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  1. 10th Anniversary Vignette: 10 Years

    October 10th, 2007 Jason Numptham Memorial School, Orange County, Vermont It was the time of the year when class presidency had to be decided. Depending on the classes, that could be anything from only one person volunteering and getting it for themselves automatically, or massive fights where the PTA had to get involved, as Ms. Dunrow knew far too well. And this one was shaping up do be one of the latter. It came down to cliques, as these things usually did. Back a few years ago that had only really started higher up, but she presumed that the amount of new media and their consumption amongst her students started leading to the massive cliques even at their age. There were two that were, for the moment just metaphorically, fighting for the position. Lena Grunman and her friends, and with them most of the girls in the class. On the other side, Trent Holmes. Recess had become quite interesting, with both groups trying to get the few undecided kids to vote for them. In a way it was good, it showed the kids what democracy was like. In a different one, it only ever led to tears and bruises. The few remaining undecided voters were mainly people that didn’t get along well with either of the two leaders. And then there was Cassidy Bauer. He was an interesting kid, to say the least. He was generally popular, even if, according to what Ms. Dunrow heard, he didn’t do much with others outside of school, instead preferring to chase after his own interests. But he’d somehow managed to get into the inner circle of both the cliques. It had gotten to the point where a few teachers started to bet, unofficially of course, on who’d get the position in the end. Her bet was on Bauer. She assumed that somehow, he’d manage to pull it around, even if most the teachers didn’t believe her. October 13th The election happened, and at first, everything seemed to go as expected by most people. Because of how the lead-up had progressed, Bauer had petitioned for a proper secret ballot election. Nobody had any objections, and there had been one unused ballot box owned by the school, so everything was set up. And then, the votes were read. Nobody seemed surprised at first when it turned out that Bauer won. When it turned out he won by getting all but three votes, it got less pleasant. Still, that didn’t discourage the newly-elected class president, who immediately stood in front of the whiteboard, and began to speak. “Thanks Guys. I’ll be sure to….” November 4th, 2017 The Stuart Center, The Theatre District, Freedom City 11:34 PM Tomorrow was Bonfire day. At least, it was, over across the pond. But that was good enough for Cassidy Bauer. It was as good a reason as any to organize an event based around himself. Was that perhaps a bit narcissistic? Yes, yes it was. It also was a good way to interact with the community, the many people he’d met through his work that weren’t colleagues, or lived to far away. Bonfire was standing inside the center’s lobby, going over all the decoration again. A big banner up top, grey with orange writing on it, read out the entire reason he was here: Bonfire Day. A convention of sorts, dedicated to himself. Paid for by the excess money he made operation Beacon LLC, which had turned out to be way more profitable than he’d thought. And also taken up way more of his time. He’d first put out feelers about it a few months ago, and it had quickly shown that the interest was there. People wanted a place they could run into and speak to their favourite online personality, after all. So, he’d gotten to work. It was a bit ridiculous, and there was a clear limit on how many people would be able to attend. For reasons of security, taxes, laws and venue space. Tickets didn’t sell out entirely, but there was a good amount of tickets being sold, and the projected income looked to just about cover the costs, with any potential revenue going to charity as he’d promised. Everything looked fine, and the colleagues he’d hired to make sure nobody hid a bomb somewhere during the night were ready, so he left, homewards. It was a big day tomorrow, he’d have to be fit. Even with the security present at the event – some of his clients who travelled a fair distance to meet him and to market themselves to his audience in person as well as some local ones – he felt like there was a risk of something going wrong. 