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Professor Peculiar [PL10] Tipop

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Player Name: Tipop
Character Name: Professor Peculiar
Power Level: 10 (150/151PP)
Trade-Offs: Melee attack at -4/+4, no trade-off for ranged attacks
Unspent Power Points: 1
In Brief: A brilliant scientist from an alternate Earth dimension where their "science" is our "magic" and visa versa. An experienced dimension-traveler who has developed a soft spot for the weak and downtrodden. Has now chosen this Earth as his home.

Residence: In an apartment above his magical bookstore-slash-library
Base of Operations: Same

Catchphrase: "By the Hoary Hosts of Hogg- ooh, is that saltwater taffy?"

Alternate Identity: Edward Peck
Identity: Public
Birthplace: New London, California (Earth-333)
Occupation: Book seller / librarian, professor of arcane studies
Affiliations: (No idea)
Family: While he has no family in this world, he comes from a large family on his home world. None of his family members are scientists, though most of them are intellectuals of one sort or another.

Age:  Late 40s (born June 11, 1968)
Apparent Age: Looks a bit older due to the bald head
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5'-11"
Weight: 160 lbs
Eyes: Black
Hair: Bald head, black van dyke beard graying at the edges


The Professor generally wears his enchanted white lab coat (with runes woven into the edges), along with his mithril-laced rubber gloves and black boots. His eyes are almost always covered with his enchanted/prescription blast goggles, though he has regular glasses he can wear as well.


Power Descriptions:

In this world, Edward Peck is considered a sorcerer. His incantations are unusual, however, in that they are strange mathematical equations that make no sense. Where other sorcerers might call upon ancient entities and arcane forces, Edward refers to theorems by the great mathematicians of his home, Escher, Geiger, etc.


Visually, his powers manifest as a weird warping of reality, of things not being quite what they appear to be. A typical damaging attack spell might cause the target to bend and twist as though viewed through a funhouse mirror, with a side effect of the ground bucking and waving like water. (These effects are reversible.)



Edward Peck was born on Earth-333, a world where humanity developed magic rather than science. The concepts of cellular towers, electronic computers, and internal combustion engines would all sound crazy there. Technology has not progressed much beyond the plow. What we consider magic, they call science (which caused no end of linguistic confusion for Ed when he came to our world.)


Edward was a renowned scientist back home, and won numerous awards and accolades from his peers. However, his experiments in dimensional travel — a forbidden field of study after the interdimensional wars of 1914 and 1939 — made him an outcast when he was discovered exchanging research with a fellow scientist from another world. Rather than be imprisoned, he fled his homeworld and began a career of exploration and learning.


Despite the xenophobic teachings of his home world, Edward learned that most people throughout the multiverse were essentially the same. People were good and bad anywhere you go. He also discovered that the science of his home world made him a figure of considerable power in most places, and he learned to use that power to help other races and species wherever he could.


He was not always successful. His efforts to help the rabbit-like inhabitants of Borough against the Warlord of the Nine Spheres ended with the near-annihilation of  their species. Edward managed to escape with a few survivors, one of which is now his assistant/student (minion feat), Gingrin.


He (and the surviving Borough-folk) have settled on our Earth for a variety of reasons. The Borough-folk have acclimated well, and due to their resemblance to anthropomorphic rabbits have found easy acceptance among humanity. Edward has taken on the role of protector of the people, using an alias "Professor Peculiar", as is the local custom. The fact that the consumption of sugary sweets are not only accepted but ENCOURAGED on this world is just icing on the cake (a phrase Edward loves.)


Personality & Motivation:

Edward Peck, a.k.a. Professor Peculiar, is something of a cross between Doctor Strange and the Doctor (of Doctor Who), with a sprinkling of mad scientist thrown in for flavor. He tries to present himself as a cold scientist, but in reality he adores children, sympathizes with the downtrodden, respects all life, and rails against cruelty and selfishness.


Powers & Tactics:

His Coat of Aeromancy (a magic lab coat) provides him with levitation and protection. The coat is sentient, and is capable of independent action, but the Professor loses the protection of the coat when this happens.


His Eldritch Blast Goggles offer him a variety of magical senses, and have corrective lenses for his poor vision.


His Spells are an array of typical magical abilities.




