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  1. "No idea where to, honestly. Or if there even is such a thing. I just overheard Jenny and her clique talking about some school trip by the lockers earlier. She doesn't necessarily strike me as somebody who'd make that up out of nowhere." Freedom Hall, huh? Monica had spent quite a bit of time there, she was even willing to wager that she'd spent more time there than the rest of the room combined. Beth had arranged for her to stay there when she'd needed to disappear for a bit after getting her powers. On her other visits to FC, Monica had usually stayed in a hotel (including during the Invasion, a memory she still preferred to ignore as good as possible), but she'd still been in the Hall occasionally. Monica got up from the couch, stretching a bit before walking towards Reina. Monica had not seen her before, and it was good to get introductions out of the way quickly. She sat down by her and the others, although her interest in the puzzle was limited. She still had her textbook on her, after all. She nodded to Reina as she sat down, then turned to address the entire room again. "I mean, if you're interested in a tour of Freedom Hall, including the parts you wouldn't usually see, let me know. I'm sure I can get us in. "
  2. Powers I believe the Talon Costume should cost 16PP? If it's Hard to lose, ie. 4 per rank, that adds up to 16.
  3. This was bad. Really bad. Monica could just about see Aja sprinting by towards Corinne. The latter of which hit the ground in a way that was, at the very least, not pleasant, and would likely have some consequences. Not that Monica could tell, because just as that happened, smoke filled the room. She could just about see her hands before her face but not much else, and certainly not the various people moving around the room. Just hitting one of them would be risky, chances were pretty high she'd hit somebody that was on her side. Her powers, meanwhile, were just as useful in this situation, ie. not at all. Light didn't really help inside smoke, unless she wanted to paint a target on her back, which she most certainly didn't. At this point, she was entirely useless, in a situation where she really couldn't afford to be. She couldn't wait for the smoke to clear either, that would take too long. The one thing she could do, perhaps, was move towards where Corinne had been. Whoever was trying to kidnap her would be close, after all. She couldn't jump it – too risky without seeing the wall or anything in the way – but she could push forwards. She had a pretty good idea of where everybody was, so she walked forward at a nice pace, before noticing a silhouette in front of her. It was pretty easy to tell that this was one of the kidnappers, considering the person was currently holding Corinne and didn't fit Aja's profile. This was about the right moment to spring into action then, Monica had managed to delay doing so until she had an opportunity to strike properly. She brought her elbow up, and seizing the moment, smashing it directly into the side of the person she'd just come across.
  4. Unarmed Attack: 1d20+13 31 Let me know if I need to roll for Concealment, otherwise, I imagine that'll hit and I'll throw the post up.
  5. Intelligence Roll: 1d20+3 14 there you go, she makes it if I understood that correctly.
  6. She was with the others and then when the guards arrived in the room followed them towards Corinne while keeping some distance
  7. Monica will carefully walk towards where she thinks Corinne is. Does she encounter anybody along the way? @TheAbsurdist
  8. The room started to fill up fast now that the regular school schedule was over for the week. Monica probably shouldn't've been surprised about that, but the amount of people still did surprise her ever so slightly, it had been a fair bit calmer the past few days. Weekend anticipation finally unloading, perhaps. And with people came conversations, and noise. None that Monica wanted to involver herself in immediately, she didn't feel like puzzles or actively listening to music. Both of those seemed to involve their fair share of potential drama too. Maybe it was time to add a defusal kit to the conversation, so to speak. They'd have to pick it up themselves, though. Addressing nobody in particular, maybe addressing her roommate who seemed to not be directly involved in a conversation either just a bit nevertheless, Monica brought up something she'd heard a few times earlier in the day. "Hey, did any of you hear that rumour about a trip? Seems a bit off, it would've been announced already, right?"
  9. Abilities: Slight notation error with the PP cost, here you're listing 30 but you actually only have 28 (and have it listed that way on the rest of the sheet). This probably comes from editing, it happens quite often. Combat: Attack should either be +4 (for the 8 you're paying), or cost 10PP for the +5 you've got listed right now. Not sure where your dodge bonus is from as it's not listed under feats? Grapple is off, it should either be +5 to match your attack, or the attack bonus should be +4 Furthermore, the cost at the top's off once again, probably editing-related too. ------------------------------------------ After edits and discussion in chat: Approved.
  10. Monica had been in the common room most of the afternoon, which came with a significant benefit. Namely, what probably was the best spot on the couch. Dressed in her usual outfit of black hoodie and jeans, she half sat, half lied on the couch. She'd been slowly working her way through what appeared to be a fairly battered version of a massive biochemistry book, pulling up her phone pretty regularly. Both to look up things in the book, and to take the occasional break or play a few levels. It was Friday after all. Speaking of which, now that more people had arrived, one of said breaks was perhaps appropriate. "Yeah, explaining stuff isn't his strength. I think I managed to work it out though. " "I managed to get in most of the required reading already, but I really can't be bothered with actually writing it right about now. No idea how to approach it either, any of you got one?"
  11. So the Professor didn't know what he and the rest of the them were getting into. Or he didn't want to talk about it, which seemed more likely. And did nothing to relieve Barrier's instincts when it came to this situation. The signal from the station was strange, but it was a lead. "I wonder, yes. Something has clearly happened at that station. Chances are it isn't exactly safe, either." Furthermore, chances were they wouldn't get around investigating what said something was. Barrier would leave that decision up to the Imperatrix though, it was not hers to make. Not while everything was still calm. "Is there a way we could access the station's data remotely? That may give us some concrete information and not more theories."
  12. Barrier had been off on personal missions for a while, acting solo or with only a few others. Some of the missions had been proper Praetorian business, others had been Praetorian-adjacent at best. It had kept her busy, something she'd learned to appreciate and seek out. So, when she got the message for a full-scale Praetorian mission, she joined both out of duty and out of want for something different from what had become her focus. She stood in the back of the bridge, guarding the door, mostly out of habit. Now that the Devotion had arrived at its destination it became increasingly obvious why the Imperatrix had called upon this many Praetorians. This definitely looked like a situation that called for the sort of manpower that was present on the Devotion at the time. "It certainly does not look safe. Do you have any theories on what could've caused the most recent development?"
  13. Initiative: 1d20+6 12 There ya go
  14. Things went south … very quickly. Monica had just about been able to follow the situation when everything was still just frantic, but that had apparently only been the first stage of this all. The guard went down pretty close to her, and just like that she’d been placed in the middle of … a political kidnapping? She didn’t really know how to react beyond taking another careful step backwards, trying to figure out her next move. And then, yet another person showed up, and whatever calm had remained got, somewhat literally, blasted out the window. For now, Monica was happy to not draw any attention to herself, pulling her arm in front of her face just in case. Both to deal with the gas, and to not get identified as Lady Liberty, the entire thing was already political enough. Yet, with that decision came doubt, because this wasn’t just a situation she could sit out.