10:04 AM So far everything was going just well. Things were as expected, and by the predicted starting time, most people had made their way through the line and security check (that much was necessary simply because of the venue). With some delay, Bonfire got up on the (reasonably small) stage, and began to speak. “Whoa. Not gonna lie, when I first started to think of this, I didn’t expect, well, this. A ton of people, some showing up from way too far away. You guys are awesome, and I’m grateful to each and every one of you. Now, instead of just standing up here and forcing you all to listen to me, which is something you can experience by just listening to my audioblog, I should probably get to the actually important stuff. …” 2:26 PM Cass navigated his way through the crowd. Exchanging a few words with people here and there, giving a quick nod to one of his clients, it was all like most other days. Instead that this time, he was Bonfire, and that everybody was here because of him. He didn’t really have anywhere to be just yet, but the signature session started soon, so he had to at least move in its general direction. He’d just finished talking to a group of Canadians as somebody approached him out of nowhere. If there ever was a reason to get somewhat stressed, that was it. The person revealed a flash drive in their hand, and only spoke a single sentence before disappearing into the crowd again. “Take this.” November 5th To Beer or not to Beer, The Theatre District, Freedom City 8:13 PM The convention had, by now moved from the centre towards the bar that had been rented out just for this purpose. It was right across the street, so moving there was no issue. And for the first time since the day had started, Bonfire had a moment of time to just slip away and have some space for himself. The flash drive had unnerved him ever since he’d gotten it. Clearly it had to be something important, unless it was a practical joke. He wasn’t carrying his laptop on him, but since this wasn’t the first time it had happened, he’d commissioned a nice little gadget he’d finally get to use. It attached to his phone and allowed him o read flash drives, while also scanning them directly for anything malicious. It took a while, whatever it was it was large. And then finally, after about a minute of the entire thing freezing, it showed up. Far too large to go through at the moment. But whatever it was, it wasn’t just a tip. It was enough to leak to a journalist of trust. He’d have to check it later on, but for now he had to get back, and outdrink a few people. November 7th A derelict underground railway station, Greenbank, Freedom City 2:22 AM It had proven to be a massive information dump dedicated to a large-scale smuggling operation. Far too detailed to be from somebody on the outside, either it was somebody directly involved, involved second-hand, or a hacker. The latter of those three was, considering the people Bonfire worked with, both the most likely, and most unsettling. Either way, it was a massive operation. The station wasn’t on any recent maps, which meant that even if usually Greenbank did get some patrols, they’d be able to sneak by most of those. There was enough manpower to be a threat to even a small team of heroes, and they’d hired out some mercs of their own. Whatever the payload was, it wasn’t mentioned. But it had to be pretty big, for this level of effort and secrecy. Whatever this was, it