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(IC) School Daze


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September 4, 2018 

Claremont Academy (Third Floor, Rita Kord Dorm) 


Janus followed along, glancing at the numbers of the rooms as they passed each one in turn. The Danger scion had dressed 'down' recognizing that there would be a lot of hauling and unpacking from dark windowed car to the dormitory which meant that they only somewhat looked like some lost extra from an over-embellished k-pop video. Hair that faded from white to rose at the tips was pulled back in a tight braid that brushed the tightly laced leather pants. (Who wore leather pants in the late summer? A Danger, that's who.) The flouncy poets shirt had been cuffed back above leanly muscled forearms. 


Bright violet eyes cut to the sign. "Three-twelve. This is us, 'Ronnie." Like the androgynous features, Janus' smooth tenor didn't betray if the tall, slim individual was male or female, though their handsome features lent itself to an easily assumed pretty male. Shortening Veroncia's name with familial familiarity, Janus paused before apologizing as they well knew high school had an impact. If nothing else, Janus had seen all the high school movies while taking up space in Danger Manor over the summer. "Sorry, Veronica." Janus amended as they bumped the door open with one lean hip, "Habit."

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Veronica Danger


Veronica made her way down the hallway after her cousin with a bit of a bounce in her step, the feeling of excitement that had been building in her for the last couple of weeks since she had arrived in Freedom City to prepare for the start of the school year had about reached a point where it was going to explode.  The attractive teenager was actually dressed in more or less her normal attire, given its suitability for a range of physical activity (a range that included, among other things, moving and unpacking or hiking through a jungle).  She was dressed in a brown T-Shirt, over which she wore a thin linen Khaki short sleeve shirt, olive green cargo pants and a pair of well worn-in hiking boots with thick socks.  Over one shoulder she had a sturdy backpack that had clearly seen a lot of use. 


On a necklace and on a couple of bracelets hung several dozen small silver charms that Janus knew Veronica had been collecting over her entire life during her various travels.  The recent bronze medallion that Veronica had picked up in Istanbul under some unusual circumstances was currently tucked underneath her T-Shirt.


Veronica gave a small shrug as Janus offered an apology for using her nickname, not nearly as worried about the possible dangers of such in high school as she probably should be.  "No worries Janus."  She replied with a smile as she followed after her cousin into their new room.


A third figure followed close behind, one that had been trailing the pair since they had excited the dark windowed car that had brought them to campus.  The figure was a young woman in her mid-to-late twenties, dressed in impeccable business attire and glasses.  In one hand she held a small IPad, which she regularly referred to as she went.  "It looks like both your class schedules have been finalized so I have updated each of your calendars to reflect them."  She stated, looking back up from her IPad to the two teenagers.

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Janus carefully set their burden down on one half of the rather spartan room. Their frown had less to do with expecting richer environs and more to do with a distinct lack of personality that the white walls and simple loft bed, desk and dresser that made up each half of the identical sides of the room. "Death-by-beige," Janus drawled, their accent thickening as they gave the words sardonic inflection. Glancing over their shoulder with a flick of violet eyes, they took in Prudence with resigned affection. "And here I thought Great-Aunt Rachel would have a less strict schedule than court life. The more fool, me. Thank you, Prudence. Anything other than orientation and classes this week?"


It was less actual appreciation than the polite manners drilled into Janus as firmly as their sword drills. One did not grow up even as a second-born Prince without learning respect, at least not when one's parents bought into the entire noblesse oblige. Janus turned around to install the display that held their many very sharp weapons on the wall. The hammer sound was probably easily heard even without sensitive ears down the hall but Janus' hands were quick and deft, used to taking care of such manual tasks for themselves.


"Family dinner Saturday at the Manor," was the personal assistant's prompt reply and Janus buried a grimace facing the wall, one strong hand holding the wooden sword rack in place with the light catching the many rings bedecking that hand. Rachel did her best to herd the family but 'family dinner' mostly consisted of whatever Danger didn't squirm out by getting roped into adventure. Rather than an agreement, Janus' grumble was at least an acknowledgement of having heard the request but they shot a look over their shoulder to Veronica; one eyebrow arching in silent question.

