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  1. ic

    GM It took some time to walk back to the flat. It wasn’t too far away considering the size of the city, but it still was big enough a distance that walking took some time. Not many people walked around this early on a Sunday, apart from some church-goers, so Synth managed to get from place to place without much interference. She arrived at her home soon after, and after having made sure nobody was watching, entered. And after about forty minutes, an entirely different face, wearing much more sophisticated clothes, left. She’d looked up the location of K&W’s main offices, only to find out, that, unfortunately, they were a fair distance removed, up in Wading Way. Walking would take at least until Noon, which probably wasn’t preferable. The Monorail stopped close to their offices, but it was an expensive way to travel. Freedom’s bus services were cheaper, but it was the bus services. They’d probably be mostly fine this early in the day, but they did have a certain reputation…
  2. ic

    GM 8:22 AM AEGIS had spent the entire night searching for Synth. Yet, through a cunning mix of hiding and disguise, Synth had managed to avoid them, with one incident where her cover had almost been blown. Still, she came through, and managed to even get some rest in the time until AEGIS would begin investigating her claims. It happened later than she’d expected, and hoped, but such was bureaucracy. Still, after a few hours of lying in wait in various places, Synth could see more and more AEGIS vehicles making their way towards the building she’d now escaped out of twice. Cars approached, doing their best to stay inconspicuous as usual. And even when she approached in her current disguise, she did not get stopped. There no longer was a perimeter, or any sign thereof. The only thing that remained were some of the vans, parked alongside lots of other vehicles, but standing out to all those that knew what they had to look for.
  3. Bonfire Streaming Live January 31st 2017 Yo, check it dude, got chosen to be the guy to cover the big opening tomorrow Big opening? Embassy for the Atlanteans. It’s been all over the news this week, man, are you not reading any or what? Sorry, been a bit busy job-hunting to read all the news : p Look, my offer still stands, I can see if I can’t get them to hire you. We can always use more photographers, and you’ve got some experience I’ll consider it, still not sure about that Your loss. Do you actually own a TV? If not, go get your ass to a TV store or something, won’t be seeing me onscreen all that often after tomorrow probably Unless you do a really good job, right? True. The big reason I’m on this is cuz the guy that was planned to do it quit. So yea, maybe Well, good luck man. If ya need anything, gimme a ring, and I’ll see what I can help with Nothing? JK, but c’mon man : p You too, bud. Cassidy Bauer was pretty happy to hear that. Eric was one of his best friends here in FC, and him getting the chance to do something big was quite cool. The two had met back during Cass’ short stint at FreeSA. Erik was a journalism student, and the two of them just gelled and got along great when they met in the café close by. They still kept up a fair amount of contact and met up every once in a while, even if Cass had to pretend to be busy somehow. Sure, he trusted Erik, but Erik also was a journalist, and those didn’t need to know any secret identities unless it was necessary. By now, Eric had a cushy job with one of the city’s newspapers, while Cass was still struggling through the limbo that was unemployment (or so he claimed). He didn’t own a TV, that much was right. But he knew some places that did. Some places that would also be showing the Embassy’s opening. Cass had, in fact, done his research. It was one of the biggest, if not the biggest, events of the month, and there’d been enough chit-chat about it on the ‘net. Enough to be concerned, as some people claimed the entire thing could go south. Trolls and Doomsayers, hopefully. February 1st 2017 5:20 PM All voices inside the café went quiet one moment to the next. The reporters had just set foot off the boat (and yes, Eric was amongst them, Cass had in fact spotted him in the back), and then, all the predictions Cass had read came true. So, it hadn’t been a bunch of conspiracies. So, there was something bad about to go down. So, one of his best friends was currently stuck right at the epicentre of it all. One of his best, unpowered, friends, even. Nobody really knew what to say when the King’s message came through. And nobody wanted to be the first person to break the silence. That was, until Cassidy Bauer got up in a hurry, knocking over the chair he’d been sitting on. He turned towards the register, smacked a ten-dollar bill onto the table, and ran to the door. He was acting on instinct, just running. Running to some place he could easily change, a place he could drop his current equipment and store it. And even then, what was he supposed to do? It all was happening outside the city, out on the ocean. He had no way of making it there quickly. And even if he did, he still was Bonfire. Bonfire, whose big weakness was water. Still, there had to be something he could do. Anything, really, and it if just was … something. He didn’t know. He continued to run down the streets, trying to find a suitable place to change, and really not getting lucky. He was carrying too much equipment on him to just abandon it. His phones, his laptop … That thought created a spark in his brain. Perhaps he was in no position to help at the scene, but there was something he could do. After all, he was Bonfire. Freedom’s HOTTEST. The Burning Blogger. (He’d not chosen that one, but it wasn’t bad). The man who could reach thousands. It was time to try that one feature HeroHouse had added a few weeks ago. He ducked into an alley, and Bonfire reappeared on the other side, phone in hand. Three clicks later, and he was streaming life. If everything went well, all his accounts would redirect to this stream. And that was what he needed right now. To reach as many people as possible. The first ones appeared after just a few seconds. “Hey everyone. No time for the proper greeting. I’m sure you’ve all seen it. I don’t know exactly what’s going on, but I know what I have to do. I can’t go out to Lonely Point, and I won’t. Not because I don’t want to, no. Some good friends of mine are out there right now, and I’m really worried about them. No, I’m not gonna go because I would only make myself a liability. “ “This is Freedom City. Atlantis knows who they picked a fight with. They know that any second, people will come to stop them. But, not all of us can do that. I trust my colleagues – my friends, that they can handle whatever is going down off the coast. But that doesn’t mean it’ll all be fine. We, the people who can’t fight them, are the ones who have the hardest part in this all. We can’t make ourselves liabilities. I need all of you that live close to the coast here in FC to get out, to evacuate. Help those who can’t do it on their own, then get out. “ “Stay safe everyone. If you know people in the area, call them. Make sure everybody gets out. We don’t know what comes next. And should they attempt to come into the city, I will be there, on the frontlines. You make sure everybody gets out, and I’ll cover the retreat. He said it. This is war. And if they bring war to my city, to all of you, I will be there. I’ll only be a bump in the road to them. But if that’s what it takes to slow them down enough for everybody to evacuate, then so be it. I’ll make sure it’s one hell of a bump. “ “Keep safe everyone, no matter where on the planet you are. And remember: Stay Hot, Bonfire out!” That stopped the stream. It was a short one. But it would be accessible from the archives. And it sent an alert to everybody. Hopefully that’d be enough. It was the easy part. The hard part came now. It was time to be one hell of a speed bump…
  4. ooc