Square Root of Abra Cadabra: To cast his spells, Professor Peculiar needs his hands free and must recite the proper mathematical formulae. If he is restrained and/or unable to speak, he cannot cast spells. (Power Loss complication)


The Amazing Mister Magoo: The Professor has extremely poor eyesight without prescription lenses. (Disability complication)

Is That Saltwater Taffy?: The Professor is addicted to candy. In the world he comes from there is a social stigma associated with eating sweets — it's considered deviant behavior. That's one of the reasons he's chosen our Earth as his new home. They're so delightfully perverted here they even let CHILDREN eat candy! (Addiction complication)


Wascally Wabbit: The Professor has an assistant-slash-apprentice named Gingrin, one of the rabbit-like Borough-folk he rescued from the Warlord of the Nine Spheres. Gingrin lost his home, his wife, and his children, and the Professor feels responsible for it all. Despite their master/apprentice relationship, he would die to protect Gingrin. (Relationship complication)

Abilities: -4 + 0 + 4 + 14 + 0 + 0 = 14PP
Strength: 6 (-2) [-4 pts]
Dexterity: 10 (+0)
Constitution: 14 (+2) [4 pts]
Intelligence: 24 (+7) [14 pts]
Wisdom: 10 (+0) [0 pts]
Charisma: 10 (+0) [0 pts]

Combat: 8 + 8 = 16PP
Initiative: +0/4
Attack: +4 Melee, +4 Ranged (+10 with Eldritch lance, +6 with Eldritch Hand) [8 pts]
Grapple: +1
Defense: +10 (+4 Base, + 6 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed [8 pts]
Knockback: -1/4

Saving Throws: 3 + 6 + 7 = 16PP
Toughness: +10 (+2 Con, +8 [Defensive Roll]) *+6 without Coat
Fortitude: +5 (+2 Con, +3)
Reflex: +11 (+0 Dex, +6, +5 from Coat of Aeromancy) *+6 without Coat
Will: +7 (+0 Wis, +7)

Skills: 52R = 13PP

Gather Information 8 (+15) Skill Mastery

Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 8 (+15) Skill Mastery

Investigation 8 (+15) Skill Mastery

Notice 15 (+15) Skill Mastery

Search 13 (+20)

Feats: 10PP

Benefit: Wealth - 1
Eidetic Memory


Skill Mastery (Gather Information, Knowledge: Arcane Lore, Investigation, Notice)

Dodge Focus - 3 (flavored as magical shields)

Defensive Roll - 2 (flavored as magical shields)

Powers: 30 + 9 + 12 + 30 = 81PP


Coat of Aeromancy Array (29 pts, 1 alternate power) [30 pts]

The wearer of the fabled Coat of Aeromancy gains more than just amazing flying capabilities. He also gains a valuable ally, and even more, a friend.

Base Power: Summon Sidekick, Rank 7 (Extras: Heroic, Fanatic, Feat: Mental Link) [29 pts] Name: Aero

Alternate Power: Device - rank 7 (Coat of Aeromancy - magical lab coat, 35 PP Container, Feat: Indestructible, Flaw: Hard-to-Remove; 29 pts) [1 pt]

  • Enhanced Reflex-5 [5 pts]
  • Defensive Roll-2 [2 pts]
  • Dodge Focus-2 [2 pts]
  • Flight, Rank 2, Subtle [5 pts]
  • Favored Environment, Levitating [1 pt]
  • Evasion-2 [2 pts]
  • Move-By-Action [1 pt]
  • Uncanny Dodge [1 pt]
  • Danger Sense [1 pt]
  • Elusive Target [1 pt]
  • Instant Up [1 pt]
  • Improved Initiative-1 [1 pt]
  • Enhanced Magic-6 (+6 points to Grand Theorems array) [6 pts]
  • Enhanced Lesser Magic-6 (+6 points to Principle Theorems) [6pts]


Eldritch Blast Goggles 

The lenses of the Eldritch Goggles are made from the petrified corneas of Ftha'gogh the Elder. The frames are by Ralph Lauren.