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"Yes thank you…"  Veronica had to catch herself from saying "Pru," knowing that she really did not know her and Janus’ personal assistant quite well enough to begin using a shortened name, "Prudence."  While Veronica was generally thankful for having Prudence to help her and Janus with keeping track of their responsibilities to Danger International while they were in Freedom City, she was far less accustomed to having a regimented schedule than Janus.


If Veronica was bothered by the rather Spartan room, she did not show it.  Setting her rucksack down on the other desk opposite the side Janus had claimed, she looked over to her cousin with a grin and shrug at the other's comment about the plain room.  "I don't know, should not take much to give it a bit of character."  She stated, looking about for a moment before focusing back at Janus as the other set about mounting a sword rack.  "See?  Did not take you long to get started."


The teenager’s smile quickly fade at Prudence's announcement about family dinner that coming Saturday.  Veronica caught Janus' arched eyebrow and gave her a small grimace before returning to a neutral expression as she looked back over towards the personal assistant.  "Well, that sounds nice Prudence, but…I imagine there will be some sort of icebreaker, beginning of the term type events going on this weekend, and Janus and I would not want to miss any of the early chances to get to know as many of our fellow students as we can."


Prudence consulted her tablet again for a moment.  "Well, I don't see anything scheduled, but I suppose I can just mark you down at 'likely' to attend for the moment pending any further information about any such events."

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Janus finished installing the sword rack over the dresser with one final 'whack' of the hammer. With careful hands, Janus unwrapped the set of swords and dagger that was the first thing lugged up from the car and took to setting each one in their place with care as Veronica and Prudence talked. A wry half-smile was Janus' response to Veronica's efforts to coax a freed schedule from their PA-cum-babysitter. Straightening to their full height, Janus turned the full wattage of that Danger charm on Prudence with a devastating grin that was a little stunning even with Prudence being USED to the Dangers and their charm. 


"Prudence, we're in good hands here. Claremont has dealt with more troublesome students than a pair of Dangers before. I'm sure we shan't be going on any adventures within the first week," The smooth lies rolled off Janus tongue without even a modicum of hesitation, or remorse. "If you'd be ever so kind, do you think you can pop on down to the office and ensure that we have parking passes for the cycles? It'll be easier to attend Aunt Rachel's events without having to beg transportation. Thank you."


With efficiency born of experience, Janus barely gave their PA a chance to get in a word edgewise before she was sent off on what was likely a rather unnecessary errand. Janus kept their gaze on Prudence's retreating back until they were certain the woman was off to do just that. Lifting one slender shoulder in a loose-limb shrug at Veronica, Janus commented, "I may not be a Prime native but from my limited research, I doubt we want a hovering adult while meeting students for the first time. That should take a bit, the line at the office was dreadful long when we passed."

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Now it was Veronica's turn to smile slightly as her cousin deftly sent Prudence off on a wild goose chase.  The teenager's smile widened at Janus' comments once the PA was gone.  While Veronica's upbringing had generally involved spending more time around adults than others her age, she could not argue with Janus' reasoning in this case.


"Well, we should still make the best use of the time as we can."  Veronica then stated in the decisive, proactive tone one would expect from a Danger.  "Let's head back down to the car and get all our stuff up here so we can start making our way around.  We can always unpack later."


In truth, that was Veronica's typical method of operating, given her years of traveling she tended to be ready to go at any time, generally traveling light.  In fact, she was bringing more stuff with her to Claremont than she typically would take with her.


Grabbing her cellphone from an outer pocket of her rucksack and putting it into one of the pockets of her cargo shorts, Veronica made her way out of the room and back down the hallway to the stairs.  A short while later she and Janus were outside the dorm building and making their way over to where the dark windowed town car that had brought them to the campus from Danger Manor.  

