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  1. Hung from the neck

    Vengeful spirit, yeah. Quite vengeful, at this point Hakim was actually sick inside. Dealing with death had never been his strongsuit, and he’d just been a witness to multiple murders. Creek, or Noose, he supposed, had to be stopped. Immediately, and with whatever Sha’ir could draw upon. There were onlookers, but at this point it was about damage reduction. Perhaps he could coax Noose a bit. And if not, he could always bust out the bigger spells. One of the old masters must’ve had to deal with these kinds of ghosts before, there had to be some American in the early 1900s who came up with something. But for now, classical. Maybe it’d be enough, even if Hakim doubted it. “Well, here I stand. And as I see it, we’re in a nice empty street here.” A spectral, translucent green cowboy hat began to manifest on Sha’ir’s head, as did a holster on his side. “It’s approximately noon, so let’s settle this the traditional way.”
  2. [IC] The Cretan Connection

    The reaction was immediate. Before the laser had even hit the sniper, there was already mass panic at the plaza. Seeing powers be used in real life was still an absolute rarity in Switzerland, which featured next to no metahuman activity. What this meant, mainly, was that as soon as people saw something happening, they ran. Some pulled out their phones, but most ran for cover. Of course, in a crowd like that, in a comparably tight area full of chairs, that meant chaos. And people falling, stumbling over one another. There were a few people there, recording the scene with their phones. As far as Auguste could tell, none had managed to capture him directly, only the laser and the ensuing panic. At the very least, the laser had done its job. The sniper attempted to dodge but couldn’t, and his current position suggested that it had probably been powerful enough to knock him out temporarily.
  3. [OOC] The Cretan Connection

    That his, thus knocking the guy out
  4. Hung from the neck

    Native Americans, great. If there was one think Hakim didn’t want to deal with it was Native American Curses. They lasted forever and often didn’t have a proper end clause, which just meant trouble. A quick glance at what the book told him only confirmed that. No ending to the curse, roaming the earth forever. And apparently being quite effective at his job, because the second Hakim had lost sight of him, there was more gunfire. Were there that many murdere- Oh, taking a life. Veteran’s Bar. That … made sense. And meant that more trouble was imminent. He stepped through the door, ready to start slinging spells. A proton beam maybe, that’d be stylish. “Creek, you cursed bastard! Show your face and we will take care of that curse. That, or I make sure it doesn’t go on myself.”
  5. [IC] The Cretan Connection

    Judging by his movement, the sniper had just spotted his target, as he began to move a bit quicker than before, adjusting his rifle. It pointed … somewhere towards the plaza, or perhaps further, to the other side of the Reuss, or perhaps on the bridge. Figuring out who exactly he was aiming for just from his angle would take some time. Time that Auguste probably didn’t have. Perhaps it was somebody who stood out. He scanned the crowd, with his skillset that wasn’t too hard. But in a crowd of this size, a single person just disappeared. There wasn’t anybody that looked like an obvious target, not that Auguste really knew who would count as one. There was a group of businessmen sitting at a different càfe not too far away, there were two separate travel groups, there were many other people. But nobody that made for an obvious target.
  6. Hung from the neck

    So it was a spirit of the vengeful kind, then. Granted, the literal dead body that had caused all of this commotion should’ve hinted towards that, but now Hakim knew. An undead vigilante killer. There was a story in that, but for now there was an actual killer, at large. One that claimed he’d kill murderers, but nevertheless. It was probably best for everybody if he was stopped ASAP. Without any delay, Sha’ir followed him. This entire thing would look completely mysterious to onlookers. Great. He hadn’t done anything as Sha’ir in a while, but he’d seen the term pop up on his search alerts a few times recently. Some mysterious activity would help deal with rumours. On the side, his spellbook turned through pages, driven by Hakim’s thoughts. Perhaps it had something on vengeful ghosts with guns in it. It would probably turn out to be helpful.
  7. Hung from the Neck

    Using the Book's Enhanced Knowledge to check if there's anything on vengeful spirits, the more detailed in description to this one the better obviously: Knowledge Arcane Lore: 1d20+20 40 Well, there goes my crit for the month..
  8. [OOC] The Cretan Connection

    OOC for this @Supercape
  9. [IC] The Cretan Connection

    Mühlenplatz, Lucerne, Switzerland Saturday, April 21st , 2018 2:23 PM It was a beautiful day on Lucerne’s Mühlenplatz. People from both near and far enjoyed the sudden sunlight after a long winter by sitting in the restaurants outside and browsing through the various stores. There were travel groups, locals, and Swiss from other parts of the country. And there was Auguste Zoss. He’d not been in Lucerne for a while, there honestly weren’t that many reasons to visit the city. But today he was, thanks to an invitation by an old friend earlier in the day. He didn’t have anything else to do for the rest of the day, so it felt only fair to spend some time in the sun, amongst all the others. People were walking down the streets en masse, and Auguste was enjoying his coffee, occasionally peeking over at a man on a nearby table who was holding the most recent newspaper. But then, the occasional superhero noticed something. A glint, up on one of the roofs. A closer look revealed something quite disturbing. A man, set up with what quite clearly was a sniper rifle.
  10. Hung from the neck

