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  1. Hot Shot

    Posing towards the camera, if you want a roll for that, then Base Power: Blast 9 ( Personal Volcano; Area: Shapeable) {27/27} (Smoke, Heat) Centered on himself, in a way he can catch the other guy in it.
  2. Hot Shot

    He’d hit the attack a bit short. He’d started taking classes but that had been a recent development. He wasn’t operating at the level he could be whenever he was this close to somebody. Still, putting on some pressure would probably help tire out the skull man. Not that that had started yet, considering the pace of the counter-attack. Bonfire didn’t have time to dodge. Not that he needed to, as he realized what was about to happen. He let the force of the wind carry him, and then reformed where he’d stood previously, still feeling and looking like he was in pristine condition. He didn’t need to respond to his attacker. To the onlooker, however? As Cass heard what the man had said, he didn’t need to think about his next action. He pointed at the camera, made his smoke-head wink at it, and the filled the area surrounding him in an explosion of smoke, pushing it outwards as far as he could. Melee hadn’t worked, but these were techniques he’d trained for much, much longer.
  3. Hot Shot

    Spending Bonfire's only HP to stunt a power because it'll make this scene cooler: Damage 9 (Extra: Duration (Sustained) [+2]) [27/27PP] which will still only be a +8 attack bonus because he's not built for Melee: Attack: 1d20+8 15 dangit
  4. Hot Shot

    Bonfire didn’t move as the thug approached. He didn’t have to. He stood there, casually waiting for him to make his move. There was no need for Cass to actually dodge, but it helped keep up the illusion these thugs had sometimes. If they didn’t hit you they continued to try. A few steps back, and he’d avoided all attacks without breaking much of a sweat. So far so good. And there were the alarm bells. So much for the good ol’ “make them wear themselves out”. Clearly whatever was going on with this guy was a few levels above the usual street gang leader. Which meant Bonfire had to do a bit more than just stand there. Every attack was now a potential threat, which was good enough of a reason to end this entire thing quickly. “Okay, let’s show you how this is done…” Following that, he launched forward into an elbow strike. He still was made purely of smoke, but by coating parts of his body in a more powerful version of the field of heat he used to protect himself, he could also do a fair bit of damage, especially if he used the heat further.
  5. Hot Shot

    “A fan, eh? Well, I can’t deny an admirer’s request, can I?” With that, the cloud of smoke hovering in the air above the street disappeared. After a few seconds, Bonfire reappeared, now standing roughly 30ft. down the road, dressed in a judo gi, his head made of smoke as was the norm. He paced around the street a bit, as he put on his best PT Barnum impression. “Come one, Come all! Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages! Try your luck against Freedom’s Hottest, try your luck against Booooooonfire.” A thought crossed Bonfire’s mind: What if this was exactly what they wanted? What if they’d tracked him down somehow, and set up this entire thing just to get him into this position? It wasn’t impossible. But, for now, that didn’t matter. He was actually enjoying himself. And maybe a fight was just what he needed. Plus, there wasn’t really any chance of them actually being able to hit him.
  6. Hot Shot

    Alright, Bluffing to distract, using Feature: Pyrotechnical entrance (gains a +5 situational bonus to some interaction rolls immediately on entrance). Bluff: 1d20+26 31
  7. Hot Shot

    Judging by the looks of it, whatever it was it wasn’t terribly well organized. There was a clear leader that they seemed to listen to, but unless they were a super-new group, they probably didn’t have a lot in terms of potential backup. Or connections, for that matter. Probably just a matter of cleaning up after the FCPD. Who were to blame at least partially for this situation, for actually sending a patrol into this area. That hadn’t gone well previously, so it was no surprise it didn’t this time. And then, there was the guy deciding to film all of it. Cass had to applause his style, it was one that looked good most of the time. And that just meant that instead of it being a quick clean up, he had to actually make a good impression. One push of smoke outwards, with some flames added in to reveal himself. That would draw attention to him. And then, he followed it up by talking, louder than was necessary. But after a gunshot, that didn’t matter much, everybody had already been woken up. “Guys, guys. It’s way too late at night, people are trying to sleep and you’re being loud. Can we like, move this to 9 AM tomorrow? Or some other time, just not the middle of the night. Firefights mean cranky neighbours, and I really can’t use that right now. “ Perhaps that’d serve as enough of a distraction to give the officers time to call in backup or get a better position…
  8. Hot Shot