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Forever Boy
So, this was it. Claremont Academy. Actually getting a place to stay and to learn about this world would turn out to be nice. Pan would have to remember to thank Miss Danger if he ran into her again at some point. He was excited to learn what this school was actually about, and everything in him screamed that he should just come flying through, show everyone who he was, but he had been told not to use his powers when arriving at the academy. Pan had resisted the urge to fly, and just generally not float around, so he thought he deserved some credit there at least. He had even managed to find some clothes with the stipend he had been offered. Nothing fancy, but enough that he could blend in. A pair of dark blue jeans, a bright red t-shirt with a large white exclamation mark on the front. A pair of red sneakers that almost, but not quite, matched the color of his t-shirt. His dark red hair was, quite frankly, a mess, sticking out in in all directions, but he didn't care much. He was carrying a small brown bag with a few other belongings he had picked up, including a cell phone that he had been told to buy, whatever that was. So instead of flying, Pan was, for once, walking. It seemed to take such a long time to get from the main building to the dormitories, but he was getting there. 
He almost started floating when he saw a familiar face exiting the dorm building. "Miss Danger!" he exclaimed, his happiness shown in his voice as he started waving. Hurrying over to Veronica and Janus, he quickly extended a hand to Janus while he introduced himself. "I'm Pan Barrie! Nice to meet you!" He was excited to meet other people his age here, and he let it show.

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Janus' long legs easily kept pace with their cousin as they made their way down to the town car.  Taking in the handsome young man and his obvious pleasure at seeing Veronica, Janus lopsided smile turned into a faintly knowing smirk directed at Veronica as the boy hurried over. Janus was familiar enough with regular trips to Prime to extend their hand in greeting. Every finger had a ring on them, some bejewled and some simply covered in etchings. Despite the slender boned hand, Janus grip was politely firm and their hand calloused from years of fighting. 


"Janus Danger," the other Danger provided in that smooth tenor, friendly but without the devastating charm Janus had aimed at Prudence. Janus was, after all, a loyal cousin and did their best to avoid flirting when Veronica might have interest in that direction. The smile was easy and handsome and Janus' accent was vaguely difficult to place but not entirely different from Veronica's French accent, "Veronica's cousin. We're on the third floor - found your room yet?"

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Having turned toward the sound of Pan's voice when he called out, Veronica missed Janus' playful smirk.  Veronica gave Pan a warm smile as he came over to the pair of cousins.  "Good to see you again Pan.  Glad to see everything worked out with getting you a place here."  She said in greeting as Pan and Janus introduced themselves to each other.


"Pan was the one I was telling you about meeting during that incident at ASTRO labs."  Veronica said to Janus.


"We were just getting the rest of our stuff from the car to take up to our room so we can focus on getting around and trying to meet more of our fellow new students."  The teenager then stated to Pan, as she reached into the trunk of the town car to take out a large duffle bag of study material that looked like it had been through a number of environments (which of course it had).

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Not far from the towncar, a late-model minivan was parked in a disabled permit space with three people standing next to it. The young girl, maybe fifteen or so, was obviously the Claremont student, a fact made even clearer by the oversized blue-and-gold Claremont hoodie she was wearing. The two adults looked to be in their mid-thirties, a bit young for a teenage daughter but not remarkably so. A white Segway covered in glittery decals stood next to the van, waiting. 


"Mooom, you really don't have to come with me this year!" Danica was saying, waving her arms and making the too-long sleeves of her hoodie flap. "It's the same room as last year and I've already got all my stuff! You guys have already seen everything!" 


"What, are you finally starting to be embarrassed of us, kiddo?" her mom asked, amused. "I guess it had to happen one of these days, but still! So painful! Ungrateful offspring! Cast aside by my own flesh and blood! Eighteen months of-" 


"Mooooooooom!" Danica squealed, caught between laughter and mortification. "There are other kids here! Stooooop!" 


"Are you sure you don't want us to come with you?" her dad asked. "We can help you hang up your posters, meet your roommate... did you remember to bring your measuring tape and level?" 


"I've got the whole tool box!" she reminded him, laughing. "I've got everything in the whole wide world, and I'm going to put up my own posters and meet my roommate and it'll be fine! Look," she added, glancing over at the others in the parking lot. "There's a bunch of new kids right over there. Maybe they need somebody to show them around, right? I should go make friends." 


Her mom still looked torn, but finally relented. "All right, but we're picking you up on Sunday for dinner and movie night, don't be late! You're not getting rid of us that easily!"


Another round of hugs, and then Danica climbed onto her Segway and whirred across the lot to the knot of students. She was little even given her wheels, probably five foot nothing if she'd been on flat feet, with chin-length brown hair and a friendly, open face. "Hi!" she called to them as she approached. "I'm Danica! Are you guys new?" 

