Neither was she prepared for the combination of her classmates on a single body, but at that point she wasn't really paying attention fully anymore. "I'm gonna grab something to eat real quick. Be right back. " She said quietly, sort of addressing Corinne who stood next to her, doing her best to not just walk away without saying anything, and to keep her emotions in check. She beelined her way to the nearest vending machine, pulling her hood up over her head in the process.
  6. olopi

    Mud Pack

    Leroy's explanation was … well, perhaps acceptable was the right word. It about reflected what Monica had come to expect from her classmate, from the few interactions the two of them had had so far. Did it make complete sense? Nope. Did it probably happen? Somehow, yes. "Certainly sounds like you've had more going on than me today." She tapped her backpack. "I'm a bit behind on the essay." Then, she turned her attention back towards the new guy. …Oh. Perhaps that was why Summers had decided to have her tag along. Meeting Lady Liberty on the first day at a new school? That was bound to be memorable. She'd kinda forgotten about that aspect up until now, and it brought up some recent memories she wasn't too happy about. Something to deal with later, maybe. Maybe. She did her best to lock away those thoughts for now, and to focus on the situation at hand. Putting on an actually fairly genuine smile, she replied to Davyd's mix of excitement and confusion the only proper way: "Yep. Welcome to Claremont. You'll get used to some of it. Probably." "No objections there, Corinne. Well, maybe let's avoid the dinosaurs until his second day. "
  7. olopi

    Mud Pack

    Apparently whatever had happened was not worth commenting on much. That said quite a bit about Claremont and its students, but right now Monica didn't mind too much. Leroy seemed to be entirely fine despite the blood and how he looked. So, the focus would lie fully on the new student. A good thing, all things considered, even if Monica wasn't sure if that actually portrayed what things were like at Claremont. Then again, the tour would probably take some time, so who knew. After exchanging the most basic of pleasantries with her classmates, she leaned against the wall and watched the door. So, what would it be? A werewolf from another dimension? A humanoid bird? Or just … a normal guy. First impressions wise, the new guy stepping through the door was relatively unspectacular. Monica looked at the others, Corinne primarily. She immediately sprung to action with the greeting, as she'd expected. She let the others do their entire introductory procedures, all the while watching Davyd. "Hey Davyd. They already told you my name so I guess I can't do that now." "So, apart from introductions, what do you actually wanna see on this tour?"
  8. olopi

