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  1. Monica nodded as Johnson told her about Beth. She'd only brought it up tangentially one or two times when her and Monica had been talking, so it wasn't a complete surprise, but Monica didn't know any real details about it either. It was also, as far as Monica could tell, not really that important to the situation at hand. So it was about the relationship between her and the government, or probably more precisely the current administration from the sound of it. That made some sense, sure. She was Lady Liberty after all, even if a lot of people refused to see her as such. That statement also brought up memories from earlier in the year, of her dimensional counterpart who became little more than a propaganda piece for the government. Or for that matter, her other counterpart, who was essentially a propaganda piece against the government. Beth had warned Monica that this would happen at some point, and so here it was. Not that she could refuse the offer. That much was certain, and she was sure that everybody involved in this knew about it. "The President, personally interested? That's … wow, quite something. Do you know what he's envisioning?" That didn't mean she had to go into this blind though.
  2. No immediate response … great. The fact Johnson didn't respond clearly but talked his way around it wasn't exactly comforting. Keeping her business private, that Monica could appreciate. But now that it was just the two of them talking, she really wished she knew what was going on as soon as possible. Because as it stood, this situation began to look more and more like a red flag. The room itself was quite disappointing, actually. Monica had to remind herself that despite their area of expertise, AEGIS was just a government agency and that Phoenix likely didn't require as much attention as certain other cities, but when she'd heard of the AEGIS offices, she'd expected something more … extravagant? Not just a relatively bog-standard office. Or what she assumed was one, as truth be told, she'd not really been in a lot of offices before. The map on the wall looked interesting at first glance, and she tried to covertly take a look at it to maybe figure out what was going on. Which she quickly did, which did not help with her anxiety about this situation at all. She put on her best non-stressed face and took some deep breaths as she sat down to listen to what the Agent had to say. …which was not at all what she'd expected. "Uh … one moment…" She had to take some time to actually figure out what Johnson had just said. Section 42 …. It rang a bell, and when it did, it was something completely different from what she'd expected going into this. Just out of nowhere? Full citizenship, without having to jump through any additional hoops? That didn't sound right. Was this really the sort of thing she'd get just because of her powers? It was an amazing offer, and Monica couldn't believe this was happening. Which was exactly why she didn't trust this situation. She'd heard Corinne talk about the lessons that'd come next school year when it came to situations that sounded way too good to be true. "So, where's the catch?"
  3. Monica had a clear baffled expression on her face all the way as she moved into the shell and then the room. With everything she'd already seen in her short time as Lady Liberty, this definitely took the top spot in terms of weirdness. It was pretty pleasant and all, but that didn't make it less weird. She looked around the room while listening to the conversation, as the others seemed to voice her thoughts pretty well. There were only so many things one could think of when coming across something like this, apparently. Danica gave an interesting insight into her powers. 1996? So…. Monica went through some scenarios in her head, and in either way, Danica's powers seemed to be quite the thing. Monica stood there a bit absent-mindedly as she considered some things, only responding to the question with a slight delay. "Oh, yeah, I'll take one, thank you." She could just about overhear the conversation between Judy and Ashley, and Ash's assessment of the situation. Word.
  4. When Corinne mentioned what the two of them could do, Monica's mood quickly cleared up a lot. She had a visible smile on her face, and it looked a lot more genuine than the one she usually showed. "That sounds really nice, yes. " All of this had come so quickly and unexpected that Monica now realized she'd forgotten to think about all the good parts. And now that she did, she felt a lot more confident about everything. "You know, I've been meaning to visit New York at some point ever since I moved to FC. "
  5. Monica looked around the courthouse and the crowds outside for just a moment before responding to Johnson. Even if, or specifically because, he seemed quite nice about this entire thing, Monica didn't trust this situation. But she was here now, so there was only one direction she could go; ahead. She kept one of her hands in her pocket, close-by her phone. "Pleasure to meet you … Agent, right?, Johnson. " She followed after him doing her best to look relatively confident. Once they'd gotten into the elevator, she said something again. "So, what's all of this about? The letter wasn't very specific."
  6. Getting a message from the government was, to put it simply, not exactly a pleasant experience for Monica and her mother. Really, if anything, Monica was surprised it had taken this long for her to attract the bureaucratic parts of the government's attention, it had now been over a year since she'd gotten her powers and everything about her had been made public. She couldn't just throw it away, as nice as that would've been. Her curiosity meant that she at least had to know what the letter was about before inevitably having to figure out how to disappear from the radar. AEGIS. Of all the agencies, that probably was the most positive one to address her. Still not great, by any means, but it likely meant that whatever was going on, it was related to her status as Lady Liberty, and not her and her family's residence status or lack thereof. Or maybe that's what they wanted her to think. After some quick conversation with a few people she trusted on this matter, Monica decided to show up. Once she was anywhere close AEGIS there wasn't really anything she could do, so this wasn't exactly risk-free, but perhaps it'd lead to something positive for once. Optimism wasn't entirely dead yet. So, Monica walked up to the Federal Building in her full costume, wearing an extra backpack to bring some additional things with her. She entered the building, glad to be out of the heat, and began to look around the room. Whoever she was meeting would hopefully recognize her… Her phone had been set to the panic switch that certified Capeslist membership brought with it. If she didn't click a few buttons on her phone every few minutes, it'd send an alarm to people she'd picked out previously. And at that point, it'd hopefully become a conflict between The League, Claremont and the Government.
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    [OOC] Dance Macabre

