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  1. Skyjam(OOC)

    Fort: 1d20+8 13 Arcane Lore: 1d20+20 21
  2. Gun Run

    The feeling of being propelled through the air by measures outside of one’s control was one that Jann both adored and loathed. He hated that he had to give up control, but it allowed him to do things he would be unable to do with just his body. Often, to great effect. Much like this time, as he slammed directly into the arms dealer. It wasn’t a great hit, he had some trouble connecting thanks to the force propelling his body. It was enough to strike her before she backed off. He was about to pursue, but could feel his body fight him. This night had already left some strains on him, and slowing down from high velocity had only amplified them. He was just barely able to avoid the most serious effects of her attacks, relying more on his body than his skill for it. He still had his quarterstaff, which he sent to try and meet the arms dealer before she retreated further. He was aware enough of his situation to realize that pursuing right now would only place too much strain on him, be had to pace himself. And then, there was still one more thing. “Reinforcements incoming, be ready!”
  3. Gun Run

    Reflex Save: 1d20+12 16 Toughness Save: 1d20+7 23 Notice: 1d20+10 30 wow, rolling a lot of 20s in this thread. Since he's also staggered I imagine he won't be able to keep up, so he'll throw the quarterstaff he was carrying Attack: 1d20+13 17 egh.
  4. Gun Run

    Initiative: 1d20+8 12
  5. Gun Run

    Acrobatics: 1d20+20 35 Well, that just happened. Attack roll: Attack: 1d20+11 14 less amazing, and the scene's pretty cool, so let's spend a HP to apply a coolness reroll Attack: 1d20+11 19 So that'll be 29 which should be enough
  6. Gun Run

    Driving the car, while not easy, was doable. The streets were empty enough that it proved simple enough, and Jann managed to keep up an acceptable pace driving down the streets. As far as he understood, sirens meant that the road laws that he’d heard of did not matter, so he did not pay any attention, just moving towards the goal at the highest sustainable speed. He could see Flare off in the distance. She would be able to close the distance quicker than the car, and was in an elevated position. He could not catch up with her like this, but an idea raced through his mind. One of his hands wandered towards his waist, onto one of his collapsible quarterstaffs. He squatted on his seat, using his quarterstaff to push down the gas pedal. “You will want to exit the vehicle now.” He continued to drive almost straight at Flare, until he hit a knee high wall, readjusting his quarterstaff to pierce the windshield and pushing himself off of the seat at the same time, hoping to use the additional velocity of the car to propel himself directly at her.
  7. [IC] Diaspora: The Trek Outwards

    GM Fortunately, there was more than one way of getting to the bridge. The one for Ak’kar and most of the crew, and one from the rest of the ship. It was pretty clear to figure out what was happening once the captain stepped through the door. The other door was shut, with multiple crewmembers in cover and ready to open fire at it, two on each side of the door and some taking cover behind various objects on the bridge. Mr. Skree and some other command staff were in the middle of the bridge, organizing things. Most of them seemed to be rather tired, probably similarly ripped out of their sleep, as more crew began pouring in, with the sound of gunfire now coming from all directions. “Captain! We had a group of refugees attempt to gain access, first through talking then through force. We managed to drive them back far enough that we could form up here, but we don’t know about the situation on the rest of the ship. They should be through the door, we managed to injure some of them but took some minor ones of our own. “
  8. Gun Run

    Jann caught the keys without any trouble. He spun them in his hand, before slowing it down, and taking a better look at them. A car, then. He’d taken a few driving lessons, and it had been pretty clear that they weren’t suited too well to his physique. But in a case like this, he could manage. He turned his attention towards Spitfire, a slight grin on his face for the first time. “Let us hurry, then. I will get us there, and the sirens will help with that. “ It wasn’t the shortest route, and Jann technically wasn’t qualified to do just that. But he was more than skilled enough, so long as he could work around his wings, and actually fit into the vehicle properly.
  9. Gun Run