was clearly illegal and important enough that it couldn’t fall into the wrong hands. But coincidentally, Bonfire just so happened to have quite a few of his clients close-by, some of them forces to be reckoned with. He’d called in some additional favours too, one of the nice things about having a large amount of evidence. Everything was in position and ready to go. Bonfire let his powers do their work and created an outfit worthy of an old homeless man wandering the tunnels, and began to move in. Perhaps this was just what he needed to get back into the picture. September 17th, 2027 The Mark Lucas Theatre, The Theatre District, Freedom City 7:15 PM The Mark Lucas Theatre had sold out. After all, it was a special edition of “The Week Tonight”. Some people were still taking their seats as the dimming of the lights announced the start of the show, and after the show’s short intro playing on the screen, host Jessie Steele walked out onto the stage to the sound of (somewhat edited) loud cheering. The cameras panned around the room, from the audience onto her, as she took her seat, and finally fixed their position in such a way she was on the left and the big screen still just showing the logo was framed between her and the yet-empty chair to the right. “Hello everybody, and welcome to this week’s episode of “The Week Tonight”, hosted live in The Mark Lucas Theatre in Freedom City, NJ. “ Her tone became more serious as the screen behind her showed the next graphic. “Today is a special episode, as today marks the 3 year mark of the death of Cassidy Bauer, better known to the public as Bonfire. His friends and family have spent the last few years working in his memory, culminating in the upcoming book, “Freedom’s HOTTEST Biography”, which takes a look at his life, his stories, his flaws, and the lead-up to his death. Joining us live here in the studio to talk about the book for the first time is its primary author, and Mr. Bauer’s sister, Charlotte Bauer.” The cameras panned out again, to show a rather muscular woman, wearing a fairly rustic outfit, jeans and a flannel shirt, take the stage. She made her way across the stage to even more applause, setting down the two versions of the book on the table between the two seats, and sitting down. “Thank you for having me, Jesse. It’s a great honour to be here and honour what my brother did.” “In the introduction of the book you mention that you only learned of his identity the day of his death. Was there never any time you got suspicious?” “In hindsight, I should’ve noticed it. Of course, I didn’t see him face-to-face more than once or twice a year since I lived, and still live, back in our hometown. But him suddenly earning enough money without having much to show for his portfolio, him generally being very busy, some more concrete moments, a few of which I go into detail about in one of the chapters, there was a lot. I don’t know if it’d’ve influenced anything, but I should’ve realized it sooner. Maybe I’d’ve been able to do something.” “You mention his portfolio. As is generally known nowadays, Cassidy’s big passion was photography. To the point he actually hired himself as a photographer for his company. Was there ever any notable change in what he photographed?” “We’ve actually been working through his portfolio and all his unreleased pictures, and there’s many good ones in there. The only big change we’ve noticed so far was when he moved to Freedom City for his course. He changed from nature photography to something more artsy and abstract. But from what I can tell, nature photography remained his main discipline. He’d always spend a lot of time outdoors for that perfect picture, as long back as he’d known to use a camera. There’s also a lot of pictures that were part of his blog, where he generally claimed he’d gotten them from somebody else. “ “His blog is, of course, what made him famous in the first place. Many of his pieces are, to