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    Alternate Form: Increasing the type of Action required to use this power is a -1PP per step Drawback, not a -1PP/rank per step Flaw. (Since Alternate Form is not something one normally activates multiple times per combat -- in most cases, you activate it at the start of a fight and do not turn it off until you're done -- requiring a longer time to active it is not as big a hindrance as it would be for Attack effects like Blast, which would be used almost every round.)

    Communication: Communication is two-way by default but may have Limited [One-Way, -1]. See the Equipment section for House Rules regarding team communicators.

    Concealment: Increasing the Action to use this effect is a -1PP per step Drawback, not a -1PP/rank per step Flaw. (See Alternate Form for the reasoning.)

    Create Object: Along with Move Object, this is one of the only powers in this game which is "soft-capped": your ranks in the Create Object power are not capped at your PL. However, the saving throw DC provoked by any attempt to trap a foe in a Created Object or drop a Created Object on a foe is subject to the character's PL caps for damage, and attempts to use high-Toughness Created Objects to circumvent defensive PL caps will not be tolerated.

    Density: Increasing the Action to use this effect is a -1PP per step Drawback, not a -1PP/rank per step Flaw. (See Alternate Form for the reasoning.)

    Drain: If an object's Toughness is reduced below -5 by a Drain Toughness effect, then that object is Destroyed.

    Gravity Control: This power, as described in the books, is banned. Please use a Move Object effect with Area and Limited [Up/Down] instead, with the "Gravity Control" descriptor (a far less broken power). Lifting things up or pinning them down requires a grapple check, like any other use of Move Object.

    Growth: Increasing the Action to use this effect is a -1PP per step Drawback, not a -1PP/rank per step Flaw. (See Alternate Form for the reasoning.)

    Immunity: See "Descriptor Frequencies" below for a detailed cost breakdown of Immunities by descriptor frequency.

    Immunity 5 (Interaction Skills) does not include Sense Motive.
    Immunity to Fatigue Effects does not make you immune to the fatigue caused by Extra Effort.

    Insubstantial: Increasing the Action to use this effect is a -1PP per step Drawback, not a -1PP/rank per step Flaw. (See Alternate Form for the reasoning.)

    Impervious: This extra is capped at the character's PL, regardless of which saving throw it is purchased for. It can be purchased for any of the four saving throws.

    Move Object: Along with Create Object, this is one of the only two powers in this game which is "soft-capped": your power rank is not subject to PL caps. However, any damage inflicted by throwing Moved Objects is subject to the character's PL caps for damage.


    Nemesis: This power, due to complications of its application within a play-by-post environment, is explicitly banned.

    Nullify: The 3PP/rank version of Nullify, "All Powers, regardless of Descriptors," is banned.

    Probability Control: Taliesin's "Supremacy" power (Probability Control, Flaws: Limited 2 [One Attack/Task]) is explicitly allowed.

    Regeneration: Regeneration from the Unconscious condition is banned.

    True Resurrection is a +0 Extra, automatically assumed to be in effect for any Resurrection ranks purchased.

    Shrinking: Normal Movement and Normal Toughness are Feats, not Extras. Normal Strength is still an Extra but the catch-all Normal Abilities Extra is no longer necessary.

    Shrinking gets a pass on the "increasing Action is a Drawback, not a Flaw" fix we have in place for Growth, Alternate Form and similar powers. While it would be internally consistent for us to make increasing its Action be a Drawback rather than a Flaw, the Refs feel Shrinking is overpriced as is for what it does, and so could use the cost break.

    Space Travel: 3E rules are used for simplification. Space Travel cannot be arrayed with flight. It is bought under the Super Movement power with three ranks available at 2 PP/rank. As a guideline, the three ranks are:


    Rank 1: Interplanetary. 

    You can travel at near light speed. Effectively this means travel within a solar system in minutes. Travel to other stars will take years (or centuries!). Examples, TIE fighter. 
    Rank 2: Interstellar. 
    You can travel at faster than light. Travelling between solar systems takes a few days. Travel within a solar system takes seconds. Travel to other galaxies will take years or centuries. Precise times vary according to distance of destination and speed of plot (hey, hyperspace is wibbly wobbly, you know?) Examples: Red Dwarf, Battle Star Gallactica
    Rank 3: Intergalactic. 
    You can travel at much faster than light. Travel within a solar system is virtually instantaneous. Travel between solar systems takes hours. Travel between galaxies will take several days. Again, precise times vary according to distance of destination and speed of plot. Examples: Millenium Falcon

    For faster speeds, or interstellar "hops" which take place instantly, use teleport (long range, accurate). The limitation "Only in deep space" is a valid -1 flaw (as you would have to travel outside of a solar system to activate the jump). Usable only in space is a 1 point drawback. Examples: The Tardis


    Summon (Animate Object, Duplication, Gestalt, Machine Animation, etc.): A Minion/Sidekick, whether purchased with feats or Summoned, cannot have a PP total higher than the hero. If the character concept involves a "minion" in service to a less powerful entity, then the more powerful "minion" is the Hero, and the "boss" is purchased as a Minion/Sidekick.