Device - Rank 3 (Eldritch Blast Goggles, 15 PP Container, easy to remove) [ 9 pts]

  • Augmented Vision - Variable Power rank 2 (Multiple traits of a particular type, super-senses) 12 pts. All senses augment existing vision
  • Extended 1 + Analytical 2 - Added to visual senses (3 pts)


Example configuration 1:

Detect Magic (Magic Awareness)  [1pts]

Detect Unseen (Counters Concealment)  [2 pts]

See Auras (Detect Mood & Physical Condition — both ranged, Psychic Awareness) [5 pts]


Example configuration 2:

Chronovision (Postcognition, Rapid Vision 2, Tracking 3, Uncanny Dodge) [10 pts]


Example configuration 3:

True Sight (Counters Concealment, Counters Illusion, Counters Obscure (all), Detect Hidden) [10 pts]


Principle Theorems

These fundamental principles are the basis of all arcane science.

Variable - Rank 2 (+1 rank with Enhanced Lesser Magic) [12 pts]

  • (Multiple traits of a single descriptor "Minor magical effects")


Example configuration 1:

Eldritch Blade (Damage 10, Accuracy 3, Penetrating 2)


Example configuration 2:

Eldritch Shields (Deflect 10, all ranged attacks)


Example configuration 3:

Eldritch Levitation (Flight 3, subtle, stacks with Cloak of Aeromancy) 7pts

Telekinesis (Move Object 3, subtle) 7pts


Example configuration 4:

Telepathy (Communication + Mind Reading 10, subtle) 


Example configuration 5:

Eldritch Apportation (Teleport 9, Flaw: Extended Range only, Feat: Dimensional 3)


Grand Theorems 

Array -  (26 pts, 4 alternate powers) [30 pts]

First created by the Grand Masters of Quantum Invocation, these are forces that only the most erudite are permitted to study.

  • Eldritch Blast, Rank 8 - Damage. Extras: Ranged, Burst Area. Feats: Variable Descriptor (any arcane energy), Triggered [26 pts] (+2 ranks with Enhanced magic)
  • Eldritch Lance, Rank 8 - Damage. Extras: Ranged, +1/rank. Feats: Penetrating (4 ranks), Variable Descriptor (any arcane energy), Accurate (3 ranks), Reversible, Precise (26 pts)  [1 pt] (+2 ranks and +Penetrating:2 with Enhanced Magic)
  • Uncanny Eldritch Missile, Rank 8 - Damage. Extras: Perception Range, +2/rank. Feats: Variable Descriptor (any arcane energy), Reversible (26 pts) [1 pt] (+2 ranks with Enhanced Magic)
  • Eldritch Hand, Rank 11 - Damage (touch range). Feats: Penetrating (11 ranks), Variable Descriptor (any arcane energy), Accurate (1 rank), Precise, Reversible (26 pts) [1 pt] (+3 ranks and +Penetrating:3 with Enhanced Magic)
  • Shape Eldritch Energy, Create Object, Rank 8. Extras: Movable. Feats: Variable Descriptor (any arcane energy), Precise (26 pts) [1 pt] (+2 ranks with Enhanced Magic) 

Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP

DC Block

ATTACK              RANGE            SAVE                           EFFECT
Unarmed             Touch              DC 13 Toughness     Damage (Physical)

Eldritch Lance    Ranged +10   DC 25 Toughness     Damage (Variable)
Eldritch Missile  Perception     DC 25 Toughness     Damage (Variable)

Eldritch Hand     Melee +6        DC 29 Toughness     Damage (Variable)


Totals: Abilities (14) + Combat (16) + Saving Throws (16) + Skills (13) + Feats (10) + Powers (81) - Drawbacks (0) = 150/151 Power Points


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+1PP for October
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  • Tipop changed the title to Professor Peculiar [PL10] Tipop

Well, the goggles are pretty straightforward: they give him a pool of 10 points that can only be spent on vision enhancements. Detect magic, Pierce Illusion, Read Auras, that sort of thing.


The Principle Theorems are intended to be a bunch of low-power spells that he would know, such as a translation spell, a flight spell when he's not wearing the coat, healing spells to use on innocent bystanders, that sort of thing.


I can add various examples to the sheet, but it's quitting time here at work so I'll do that tomorrow morning.

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No worries, just for the sake of anything variable they have to have a sample configuration or two there.