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Crossing the lot with ground eating strides Prince Kamau watched the small meet up of students with a clinical eye for a moment before he approached.  His sister as expected had rushed off to see to her room decor while he was still committing the map and room assignments to memory.  This left him of course free to take his leisure with reaching his own rooms and the opportunity to make introductions before any confusion might arise with those who knew him by another name.  Tucking his sunglasses into the pocket of his linen trousers he approached the small knot of students rolling his suitcase behind him and swinging the messenger bag that had been his carry on for the flight to rest against the small of his back.


"Ms. Danger."  he greeted the bow evenly dispersed between the cousins as he met their eyes, "Kameron Kingdom."  he introduced himself using his cover name as if a reminder as he met each of their eyes in turn.  "We met briefly at the Danger International Gala, when the student exchange program was announced."  he offered as hint that he was not attending under his full titles.  Straightening he adjusted the lay of the modern cut dashiki he wore and looked to the other students with a wide and friendly smile, "It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance all."  Kameron expressed his accent subtle and slightly musical in it's cadence.  "Ajasoro and myself have been selected to represent Dakana here at Claremont."  he explained as his sister had eschewed the security advisors suggestion of a false name to attend under.  It did make introductions less ripe for confusion at least, and the Royal Family was no so well known for it to stand out too much.  He fully planned to tell anyone asking those sorts of questions that it was very common in Dakana.



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Janus subtly adjusted their posture so as to let Veronica chat up Pan while Janus greeted the new students. A bemused smile flashed across Janus features before they offered Kam a graceful bow in return, far more comfortable for the dimensional Danger than the American handshake. There were so many nuances to a bow and its depth, where the hands were placed and how the head was held. The bow Janus offered made it clear that they recognized the Dakanan for who - and what - he was, although their features never betrayed more than passing familiarity with the country. "Of course, a pleasure. I'm Janus Danger and this is my cousin, Veronica."


The introductions were directed to both Danica and Kam and a stunning smile made its return to their aristocratic features. Janus offered one hand to Danica in greeting, palm open and slightly turned up for her to take, "Both Veronica and I have had...ah, nontraditional schooling up until now. It's our first year attending at Claremont. And I believe Kam's as well?"


Janus was well aware that was true. They actually did bother to read Rachel's briefings about what to expect and the ties between the Dangers and Dakana went back over a hundred years now. 

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Forever Boy
"Not yet, I'm afraid. I only just got here. Not really used to walking around much." Pan responded to Janus, while fumbling with his papers. "I'm in 203, wherever that is." He turned to Veronica. "Thank you, Miss Danger. It seems like your connections helped, so thank you very much for that." 

Other students started arriving at the parking lot, and Pan immediately focused on a particular student. Or rather, her segway. He had never sen something that before, and it was fascinating. A pair of wheels that would carry her around, taking away any need for walking? He idly wondered how fast it could go before deciding against asking. For now at least. There were better ways to make first impressions. 

Pan greeted Kameron with a bow, trying to mimic the one that Janus had made. It might be a cultural thing, and he did not want to offend anyone here. He waited to see if Danica and Janus would shake hands before also offering a hand to Danica, if she had accepted Janus'. "Pan Barrie. And yes, I am rather new at this whole school thing." 

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"I am glad I could help Pan.  Though I imagine that it would not have taken very long for you to find your way here regardless."  Veroncia replied to the teenage boy with a smile.  "Though, Veroncia is fine, otherwise Janus and I will never know which of us you are talking about."  She then added with a grin.


The teenage Danger also returned "Kameron's" bow, grateful that he had been able to "introduce" himself to her and Janus, otherwise that could have caused some problems if they had seen him first and gone over to great him.  "So very good to see you again."  She said in reply with a knowing smile. 


Then Veronica took her turn at shaking hands with Danica, smiling warmly at the other girl.  "So wonderful to meet you Danica."

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Elizabeth had arrived by taxi, and it hadn't been easy to get that concession: two weeks' arguing and a last-minute scare before she was allowed to make her own way, but only if it was a real taxi and only if she sent a message the moment she arrived. She'd already written it by the time the cab dropped her off at the gate; she'd hit 'send' and stuffed the phone back into her pocket by the time her feet hit the ground that'd carry her through to the school parking lot.


