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Forever Boy


Forever Boy

The voice of Never Never Land, the Innocence, the Dreams of Every Man

Pan is the Forever Boy, legendary trickster of Neverworld. A high flying hero with an unquenchable thirst for adventure, he has been left stranded on Earth Prime. Joining Claremont Academy, the cheerful youth makes the best of his time in his new home, while searching for a way to return to the battle he left behind. Every day is a new adventure.


Pan has always been special. He never knew his parents. Were they good and kind, lost to catastrophe? Were they evil tyrants that he escaped? He does not remember. They are but a thing, a faint glimpse of what could have been. A noble, a farmer, a merchant, a beggar. Whatever else might have been, Pan became something entirely different. Whatever else, he believed himself abandoned, and he came to resent the adults of the world.

An inhabitant of Neverworld, a place with a curious literary connection to Earth Prime, Pan grew up on Wish Isle. From as far back as he could remember, the curious and mischievous child was raised by the Pixies. Small, ephemeral beings, as much a product of science as magic, they would flitter about, trying to import life's lessons on the boy. Only, they were Pixies. Their life lessons contained mainly trickery and adventure. Finally, one day, when Pan had reached what the Pixies deemed to be sufficient maturity, they gave him the greatest gift they could: Pixie Dust. A strange material, native to the Wish Isle, Pixie Dust was what made the Pixies what they were. The gift of flight, eternal life, and much more: The ability to tame the elements themselves, control the beasts that filled their forests, or stranger still. Pan was an experiment. They had never given a human such a gift before. 

To Pan, the Pixie Dust was freedom. He could fly. He could form it into images, as real as anything. He could create almost anything he could imagine. He was sixteen, when he was first given the gift of the Pixie Dust.

Since then he has been sixteen for a long, long time.

Years passed. Time mattered little to Pan and the Pixies. Eventually, he grew bored of the Wish Isle. He wanted to see Neverworld. On his own, or with the Pixies, he would see it all. He visited the cities of man, New Avalon and Victori. He played tricks and pranks, he took what he wanted. He became a legend, the Forever Boy, an always mischievous trickster. He sought mystery, he sought adventure. He was seen across the world, and soon, he saw something else. Something he could not abide. He saw evil. He saw the Hooked Man and his Sky Pirates raid villages, leaving little life behind. He saw the Destroyer of the Oceans, smashing ships in wanton blood lust. He saw the Whale Hunter committing atrocities in the name of destroying the Destroyer itself. He saw terrible things. And while it changed the Forever Boy, it did not break him. Mischief turned to heroism. Trickery turned to acts of defiance. A young man, a boy forever, that stood on his own against the injustice he saw. He was still on a never ending adventure, but now it had a purpose. His legend grew and evolved. He became as much a source of hope as one of mischief.

Then, he was trapped. Not by enemy, not by monster or beast, but by the loose assembly known as the Lost Heroes. Caught in a trap, he learned of their goal: The Crocodile. The greatest mystery of Neverworld, the only hope of one day defeating the Hooked Man. Pan was quickly convinced. He joined the Lost Heroes aboard their flying vessel, travelling to parts of Neverworld even he had never seen. He took the last name Barrie, in honor of their founder.

Together with the Lost Heroes, the Forever Boy righted wrongs and adventured all over Neverworld. His legend spread and grew, as he was now conclusively sighted. He was no more just a fairy tale. Still a trickster, still a source an endless source of mischief, he learned from the Lost Heroes. He grew in power and skill. He fought Sky Pirates, he fought tribes. He danced with Mermaids in and above the seas. He met the ancient inhabitants of the turtle islands. His thirst for adventure never waning, never ceasing. He was the Forever Boy, and he would adventure forever.

Then, finally, the Lost Heroes found what they had searched for: A clue, a singular lead that could take them to the Crocodile. Only, somehow, the Hooked Man knew. A traitor in the midst of the Lost Heroes led the Hooked Man to their ship. He struck, and a great battle ensued. The Lost Heroes fought valiantly, but even legends tire. Even myths can fall. At the end, only the Forever Boy remained standing. He was fierce, he was defiant. In a single stroke, he severed the Hooked Man's hand. And as it fell into the ocean far below, Pan remembered a tale once told to him by an elder of the turtle islands. The Crocodile was a force of nature, a being that sought to make things right. It fed on corruption. The Forever Boy called out to the Crocodile. It would have the taste of the greatest source of corruption in all of the great oceans of Neverworld: The Hooked Man himself.

And the Crocodile heard him.

A giant being emerged from the waters. A monster, clad in green scales. It dwarfed even the Hooked Man's armada. It was the last thing that Pan saw in Neverworld.

When he next opened his eyes, he found himself in Freedom City on Earth Prime. How he had come here, he didn't know, but he was optimistic. This was but another adventure, and one day, he would return home. A whole new world to explore, a whole new legend to create. A world that he would soon discover had a curious connection to his own. A world that would soon learn of the Forever Boy.