this day, seen as a great insight into the daily life of superheroes. Together with his company, Beacon LLC, it is currently owned by the “Bonfire Foundation”, of which you are the most outspoken member. Your foundation has done great work in supporting the victims of superpowered attacks, yet there has been some critique, claiming that what it is doing is not living up to what your brother imagined when he wrote his will. How do you respond to this claim?” “Well, Jessie, of course it is hard to tell what exactly my brother wanted. He was good at being direct when he needed to, but in this case, he wasn’t. Knowing him better than the people who are making these claims, I can tell that he left it open for a reason. He wanted to improve the public, and with our work we feel we are doing what he wrote down that day. I believe he knew he wouldn’t survive, and that he ….. Meanwhile Firuzhok, Chaghcharan District, Afghanistan A dark room, the glimmering of a CRT TV lighting it up. “Oh sis, if only you knew…”
  2. Room of Danger

    Totally up for that, but don't overdo yourself, I can wait!
  3. [IC] Freedom of Information

    GM Bonfire nodded. “Alright” And slowly walked up to the seats, carrying himself with confidence. The two had to get past some dancing people first, coming across a surprising amount of diversity in the type of people that were attending. It was a bit strange to see people in suits dancing and talking next to people in badly fitting, worn clothes. But apart from a few looks of curiosity, the two didn’t raise much attention, and soon reached the seat. Bonfire extended both his arms outwards and began to approach the man, speaking at the same volume that he usually did, fairly loud. “Ah, mon ami, there you are!” The man tilted his head somewhat but waved the two closer, at which point Bonfire spoke a lot more quietly. ”We have contacted you, we are looking for the help you and your friends can offer. “ The man leaned back, seemingly pretty relaxed (even if there was some uncertainty on his face), and began to talk. “Clearly you’re not from ‘round here. And you’re paying big bucks. So what’s your goal? Who’re you looking to hit up? “
  4. Room of Danger

    I haven't actually played my PCs in way too long, so if you're up for throwing something the way of Bonfire or Jann, I'd be totally up for that
  5. As always, if you spot any mistakes tell me and I'll fix them as soon as possible. A few people didn't post their counts this month, but because it wasn't too much and I'm a benelovent overlord (for now), I added them in too. alderwitch Bombshell: 2 Posts -> 1 PP Nighthawk: 4 Posts -> 1 PP Psyche: 0 Posts + Guidepoint -> 1 PP Sofía Orellana: 3 Posts -> 1PP angrydurf Ace Danger: 0+1 Posts -> 1PP Kaunu: 0+1 Posts -> 1PP Ouroboros: 0+1 Posts + Refpoint + Vignette -> 12PP Sandman: 0+1 Posts -> 1PP Savant: 1 Posts -> 1PP Ari The Speaker: 1 Posts -> 1 PP Red Moon: 1 Posts -> 1 PP The Salmon: 2 Posts -> 1 PP Hyperslice: 1 Posts -> 1 PP Avenger Assembled Edge: 6 Posts -> 1 PP [Rollover] Citizen: 1 Posts -> 1 PP [Rollover] Harrier: 5 Posts -> 1 PP [Rollover] Comrade Frost: 1 Posts -> 1 PP Sea Devil: 6+9 Posts -> 2 PP Woodsman: 15 -> 2 PP Lady Horus: 3+22 Posts -> 3 PP Blarghy Adept: 6 Posts -> 1 PP Leviathan 8+8 Posts + Guidepoint -> 3 PP Electra Wander: 2 Posts -> 1 PP [Rollover] Miss Americana: 3 Posts -> 1 PP [Rollover] Hologram: 1 Posts -> 1 PP Sparkler: 32 Posts -> 3 PP EternalPhoenix Queenie: 0 + 25 Posts -> 3 PP Pacer: 0 Posts + Vignette -> 10 PP Terrifica: 1 Posts + Vignette -> 11 PP Waverider: 0 + 3 Posts -> 1 PP EviscerusNox Prince Ak’kar: 2 Posts -> 1 PP Spitfire: 25 + 26 Posts -> 4 PP Exaccus Doctor Deoxy: 2 + 3 Posts + Vignette -> 11 PP Facsimile: 6 posts -> 1 PP Fox Dragonfly: 4 Posts -> 1 PP [Rollover] Eclipse: 2 Posts + Refpoint -> 2 PP Grim: 7 Posts -> 1 PP Gremlin: 4 Posts -> 1 PP Wraith: 2 Posts -> 1 PP Gizmo Jack of all Blades: 27 Posts -> 3 PP [Rollover] Midnight