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  1. “Well, without you I’d be dying in a coffee shop, a hotel room, a rooftop, or a garage. So, you know, you’ve done way more than me, I’m just returning the favours. “ Bonfire laughed, but it was pretty clear that he was serious about at very least the first half of what he’d said. “Yeah, I understand what you mean. A lot of what I’ve been doing was solo, and … well, apart from thing it’s worked out sorta well, but working with others just adds something. Somebody who watches your back, somebody to just talk to, and so on. “ he’d switched to a more serious tone, so to say. He’d not changed much, but his voice was more muted, he seemed to put more thought behind what he was saying. “I’m with you on the team goal. Not that there’s a lot of them out there right now…”
  2. [IC] Freedom of Information

    PC “Oh yeah, I can see how shapeshifting isn’t good for the wardrobe. Main difference between how we do it is how much is actual protection of sorts, I guess. Mine’s all smoke, so I technically still get cold, wet and so on. Heat’s obviously not an issue though. Rain on the other hand … yeah, not so pleasant walking around in the rain while wearing smoke. That’s where yours is way better. “ “Sounds like a plan. If there’s an easy way to get the location that’s good. Not sure about giving them the wrong address. They’re probably connected amongst each other, and if they show up at the wrong place, that’s one phone call and raised suspicions. Towards all outsiders, especially ones who refer to themselves as hackers. “ “On the other hand, you’re right, they’re probably dangerous. Maybe if we fudge the time around and just act fast? By the time they get there we’re gone without a trace, and there’s nothing they can do about it. I’ll leave the final decision up to you, both have their perks.”
  3. Ferris Wheels and Fishmen [IC]

    Jann paid some attention to what was happening outside. It didn’t seem particularly interesting. There was no particular thrill to be had from descending from a high altitude quickly. It was part of his usual combat style. The coasters didn’t appeal to him. Spinning around a lot over a short amount of time did, somewhat. He’d trained it before, but these looked like they were more effective. And he had no access to anything better. The Arcade was where most of the training opportunities lay. From what he’d heard, there were many things in them that required a degree of specialization, which sounded like a rare opportunity. It was pretty clear he was just waiting to get out of the bus at this point. He looked at whoever was speaking at the time, but he didn’t respond. With Jann it was hard to tell whether or not it was because he didn’t understand, didn’t want to, or just had nothing to say. It all looked the same.
  4. [IC] Trade Terminal Trouble

    GM The Zultasian did his best to not scream. But the fear was easily readable on his face. He knew what came next, and he did not look forward to it at all. Neither did the man below, who was glancing upwards, while keeping turned towards Bliss. He was mumbling, just barely audible. “I was set-up. #####. Shouldn’t have trusted him. Now he’s out there, making the bucks…” And then, he spoke at a proper volume. “The big important people? No idea who you’re talking about. I run my own op, I have the buyers who deal with all that. I just get them the product. Your intel … your intel’s off. “ He was slowly backing off, just a step at a time. Which made him bump right into Barrier. He jumped forward and turned around, only to see her staring him down, still holding the other two. “Come on, Ja’hag. We both know that’s wrong. You can either spill it and get away free, or she can get the info from you another way. Your choice. “ He stumbled backwards, looking pretty unsure about everything in his life right about now. And his back was turned towards Bliss…
  5. That statement caused a hearty laugh from Bonfire. “Well, if I was I couldn’t tell you. “ “Of course, that’s exactly what a real spy would say.” He laughed again. “The AEGIS connections don’t have the best story behind them, after all. But at this point, with all the stuff I’ve done, I’ve managed to get a fair chunk of experience on this part of our line of work. Plus, some of it is just knowing the right people. “Like you, because apparently you’re a world class hacker too. And a shapeshifter, some other things I know of, and probably at least few more things I don’t know about. Chances are if people knew that, you’d have at least a few three-letters trying to recruit you. Wonder how many metas they employ, actually. “ “But I will admit that if I got the offer to be a superspy, with all the fancy cocktails, gadgets and other stuff that includes, I’d take it. And not just because I love James Bond movies. Or maybe I’m already one? “ he grinned.
  6. [IC] Freedom of Information

    PC “Uuuuh.” It did actually seem to make him confused for just a bit. Then, he continued onwards. “Well, if you want a proper scientific description of what I do, that I don’t know. It sorta depends on which part you’re talking about. The Invisibility and this..” he snapped his fingers, and his shirt’s colours shifted towards a more muted black. “don’t really share a lot beyond the basics.” “For all this ´this is not what you see´ stuff, what I do is, I take the smoke, and change its properties around. Sometimes it’s pretty simple, sometimes…” he held out his arm and raised a pillar of smoke from the ground. It grew, to about Leviathan’s size and width, and within seconds, the smoke took the form of the reptilian. It took a bit longer to gain colour, though. “…it’s a bit more complicated. The more detailed, the easier it is to spot mistakes. But I can still influence it at this point. “the smoke-leviathan took a step forward. The movements were mechanical and not particularly lifelike. “That’s actually what I do with my clothes almost all the time. I’d lose too many shirts otherwise, they just fall to the ground once I smoke up.”
  7. [IC] Trade Terminal Trouble