    Oh, I'd missed that at first! Well, so much for that then!
  5. ic

    GM “Some basic information. Male, in his thirties, has some contacts to a few underground scenes of varying legalities. Apparently a big fan of the UWL. Not sure that’ll help, but it’s one of the things I was told. Works an office job with a construction company, I think. That, the area we’re in and the fact it’s on the third floor make me bet on “rented”. “ There was not much in terms of noise coming from inside the building. From the basement, Dancia could hear the power, heating, and washing machines. And further up, on the second-topmost floor, the sounds of children playing. And beneath that, the sound of a woman. “He’s in … Singapore right now. Sent me a message earlier today, you know how it is, timezones. He’s already in bed probably. Unless his flight’s today, in which case he might be on his way home already. I should actually …” A quick glance revealed that she was on her phone, pacing around the room while two young children, one perhaps even classifying as a toddler, were in the room with her. The apartment belonging to the missing person was easy to figure out with what Bonfire had said. Quite a few posters, some actually framed. Other than that, it looked like the standard one-person apartment. Fairly clean, no unwashed dishes or clothes on the ground. But nothing that was an obvious clue…
  6. ooc

    Could you give me a Constitution + Endurance (and other stami-related things that might work) DC20 check to see how well Synth's body is holding up?
  7. ic

    GM The climb was not an easy one. There were some handholds, but thanks to the light condition, even spotting those took valuable time. Valuable time, during which Synth’s muscles grew more and more exhausted. Even his body would not be able to last forever, and the weight of the entire day was starting to show itself. It was not bad yet, but it was starting to appear, and that wasn’t the best position to be in right now. The station appeared to be a rather small one. From what Synth could tell from the first glance while descending, it only served one line, with only two tracks in total. The room was rather small, and he could already spot the escalators, connecting the station with the world above. Slowly, he descended. One step at a time, managing a few feet a minute. Still, after some time he made his way to the station. It probably cost him most of his lead, but from here on out, there were a lot of places he could go to. Of course, there still was the issue of them potentially recognizing his clothes…
  8. ic

