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  1. Midnight Run

    He can't pilot, so he'll just attempt to get outta dodge: Reflex Save: 1d20+10 27 And he surprisingly enough makes it!
  2. Midnight Run

    Jann got hit by the falling thief. He managed to knock him off-balance, a balance which was already difficult to keep up courtesy of the cramped interior of the machine. Jann was beginning to like all of these types of movement less and less, they didn’t work for him. But other than his attacker, he managed to recover before hitting the ground. He spread out his wings, and before the plane managed to get any real distance, flew back to where he’d been before, legs first. He aimed directly at the pilot’s center of mass, if executed correctly the attack, and its angle, would be strong enough to have a further effect, with the second of the thieves lined up directly behind. He connected with full force, a nearly perfect hit by all accounts. As was expected of him. He could feel his feet make impact, as he pushed his wings again one final time, for an extra burst of force behind his attack.
  3. Midnight Run

    Okay, so, Jann, now outside the plane again, will do what he does best, and charge in head-first again. Using Trip 7 (Extra: Knockback) linked to Damage ) + Damage 0 ( Feat: Mighty ; Extra: Linked to Trip ) [15/16PP] At the pilot, in such a way the knockback might hit Blowtorch Attack: 1d20+12 28 That's a hit, so a DC15 Toughness and a Str/Dex check against DC17, and if that fails 7 Knockback, if I understood everyting correctly
  4. Midnight Run

    Reflex Save: 1d20+10 15 Spending my last (I think you wrote it down incorrectly) HP to reroll that, because that DC20 is scary! Reflex Save: 1d20+10 27
  5. Midnight Run

    Opposed Strength: 1d20+7 16 That's with the 2 from flight, so that goes through. Not a large push though!
  6. Midnight Run

    Toughness Save: 1d20+6 19 Just makes it! Feel free to edit the rest in!
  7. [IC] Freedom of Information

    GM The two met again at the agreed upon time and location, a park table not too far from where they were heading later the same day. The sun was beginning to set. There was some activity in the area, but the tables themselves were almost empty, which allowed for a nice degree of secrecy while still not being suspicious. As Leviathan joined him, Bonfire was sitting at the table and, unsurprisingly, drinking coffee. His hair had a natural black colour, and he’d styled it ever so slightly. He started off in the same accent he’d sown Leviathan before. “Ah, mon ami. Great to see you. “ Then, he immediately switched back to his more natural voice, as he pulled out his phone to show a map that had been drawn quickly. “Okay, so here’s the layout. And, well, it’s a mostly empty room. They’re setting up a dancefloor and DJ set in one corner, and a bunch of round tables in the other. No labels or anything so far, gotta figure out who to talk to before you get there, I suppose. “ “Can’t confirm there’s any guards outside yet, but I spent about an hour camped outside on a roof, and some people are walking around the area. Judging from what I saw, they’re connected over a radio, probably wired up to a van that was standing around just down the street. I imagine that’s where they’re running the actual thing from. Chances are more are gonna show up once the thing actually starts. Speaking of which, that’s in a few minutes.“
  8. GM The alien nodded, as some others turned their heads. Some were interested in listening in, others probably just wanted to gather information on the two. Which, all things considered, wasn’t a bad idea, in a place like this. They still were in the same spaceship together for some time, and apparently Terrans had a reputation. What exactly that reputation was neither of the two had managed to figure out, though. “I have some knowledge. Many fleeing are of my Native , including my split-mate, what you refer to as a parent. I have collected all the information, no matter how sparse it is, and believe to have some idea. The broadcasts are correct, we are at the beginning of what will be a crisis of historical levels. If large parts of the Asshui and Oog’ol populations are fleeing, it means that the sector we are headed to will be unable to handle the pressure for more than a short time. “ “I have heard some talk, of the Nobles. I do not believe it, I doubt they would be able to mount anything like what is being described. I travel to offer my services as a translator, and to help my split-brood, if any of them have made it this far. It is good to have doctors, but I assume we will primarily need people who can transport groups.” “I can offer you some information, as I believe there still is some time until our arrival.” The statement the two of them were, essentially, scientists, meanwhile got them some odd looks from some of the more muscular and gruff looking individuals in their vicinity, one of them looking somewhat suspicious all of the sudden.
  9. [IC] Diaspora: The Trek Outwards

