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The New White Knights

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White Knight II (Aidan Miller)

Height: 6'0"

Build: Wiry, lean but strong

Eyes: brown (wears blue contacts)

Hair: brown (painted blonde)

Wearing: white shoes, white slacks, white belt, white long sleeve button up shirt, white gloves, white blazer.

Equipment: two white batons and a mechanical stick

Other Traits: walks like he owns every place he's in, talks like he owns every conversation he's in

Numbers: Fiery Ringmaster (sans dog)


Big Girl (Mary Forth)

Height: 6'6"

Build: Amazonian, muscles

Eyes: brown

Hair: shoulder length, brown with red white and blue tips at the bottom

Wearing: white gauzy skirt with thigh high slits on both sides, white sleeveless midriff shirt

Equipment: spear

Other Traits: covered in tattoos, except her face. does not talk, though sounds very 'jock' if forced.

Numbers: Tattooed Amazon


Southern Charm (George Kent)

Height: 5'10"

Build: thick, obviously never met a meal that he didn't like.

Eyes: blue

Hair: brown

Wearing: flipflops, khaki shorts, baseball jersey (repping Atlanta) or football jersey (repping Dallas), backwards hat (probably another sports team)

Equipment: none that you see?

Other traits: sycophantic yes man to Aidan. why is he not wearing white?

Numbers: Hemokinetic (sans Mind Control and Healing)

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I'm mixing it up a little for this thread, I'll let everyone select which of their ten rolls they want to use. 


So that's 22 for Miras, 6 for Scion, Spifire has 18. 


Monsoon will have 2 for a total of 17.

Edge will have 1 for a total of 5.


Miras, you spot: 




By now you're in the DJ's booth and you see it, a man stepping out of the men's room with what is clearly a raw, unprocessed pig's head clutched in his hands. In his jeans and white T-shirt, he could be any generic white guy, but he's running towards the stage with a look of angry intent in his eyes. He's about to throw that thing right at you! 







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Miras is going to use Snare on the guy coming up to her. A roll of 5 means she has 15 to hit, which is garbage, so she'll spend a HP to reroll. That gives her ANOTHER 5, which at least adds another 10 to it, so a total of 25 to hit that guy with a DC 20 Snare. At the same time she's going to make a Bluff check to make the magic seem like part of her set. A roll of 17 + 12 means Bluff result of 29.

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Miras is going to stunt a power off Ruh Kalit. She'll just eat the Fatigue from this one and be at -1 for awhile.


Emotion Control 10 (Feat: Subtle, Extra: Area/General [Perception/Auditory], Flaws: Limited [Only Calm], Range/Touch) [6/24PP]


Everyone who can hear her has to make a DC 20 Will check or be all breezy and fine for awhile. Bluff'ing to make it seem like nothing supernatural's going on, roll of 2 + 12 means a Bluff result of 14. Guess I'll just have to take that now.

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