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Freedom City Place Page Template


Here is a possible template for a Guidebook page about a specific location in Freedom City. This is merely a suggestion, not a rule. You can use any part of it, all of it, or add your own ideas to it. To use it in its entirety, merely copy and paste it to an editor window in the appropriate Guidebook chapter. 


(Place Name) 
(Give a brief summary of the place here, what neighborhood it is in, a brief thumbnail idea of what it looks like and why it is important. If it is a place with special significance to a certain character or characters, note that here.) 

Location and Appearance
(Give a more detailed description of where your place is located, what part of the city, what neighborhood, whether it is near any other notable places. Describe the area around your place, if applicable. Describe the place itself, outside and in. How big is it, what shape, what color, what condition? What does it look like inside, is it lavish or plain, new and modern, comfortably worn down, or old and abused?) 

(Explain why this place is an important place in Freedom City: Play by Post, in an IC manner. Is it your hero's home or place of business, is it the headquarters for a secret society or a super-team? Give information that tells why a character would go to this place, or why a thread might be set there.) 

(Many locations have PCs or NPCs associated with them who might be encountered on a visit to this place. Make an unordered list to tell about the people whom one might encounter at this place.) 

(Describe important events that have happened in this place. This can be just a paragraph for some locations, in other locations a timeline might be appropriate (see the Character Page template for information on making timelines) 


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