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  1. Hits, and as for the grapple: Opposed Grapple: 1d20+9 23 Not even nearly enough!
  2. Mr Murk

    I like the concept and don't see any mechanical issues, so: APPROVED
  3. [IC] Trade Terminal Trouble

    GM As one would expect, the man look visibly distressed at what was about to happen. He gulped loudly as he stopped moving his body altogether, clearly scared of falling. Even if it wasn’t a massive drop, it would be a rather painful, if not deadly, one. He could only just mutter the words out. “R-r—roshock. What …. What do you want?” Barrier had, in the meantime, stopped and turned her gaze upwards, Bliss’ volume enough to get her attention. There were only a few other people walking down the street, and most of them seemed more concerned with their own business, only one other stopping to watch. Barrier, for her part, just positioned herself in a way she could catch the Inspector when he inevitably came falling downwards.
  4. Alright! Another attack: Attack: 1d20+12 28 This guy is rolling far too well. So, another DC 21 Save!
  5. GM The man’s only real response was to cock his head, as his expression turned from serious and stoic to that of a sick smile. One that was evil from the core up. He slowly walked up to Synth, clearly enjoying the moment. The blood dripping down Synth’s face was scattered all across the elevator as a nasty back-hand connected with his face. But the man wasn’t done yet. Before Synth had time to do anything more, he’d already followed up. Synth could only feel the foot connecting with his temple, and then everything shook for a moment, as he found himself thrown along the wall, into the elevator’s corner. And the agent wasn’t done yet, already moving in to continue his brutal beatdown.
  6. Hits, and Toughness Save: 1d20+9 24 He just makes it! As for the one getting choked: Constitution: 1d20+4 9 He's out! Agent 2 will respond by attacking back Attack: 1d20+12 28 That's a hit! DC21 Toughness save against that, please!
  7. GM Synth managed to catch both of them completely off-guard. He’d already locked in his grip by the time either of them got to respond. And while the man was struggling, he didn’t accomplish anything of note, all the while slowly growing weaker. The second man had just about realized the situation by the time Synth attacked him, and didn’t manage to dodge it, even if the damage seemed minimal, he was still standing upright and looking ready to strike back. It was an elevator after all. A fairly large one, but it still meant that everything was in arm’s reach of each other. Which probably was a good thing, in this case. It clearly was moving upwards, but it was doing so fairly slowly. And then, Synth could feel how the man in his grip fainted. At about the same time as he could see an elbow, coming directly at him. And while he wasn’t actively gripping anymore, he was still on the ground, unable to properly avoid the attack, having it connect.
  8. [IC] Trade Terminal Trouble

    GM There wasn’t a lot the guard could do. By the time he’d been ready to do anything, Bliss was already gone. She could just about hear him draw his radio to report it before she’d gotten far away enough. So, while the captive did his best to struggle against her grip, Bliss could just move across the rooftops. And fortunately, those were rather abandoned. Following her would prove difficult enough for anybody who didn’t have her mode of transport, too. The man yelled, telling her to unhand him, and crying for help. Not that anybody had answered yet. And soon, she could see Barrier below her on the street, still moving towards the customs office at her speed best described as “fast walking”.
  9. [IC] Diaspora: The Trek Outwards

    GM At last Ak’kar arrived at the mess hall, where quite a few tables had been turned over. About a dozen people were on the ground, some with injuries, others probably dealing with the oxygen deprivation. The room told of a firefight only happening a short time ago, and it was pretty clear to see that some renovations would be necessary afterwards. Immediately, the crew began to work on stabilizing everybody. It didn’t take long before they reported the first casualties. Shots that were aimed, probably from a close distance, not something that would happen during a firefight. It was only three people, their bodes all close to the door leading towards the cargo bay. As Ak’kar approached them, he could, very clearly, hear another gunshot. As the second one followed about a second later, it gave the impression of an execution, not of combat.
  10. [IC] Freedom of Information

    GM “My pleasure. “ The hacker sat down and, just for safety, opened the briefcase and checked the money for a moment, before stowing it between his legs and folding open his laptop again. And with that, the scene was as it had been before, even if he’d now seemingly gotten a few people’s attention. The two heroes left the part of the room that the deal had happened in, now standing on the edge of the dancefloor. Bonfire seemed pretty happy, even if he kept to his accent. “Well, that went surprisingly well. Anything else we wanna do here? “ “Oh.” He gave a quick nod towards where the hacker had sat previous, now surrounded by four other people, all of them in what appeared to be quite a cheery mood. “Looks like he wasn’t alone, then. Wonder how many there are in total. “
  11. Okay, gonna say that that's enough for him to fail! Let's see if he fails it immediately: Constitution: 1d20+4 15 Nope, not yet. So, Synth is grappling with 2, while 1 is still up and able to do things Time for Initiative, then! Initiative: 2#1d20+9 17 19
  12. GM A rough plan now decided on, the Zeno slowly approached the closest of the ships that had shown up on the radar. It was still some distance off, a few minutes of travel at least, but it gave the two ample time to prepare. There was not much in terms of interesting things happening in the meantime. The asteroid belt surrounding the planet seemed to have been mined almost completely, meaning that tracking a path through it was surprisingly easy. Shortly after, the first ship came into view. It was floating in space, only a short distance away from the station, which appeared to be scientific in nature. While it was hard to see anything detailed from the distance the Zeno was now at, thanks to a zoom the two could get a look at the ship. Its construction looked completely different from anything they’d seen before, but the size led to the conclusion it likely was a small warship. As they were coasting closer, their radar indicated a smaller craft, probably a shuttle, had just left the ship, and was now travelling towards the station. A scan for lifesigns still showed none, either on the ship or the shuttle.
  13. Good Company and Good Cheer [Open]

    One of the best features of turning your head into smoke was the fact people couldn’t read your expression. Which was something that Cass was more glad about than usual when Leviathan arrived. The fact he’d even arrived was already quite a surprise, and the way he’d done it, even more so. One of those times where Cass really had to keep himself from laughing. It was such an amazing idea. His response to LeviSanta was done in a light-hearted, perhaps slightly mocking tone. “I know, crazy what you gotta do to get some coal in this economy, right?” And then, he switched back to his usual tone, raising his glass shortly. “Great to see you here! You certainly made an entrance. I get the feeling this is gonna be an amazing evening.” After a short gesture of thanks towards Klara, Bonfire responded to what Riley said, also speaking to the entire room. Standing at the bar meant that one was easy enough to do. “Agreed! Did anybody make any plans? Also, does anybody know if there’s a jukebox in this place?”
  14. Opposed Grapple: 1d20+9 13 Yeah, that works! So, chockehold immediately? In that case: Fort: 1d20+9 11
  15. Okay, gonna say Synth has the opportunity to get a surprise attack in and fight again, just being fatigued and with 2 bruises