II: 1 Posts -> 1 PP [Rollover] Ghost Girl: 3 Posts -> 1 PP [Rollover] Reagent: 8 Posts -> 1 PP [Rollover] Lou Lubrano: 2+39 Posts + Refpoint -> 4 PP Heritage Grimalkin: 7 Posts -> 1 PP [Rollover] Miracle Girl: 2 Posts -> 1 PP Ditra Fifty-Five: 0 Posts + Rollover -> 1 PP Little Jo The Ride: 2 Posts -> 1 PP LordHamster Mirror: 2 Posts -> 1 PP Nick Ardent: 4+1 Posts + Staffpoint -> 2 PP Willow: 1 Posts -> 1 PP [Rollover] Olopi - Sailor Torpedo Lass: 3 Posts -> 1 PP Sophistemon Presto the Preposterous: 1 Posts -> 1 PP Upgrade: 1 Posts -> 1 PP Punchline: 0+4 Posts -> 1 PP Supercape Bloody Mess: 0+1 Posts -> 1 PP Flintlock: 10+15 Posts -> 3 PP Lord Steam: 0+1 Posts -> 1 PP Ronin: 2 Posts -> 1 PP Starshot: 0+25 Posts -> 3 PP Synth: 0+1 Posts -> 1 PP The Red Rat: 2+13 Posts + Vignette -> 12 PP TheAbsurdist Asad: 2 Posts -> 1 PP Bliss: 0+1 Posts -> 1 PP Errant: 0+3 Posts -> 1 PP Zenith: 5 Posts + Refpoint -> 2 PP ThunderKing Prism: 2 Posts -> 1 PP Tiffany Korta Blodeuwedd: 4 Posts + Refpoint -> 2 PP Doctor Thorne: 0+1 Posts -> 1PP Frostbyte: 5 Posts -> 1 PP Miss Grue: 0 + 1 Posts -> 1PP Ms. Britannia: 0 + 1 Posts -> 1PP Revenant: 1 Posts -> 1 PP [Rollover] The Scarab III: 0+1 Posts -> 1 PP The Traveller: 0+1 Posts -> 1 PP Triakosia: 1 Posts -> 1 PP [Rollover] Voin Zhenschina: 1 Posts -> 1 PP Tipop Professor Peculiar: 1 Posts -> 1 PP Trollthumper Nick Cimitiere: 1 Posts -> 1 PP [Rollover] Temperance: 0+1 Posts -> 1 PP Vorik Mannequin: 5 Posts -> 1 PP Zeitgeist Blue Salvo: 3 Posts -> 1 PP
  6. Active Threads for October 2017

    Bonfire None Barrier None + Vignette Bird of Arms Gun Run (17) Sha'ir the Spellsmith None GM Diaspora: The Trek Outwards (2) Freedom of Information (1) Diaspora: Tales of Terran Travellers (1) Trade Terminal Trouble (1) Allocation: One PP to Bonfire and Sha'ir Refpoint to Barrier
  7. [IC] Hot Off the Presses

    GM Bonfire nodded (which, with his head looked quite weird), and just began to move towards the hidden door, checking out the wall to see if there was any sort of mechanism that he could use. Of course, brute force was always an option. The infrastructure, for it’s part, didn’t seem extraordinary. It was old-timey, nothing digital. Output probably wasn’t amazing, and there currently wasn’t any paper inside the machine, with a few large rolls ready to go once necessary tucked into a corner. It was only on closer inspection that Dancia realized something was off, and even then it was only thanks to her particular vision. There was no ink inside the machine. It wasn’t visible from the outside, with the indicator that showed it fixed to somewhere around 60% even though the tanks themselves were empty. Closer inspection revealed a modification that had fixed the indicator. But even when taking a look at the rest of the machine it was the only thing that stuck out.
  8. [IC] Diaspora: The Trek Outwards

    GM There was no response of any sort. The gunfire didn’t even stop while Ak’kar was talking. A few radio messages confirmed that people had heard it, but that it hadn’t affected the situation. The crew did their best to keep their cool, some administering first-aid, others making sure that everything was under control and updating people over the radio. One of the doors leading into the bridge opened, immediately making everybody grab for, and point, their guns at the door. Two crew members, both looking somewhat injured, stepped through, one with his weapon raised outwards, firing off a shot, the other dragging one of the refugees. He also looked injured, but wasn’t struggling. As the door closed behind them, and the one holding the gun just dropped onto his knees from fatigue, the other one began to address Ak’kar. “Ah, captain, great to see you! It all started pretty fast, we made our way here as we saw this one about to have a gun pointed at his head. Interrupted them and brought him here, but we can’t really communicate, and he’s not doing too well.”
