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  1. Player Away Thread

    I will be completely gone next week, as I travel to the Land of Dragons, seeking glorious battle, booze, and probably untimely death! I should hopefully be back by Sunday/Monday though.
  2. [IC] Gone Hawking

    GM The fire was still burning. And it still wasn’t an ordinary fire. It burned way too fast, what would’ve usually sustained a fire for hours was gone within minutes. Which was both good and bad. Good in that, by now, a lot of the area surrounding the cave had burned almost completely, some fires still scattered around, but the majority of the fire had pushed further outwards. Bad in that it meant more and more of the forest was burning to the ground. Wharton was a large forest, but if this went on for much longer, it would be a not-insignificant amount of area lost. And somewhere, past the smoke, the creature was still walking around. Apparently empowered by what was happening? Jann ripped off one of his shirt’s sleeves, and tied it around his face, in order to create at least some protection. “No time to waste.” Then, he jumped into the water once more, and began to swim back towards the outside. Riley followed. The water had heated up a bit, but swimming was easy enough. Outside, Jann was crouched on the ground, his partially white wings not exactly helping his cover. “Lead the way, will follow on the ground”
  3. [OOC] Freedom of Information

    The previous one will be enough, no need to roll more than necessary!
  4. [IC] Freedom of Information

    GM There was no such thing as Club Mayhem anywhere on the internet. There was one club in FC carrying said name, but it had closed in late 2010, so it clearly wasn’t what they were looking for. The building it had been in had been scrapped and replaced with an office building. There wasn’t much mention of it anywhere either. The darknet, on the other hand, revealed some things. It took a lot longer to find anything, and even then, it usually was through a variety of workarounds. The thing ones was looking for was never easy to find. Unless it was weapons, or drugs. Club Mayhem was not a location, as much as it was a concept. It moved around, various places, only ever revealed through a variety of back channels, only hours before the actual events. Every Friday. It seemed to be the place for all sorts of illegal events. More than a few of the hits Leviathan had originally gotten for club Mayhem were related to black market sites, who passed the goods there. “I’m starting get the feeling they take this all very serious. Any idea how we’ll get inside?”
  5. [IC] Gone Hawking

    PC Jann woke up fairly fast, only barely opening his eyes at first, something that would probably have gone unnoticed if Riley hadn’t been looking directly at him. Then, Jann sat up, pushing himself into a comfortable position, leaning against the wall. “Thank you. “ He didn’t look particularly affected by the previous attack, and there wasn’t any visible blood. Still, the way he was sitting suggested his body hadn’t brushed it off completely. “It was faster than last time. “ He looked at the water, then back at Riley. “Too much fire, then. Not good. Learned it will get stronger the more it burns. If not stopped, it will be too powerful. “ He moved to stand up, his body somewhat shaky, even if Jann was clearly working to supress that. “Cannot let it get stronger. “
  6. “I, for once, am not incredibly surprised. Still amazed, but not as surprised as before. Big emphasis on the as, mind you. Because wow, you really went all the way. “ He walked around the room a bit, looking at some of the equipment, before approaching the plants on the wall to get a closer look at them. “Here’s ones I’m not gonna try. “ He laughed, turned around, and walked past some of the doors and cabinets. “I guess these store all the other stuff? And as you mentioned, the doors are more specialized. Not that I understand anything beyond basic first aid, so even if it wasn’t alien, I couldn’t do much with the stuff in here.” “Don’t get me wrong, this is easily as amazing, if not more so, than the other rooms. I guess the very visible amazement does wear down a bit after some time, but still, this stuff’s amazing. I guess I kinda hope I won’t end down here too often, too? Medical anything isn’t something I like to be at too often. “ he laughed once more, while returning back to the room’s centre.
  7. [IC] Gone Hawking

    GM It was close. For the last stretch, Riley could feel the heat behind him. More than once, he had to dodge a falling branch, some getting far too close for comfort. But then, the River. It was not very deep, nor very wide. But he could already see where he had to dive, and it would not be far. Swimming while carrying somebody wasn’t easy. Especially if both people were fully equipped, and one of them had wings. It took a lot more power than it would have in any other situation. And the water heated up above them. But then, Riley saw the entrance. It was narrow, it took some focus to get through it properly. Inside, a small cove. There was enough space around the water to sit down, and some cracks in the rocks that one could see through. Some ashes and two empty glass bottles on the ground suggested that this place saw visitors occasionally. And taking a quick peek outside only showed one thing: Fire.
  8. Greetings! Now, one thing that I’ve always found pretty interesting, in all systems but M&M specifically, is how people go about building their characters. Everybody seems to have their own quirks when it comes to how to put together a character. This can mean that if you give two people the same concept, each of them could come up with something else entirely. Which is what I’m going for! This is supposed to be a friendly “competiton” , without any real rules or prices or anything else, where different people build a character based off of the same concept. That can be something as general as “Paragon, but …”, or something as specific as “Uses the Silence Power”! You can post the build in your own thread, or in here. Just tell me about it, and I’ll add it onto a list of links. If there’s any questions, go ahead, especially since I’m probably not explaining this well. Now, as for the first build(s), the concept is: Street Level What do I mean by that? Does it mean a low PL? Or not too many powers? Or maybe a concrete controller who levels streets? That’s open to you to decide! I’ll leave this open for a while, see how many people are interested, and then maybe do a different one if there’s any interest! So there’s no deadline just yet!
  9. [IC] Smacking before Packing