    GM As Synth made her way through the sewers trying to find one of the few hatches, she could soon hear the sound of boots, slowly walking through the water, behind her. They were far removed, she had more than enough time. But the sewers made it all sound a lot louder than it was, so it felt a lot closer. She continued to run, and, after about a minute of searching, managed to come across one. Immediately, she slipped through and closed it behind her. Would it be enough to fool them? Perhaps. It would certainly buy her some more time. The inside was dark and cramped. Both things Synth was becoming a lot more used to. As she made her way forward, she came across a fair amount of spider-webs, and at least twice some of the local wildlife ran away from her. Judging by all that, and the place’s general look, nobody had been in this particular shaft for quite a while. After some time of fighting her way through, she found the other end. It led into a subway shaft, but Synth could see the station, only perhaps one hundred feet down. The lights were turned off, only some safety lights still bruning. It was clean, so it clearly was still in use, but it appeared to be closed for the night…
  9. ic

    PC The messages had been the first thing Cass had seen in the morning. He’d gotten up, checked his phone, noticed something was off, and there they’d been. Just, there. Had he gotten hacked again? He’d specifically commissioned a few people he knew to get him a new, upgraded, security system after the Solemn Incident. And yet, here he was again, another hacker getting access. Immediately afterwards, he sent his messages to Leviathan. He probably had a tighter schedule, so knowing it early was a good thing. And only once all that had been done (and Cass had checked a few other things), he got up. He probably had a long day ahead of him, so he decided not to dress up today. If he’d wore actual clothes the chance of them getting lost was too high. And after a few cups of coffee, Cassidy Bauer left his apartment. He still had most of the day, and he had to do something. “Want to meet up before then and go over stuff? We might find something. Otherwise I’ll probably just patrol for a bit. “
  10. ic

    GM Synth managed to clear the perimeter he’d scouted in barely any time. By the time he’d done so, one car had managed to follow him down the street, but it didn’t fit through all of them, so he shook it off without much further issue. And while the agents in it got out to chase after him, he once more changed the direction he was going in. And then, downwards. A quick glance to make sure nobody watched him, and he soon was down in the depths of Freedom’s sewer system. Would he stumble across anything down here? It was hard to tell, but from above he could hear the faint rotations of, almost certainly, a helicopter, so it probably was the right choice. He continued running, doing his best to ignore the sewer’s assault on his senses. Perhaps they’d think as far as to follow him down here, perhaps they wouldn’t. Still, he was moving away from the building, so they would have to catch up to him if they did.
  11. “Huh. No idea. Making sure his goons won’t grab it and dash is probably a good bet, yeah. Strikes me as the kind of person who’d have a few failsafes in place for that stuff. Still … how big a bug are we talking here? Because it doesn’t really look like that thing has a lot of space to use, so if he’d used amounts of it on just tracking, that’d mean he was serious about this. And that’d bring up the question of why…” And that’s when it struck Cass. This wasn’t over yet. Sure, Solemn was locked behind bars. But if he’d prepared as well as it sounded like, he had some plans. Some things were still to come. This wouldn’t be somebody that just disappeared. This’d come back to strike again some more… Great. “He probably has plans. I doubt that was the last we’ve seen of him. Still, not much use in worrying about that if we don’t know anything about it beyond some suspicions. So, you mentioned the bridge? “
  12. ooc

    Attack: 6#1d20+4 22 10 15 23 21 19 That's three more hits, as they struggle to keep up with Synth's movement. DC 16 again
  13. ic

    GM Bullets made their way towards Synth from all directions, as two people did their best to keep him in their flashlights. A difficult enough task, as he moved with grace and speed, managing to avoid most of the gunfire headed his way. Most, but not all. Still, he kept running. And while more bullets struck, he also managed to duck down the first alley. It would be a momentary relief at best, but it meant he’d created some obstacles between him and most of the guns. And without pausing, he continued onwards, away from the building, away from AEGIS. Judging from the sounds behind him, some people were getting into their vehicles and driving off, while others were pursuing on foot. And a lot were speaking or shouting into their radios, or possibly at each other. Still, they couldn’t keep up with Synth, not when he weaved through the streets like this.
  14. ooc

    Attack: 2#1d20+6 25 18 Okay, so one person will actually manage to hit, so that'll be a DC 16 Toughness Save