    That'd be a surprise attack I'd say!
  8. "It's still Freedom though, so you can't be sure there isn't one in here right now." Truth be told, Monica hadn't really felt the supposedly much larger powered population of Freedom City ever since she'd arrived. She'd met the League, sure, but other than that she hadn't had any real interactions with anybody outside Claremont. "But it's less likely that tomorrow, everybody knows about everything we've talked about, even without us saying anything about it, that's true." She frowned a bit, she'd made some bad experiences with those things in the past. "It's not that … I think. More the opposite, actually. Ever since I got these powers, I've had so many new avenues open up. Two years ago I couldn't have imagined my current situation in my wildest dreams. So I'm a bit overwhelmed still, whenever I think about it. I can cast out all of these threads, but I don't know what will happen when I inevitably reel them back in, because it's not something I have ever done before." She stopped, and took a deep breath. "But that's something I should worry about some other time, yes."
  9. Lady Liberty (5) Shell Game (4) Yo! What's the Problem? (1) Barrier (1) Praetorians: Shards of Time (1) GM (2) Dance Macabre (2) Refpoint to Lady Liberty GM Points: One to Sha'ir, one to Bird of Arms
  10. I was pinged! Initiative: 1d20 7 And now back to the law, business and accounting caves!
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    Player Away Thread

    As mentioned previously, the next 2 weeks are gonna be my final exams, which include, amongst other things, 3 years of various subjects crammed into long exams, all held at times so early man was not meant to be awake at them. What this translates to is that right now, and for the next 2 weeks, I am generally almost always exhausted in some way, and I'm already noticing the effect on my creativity, so threads I'm in may slow down further/stop entirely because of this. I'll try to keep up at least some semblance of a posting schedule, but if I drop off the face of the earth entirely for some reason, you know why!
  12. Everybody was using all their fancy tricks, while Monica just stood there wondering. Neither Ashley (who seemed to get ever more upset) nor Lulu managed to get any results. The others did have a point though – this was the shell that Danica was carrying around usually, after all. Probably. Monica walked up to the shell's opening. "It is a turtle shell after all, yeah. " Once she was in front of it, she turned around to address her teammate for just a second. "Come on Micah, don't just talk, act!" Monica had caught some stuff about her teammate's issues with his powers and what they meant for him, but sometimes, a bit of pushing probably was a good idea. She hadn't learned all of her powers by just sitting in a corner crying, after all. (Although a lot of that had been involved). She knocked on the shell with some force (it could take it, hopefully), before getting onto her knees and trying to move her head into the shell. "Hello? Anybody in there?"
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    [IC] Dance Macabre

    Dead Head If the bartender minded, Burt could not see on his face on the few glances he got of that before he walked off. From what it looked like, the Bartender had returned to either serving guests or staring into the distance. If the host had noticed Burt following them, he did not show it, disappearing into the room together with the two women and closing the door behind him. Just then, a man left what (most likely) was the bathroom. At probably about 7 feet, he towered over Burt, as he walked towards him. He was wearing a black denim vest, with no sleeves beyond the ones formed by his many tattoos, and was sporting quite a formidable beard. He too set off Burt's senses, in the same way the host and a few other guests had. The man walked towards Burt, locking eyes with him, placing himself between the hallway that led to the room the host had entered and Burt. "Bathroom is unoccupied now." Just then, Mutt responded again. There's a heavy door here. Hallway behind it, but I think I'm getting closer. Could take some time to get through this though. Miracle Girl Darlene picked a piece from the rack, before turning to a corner, away from all the others, and working on taking off her current outfit and putting on the other one instead, although at this point it was hard to tell whether or not that had anything to do with the drink that had been splattered all over it. The host, meanwhile approached Casey as she sat down on the bed. The grin on his face was pretty clear at this point, as he picked up a set of shin-height boots seamlessly as he approached. "A fine choice, may I offer these to go along with them? They should be less worrisome to move in" he held the boots forward. "Only minor outfit alterations for you, then? We will have to wait some time for your friend, so tell me, what brings you here?" All the while, he came ever closer, slight movement after slight movement.
  14. Considering the rep Ashley wanted to go for, her name made sense. Monica had heard of the encounter with the Raven only in passing, she hadn't been sure whether or not it actually had happened. But that was – probably – the confirmation that yes, that had happened. Apparently Monica's response was satisfactory, as Ashley opened the door, somewhat unexpectedly. And then, immediately, things turned a bit sour. It was pretty clear to Monica what had happened – Ashley didn't seem like the kind of person to lose her temper out of nowhere unless the situation called for it. She stretched her neck slightly to actually look into the common room, expecting some sort of shattered glass or something, but what she saw was a lot less concerning. Probably? It seemed that Ashley's momentary loss of composure had inadvertedly alerted a few of the other students who were enjoying their day off. "Well, looks like Danica's been busy…" While Monica didn't know exactly what was going on right now, she did recognize the pattern on the shell. Even after the session that they had as a team, Monica didn't really understand Danica's powers though, so she had no idea if this was something normal or not. She moved towards the shell relatively casually, looking at the others. This didn't really feel like it'd turn into anything dangerous, after all. "So, uh, what now?"
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    [OOC] Dance Macabre

    Alright, so: The moment she looks at the clothes Casey does feel a strange desire to put them on instead of what she's wearing right now, drawing her in. And once the host says what he does, there's just a moment where she feels as if she dozed off, you know that feeling when you wake up but still feel half asleep, right? When you're not entirely sure if you are awake or not. She manages to snap out of it pretty much immediately tho, after having taken a step or two towards the clothes – in the middle of the motion. Feel free to write it out as you want beyond this.
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