    GM Jann did not visibly react to the pain. No heavy breathing, no gasping for air, not even a sound. He just calmly laid there, looking upwards, tilting his head to the side a bit, perhaps to see if he couldn’t follow wherever the attackers were now fleeing to. And then, the spheres. All three had been broken in large chunks. The one containing the original attacker was almost entirely dust, only a few pieces still holding together. The other two were more intact, their bottom still fully holding together. Being this high up was quite a feeling. About twice as high as all nearby buildings, with a great view down to the river, and over to Bayview, even Claremont was visible. And in the other direction, Downtown, the entire skyline. But no trace of the attackers. They were no longer on the rooftops, and not visibly running down any street. Wherever they’d gone, they’d been prepared.
  10. [OOC] Gone Hawking

    Okay! On Jann's intiative, the jetpack goes off, which shoots him sideways with some force, not enough to carry him far but enough to trip the two! The fire continues to spread and almost catches up! And as I mentioned, Jann mentioned something about a small cave that could be accessed by swimming at a small river a bit further
  11. [IC] Gone Hawking

    GM Jann was surprisingly light. Much lighter than anybody of his build should have any right to be. Which was good, since it made him easier to carry. Something that wasn’t quite as easy as usual, thanks to his wings. But Riley knew what to do, and managed to get him into a good and safe position without too much hassle. Running away was easy. Riley was used to uneven ground, which helped. And it really didn’t feel like he was carrying a person. He managed to outrun the fire fairly well, even if it spread much faster than it had any right to. And then, a sudden jolt, as Jann’s backpack propelled forwards. Riley’s grip was stronger, it didn’t break. Which was both a good thing, as it meant that Jann didn’t get slammed into any nearby trees, and a bad thing, as it meant that instead, it took the two teens to the ground. The fire continued to catch up, now almost at his heels, but Riley knew from before that it was only a short distance towards a small river, which apparently included a small hard-to-access cave, if what Jann had mentioned was correct.
  12. [OOC] Gone Hawking

    Works for me! However, while cutting him out, Riley will see that the armor, in parts, is attached directly into Jann's body. So quickly cutting him out would carry some risk with it, essentially ripping needles directly out of his body. And doing it carefully would probably take more time than he currently has!
  13. [IC] Smacking before Packing

    GM The spheres rose higher and higher, Zenith’s emotional state helping her quite literally reach new heights. They rose for quite some time, and also got further and further spread apart. And then, one moment to the next, as if it had been coordinated, the two containing the still active fighters broke open, getting torn apart with a massive force. The woman jumped over to the third sphere, managing to clear way more distance than any average person could. She tore through the sphere bare-handed, and by the time Zenith had a chance to react, had already jumped towards a nearby rooftop, carrying both her allies on her shoulders. As for the one who’d fought Jann, she’d lost him, focused on the woman instead. She’s only seen him also jump away, probably heading in the opposite direction. As for Jann himself, he could not yet get up even if he clearly struggled to, and wanted to give chase. He spoke, even slower than he already did, clearly in some pain. “Cannot let them escape again. “
  14. [OOC] Smacking before Packing

    Okay! They're being flung high, high upwards. And then, 1 HP to both for a GM fiat that allows the villains to escape!
  15. [IC] Hot Off the Presses

    GM “Let’s get this started then. Also, good on you with that one. Even if you’d probably be justified to use yourself in those cases. But I wouldn’t know, never took any journo ethics. “ He shrugged and took the phone for a first spin. There was some minor delay, but it was barely noticeable. And the quality was alright too. “Alright, that works. Let’s go, then. “ Bonfire left the roof by slipping through the access door and invisibly descending the stairs, until the camera showed a feed again about a minute later, showing the inside of the apartment again. Bonfire manoeuvred to the door, then put the phone down for a second, before bringing it back up. “Okay, blindfolded now. Your turn. Just tell me if it gets too much. “ Directing him was pretty easy, and through the camera feed the effect was also a lot smaller. There was still some, Dancia still felt a minor headache come on, but it was just that. As Bonfire approached, she got a better view at what it was. And the clearer the image got, the more she could feel it attacking her. It was an old-timey looking newspaper. A place written on it, by the Waterfront. Bonfire pocketed the newspaper, a full on thing the size of a proper daily, and then returned back upstairs. “So, what now? “