Costume and Appearance
Pan has dark red hair and green. He is attractive, with an athletic build. He prefers somewhat form fitting green or red clothing, though he will wear other colors, preferring not to wear dark clothing.

His costume as Forever Boy is a green form fitting suit, with the outer sides of his legs being red, stretching from his wait to his toes. He wears a gold and red belt buckle in the middle of his costume, despite not wearing any belt. On his upper body, the costume remains predominantly green, though his shoulders, stretching from his neck, to just below the shoulder, and back to his solar plexus, are red as well. The costume ends at his arms just after his elbow, leaving his lower arms and hands free. Pan wears a green domino mask as part of the costume. While he has not divulged on its importance, he wore the mask back on Neverworld as well, where he had little reason to hide his identity.


Pan's powers as the Forever Boy are either due to his alien genetics as a resident of Neverworld, or due to his use of Pixie Dust. He posses enhanced senses, possessing incredible hearing and a sixth sense, warning him of danger ahead of time. Mentally, he is able to process information at lightning speed, and able to understand any written or spoken language.

Pan's Pixie Dust was a gift from the Pixies that lives on the Wish Isle on Neverworld. As a rare gift to an outsider, even one such as Pan, the Pixies were curious to see just what abilities the Pixie dust would grant him. Most obvious, Pan is able to fly. Offensively, Pan can mold the Pixie Dust into a number of shapes and forms that he calls his tricks, giving him a number of options in combat, most notably the form of a Pixie that seeks out his targets, a stunning blast of light and a deafening and blinding burst of fireworks. By condensing the Pixie Dust around a target, Pan can create binding bands to restrain their movement. His favorite trick for a finishing move seems to be what he calls The Forever Blade, a sword made out of Pixie Dust. He is able to mold the Pixie Dust into numerous other similar or very different applications, as well. More subtly, Pan can shape the Pixie Dust into completely lifelike illusions that affects all of a target's senses, perfect for covert work or simply for playing pranks on others. Pan is also fond of using this ability to aid in his storytelling. Not immediately obvious, the Pixie Dust seems to have made Pan unaging. While he does not know his true age, he simply describes it as "I have been 16 for a long, long time".


  • Angelic: Eira Katastroff Natt och Dag, human personality in robot body, troublemaker, hidden depths, and Pan's girlfriend as of Spring 2020.
  • Veronica Danger: Fellow Claremont student, and one of the heroes that tried to stop the villains at A.S.T.R.O. Labs. Helped Pan join Claremont, for which he is thankful.
  • Salvo: Nicole and Pan met briefly when Pan was living on the street, and she tried to stop them. They have since spent some time together, striking up a friendship.
  • Thunderbird: Pan is roommates with Micah Roebuck, aka Thunderbird. So far, the two have a good relationship, and Pan has decided to help his roommate gain confidence and get out of his shell.
  • Claremont Academy Blue Squad: As a member of Claremont Academy's Blue Squad, Pan has teamed up with Sun Dragon, Dio, Watchdog, Pulse, Arctos and Specimen. He has great confidence in his team, being willing to trust them with his life, if necessary.
  • Victoria: A young girl that attends the Nicholson School, with the ability to draw people around her into a shared dreamscape. She is Pan's biggest fan.
  • Other Claremont Students: Pan tries to keep an at least friendly relationship with any student at Claremont Academy.




  • August 25th: Forever Boy arrives in Freedom City.
  • Some time between August 25th and September 1st: Forever Boy, forced to steal to survive, briefly encounters Salvo, escaping from her.
  • September 1st: No Better Time To Start: Forever Boy first makes his presence known, joining several other heroes in stopping the Platinum Porpoise and Electrum Eagle from stealing experimental technology from A.S.T.R.O. Labs.
  • September 3rd: Toondependence Day: Team up with Lucy Harker to stop the Toon Gang.
  • September 4th: School Daze -> Out for a Spin -> Roommates: Pan's first day at Claremont.
  • September 5th: Assemble!: Pan is present as Headmistress Summers gives her speech at Claremont's opening ceremony.
  • September: Adventuring Time: Pan joins Claremont Academy's board game club.
  • September 29th: Last Gasp of Summer: The Dangers throw a party near, with most students at Claremont, including Pan, attending.
  • October: The Last American: A training exercise for the Blue Squad goes wrong, sending the team into a book.
  • October 26th: Let's Fall In Like: The Fall dance at Claremont Academy.
  • October 31st: Fright Night: Horrors at Halloween!
  • November: Dark Red Tide: Pan visits Freedom Aquairum just in time to join several other heroes in solving a mystery of missing fish.
  • November 22: The Gift of Home: Salvo and Pan spend Thanksgiving together.

Concept & Design Notes

Peter Pan as a super hero, from a literary world inspired by Jack Kirby.


Storytime - Nightwish

Last Ride of the Day - Nightwish

Into the Wild - Miracle of Sound

Roundtable Rival - Lindsey Stirling

Night of Your Life - WAR*HALL

Remember, We Got Your Back (P4 Side Battle Theme) - Persona Q2 OST

Time of My Life - Three Doors Down

Fly - Blind Guardian

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