She took a deep breath, ruffling her own white hair with both hands as she looked across at the school and its students with a grin painted ear to ear. "Real school," she said, quietly, to nobody but herself. "Proper friends. Proper dorms. I can do this."


And she could, and she would. The young woman pulled her over-stuffed backpack up onto her shoulder a bit better, and walked forward toward...destiny? Toward the future, at least. A good one.

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Danica shook hands all around, but her attention was clearly riveted on Kameron. "You're from Dakana?" she asked eagerly. "That is so totally wicked! I've always wanted to go to Africa, but I've got stupid passport issues so I've never even left the country. Did you know Dakana is home to the sulcata tortoise, the largest species of mainland tortoise, and they can dig burrows ten feet long?" she continued, barely pausing for breath. "Have you ever seen a sulcata tortoise? I've seen them in zoos but it's really not the same."


She seemed to catch herself then, just as the Segway gave a little warning hum that she was leaning too far off center. "Uh, sorry!" she chirped. "I get kind of... I really like tortoises." 

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Taking each hand where offered Kam seemed relatively at ease with the variation in customs amongst the students and not easily offended by those different than his own.  "Yes, my first year attending here."  he agreed readily with Janus though clarified, "I did attend a normal course load at home prior to this."  his tone cordial and open.  Glancing to Pan he nodded thoughtfully, "It would be second second on the left from the south stairwell."  he paused with an easy smile, "I studied the map extensively I did not wish to be lost."  he explained away the knowledge with a laugh.


At Danica's clear interest he nodded to her description of the creatures, "Sometimes longer, it can be a difficulty for earthenworks at times."  he offered conversationally, "There was a dike that several had dug into and weakened, difficult to remove safely to less problematic homes."  the hidden prince explained with a small shrug, "I did see some of them in transit and the burrows after the fact."  when his father had gone to survey the damage in his usual perhaps overly hands-on manner.  "They are fascinating creatures there is great potential in longevity treatments from their study I have heard."





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"I saw one once," Veronica chimed in as Kam and Danica were talking about sulcate tortoise, "when I was crossing through the Sahara.  I have a few photos I can dig out if you are interested."  The teenager then added.


As Veronica was talking with the others gathered around, she noted out of the corner of her eye a new figure approaching.  Since she had arrived at the dorm building, young Danger's ability to sense magic had been working overtime, there certainly seemed to be a number of students who had magical abilities, or who's powers originated from magic, such as Danica.  The newcomer with white hair similarly radiated magic, though in her case it seemed to be from an object she was carrying on her, and Veronica did her best to keep her mystical third eye from prying any further.


But, having turned her attention towards the other teenager, Veronica figured she should at least say hello and gave a smile as the other teen drew closer.  "Hello, you must be a new student as well?"  She stated, her speech bearing a faint French accent.  "I'm Veronica Danger, this is my cousin Janus, and these are some of our other fellow students, Danica, Kameron and Pan."

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"Yes! Yep, Elizabeth Grey, sophomore," she said, just a hint of Received Pronunciation leaking in around the edges. Something she'd tried to cover, maybe, or something gained more by inheritance than exposure. She'd stuck her free hand in her pocket and was casting her eyes around with an unnatural glimmer, but whatever she saw she was keeping to herself.


Mostly. She was also just this side of vibrating, rocking once on her feet as she enjoyed the group and its colorful spread of chatter and people. "You have a pretty great name, Veronica Danger. It's a pleasure to meet everyone! Or, not quite everyone, I guess we're a little small to fill out the dorms." She smiled, adjusting her bag again; she still wasn't used to hauling things around. She looked forward to getting used to hauling things around. "Though I...have no idea where I'm going, there. That'll be half the fun, I think."

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"Ah, thank you Kameron. I must admit that I didn't prepare that much." He rarely did for something like this. Still, he was geniunely thankful for Kameron's help.

Pan tried to listen to Danica talking about the turtles in Kameron's home country, but he found his eyes drawn to her segway again. A pair of wheels to help people get around. He kind of wanted one, even if he would normally fly around. He suppressed a chuckle at the warning hum from the machine, watching how Danica caught herself instead of falling over. Incredible, the machine even managed to warn Danica before she fell. He focused back on the conversation when both Kameron and Veronica mentioned that they had seen the type of the tortoise. He made a note of telling Danica about the turtle islands back on Neverworld, and the tortoises that lived on them, but maybe for another time. 