  9. [IC] Freedom of Information

    GM Without really doing anything noticeable, Bonfire placed himself in the background. Leviathan was the one who’d do the bribing, and as far as he could tell, there was no need to help with that. He gauged the bouncer’s reaction, staying quiet as the large man looked down at the cash, eyebrows raised. A few moments of consideration, before grabbing the money and stepping out of the way. “Welcome. Behave yourselves.” And with that, the money had disappeared into his jacket’s pocket. The two heroes made their way inside, where they entered what looked like a pretty generic nightclub. A bar had been set up, there was an elevated area that offered some seating. The dancefloor took up most of the remaining space, and a DJ, masked and wearing some sort of bodysuit, was in the corner. So far, there weren’t too many people inside. Most were dressed in regular street clothes, with a few sticking out in either direction fanciness wise. Some were dancing, a lot were hanging around, and a few were up at the seats. Where one person was typing on a laptop. Bonfire nudged his ally and pointed up at the laptop. Even now, whispering, he was keeping up his accent. “Think that’s our guys signalling it. I’ll approach them if you don’t have any concerns. “
  10. Moon-Moth (PL10/11) - Exaccus

    Archived at player request
  11. 10th Anniversary Vignette: 10 Years

    2010 Years Ago Nuhal Building, Gayaza Training Academy, Lyanka The trainees took their seats. Each of them was a soldier of the highest class, one attempting to join the prestigious special forces of Lyanka, which would directly lead to them moving off-world as part of the Empire’s military. Their backgrounds were as different as their looks, and everything from the upstart rookie to the veteran looking to extend his knowledge were present. What connected them was their ultimate goal, their loyalty, and their skill. They had not heard much about this upcoming lesson. Just that it was a crucial part, and that the lecturer would be somebody important. There had been some rumours. The High Commander? One of the Councillors of Elders? Or somebody slightly less important? Most assumed the latter. Not many assumed it was a contemporary of theirs, and there was some surprise as Kresh Melek, the first Lyankan member of the Praetorians and wielder of the Shield of Elmega stepped through the door. While she was not as well known as Lyanka’s leaders, especially outside of the military, she was respected and adored by most her fellow soldiers, even if she was younger than many of them. She was seen as one of the best on her field, she’d led the troops of Lyanka before, and while she refused to become part of the command staff, it was no question that she would probably be able to influence matters if she felt like it. Getting trained by her directly was an opportunity not many would refuse. It was not a long course, but it still was something not many got to do, and learning from somebody who likely saw more action than the entire rest of the army could do a lot more than more theoretical excercises. Kresh had gotten the offer as she was currently revisiting her home, after a mission that had gone slightly sideways. She needed some time to recover, the death of her source and three others were something that she couldn’t just ignore. She’d felt her power waver, her shield abandon her. Perhaps the Elders would know, they had more experience than her. They’d suggested the lesson, probably influenced by the High Commander’s requests in the first place. But perhaps they were right, perhaps talking about her mistakes and how to avoid them was what she needed. Of course, it would have to be less specific. She’d been in enough of these situations that she had some idea of what she could say, situations to talk about. Avoiding unnecessary damage and casualties sounded easy, and was already a bit part of training. But executing it was a different matter. All eyes turned to her as she entered the room, it was time to start then. “You are pursuing a group of pirates as you learn that they planted more bombs than you knew of, what do you do? You have 5 seconds.” 2017 Terran Time Resshok Refugee Camp, Sharahazad Sector The Sharahazad Crisis, as it had been dubbed, had only worsened ever since it began. While more things came to light every day, more refugees arrived too. And the infrastructure which had barely been able to cope in the beginning was by now at the point where just anything was seen as a success. Fortunately, the galactic community as a whole had proven to be helpful, even if many of them pursued their own goals in this. Kresh Melek was among the many that had travelled towards the Sharahazad sector thanks to the crisis. Her reason to be there was slightly different than that of most, however. She was there to keep the peace, mainly. Between the influx of desperate people, the opportunities that presented themselves, and other factors, the threat of armed conflict was always present. And while she couldn’t prevent that, she could deal with incidents that may light a fuse, while others dealt with the larger scale through diplomacy. She was best when she was directly participating in the action. So, she’d arrived at Resshok. It was an old station that a rich Asshui entrepreneur had towed towards the sector and offered as a temporary stay to the many that were arriving. But the rumours were concrete enough to call