And devices, being priced differently than VP based on devices, i.e. Gadgets, are fixed.  If it isn't fixed via a standard array, then it will be a gadget.  Have to be priced as a gadget, and have sample configurations.

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I'm not sure I understand what you mean about gadgets.


If I have a Ring of Shapechanging, it's still a device even though it has a Variable as its power, right? How should I build it?


Let's say the ring's Shapechanging power is rank 5 and costs 7 points per rank, which means it has a cost of 35. To put that in a Device, we’d buy Device at rank 7 (4 points per rank) for 28 points, which gives us exactly 35 to spend on the device’s powers.


Is that not how it’s done in your games here?

Edited by Tipop
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So formatting clarification, we do have a preferred power structure.  Here is it, from the Character Sheet template.  Some fudging is allowed, but we would like it to more or less like this.  So some of the descriptive notes can be added into the Powers Description section of the fluff.  


Single Power:

Power Name Rank (Descriptive Name; Extras: ???, ???, Flaws: ???, ???, Feats: ???, ???, Drawbacks: ???, ???[XPP] (descriptors)


Array Name Rank (2*Rank PP Array; Extras: ???, ???, Flaws: ???, ???, Feats: Alternate Power, ???, Drawbacks: ???, ???)[XPP] (descriptors)

  • Base PowerPower Name (Descriptive Name; Extras: ???, ???; Flaws: ???, ???; Feats: ???, ???; Drawbacks: ???, ???) {power cost/array cost} (descriptors)
  • Alternate PowerPower Name (Descriptive Name; Extras: ???, ???; Flaws: ???, ???; Feats: ???, ???;Drawbacks: ???, ???) {power cost/array cost} (descriptors)

We do allow some flex, but the goal of the power section is for someone GMing a thread to understand what those powers can do readily.


On to the crunch!

Thanks for adding the sample configurations.


Here are my concerns

  • For abilities, this doesn't match what was spent, though the totals are correct.
    Abilities: -4 + 0 + 6 + 20 + 10 + 10 = 14PP

    Per the listed abilities spent
    Abilities -4 + 0 + 4 + 14 + 0 + 0 = 14PP.  So that just needs to be fixed to represent actual amount spent.
  • Str 6 makes me leery, especially where Con sits at above human average.  Though it is viable, I would like some justification.
  • Combat -  Your Initiative Bonus would be base of +0, with a Coat Of Aeromancy +4.  As Improved Initiative would be +4 per rank.
    Grapple would be +2, as it is base Attack mod plus the Str mond
  • Savings Throws, this is more a formatting concern, as generally we want base unadjusted value, and then adjusted value from powers/feats/etc.
  • Feats - for you Dodge Focus and Defensive Roll, as they are flavored as being related to powers they will have to be moved to the Powers Section as Enhanced Traits [Feats]


Now on to powers.


Coat of Aeromancy.


We do not recommend ever placing a power that adjusts the actual Def/Tou bonus in an Array.  One of the central design conceits is for a character to hit their Defensive and Offensive caps.  With the primacy towards Defensive caps being met.  I feel I understand HOW it works and why it works, but the fact is that while the Summon is in use, your character is undercapped Defensively, and that can result in them being taken out earlier than intended.


And it would also downgrade his offensive abilities, with the Summon effect in place.



Ze Goggles, unfortunately are underspent.  Per UP, Page 113:


4 points: One trait of a particular type (ability scores, skills, feats,
or powers of a particular type or descriptor) at a time. Thus you
could acquire any one skill at a time, for example, or any one

So this would be a single descriptor.  While the case can be made that Visual and Magical are individual descriptors that is veering a little too close to breaching the spirit of VP constriction.   Also you would need to be at the 6pp/rank level to do more than add one type of Visual Supersense.  Otherwise you could add only effect to your Visual senses (e.g Ultra Vision, Magic Vision, Telescopic Vision), which honestly means you've undercut and overspent.



6 points: Multiple traits of a particular type (ability scores, skills,
feats, or powers of a particular type or descriptor), so long as the
total traits do not add up to more than (rank x 5) power points.

The above would allow Telescopic Dark Vision, for example.  Rather than one effect tacked on to your Visual Sense.  The 5PP/rank at one Rank would allow a bit more flex regarding this, and give you close to what you want, while still being viably limited. 