    GM The Zultasian couldn’t defend himself in time. Once he’d realized what was happening, it was already too late, he was already in Bliss’ grasp. And he wasn’t going to get out of that any time soon. He was still conscious, suggesting that he was a fair bit sturdier than the average person, but even with him struggling, he wasn’t likely to escape. Meanwhile, from outside, there were more gunshots. Bliss no longer was in a position to see what was happening, but the *clunk* shortly afterwards gave her a pretty good idea. Meanwhile, the other man started to talk. “What do you want, then? What are you here for? “ Behind him, Barrier stood in the doorway, carrying the two thugs that had been outside under her arms, their heads and arms pinned. She just nodded at Bliss, seemingly content with her position for now.
  8. [IC] Fight the Power

    GM “Death? No. You won’t die. We have guards keeping the peace, and you will certainly not land on death row with what you’ve done. If you feel insecure once you have been introduced into the system, you may raise your concern towards one of our staff, and we will investigate whether or not you are eligible for protective custory. “ There was a short pause. “If you cannot remember anything else, we will leave your new uniform here. Please put it on and be ready to be escorted to the psychiatrist for your first assessment. We will not harm you, but be aware of the fact that any violence, even just threats of it, against our staff, or your fellow inmates will be met with punitive measures. “ “Welcome to Blackstone, Prisoner SH-202.” ~ Fin ~
  9. [OOC] Trade Terminal Trouble

    Oppose Startle: 1d20+7 15 So that hits, as for the damage (that's first, then the grab, right?): Toughness Save: 1d20+7 22 That's just a Bruise, right? Anyways, you can assume he fails the Grapple to the fullest degree.
  10. [OOC] Trade Terminal Trouble

    Okay. One of them just runs past Barrier, while the other opens fire on her: Attack: 1d20+7 23 hits, and Toughness Save: 1d20+15 35 Barrier with the extreme rolls! She'll chase after the one running away and try to grapple him: Grapple: 1d20+10 20 And does it. Her grapple's high enough to just automatically win that. And you're up again.
  11. [IC] Trade Terminal Trouble

    GM Bliss managed to be faster than the two running inside, but they did not feel like turning around. The next room was a corridor, connecting the cargo bay to the rest of the ship, a second corridor leading to the living area on the side. And there, at this intersection, Bliss could await the two who ran inside. One of them, a Zultasian, spoke. “We have friends in powerful places. Do what you want to, but know they’ll strike back harder than you could imagine. Or, you can take these 20k and just turn around. You get cash, and you don’t have to deal with them. Win-win.” Meanwhile, outside, just visible through the doorway, the gun was fired at Barrier. And the bullet simply bounced off her skin, as she grabbed the remaining criminal, who tried to escape in the chaos, managing to get a grip on him as he tried to slip past, and to pin him under her arm, holding her shield in the other one.
  12. [IC] Fight the Power

    GM The face became even more blurry, and her (that he was fairly certain of), voice sounded even more different. Like the voice everybody Synth had ever known, and everybody the people involved in his creation had ever known, in a horrifying yet beautiful chorus of voices. A few voices became louder, as the others died down. The loudest was his own. Dr. Nyberg’s voice. “So, you don’t remember? What do you remember? Do you remember who you are? What you are? Where you are?” And the voices, the false memories, the true memories, and his thoughts, they all told him to answer differently. They all gave him a different response when he thought about it, and it was only once the person spoke that they quieted down. “Anything? “
  13. [IC] Fight the Power

    GM There was a prick. And some words, barely audible, distorted. The voice changed, with every word. “No … merely … arrest … island ….” Everything went black once more. Synth felt cold. Something he’d not felt for a very, very long time. Cold, with some liquid surrounding him. It became lighter, then was dark again. Once more, there was a distant voice. It sounded slightly familiar, like it wasn’t the first time he’d heard this. “Long story …. Dealing with the wrong people … cozy enough, right?” Synth felt stronger again, as the voice approached, and the darkness disappeared. He looked back up. He was unable to move, but he was somewhere else now. Concrete, bright lighting. There was a camera facing him, and behind it, a person. She stepped into the light. And then, Synth’s emotions gave out completely. Memories of Nyberg. Memories of yesterday. Memories of dreams. Things that he was sure he didn’t happen. Things he wasn’t sure didn’t happen. All at once, overloading whatever part of him remained. The face was blurry. But he knew it. He knew it very well. Sarah Shaw, K&W’s Executive Secretary. “So, what’s your story? What made you become a criminal?”
  14. [OOC] Trade Terminal Trouble

    You go first then! Do as you wish!
  15. [IC] Trade Terminal Trouble

    GM Barrier’s response came quickly, but she kept it short. “I had good reasons to not continue the discussion there. And I don’t need to be sneaky.” She turned to walk away, towards the checkpoint. “If the door opens, just join me. If it doesn’t, just get through somehow.” With that, she walked towards the checkpoint, and spoke. The door slid open, and Barrier casually stepped through, making sure Bliss caught up, before continuing to walk towards one of the space ships. A small freighter, not the most recent model, but good to quickly get inexpensive goods from one system to another. She held up her shield, creating a nearly transparent green cube some distance around the ship, then approached the intercom. “Was told to meet Ja’hag. Open up. Red Berries. “ The cargo door opened up, slowly rising, revealing 4 men of various species, sitting around a cargo crate, playing a card game of some sort. Their heads all turned towards the two outside. One of them spoke a few words while seemingly stunned. “Ohh ####”, and then, they all scattered, two running further into the ship, the Lor trying directly towards Bliss, and one pulling a gun that had been attached on the table’s underside.