    Mud Pack

    Monica was somewhat surprised that the Headmistress had asked her personally to be part of the introduction tour for the new student. Unless they needed to know about quiet study spots Monica wasn't sure how much she'd be able to contribute. Maybe that was why the Headmistress made her tag along? It'd also serve to get her involved with her classmates, and the new person. It felt like something Summers would do, if nothing else. Monica walked into the hallway, her bag slung over one shoulder. It was a normal school day for the most part so there was no reason to go extravagant with clothing, her usual hoodie and jeans combo worked just fine. At first she was quite relaxed about the whole thing, and then she spotted her classmates. She picked up her pace somewhat as she approached them, her eyes scanning the room. "Just what did I miss just now?" Judging from how everybody was simply standing around, whatever it was had probably passed already. Apart from Leroy's clothes everybody seemed to be their usual selves. From the few interactions Monica had had with Leroy she could tell that she couldn't really figure him out just yet, this was just something to add onto that list, probably.
  9. Just moving towards the exit because I can only do a move action. Gonna roll for the Fort here so I don't forget it next turn: Fortitude: 1d20+6 9 Yeah, nope, it continues then Actually gonna spend a HP on maybe fixing this: Fortitude: 1d20+6 24 So she's fine next turn
  10. As it turned out, the breathing that accompanied Monica's relative panic in this situation – it was not something she was used to at all, after all – had it's direct negative effects. Namely that whatever was in the smoke now got into her lungs, and thus her system, pretty damn quickly, as she felt incredibly nauseous one moment to the next. The situation right in front of her seemed to be under control at least, so that was something she didn't have to worry about. Which was good, because inside this smoke Monica could just about tell up from down. She steeled herself and then began to move towards the exit of the room. People were still fleeing, and there was a chance she'd have to protect them. Not that she could do much of that in her current state, as she essentially half walked, half crawled, her way forward.
  11. OOC for This @Ari One HP off the bat because this is a public situation and Salmon is here in civvie identity.
  12. The Dive, University Hill, Emerald City South Saturday, March 2, 2019 11:03 PM As far as first dates were concerned, this one was going pretty well so far. The Dive had been the right choice of location. Relatively small and cozy, the bar was nested away in an alley only a short walk away form the more active nightclubs that up most of University Hill's nightlife. It was one of the insider tips when it came to places to go in the area. After all, how many bars offered regular live music? The band, some local up-and-coming indie country rock act just started their next song as Hakim returned to the table, drinks in hand. "And I'm back, sorry that took so long, they're a lot busier than usual tonight." He set down both the glasses, and then took the seat across the table from his date. Hakim hadn't been sure about the whole online dating thing. He'd heard mixed things in general, and he knew the tech aspect enough to know just how transparent it made him. But his colleagues-slash-friends had pushed him to finally do something beyond work and whatever he spent his free time doing, so he did sign up. So far, he wasn't regretting it. This Ishmael guy was pretty cute, and interesting too. A bit young, but it wasn't really something that stood out. "So, anyways, as I was saying, we ended up having to pull a nightshift inside the hospital in order to deal with…" There was a loud rumbling, seemingly coming out of the walls and wooden beams inside the bar, and Hakim stopped talking. It was replaced by the sound of glass shattering almost immediately, as the bottles by the bar literally flew off the shelves, and slammed into the wall across the room, which immediately provoked quite a bit of screaming. The band stopped playing, especially once they – and everybody else in the room – saw that the liquids inside the bottles had not splashed to the ground. They were floating in the air, like one could see in those space videos, gathering up into what Hakim decided to dub a "Floating Long Island Iced Tea.". Hakim looked pretty shocked, like everybody else in the room, especially once the table he and Ishmael were sitting on started to rumble, much like all the others in the room, and their respective drinks suddenly looked very stirred. And to make matters worse, judging by the screaming, this was happening outside too….
  13. Bonfire Vignette Vignette (1k+): Family Reunion Barrier 1 Shards of Time (1) Bird of Arms None/Inactive Sha'ir None Lady Liberty 3+Vignette With Black Curtains (2) The Red Will Rise (1) Vignette (1k+) Ref Point to Barrier, please
  14. By the time Monica had woken up, the dimensional doppelgangers were already appearing. She was informed of it quickly, and that certainly made it less of a surprise when she turned a corner to find herself starting at two people looking just like her. Both of them seemed more confused than she was, which was a start if nothing else. From what Monica had heard, some of the doppelgangers were from universes where few things were different. She could immediately tell that didn't apply to either one of hers. The differences were obvious. One, wearing badly beat up tactical gear, olive and grey. That Monica too looked like she'd seen better days, clearly a lot more used to both physical labour and bruises than actual Monica (was that a good term? Probably not.) was. The rifle she was carrying was, perhaps, also an indicator. The other meanwhile, looked a lot fancier. Her equipment looked vaguely military-styled too, but in pristine condition. It was closer to Main-Monica (better? Maybe.)'s outfit, red, white and blue. Just even more American, something Monica assumed had taken quite an effort. As for the actual gear, the best word Monica could come up with to describe it in the moment was "near-future power armour". Beat-Monica (no, that one didn't work), in particular, looked quite