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The Federation Of Elites, F.O.E.

In Brief: A loose affiliation for otherwise unconnected superhuman or super-skilled criminals.
The unofficial supervillain "team" of the Emerald Cities with influence worldwide, which since the 1970s has been the name under which dozens of strangers have joined forces on countless criminal operations. Less a team than a talent pool, the Federation has leaned heavily on the philosophy of selecting specific skillsets over catch-all base-covering. This has kept them from open confrontations and in business at the expense of having little reputation outside of the members themselves.
Their preferred(and only)method of contact and organization is via telepathic messages from some unknown master plotter. Thus far they've had no reason to complain. Except for the name, which was changed by petition in the 90's from the Fraternal Order of Evil to its present state.
With access to potentially hundreds of superpowered beings and the accumulated wealth of countless jobs big and small, not very much is beyond the reach of FOE, assuming so many extreme personalities and clashing ideologies manage to work together smoothly.
Personal wealth and the easy life is what attracted most of the FOEs to criminal life in the first place, and so much positive reinforcement has done nothing to change their attitude. They were in it for the money and are still wholly mercenary.
[OOC] F.O.E. is a book-canon organization from Secrets of Emerald City. Besides the name it is functionally identical to what is described in the book.
Because it has no set membership, FOE is an excuse to use any combination of supervillains for a given thread. Pretty much any source works, from Freedom's Most WantedRogues Gallery entries or the Threat Report collection from Green Ronin, Vigilance Press' Rogues, Rivals & Renegades, WordMonkey Studios' Algernon Files, or almost any other source of characters.
Setting-specific details would need to be changed, but the genericizing effect of both superhero genre conventions and the need to fit things into RPGs makes that the easiest thing imaginable.

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