her into action. Shoo, the entrepreneur, was already surrounded by some controversy. And this all seemed like a great front for some criminal activity. At this point everybody was strained, any small thing could break the camel’s back and set off a chain reaction. So, she had to figure out if anything would happen soon. Her arrival would set off warning bells, but denying her a chance to visit the camp and help would’ve probably set off more. She was not greeted in any special way, whoever was in charge clearly having some idea of what was happening. And while it was true she was there mainly to investigate, that wasn’t all. She was also there because she was going to help out with the crisis. It just so happened that these people also generally kept their ears open and knew what was going on. It was the first time she saw the situation with her own eyes. Before she’d unfortunately been fully tied up in matters on a large Lor world, which had taken too long for her taste, but seemed to finally had slowed down enough to warrant her turning her attention towards different matters. It was, much as she’d expected, dire. Even this apparently fairly wealthy camp was living off of the bare minimum. Rations were the absolute minimum, and she could tell that even with all that was happening, there was only so long they would last. The station grew some supplies, but Barrier had seen these situations enough times to know it was only a matter of time before those would be unable to keep up. In fact, that seemed to already have happened, as she overheard people talking about missing plants. Right on the first day of her stay. It was almost too lucky. She readied herself for whatever was to come next, while beginning to pursue. 4 days later The trail was not cold, but she couldn’t really make any progress pursuing it either. It was there, she, and enough others could see that. Most had their suspicions, she decided to hold off for now, at least outside of her thoughts. Still, whatever time she had while not helping the locals, she spent listening into conversations, peeking into hidden areas, and building up a network of information. Finally, in the late evening, something happened. A tip, delivered through a note. Anonymously. Was it a trap? Probably. But those generally pointed one in the right direction. So it was a risk she was willing to take. It spoke of a meeting, hidden inside one of the dockyards. A place she couldn’t really get into, stealth was not her strong-suit and she was too well known to inconspicuously pass by. She’d have to send in somebody and just be ready to get involved. And even that was too risky, she wouldn’t risk the life of anybody. Perhaps there still was a way, perhaps somebody she could call on was in the same part of space… 2027 Terran Time Osshrak Commerical Station, Edge of the Orto Nebula The Governor took the stage. The masses were cheering, and the security detail got into position. Two next to him, and two on either side, protecting him from everybody that could come up from below. It was completely safe. Or at least, that was what she’d assured him. Barrier knew full well what was about to happen. The rumours had been perfect. She’d been investigating the governor for a long time, and had managed to get trusted enough to be his head of security not too long ago. It was clear enough that he was all kinds of corrupt. But bringing him down would prove to be difficult, he managed to tie up all loose ends. Or, would have proven. She had in fact not engineered the bounty on his head. But the rumours of Starseeker coming to claim it were just perfect. She could finish off two loose ends at once. She’d called in as much support as she could muster. Between the station security that was already on call for the event and herself, that would be enough to take him in. It was not just officers with sidearms. She’d seen how effective those were against him. No, she’d called in the big guns. Even if he’d escape the arena somehow, there were multiple gunships parked nearby and ready to go. And then that mad chase would finally be over. She’d been chasing him for so long now, it all ending was a strange feeling. The Governor began to speak. The longer he went on, the more anxious Barrier got. Was her intel incorrect? Would he not show up? Had he somehow heard of what she’d planned? And then the winged silhouette dropped from the ceiling. Barrier gave herself a sigh of relief, before getting ready. It went as planned. The guards she’d hand-picked for the assignment proved their worth, they were unable to keep up, by the time they realized what had happened, the governor’s lifeless body had already hit the ground. Perfect. She knew him. Now that it was done, he’d retreat backwards. Summoning a barrier large enough to cover the entire arena took some effort, but now instead of escaping, he just crashed into it. It was time to reveal herself. “Starseeker, it ends here!” The guards on the stage, as well as the ones that were with her behind the stage began to close in. They were replaceable, she didn’t count on them to manage anything. But they would slow him down a bit. She, for one, had fought him enough times to know to keep her distance. As expected, the guards didn’t do much more than what Barrier had expected, acting as the role of glorified punching bags. Starseeker fought through them with an ease she that only pronounced why she’d been chasing him for so long, an ease she’d