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  • Str 6 makes me leery, especially where Con sits at above human average.  Though it is viable, I would like some justification.

The justification is that he has spent years traveling the dimensions, and has suffered from exposure to a variety of pathogens. Through the use of physical therapy, diet, and "scientific" (by his definition) mind-and-body strengthening practices, his has built up a strong resistance to these things, but the exposure has had a long-term effect on his physical abilities. Much of his musculature wasted away during a particularly vicious infection (it was the Borough-folk who nursed him back to health), leaving him permanently weakened and partially crippled (he walks with a cane.) I didn't take any of that as a complication because his ability to fly mostly negates any real impact the limp would have, and his strength already comes with a mechanical rebate.



We do not recommend ever placing a power that adjusts the actual Def/Tou bonus in an Array. 

The point of doing so was to make him lower PL when he uses the Coat as a sidekick. Keep in mind that with his Principle Theorems he could, if necessary, cast a defensive spell that would bring him back up to PL defensively even without the Coat.



And it would also downgrade his offensive abilities, with the Summon effect in place.

Working as intended. If you look carefully at his Grand Theorems array, you'll notice that two of his powers could easily have remained at the PL limit for damage (reducing Penetrating more instead), but I deliberately chose to knock them down two ranks without the Coat. This was intended to balance the fact that I would have TWO characters when using the Coat.


However, I should note that he's unlikely to use the Summon Minion effect in combat. It will be for out-of-combat utility and RP'ing fun. The option to use it in combat is there, but comes at a risk.


So this would be a single descriptor.  While the case can be made that Visual and Magical are individual descriptors that is veering a little too close to breaching the spirit of VP constriction. 

I'm not sure what you mean here. Are you saying "Visual super-senses" is too broad a definition for VP? It seems like it's right in the bailiwick of "Powers of a particular type".



Also you would need to be at the 6pp/rank level to do more than add one type of Visual Supersense.  Otherwise you could add only effect to your Visual senses (e.g Ultra Vision, Magic Vision, Telescopic Vision), which honestly means you've undercut and overspent.

I disagree. It's limited to one ~power~ at a time, not one ~effect~. A single super-sense, such as True Sight for example (Ultimate Power pg. 85), is a single power with several effects.

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Str 6:  What you are saying would be representative of Con more than strength.  That said, it is not hard to see the point, and I am all for built in weaknesses to the character.  I do recommend eventually moving him to Str 10

On the Coat:  Most of my comment there is based on concern. Though for the Summon, if you could added a second sheet to serve for the Minion that would help greatly.

As for the goggles, here is the thing:


VP gives you  5pp to distribute per Rank of the power, correct?


The structure as listed on your sheet is 4pp/rank for a 5pp/rank output, without a real limitation, per the interpretatiuon .

As Super Senses is a bit trickier, and why we have house rules for it.  As well as for Power Structures/Variable Powers (though not currently germane as yours fit within them).


Basically each effect within Super Senses can be considered a power1, and at the diminished rank of VP of 4pp/Rank, it would stand that you are suffering a limitation beyond the switching time between power, which as presented is not the case.


That is not to say the 4pp/rank is not a viable choice it is, but as you have structure the merit of having 2 ranks in it is questionable.



1Ex: Infravision would work,  Infravision with Penetrates Concealment and/or Visual Detect Magic, would not.

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Ok, I made the goggles’ VP a 6/rank effect, resolving that issue.


That required the Device container to be rank 3 and easy to remove. It now costs 9 points rather than 8, so I dropped 4 ranks in skills to get back the extra point. Since the device is now rank 3, that gave me 15 points, which covers the 12 points for the VP and left 3 remaining, which I used for Extended Vision + Analytical Vision, which are always on rather than being part of the VP.


As soon as I earn 3 power points I’ll be returning the goggles to Hard To Remove, which I should get as soon as I finish the in-depth questionnaire (2 points), since I already did the 20 questions (1 point.)


I’ll work on the Aero sheet this weekend, if I have time.