    Things had to move fast. The entire building had security cameras set up, so that presented somewhat of a challenge. Hakim knew, he’d made sure to give each of them a magic filter. Better to figure out there was magic at his workplace earlier than later. There were the restrooms, and he sprinted towards them, ducking in and pulling up his scarf, thus assuming the identity. He stored his bag in one of the stalls, closed it, and, Mage Book in hand, stepped through the portal he’d created, leading to the front of the bar. Time for the obvious entrance. A subtle low-power application of “Divine Winds” blew open the doors, and Sha’ir stepped into the bar, his book floating by his side, his forcefield at full power. He expected to get shot as soon as he entered, so it was a bit surprising when he didn’t. It was … quite a grizzly scene. He’d seen some stuff while dealing with Vampires last year, but what he saw inside the bar made him quite queasy. At least, as far as he could tell, nobody else was injured. Sha’ir didn’t pay any attention to the other people in the bar. He didn’t need to, it didn’t fit his persona anyways. The Cowboy he spotted on the side, on the other hand… It probably was a ghost or another type of unliving spectral being of some sort. It would fit with the few things he’d read. Was direct approach the best way? Nope. Was it the best one Hakim could remember? Yes. He walked towards the cowboy, speaking with a relaxed voice, and a bit of a fake western-movie drawl. He’d always been a fan. “So, what’s your story, pardner?”
  11. Hung from the neck

    It was a day like any other, and Hakim was sitting in the office, just working his way through some bugged code. There had to be a missing close-paren or something somewhere in these 1423 lines of code. He couldn’t see any other reason for why the entire thing wasn’t working as soon as the clock hit the PMs. He was in a nearly-trance like status, immersed fully in his code. (Not as fully as that one time though). And then, gunfire. He knew it was, he’d heard it before. It came from nearby. Outside, people were running, which suggested that it was nearby. If it was at the bar right across, that was probably even worse. Last thing he needed was for them to turn up with military grade equipment. Inside the office, people took cover. It was the smartest thing to do, especially with a glass front leading towards the source of the sound. Usually this was the time to don the scarf and fly downwards. But right now, there was an office full of co-workers and friends looking at him. Still, he had to do something. “Okay. Everybody stay calm. It’s outside, this building has a security guard. Jen, call 911. The others, move away from the windows and towards the wall. I’m gonna go upstairs and talk with the others so none of them panic either.” With that, he duck-walked across the office, to the door, making sure to grab his bag along the way. It wasn’t a great excuse but how else would he get out of this situation?
  12. Hung from the Neck

    Streetwise: 1d20+9 12
  13. Hot Shot

    …F###. Cass supposed it was only human nature. People, especially people like him and Zyte, like to be noticed. Even when that was, from almost every perspective, a horrible idea. Cass hadn’t mentioned Armitage’s identity, and perhaps Zyte hadn’t realized it, so it probably was just him inserting himself. But Armitage had been quite clear about one thing, and that was his disgust over Zyte. Times like these, Cass felt he needed a bomb disposal suit. He was already bomb-proof, sure, but this, this required another layer. “I know a few people, who know a few people, who are experts on this stuff. I don’t know their exact methods, but I can vouch for their trustworthiness. “ Cass didn’t. Any of those things. But he had numbers, and he knew a few people. Surely somebody would be able to put him in contact with one of the big mages. Not that Sha’ir guy he’d read about over in EC, somebody local. He still needed to distract Armitage from Zyte a bit, probably by just not interacting with him for now. This’d have to be a fly-on-the-wall scene. “I can guarantee you, if there’s somebody I’d call an expert on occult matters, it’s those people. And I’m sure one of them will be interested in making sure this doesn’t get into the hands of anybody who shouldn’t have hold of it. “
  14. Hot Shot

    Oh, now it was on. While Cass liked to joke about the whole Neutron Incident, it was a sore spot. And Armitage’s other suggestions didn’t exactly calm down Cass either. Or make him more trustful of the guy. He was up to something, he was pretty sure of it at this point. “However, as you may recall, I managed to resolve all those situations. Trouble gravitates towards me, but I’ve got the qualifications to deal with it. I’ve seen some glimpses of what this thing can do, and I’d say I’m more qualified to deal with the situation should it arise.” “I’ve got contacts and I’ve got experience at dealing with this stuff. We both know what’s happening to the mask while it’s around me”. Well, apart from any unexpected complications, but that didn’t exactly strengthen Bonfire’s argument so it was best not to mention it. “While with you, it’s a bit more complicated. It did enter circulation after you had hold of it the last time. “
  15. Hot Shot

    At this point Cass’ slight mistrust of Armitage got a bit more pronounced. He had arrived in the city on a ship full of armed thugs, after all. The fact he was this certain about the bikers allegedly being hired by Drake showed something was probably up. Especially once he mentioned that he needed the mask. Cass couldn’t see any reason why Armitage would need the mask when communicating with Drake in any way, that seemed a bit counter-productive considering part of why he was doing it was to keep it out of her hands. Maybe it was the fire altering his mind ever so slightly, but this felt like a con of some sort. “What would you need it for? I’d rather keep it within lose distance of myself, I’ve seen how quickly it can cause some serious trouble…”