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  1. ic

    GM “Good job, agents. I doubt we’ll need any further backup, but they’ll be on standby until we are back at the HQ either way. Wouldn’t be the first time we got this far… Either way, let’s get him back to HQ and tie this up for today, he probably won’t be spending the night at home.” Escorting Green through the building got the two agents quite a few looks, and the tension was rather high. Even if, ultimately, everybody knew better than to try and attack two federal agents. Back in the car, Bonfire awaited the three men, his head in the shape of a smiling mouth and two big eyes. “Hey buddy, been a bit, right?” Even that didn’t get any reaction from the Head of Security, who continued to not say a word, or really even move a muscle on his face, during the drive back. Once the van arrived back inside the HQ, the detained Green was given to a team that would look after him for now, while the two agents and their heroic aide met back up with Becker. “And it’s a wrap. For this assignment, at least. Shift’s about to be over too, so unless you want to stick around, you’re dismissed until tomorrow. Celebrate, I guess, we’ve finally made some progress. “
  2. ic

    GM Ph0enix joined her hands together on her lap, and looked at Leviathan, clearly intrigued. She waited for a second, then spoke, after having made sure Bonfire didn’t say anything. Which, for now, he didn’t, simply standing there and judging the situation, most likely. “Immediately moving towards negotiation, I like it. Perhaps it shows some experience in … business?” she asked, raising her eyebrow ever so slightly and closely following Leviathan’s reaction, before moving on. “It is nothing major. A group of hackers have been invading my business. Yes, ironic, I am aware. They have recently appeared on the scene, and I have barely managed to gather anything on them so far. There is not much that can be said about them, they seem adept, but I have managed to keep up so far. Business is in danger, however. A small favour is all I’m asking for. Deal with them, and I will share with you everything that may be of interest to you related to Solemn. “
  3. ic

    “All of this strikes me as fairly vital information, Ms. Snell. This changes many things, and I am sure my colleagues, if I may call the two of you that, will agree with me that it also affects our priorities. “ So it wasn’t even a proper AEGIS mission. Of course, because that’d’ve been too easy. And probably involved more east-coasters, Hakim admitted to himself. Sha’ir was still a small fish in an incredibly huge pond. And this was his chance to change that, even if it probably wouldn’t be particularly public. He paced around the ship for some time. It helped him think to walk around. Sitting still was good. Walking just did a bit more. A ship being stolen? That had to be big enough news. Something to work with. “I suggest we instead focus on the stolen ship. It should’ve been high-profile enough for something to sink through. And with our assorted suite of powers, we should be able to track a signature. A stolen warship should leave enough to be traced even through non-magical means, after all. “
  4. ic

    Uuuuuuh… Of all the reactions he’d expected, this certainly wasn’t one of them. So what was this all about? Was it just a bluff? Was there more to it? There were quite a few questions in his head. As well as some general curiousness. Clearly she knew a fair amount, if she even knew about the hands. And was able to dispel them this easily. So, what was her deal? What did she gain out of it? How was she involved in the entire thing? And just why did she think she had the right to address him like that? Sha’ir the Spellsmith was … okay, a rookie, that much was fair. But also a being of vast mystical powers, or something! And important enough. If she wanted to act all harsh, he could too. He kept his counterspell ready, able to unleash it at the first offensive action against him. Unlikely in a situation like this, but that much preparation was fair. He raised one of his hands, slowly moving it across the air in front of his body, to indicate everything he was seeing. “All of this. Shut it down.”
  5. I'll be away from my PC for 2 weeks starting Monday, and having my wisdom teeth drawn right afterwards, so posting will be irregular for the next three or so weeks I'll try to not let people wait too long, but I can't promise anything
  6. ic

    Jann looked over to Naomi. He’d learned something new, but it still seemed fair to face her whenever he’d talked to her. It also meant he could get a better look at the room without it being too obvious, as he scouted out every edge and corner, and every person sitting inside, with just a quick glance. “Was not aware of that, no. Does change things slightly, true. Brings up questions, but will address those later. “ He stepped back, to get a better look at the menus up on top, using the opportunity to get a look at the other half of the room. It wasn’t particularly obvious, but if anybody were to watch him, they’d probably see that he moved his head just a tad slower than he had to. “I will take an Apple-Kiwi-Tanger…ine, please.” The sentence had been spoken with learned cadence, his accent almost disappearing completely for the first half. Only when he had to pronounce the names of the fruits, it shined through, quite massively so at that. “
  7. “Only halfway? Just how big did you make this? I mean, it works with the story, and I completely support it, but yeah, add another whoa to the counter. “ He casually strolled towards one of the fruit, taking a single one and giving it a first, careful bite. It was a strong flavour, but a pleasant one. A bit sweet, not unlike some alcohol mixed with whatever juice or soda was available at the time. Not that Cass had ever had any, obviously, he’d … Yeah, no, he wasn’t even going to lie about that one. He’d had tasted his fair share of booze, and this one certainly places higher up than many. Which also meant that his powers got stronger, as the heat around him immediately increased slightly. “This is pretty good. Most the stuff’s gonna burn up, so I shouldn’t feel any negative effect unless this is one of the really strong ones, or I voluntarily turn it off. Pretty good stuff, gotta say. “ He returned to where he’d previously been, and looked down at his camera bag, then up at the room again. “I don’t think I can. I can’t capture this in a way that does it justice. It’d probably just look faked. Maybe of a few of the plans and animals, but that’s gonna be it. “
  8. ic

