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Aliments Avinir

Aliments Avinir is a French Restaurant in Downtown Freedom, the Riverside district, that opened in May 2011 to excellent reviews. It is known for its excellent food and reasonable prices (well within reach of most working folk). Its has a good selection of wines, all from the French region, although none are ostentatiously priced. It has quickly established a reputation as a great place to go for reasonably priced high quality French cuisine.

It's Chefs and waiters / waitresses are largely, but not all, French, and all can speak the language. It has quite a “family” feel, and the whole restaurant very much appreciates the whole “French” culture. Speaking French there will win you a lot of friends, whereas being uncouth and uncultured will get you rude service at best, a spit on your food if you are unlucky, and a kick into the street at worst. It is presided over by the cordial, robust Monsieur Verdoux, a man in his fifties who has some wealth and has set up his restaurant after coming to Freedom City the year previously. His wife works with him in the restaurant. His son is a doctor at Freedom City (the reason he moved to this country).

Aliments Avenir is a favourite restaurant of “Big Al” Driogano. Monsieur Verdoux has no love for the Mob, but cannot refuse his custom.

The restaurant is also a favourite of Rene deSaens and King of Suits who are both fellow Frenchmen and friends of Monsieur Verdoux (after saving the Don from an attack by the Silencer in Aliments Avenir)

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