not seen the likes of in her entire career. She regretted some of her choices back in the day, but now was not the time for that. Everything was going according to plan. By now, the various mercenaries she’d snuck into the crowd had revealed themselves, and more began to come in through every entrance. He could deal with a few guards, but not with multiple crews of pirates, a few paramilitary organizations and two Oog’ol Warbands. At this point, she let the spirits return. She no longer needed the barrier, the trap was sprung. Slowly, she approached him. Even after everything he’d done, everything that had happened, killing him was a last-resort option. Partially because he was wanted in so many places, partially because Barrier understood his potential. There still was a chance. The mercenaries had assumed their agreed-upon position. At this point an entire army’s worth of weaponry was pointed at Starseeker. A single command would’ve been enough to permanently get rid of him, and the temptation was high. She was about to give the command, everything else be damned, but there was a part of her that couldn’t. He drew his weapon. The mercenaries had already split to let her through, and the two of them stared down, like they had many times before. She did not need to tell him to yield. They both knew what happened next, words would only waste their breath. And then, once more, it started. Even after all this time he could not get through her defense. They’d each learned the other’s capabilities. Neither could land more than a glancing blow, and both could carry on for as long as they needed. She thanks to her body, him thanks to his injections. He conserved his energy, not doing much to attack. And then, it the middle of an exchange, a twitch in his foot. She immediately realized what he was trying to do, and moved to counteract it, pushing her weight downwards. All of his force connected upwards. It was a cocky move on his side, and she felt that she had control of the situation. Her shield mount was a piece of sacred lyankan technology. And then, a rattling sound. A crack. She raised her arm, to grab onto the shield, but wasn’t fast enough. It had already been propelled away. This was just what he needed, she could not let him get anywhere, immediately chasing after her shield. It was too heavy to fly far, fortunately. It meant turning her back on him, but it was still less risky than what would happen if she didn’t. The sound of two explosions, one from the ceiling. It meant one thing. “KILL ORDER!” This was how it would end. In the end, he would win the battle, but the war would end here. As the grabbed her shield she turned back around, just to see him getting torn apart by the gunship. He’d charged straight into it. She could see the blood drip down, as she grabbed onto her shield directly, having to sacrifice some mobility because of the broken mount. But he didn’t die. He pushed onwards. In a way it was remarkable, as he took care of the gunship in a single attack. She’d not expected this to happen, but she’d taken the necessary measures. He could survive one, but not an entire squadron. For her part, she had to readjust to her shield before chasing just yet, but could feel her power returning. More gunshots from outside. So this was it then, she wouldn’t even get to see his last moments. It was almost sad, but then the distress call arrived. She shot forwards, not in full control of her power, just in time to see the hijacked gunship run away, just outside her range. But she was just as fast as one of them. The pilot would have to help himself, she had more important things to deal with.
  12. Gun Run

    Notice: 1d20+9 19
  13. Gun Run

    Jann will just use his move action to move upwards and to look around, in order to spot any side-entrances, arriving vehicles or similar things!
  14. Gun Run

    The sudden appearance of water was just what Jann needed. Not only did it help contain the fire, and make it much more easy to move, but it would also cool down everything. Including him. And right now, that was appreciated. Still, he couldn’t do too much. He had to be careful, one wrong step could lead to a situation he did not want to find himself in. There was the situation of the backup. Where would they come from? Was it this part of the building, or was there perhaps a different entrance? Was it a getaway? Chasing her now, only for her to get away through a different exit, would just waste his energy. So instead of entering the building, he instead rose directly up into the sky, positioning himself above the casinos’ roof so that he could see whatever was happening surrounding it.
  15. Gun Run

    And then, there was a second attack. Jann was still catching his breath, feeling the strain of the previous encounter, when the cloud flaring up a second time caught him slightly off-guard. He managed to act fast enough to avoid the blinding light, at the very least. But when it came to dodging the rest of the cloud, he didn’t react as well, and he could feel the heat surround him, making him even more uncomfortable. He did his best to continue breathing at a reasonable pace, but he knew that doing any more than that in this situation would only place him in danger further. So instead, he took a moment to recover his energy, and to calculate his next manoeuvre. The backup would soon be here. And his enemy had a defendable position. It didn’t look too good, all things considered.