    “Take them both down. No need to let either roam freely. Will require some finesse, we have to play them right. Sleep does sound good, but there is much that has to be done before then. “ Jann took a look at the situation around him. It didn’t look to bad, by his estimate. He’d seen much worse scenes of combat, some collateral damage could not be avoided, and as far as he cared, there was nothing that came close to a large scale issue right now. “Taking their vehicle sounds good. Will be difficult to explain however, and time is important. May need to borrow one. “
  10. Gun Run

    To the outside world, Jann didn’t seem to react immediately. He continued keeping up the same emotion, keeping up eye-contact with whoever was speaking at the moment, otherwise not moving at all. Internally, it was a bit different. Jann was unsure what to think of the proposal. Other than what the man assumed, he did not care much for the gun runner. She was only a secondary priority at this point in time. He was after the master. And that was the man he was talking to right now. But as it stood, there was no way to get close to him. Judging by the way he spoke, he was not somebody to be taken lightly. But if he could get closer to him, perhaps the opportunity to act would present itself. He just had to take the necessary precautions. “What do you suggest?”
  11. [IC] Freedom of Information

    GM “Okay. Let’s go be heroes and … well, not save the world!” A short pause, as it felt like Bonfire wasn’t entirely happy with how it sounded. “And something else, but I can’t think of anything that sounds smart right now”. And with a grin, the two were off, towards the room that Bonfire has staked out before. As the two walked up to the building, they could note the occasional conspicuously parked car. Some looking fairly clean and modern, others rather run down. Quite a few of them. Perhaps it was people parking and heading to the event, perhaps it was security on the side of whoever was running the event. And there of course always was the chance of it being a coincidence. A large man was leaning against the wall close to the door, just enough that it didn’t look like he was guarding it from afar, but people in the know realized what was going on. He saw the two disguised heroes approach, and as they walked up to the door, he too did so, placing himself between the door and the two. “What’cha want? “ Bonfire was quick on the draw. “Ah, mon ami. We are here to meet with somebody, a … client.”
  12. Gun Run

    It was not a reaction Jann had expected. It had been some time since the last time a crowd had addressed him like this. He did not understand them. Whatever they were doing to themselves, there was no practical purpose to it. Even on the off chance they sustained themselves on their own pain like one of his tutors, there were more efficient ways. He looked directly at the camera, before meeting the ganger’s eyes. He didn’t move one bit, even lowering his breathing to the point it was essentially impossible to spot. He didn’t speak at first, only responding after some time had passed. “A hunter has many ways to track his prey. “ He didn’t know what came next, but he was ready to fend off multiple attackers if it came down to it.
  13. Gun Run

    After he threw the last book, Jann jumped forwards, catching back up with Spitfire. A quick check of his location brought him towards his next weapon, an empty drip stand. It was large, metal and looked sturdy enough, it would do for now. He gave a quick nod as a respone, before pushing forwards. The room was high enough that he could avoid the crowd by simply keeping to the ceiling. It would however mean that his ally would be the first to be attacked. He elected not to, and instead pushed through the crowd on foot, always ready to strike. He wasn’t entirely sure where he was going, but in situations like these, one just had to act.
  14. Gun Run

    At this point Jann will just continue throwing things, as he doesn't want to get chained! He gets a Reflex of 12, so he can probably pass the save without issues? Same action as before, with the same tradeoff, but taking 10 this time around.
  15. Gun Run

    He could see the chaos build up around him. Everybody was scrambling towards what they considered safety, injuring themselves along the way. Stopping it would be difficult. There was too much risk associated with openly transmitting his position in a situation like this. He supposed that at the very least, everybody was close to where they’d be treated for their injury. Instead, he focused on continuing onwards. The more he could throw now, the less he had to risk a brawl, which at this point would be a risk he was unlikely to take without proper consideration. A stack of books was piled up behind him, next to some very small models of interestingly coloured houses. He grabbed the stack, and immediately began throwing them out, towards the intruders, aiming for their throats and heads to disable them quickly. It was not easy to aim through the moving crowd, but that was a risk he was more than willing to take.