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Aero, PL 7 Sidekick, alternate form of the Lab Coat of Aeromancy


Abilities: 0 + 14 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 14PP
Strength: 10 (+0) [0 pts]
Dexterity: 24 (+7) [14 pts]
Constitution: 10 (+0) [0 pts]
Intelligence: 10 (+0) [0 pts]
Wisdom: 10 (+0) [0 pts]
Charisma: 10 (+0) [0 pts]

Combat: 6 + 6 = 12PP
Initiative: +19 / +35
Attack: +3 Melee (+7 when grappling) +3 Ranged [6 pts]
Grapple: +35
Defense: +7 (+3 Base, + 4 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed [6 pts]
Knockback: -3

Saving Throws: 5 + 0 + 5 = 10PP
Toughness: +7 (+0 Con, +7 Protection)
Fortitude: +5 (+0 Con, +5)
Reflex: +7 (+7 Dex)
Will: +5 (+0 Wis, +5)

Skills: 44R = 11PP

Acrobatics 12 (+19)

Notice 5 (+5)

Knowledge (Cosmology) 12 (+12)

Perform (Dance) 10 (+10)

Search 5 (+5)


Feats: 15PP

Defensive Feats:

·         Elusive Target

·         Evasion - 2

·         Favored Environment (Levitating)

·         Uncanny Dodge

·         Dodge Focus 4

·         Danger Sense


Move-By Action

Acrobatic Feint

Improved Initiative 3




Powers: 8 + 5 + 30 = 43PP


Protection, Rank 7 (Feat: Subtle) [8 pts]


Flight, Rank 2 (Feat: Subtle) [5 pts]


Super-Grappling (Container) [27 pts] +3 feats

Enhanced Feats:

·         Attack Specialization (grapple) 2

·         Chokehold (grappled target suffocates, see page 168)

·         Grappling Finesse (use Dex instead of STR to grapple)

·         Improved Grab (attempt grapple as a free action after a melee attack)

·         Improved Pin

Enhanced Grapple (+1 to Grapple checks per rank) +21


Knock-Down Flyby (Alternate Power) [1 pt]

·         Flight, Rank 4 (Feat: Subtle) - 9 pts

·         Fast Overrun (keep going until you run out of movement)

·         Improved Overrun (enemies can't get out of the way, +4 to trip)

·         Improved Throw (choose which attribute enemy uses, Dex or Str)

·         Improved Trip (+4 to trip, and enemy cannot try to trip back)

·         Linked Stun, rank 7 - 14 pts


Woosh (Alternate Power) [1 pt]

·         Quickness, Rank 10 - 10 pts

·         Flight, Rank 6 (Feat: Subtle) - 13 pts

·         Improved Initiative, Rank 4


Aeromantic Portal (Alternate Power) [1 pt]

·         Teleport, Rank 9 (Extra: Portal. Flaw: Long-Range Only)


Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP

DC Block

ATTACK              RANGE            SAVE                           EFFECT
Unarmed             Touch              DC 13 Toughness     Damage (Physical)



Totals: Abilities (14) + Combat (12) + Saving Throws (10) + Skills (11) + Feats (15) + Powers (43) - Drawbacks (0) = 105/105 Power Points



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Initiative should be +0/4 as you get the 4 from the coat’s array. Fixed that.

Saving Throws:

A bit confused by the Reflex here, as you’re paying 4 in the summary but it looks like you’d be paying 6? Just a typo probably? Fixed it for you.

This is more of a suggestion and I assume you are aware of it (as you’ve played before), but are you sure you want to take Defensive Roll? It can mean that getting hit once can lead to even more spiralling than the game already has. No need to change it, just making you aware of it since I usually do it on new player’s sheets.


The Device in the first array is missing it’s Hard/Easy to Remove Flaw. I’m assuming it should be hard-to-remove (-1PP/R)? Just making sure before I go off assuming things that aren’t intended.



Everything else looks good!


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Thanks for fixing the typos. As for taking Defensive Roll, yeah, I'm aware of the drawbacks. I think Danger Sense and Uncanny Dodge mitigate the drawbacks to an extent. But even so, I don't mind having weaknesses. Notice that I have intentionally made my attack below PL caps when my lab coat is active on its own. I didn't have to do that — I could have arranged the points differently, but I felt it made sense (since the coat is supposed to be a boost to his power). A hero with no weaknesses makes for boring stories.


Besides, even if I'm taken out, my lab coat/sidekick can act on its own.

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