Another new student approached, introducing herself. Taking his eyes away from the segway, Pan gave her a smile and a wave as Veronica introduced himself and the others. "Yes! That is exactly what I said!" he exclaimed when Elizabeth commented on Veronica's name. 

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Selena finished moving the boxes containing her previous dorm room's contents, setting the last box down with a sigh of relief.  Rather than getting started on unpacking immediately however she decided to take a little break and, using the term loosely, go for a walk.  Opening the window, rather than taking the stairs down, she slid out and took to the air.  Enjoying the breeze she circled the building until she noticed a crowd hanging out in the parking lot.  Descending towards the ground, she pulled short a good three feet from the asphalt, shifting to a sitting position mid-air.  Giving a wave she said, "Annyeong yeoleobun.  Welcome to Claremont.  Say, don't suppose one of you guys is Danica Holmes?"

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Janus inclined their head, giving a little wave at being reintroduced so people could put face-to-name. They didn't have much to add on the discussion of tortoises and their habits, really, but Janus listened giving Kam a lopsided half-smile when there was clearly information the young man was talking around. Dakanans and their secrets. Instead, Janus grabbed the few bags left in the Danger Fleet town car and slung one over their shoulder, the other in their hand as they finished unloading and set them on the curb next to Veronica's duffle. 


Gesturing with a nod of their head, Janus indicated Danica on the segway. "That's Danica." Janus offered easily in a low tenor without repeating the rest of the introductions that had been made before they turned to Kam and his memorization of the map, "Have you gone to the gym yet? I'm itching to hit the training salle."

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With a shrug Kameron waved off the thanks, "I have been told I over-prepare at times."  he admitted with a self deprecating laugh.  "A pleasure Elizabeth."  he greeted in turn, "and thank you, you are a returning student then?"  he added to Selina following Janus' lead with a nod to Danica.


Replying more directly to Janus he shook his head, "I've only just arrived though the materials sent ahead indicate it is very well apportioned."  he acknowledged with a shrug.  "I to look forward to taking full advantage of what the school has to offer for our training and fitness."  he grinned a bit as it was rare he had the opportunity to press his skills against those his own age.  "You are a fencer then?"  he inquired curiously knowing only a limited amount of the Dangers specific background.   He sized them up for a moment, "Saber?"  he guessed as they certainly had the build for it.

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Veronica gave a slightly embarrassed smile as Elizabeth commented on her name, with Pan chiming in about his similar reaction when they had met at ASTRO Labs a few days ago.  "Thank you."  She replied.  "I certainly have always liked my name, although it is a name that comes with a number of responsibilities, and expectations." 


The teenage Danger waved in greeting to Selina as the other girl flew down from above and focused back on Elizabeth.  "Yeah, there are quite a few people moving in right now.  I imagine that you are in the same building as we are, they have room assignments on a list at the main office.  But I can should be able to save you the trip."


Pulling her cellphone out of her cargo shorts, Veronica quickly selected a number and held the phone to her ear.  "Hey Prudence."  She stated when someone apparently picked up on the other end.  "Are you still by the main office?  Great, could you take a look at the room assignment list for the female students and find the room number for an Elizabeth Grey."  There was a pause as she waited for the other person to find the information.  As she was waiting, she glanced over towards her cousin and Kam, smiling slightly as they had begun to talk about the school’s training facilities.  "301?  Okay great, thank you.  We will see you when you get done with checking on our parking permits."


Hanging up the phone, Veronica looked back at Elizabeth.  "You are in room 301, just down the hall from Janus and I."

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Danica did indeed very much want to see pictures of tortoises, but that might have to wait for later with so many exciting introductions going on! She waved a hand when her name was called. "I'm Danica!" she confirmed. "Are you Selena? I haven't been up to our room yet but it's the same room I had last year and the year before, but my old roommate entered her chrysalis stage and they don't expect her to be out for at least a year and I'm glad I don't have to room by myself!" she concluded, all in one breath.


"But anyway," she continued to the group as a whole, "I've been here for two years so if you guys need to know where anything is, I'll be happy to show you! They have snacks in the cafeteria all afternoon on move-in day, plus you can pick up your textbooks if you want to have them early." 

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