    GM Balancing between the awaited shore-leave and the increased amount of manpower required on the ship was not easy task, and Ak’kar had to spend some time watching what was happening on the ship himself in order to not create any holes in the coverage. Time passed quickly, the guests seemed to settle in quite nicely, many of them glad to sleep on actual beds for the first time in who knew how long. Others just sat around, spending their time talking, Ak’kar managing to catch some parts of their conversations. It was gossip mainly, or people talking about what they’d left behind. A few talking about what they planned to do once the ship arrived. Others just were content spending their time alone. Evening approached, and people began to set up for the dinner that Ak’kar had invited them to. The Mess Hall probably couldn’t hold everybody, but a few spare crates were repurposed into tables, and soon everybody fit into the cargo bay, as the first food was brought. The Asshui who had first approached Ak’kar sat next to him. “I must again thank you. Now, what did you want to ask of us?”
  10. Midnight Run

    Oh, definitely, yes! It'll be pretty difficult for him to fit inside, so that works for me
  11. Bloody Work(IC)

    Different paths. Great. It meant that no matter what, Hakim couldn’t cover all of them at once. And it also meant that there were at least three vampires roaming the city. Which was enough to be an issue. He didn’t have any necessary equipment to deal with them, and magic only did so much. One he could hopefully handle, two perhaps, but anything above that was an issue. He had to play this smart. He could use some Wisps to track down whichever paths he wouldn’t chose to pursue. But he realized it wouldn’t lead him to much. It would only carry the possibility of alerting whoever had created the path. Public works, sewers, or Apartments. What he’d learned from movies was that either, the boss would be at the most fancy place, or the most run down one. He decided to assume the former for now. He moved forward, walking and hovering. It was not entirely danger-free, so before he’d run into any trouble, he opted for using the NY-Veil. Magical urban camouflage, so to say. He would, quite literally, fade into the background of the city, unable to be seen thanks to the ever-changing urban jungle.
  12. [IC] Trade Terminal Trouble

    GM Catching up with Barrier was not too difficult for Bliss. Even when she hurried, the Lyankan didn’t move as fast as most others. And Barrier did seem to be hurrying somewhat. Still she had time (and lung capacity) to address Bliss. “I believe I know where to find him. Judging by his name, he works for the customs office. It is not far from here, but if he knows, he may flee before we get there. How fast can you make your way there? It is some distance down the street, perhaps 10 minutes of walking” The street, of course, led through large parts of the station. Which also meant it was quite busy. “We cannot raise much attention, so I cannot fly there. But if you can cover the building’s various exits, he will be unable to run. And then, we can bring him in. “
  13. [IC] Diaspora: The Trek Outwards

    GM Immediately, the various refugees began to talk to Mr. Skree. In order to pay their fees, to ask various information, and to figure out their next step. Some moved into the ship directly, while a few others, satisfied with what they’d achieved, went back into the station, probably in order to finish up whatever business they had there. The crew, for their part, did as they’d been commanded. While many of them worked on getting everything offloaded, some began to get the additional quarters ready. They were on the ship, but due to not being used, they often just served as additional storage for smaller items. But with the amount of refugees moving in, probably twice as many as the crew the ship usually had, as much space as possible was necessary. Ak’kar, for his part, began to scour the web. So far, information had been sparse. The entire crisis had only started a few days ago, when an Oog’ol tribeship appaeared inside a quarantined system. Before any decision had been reached between them and the system’s owners, more fleets began to appear all around the Sharahazad Sector, many in a state of barely functioning. So far, little was known. Many of the refugees talked about the Zem, who they were fleeing. Some others spoke of the Nobles. Information was sparse, only that they were the force pushing them out. So far, the refugees were mainly of two species, the Oog’ol and the Asshui. Both were fairly new on the galactic scale, and before the event, the Oog’ol had been essentially unknown outside of their home area. The Asshui were slightly less obscure, with some occasionally wandering into known space. Oog’ol had a reputation of fierce warriors, who bested even the most difficult conditions. Including the vacuum of space. Asshui were known for their natural tendency to take risk, and for their high rate of reproduction. Other than that, most information was just reports of the current events, various refugee camps being opened, many trying to flee even further, and a lot of people from all over the galaxy travelling towards the sector.
  14. Midnight Run

    It appeared the flames did not do as much to the machine as Jann had expected. A setback, but not one he could not deal with. His enemies now were concentrated in one spot. The machine’s inside. The machine, which was now heading towards him at a dangerous speed. But still, it was sluggish. Without much in the way of effort, Jann moved to the side, letting the plane pass him by for just a moment, before grabbing onto the pilot side’s door. He dragged himself up close, and then got to action. He wondered just how sturdy the material was. And there was only one way to find out. He smashed the flamethrower’s hardest part into the door a few times. It was a good way to open doors, he’d learned as much. The window was the weakest part, it was where he concentrated his attacks. It would break at some point.