    GM She simply sat down, and waited. She looked confident, like she knew exactly what she was doing, like she had no fear of any sorts. And then, the two heroes approached. She looked up at Bonfire, and then gave a quick nod to the person accompanying him, most likely Leviathan. “Gentlemen. It’s good to see both of you made it. Or, at least, I hope so.” She added with a glance at Leviathan. “Now, then, let’s do this quickly, I have other business to attend to. I’ve got some things you’ll be interested in. Solemn, and his connections. As I mentioned, some are heating up again. Others I’ve only recently learned about. Some may not seem like much, but run deep. “ “It’s a lot of things you will be interested in, is what I’m saying. And I can give it all to you. Others … not so much. But, there is a price on all information, as the two of you are probably well aware of…”
  9. He continued to just take it in. There was so much to see here. It was a shame he’d never be able to really share it with anybody else. But just seeing it, for real, in front of his eyes, that already did it. It was, as he’d said before, like heaven. He turned his head, slowly looking at new parts of the room, to just stretch out the moment as far as he could. And at the same time, he replied. It was an interesting offer. He wasn’t entirely sure how to feel about it, but perhaps it was best to just talk, and to let the thoughts come as he did. “Oh, I’d love to. I’m not sure how often I could get down here in the first place, but, just to kinda .. calm down and relax every once in a while? Totally. Doesn’t even need to be anything more than basic access to the garden. Up to your judgement, really. It’s your work, you decide what to do with it. But I’ll gladly accept anything you offer. “
  10. I personally feel like moving towards conclusion, this has been going on for ages already, and I feel like if we'd wanted to we could drag it out to last another few years, but I feel like wrapping it up might work better.
  11. ic

    Jann looked a bit surprised at Corinne’s reaction, waiting for just a second before replying. “Do not intend to, currently, no. It does happen, yes. “ He also turned his attention towards catching up with Naomi, but seemed to just about keep up with Corinne’s pace, as he continued to face her, seemingly uninterested in whatever could be in his way. “No issues that bear mentioning. The merchants are wary of me, as are other customers. Sometimes they speak. About me, or with me. Sometimes, children point at me. I do not bear them much attention, lest they ask for it. Have spent some time demonstrating…” he spread out his wings to the full length, from close up they looked a fair bit larger than when he’d flown away. “…this. I do not hurry when making my purchases, it does not matter much. “ “Prefer not to be the subject of any photography. Still happens. “
  12. ic

    PC Once Dancia was done and had joined Bonfire at looking out towards the city, heroically, he turned back to face her. He’d seemingly recovered just fine, his head having grown to the size it usually was at once more. He didn’t reply immediately, instead waiting just a bit before replying, his tone telling of uncertainty. “Whichever one you’d prefer. I get the feeling we don’t have forever, so maybe it’s not the best time for a long story, but I’m never one to turn those down. Thinking about how we’ll get … whatever that thing is, and … well, can’t think of anything particularly smart. Any ideas from your side that go beyond “blindfold and just try it” ? “
  13. ic

    GM Sarah looked doubtful. “You know, that only raises more questions. I have no idea who you are, and how you’re involved in it all. The fact you and Bella …work together in some way doesn’t exactly help. I still have no idea what her deal is, beyond somehow being involved. “ “Not AEGIS, so … I honestly don’t even know anymore. There’s not much on him. Bit of a loner, doesn’t really communicate much beyond his work. And even there there’s some spite, I’d assume. Don’t ask me, I just relay things. As for evidence … well, how’d you all even learn about this entire thing? Whatever that is should be good enough, right?” An interesting thought. It reminded Nyberg of where everything had started, the one little bar in the Boardwalk, blood in trash bags, a day spent hiding, and a night spent fighting. It had barely been a day since, but it had felt much longer. Perhaps it was where he could find the missing piece there?
  14. ic

    Sha’ir awakened, out of what appeared to be some sort of stasis, judging by the fact he’d not moved at all. He reached out both his hands, then took a few steps forward and addressed the others. “Anne de Graff. I do not know who she is, or what she wants. She controls the air around here. A dangerous foe, if this is her power. I do not know much about sailing, but control of the very winds may mean we will be better off choosing alternate measures. “ He'd obviously gotten all the other things that had been said. He’d simply not moved, it added to the mystique, or at least he felt that way. But nobody else had to know that. And there was one way of communicating all of the previously mentioned. “What have I missed, while on my mental journey?”
  15. ic

    Suddenly, Jann landed next to the two girls. Neither of them had heard him approach until his feet touched the ground, he’d just shown up all the sudden. “Have returned, ready to leave.”. A statement which his outfit certainly supported. He was wearing a white tanktop, showing some sort of armor below it. His arms were also covered up, by a layer of darker gray material, it was hard to tell what exactly it was. Naomi had seen the armor before, but the sleeves were new. Below that, he wore a set of cargo pants. Some of the pockets seemed to be full, and he still had his belt, even if there were no weapons visible this time around. “Too warm for more clothing. “ He’d seemingly also styled his hair-feathers ever so slightly, them looking less messy than before.