    Summon may have its Duration bought up to Continuous, but Summon may not have the Independent extra.

    The Heroic Extra is allowed, but only if it applies to ONE Summoned being. A character can have up to one Sidekick. A Gestalt can have up to two Heroic components. In other words, no player can control more than two heroic characters at once.

    The Progression [Minions] Feat is allowed for Summon powers, but is capped at rank 4 (25 Minions).

    Minions -- attained either via the feat or via the Summon power -- may use the Aid and Combined Attack actions, though see "Combined Attack" under Combat.

    In-character posts made containing only Minions, or with just a bare minimum of contact with the main hero, will only count for 1/2 credit for that hero's post counts when calculating their monthly PP awards. In-character posts featuring Sidekicks count for full credit.

    Super-Senses: This is a clarification of how Super-Senses works, assembled from the core rulebook, Ultimate Power, and many of Steve Kenson's posts on the Official M&M Forums.



    Some sense types have certain Super-Sense extras by default. Infravision costs 1PP instead of 5PP because Visual senses are already +Accurate, +Acute, and +Ranged. But any Concealment/Dazzle/etc. that hits "all Visual senses" hits Infravision along with Normal Vision.

    Visual Sense Type
    Default Extras: +Accurate, +Acute, +Ranged.
    PCs start with: Normal Vision.
    Examples of other Visual Senses: Infravision (infrared spectrum), Ultravision (ultraviolet spectrum).

    Audio Sense Type
    Default Extras: +Acute, +Radius, +Ranged.
    PCs start with: Normal Hearing.
    Examples of other Audio Senses: Ultrasonic Hearing, Sonar (Ultrasonic Hearing, +Accurate, 3PP).

    Olfactory Sense Type (Smell/Taste)
    Default Extras: +Radius, +Ranged.
    PCs start with: Normal Olfactory.
    Examples of Olfactory Super-Senses: Scent (Normal Olfactory Sense, +Acute, 1PP).

    Tactile Sense Type
    Default Extras: +Accurate, +Acute, +Radius.
    PCs start with: Normal Touch.
    Examples of other Tactile Senses: Tremorsense (Tactile Sense, +Ranged, 2PP).

    Mental Sense Type
    Default Extras: None.
    PCs start with: Normal Mental (the byproduct of having INT, WIS, and CHA all at 1+, and the reason you have the Sense Motive skill).
    Examples of other Mental Senses: Psychic Blindsight (Mental Sense, +Accurate, +Acute, +Radius, +Ranged, 6PP).

    Radio Sense Type
    Default Extras: +Acute, +Radius, +Ranged.
    PCs start with: None.
    Examples of Radio Senses: Radio (1PP, lets you pick up radio signals like an antenna), Radar (Radio Sense, +Accurate, 3PP).

    So, as you can see, when choosing a sense type for a Super-Sense (such as "Detect Life" or "Detect Magic"), there's a tradeoff. If you choose "Visual," then you get a bunch of Super-Sense extras "for free," but the sense also gets bypassed or taken out by the most common type of sensory powers (Concealment, Dazzle, Illusion, Obscure, etc.), Visual. If you choose "Mental," it starts with none of the Super-Sense extras by default, but almost nothing Conceals or Obscures against Mental senses.


    • Awareness and Detect: These are merged into a single Super-Sense called [Descriptor] Awareness, which is capable of making Notice checks as a passive reaction as necessary or as a Move Action when actively looking for something. The base cost for Awareness is based on the frequency of the descriptor: 1PP base for an Uncommon descriptor (ex: celestial/holy, demonic/infernal, necromancy), 2PP for a Common descriptor (ex: mental, metals, plants), and 3PP for a Very Common descriptor (ex: electromagnetic energy, magic). Awareness has a default range increment of -1 per 10 feet.
    • Penetrates Concealment: By default, the +Penetrates Concealment (4PP) Extra of Super-Senses can see through any obstacle (but not effects like Concealment, Illusion, or Obscure). You do not need to define "one reasonably common substance" which you cannot see through. Not being able to see through one semi-common substance, such as gold or lead, is a 1PP Power Loss Drawback. Not being able to see through a wider range of common substances (like "natural earth") is a Limited Flaw, reducing the cost by -1PP per rank (from 4PP to 2PP). This means X-Ray Vision (Normal Vision, Extras: Penetrates Concealment [4], Drawbacks: Power Loss [Lead]) costs 3PP, not 4PP.


    Super-Strength: This power adds to the character's bonus when resisting Disarm checks, using Disarm with unarmed damage or a Mighty attack, and Trip checks where the character is using Strength rather than Dexterity/Acrobat (attacking or resisting).

    Teleport: Teleport with the Attack extra is not allowed. You may take it with the Affects Others extra, but remember that will only work on willing targets.

    Per Steve Kenson's suggestion, you may use Teleport to get out of a Grapple, if you can make a DC 20 Concentration check.

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