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Rebellion Reputation


Elliot Elijah Elder


Gather Information  

DC5:  Elliot Elijah Elder is the second child of Emma Emmelie Elder and Everett Eaton Elder, respectively a local politician and rich heir from Emerald City. His older sister is Elaine Emma elder.

DC10: Elliot was enrolled in the prestigious Elysium Academy in the semester starting in the fall 2018. Since then, he has spent most of his time at the school.

DC15: Elliot's father, Everett, is very much an idle rich. He seems to be travelling all over the world on his own, rarely spending time at home.

DC20: Elliot's aunt Elaine was recently found dead at the Elder Mansion. The exact details of the death remains unrevealed to the public.

DC30: There are rumors that Elliot might be the product of an affair between Everett and Elliot's aunt Elaine. Emma and Everett has done much to suppress these rumors.


Knowledge: Current Events

DC10: Elliot's mother, Emma, is rising in importance as a politician in Emerald City, being open about her plans to become mayor of the city. 




Gather Information  

DC10: Rebellion is a new figure in Emerald City, though not everyone agrees on whether he is a hero or not.

DC15: Everyone who has encountered Rebellion agrees that he can be terrifying, even if they're not sure how. Some agree that he might not be entirely human.

DC20: Rebellion seems to be on the hunt for something, often asking about conspiracies, secret rulers and the like.


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