    Streetwise: 1d20+1 16 Notice: 1d20+10 25
  9. Hot Shot

    It had been a long night for Cassidy Bauer. A recent …accident… by one of his clients forced him into a fair bit of (likely unpaid) overtime. It was mainly damage control, making sure said client didn’t do anything else that would worsen the situation, and then crafting some sort of statement of apology. And then convincing the guy to actually be sorry. At 2 AM, Cass decided enough was enough, and decided to move the entire mess to tomorrow, his mood was already terrible enough. He’d finally managed to shut down enough to sleep, when it got loud outside. As good as the rent was, he really had to consider moving. This place was becoming more and more of a pain. Still, that also had to wait until tomorrow, for now he had to spring to action. Maybe it’d help him blow off some steam, he’d not gotten involved in any sort of crimefighting for some time. So, within a few seconds he’d turned to smoke, turned invisible, and slipped through the window of his apartment. From there, floating above the street, he had a nice vantage position. Perhaps he could figure out just what was going on…
  10. [IC] Freedom of Information

    GM The man only flinched further when leviathan’s arm came closer. He got a bit less tense as, instead of what he likely assumed, Leviathan grabbed the pepper spray. After what followed, that changed yet again, as the hacker dug himself further into his chair, to the point where the padding was actually starting to get worn down. He nodded ever-so-slightly when Leviathan walked away. If he’d made any moves, it was likely enough that Leviathan would hear it, so he made his way towards the source of the other noises, where he could stare down a corridor towards one of the doors leading out of the building. A few men, dressed in all sorts of styles, were standing in the hallway, eyes turned towards the door, where Bonfire stood, blocking the exit, hands crossed behind his (non-existent) head. “Come on guys, is this all?” Behind him, outside the building, Leviathan could spot what appeared to be a mirror image of himself, staring into the warehouse with quite a stern expression but not moving. As a few of the men turned around at the sound of leviathan appearing, and stumbled back in response, he also caught view of more setups similar to the one he’d just pried open, each equipped with the same style of PC, desk and chair setup, even if all of them seemed to be personalized to some degree.
  11. [OOC] Freedom of Information

    Yeah, with the bonus from the pepper spray that's way more than enough to get the guy to freeze up even more
  12. Praetorians: The Eden Program (IC)

    Barrier “escorted” Hyperslice back to the ship, and then a bit further. After all, if they had the information that the likely culprits were acting within distance that could be travelled on foot, there was no reason not to pursue them. Perhaps they’d find something that confirmed the suspicion, or led them towards something that would prove productive. And if nothing else, it gave Barrier some time to get to better evaluate her Haassaan colleague. She wasn’t entirely sure what they were looking for. The info had been sparse, the Indigo Moon were operating in the area, but that was about as much as Barrier had gotten. There was always the potential of being reactive. Two strangers intruding on their turf was likely to alert the gang. But chances were being more proactive was a good thing. “So, what do you suggest? Should we let them know we’re here, and if we do, who are we going to be while doing it?”
  13. They Live Among You!

    Feels like as the resident Social Media Hero Bonfire would have quite a bit of interest in investigating this, but feel free to pick others with less threads over me!
  14. The Spiders for Mars

    Hakim wasn’t entirely sure about this entire thing. He had a bunch of concerns, and the time he’d had to think between originally agreeing to everything and it actually happening hadn’t helped. There was so much that was just bound to go wrong, and it could all go downhill pretty fast, even with the support he and Warp could offer. And then there was the issue of identity. These people already knew a bit too much about him and his façade as Sha’ir, and appearing as a person using magic would not exactly better it. At the same time, there probably was not much else in the way of getting in. And there was an ever-so-small chance Mars was using some sort of magic protection. In the end, he decided for a layered system. First he grabbed enough to disguise him a fair bit, including a full mask he’d worn underneath his scarf before, to further conceal his identity. It meant that there was nothing that he could be told by. Onto that, he added an additional layer, giving him the appearance of a fairly average citizen of EC, an amalgam of all the people he’d seen on the street while walking to a café that day. Over that, his uniform consisting of his enchanted scarf. And over that yet, another layer of normal human appearance, this time styled closer to Mars himself, with a few changes made so it wasn’t obvious. A cloaking spell above that to supress the magical signature somewhat, and he was good to go. Wearing a casual streetwear outfit loosely based on his actual closet (or at least creating the illusion of wearing it), he showed up, not doing a lot to hide his face or otherwise protect this fake identity. “Yeah, this looks like the right place. Everything in order?”
  15. [IC] Freedom of Information

    GM Inside the container, Leviathan could see quite an impressive setup. In an area that couldn’t even hold his entire body when transformed, an entire work desk had been set up. Two monitors connected to what, at first glance, appeared to be quite a fancy PC, a comfy chair, and a variety of gadgets, most of which he couldn’t identify at first glance. And, sitting on the chair, a person. Male, fairly young, wearing a hoodie and trackpants. He wasn’t one of the men Leviathan had seen before, but the scene really told him enough. The man’s reaction also helped, having essentially frozen in fear, before letting out a massive scream at the sight of Leviathan casually ripping open his container. There was a can of pepperspray tucked away between the monitors, and the man seemed to be eyeing it. Just then, Leviathan heard the sound of clattering metal, suggesting some other containers had opened…