shocked. She did her best to return to a stern expression, but Main-Monica could tell that her counterpart was not just uneasy and had gripped her weapon tighter, she was also clearly checking the best escape route. Armor-Monica, meanwhile, was quite obvious about her surprise. And after roughly a second where nobody said anything, Armor-Monica finally broke the silence. "So, uh, this is awkward." "Meeting a different version of myself and learning she's a gov pawn?" Clearly, she – Rebel-Monica (it seemed to fit?) – wasn't screwing around. She sounded angry. Properly angry. Monica could tell. "Do I even want to know what happened that you ended up that way?" Was that curiosity from Armour-Monica or just snark? Monica couldn't tell. Main-Monica decided to interject right there, because if she knew herself than this would only end in tears (and probably blood, considering her doppelgangers' looks). "Okay, how about we just sit down? This is happening all over town and the school's providing some spaces for exactly the scenario we're facing right here. " - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The Claremont Zen Garden was quite a nice space. Monica came here occasionally when she needed to cool off a bit, when she didn't want any human contact. It was close to the school buildings, sure, but it was also much less frequented than most other places in the school. And considering Rebel-Monica's behaviour, it was probably a better space to be in than any kind of enclosed room. Those eyes had clearly seen some things. "They did what?" "Yeah." "But why would they…" "The official line's something about terrorism and keeping it in check. Look, I have no idea why, and to be frank, I don't give a #### either. Surrender was never an option, and by now it's definitely too late." "But that's horrible! Sure, the government doesn't have the best track record, but … that? The same people who did all of this for me did that to you?" At least they weren't fighting. That was a big plus. Main-Monica didn't really have much of a reason to involve herself just yet, her two doppelgangers were busy talking with one another. And the longer they were occupied the better for her. Still, what they were talking about was quite … eye-opening, if nothing else. "I'm one of the lucky ones. I knew what getting these powers meant, and I …" Monica recognized that sound quite well. That was the exact point where "calm and collected" got overwhelmed by emotions and buried below it. Rebel-Monica (which was very appropriate of a name as it turned out), did seemingly manage to hold it together, but just about. "So, you." Time to turn the attention away, quickly. "What's this about the war you were talking about?" "Huh? That didn't happen here? It started six years ago. They hoped it'd be a quick invasion and then that'd be it, but then more people got involved, and soon most of the economy was based around war. So, when my powers showed up I decided to do something to help the effort. " "No opposition that you could join?" Rebel-Monica was still not exactly happy, but from the sound of it now she was closer to anger than sadness. Was that better? Probably not. "Mostly spies, some anarchists and more and more rock-throwers. War support's been in the high eighties for most of it, mainly because there's been actual progress. " "But you don't fight in it?" "I would, but they see me as much too valuable. Everybody loves me. I've been at the war zones a few times, but they totally would not allow me to get shot at or maybe even killed. Or worst comes to worst, captured. " "At least we can both agree on that being worse." Yeah, that had relaxed Rebel-Monica again. "Kinda fitting with our powers. The Spirit hates being in chains, but it's damn good at breaking them." Sure, Main-Monica had never been in a situation like that, but all three of them could relate to their powers. "It can do that? " "Yeah, that's something we can do?" Apparently, they couldn't. Both of them looked at each other, and then at Main-Monica, with the same confused expression. Armour-Monica was up first, apparently. "I don't really have any idea what I can do with my powers. Never had much a chance to try it, my handlers think it's too dangerous. " "What about Beth? She essentially showed me all the ropes." "She's probably the war's fiercest public opponent. She's attacked me pretty much since I got my powers. " "And, I imagine…" Main-Monica turned over to face Rebel-Monica. "Yep." She knew what Main-Monica was trying to say, then. "…when I got my powers, she got me into the resistance before their hunters could get me. I got away thanks to her, but she got captured." There it was again, that sound that signified that emotions were starting to become overwhelming. But this time, she didn't stop. "They tried to use her and mom to drag me out, to get the resistance to walk right into a trap…" Monica knew what was about to come, and as much as she did, she still didn't want to actually hear it. "They framed it as a big success in the fight against us terrorists. As the beginning of the final chapter in the fight against us, as the final step." "I saw both of them die on live TV." Neither Monica really knew how to respond, and perhaps that was for the best. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - "And that's how you control the burst of light." Monica had wanted to actually get into the Doom Room for this, but as it turned out it was already in use for something urgent. So, instead, the three of her had just gone to one of Claremont's normal basements, where they could easily turn off the light. Beth had used it to explain her powers, so why not do the same. It probably was better not to mention that last part, anyways. "Yeah, that'll come in useful. " Rebel-Monica actually was quite eager about this, from what Main-Monica could tell. (And when it came to herself, she was usually right.) "Okay, so, breaking bonds. This one's a bit of a weird one because the spirit can't seem to make up it's mind about it, but let me try to explain…" Maybe actually understanding their powers would help both of them, Monica thought. And if not, at least she had an opportunity to use hers fully without getting shot at or stabbed for once.
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