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Vitalus - PL12/14 - Sandman XI (Silver)

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Player's Name: Sandman XI
Character Name: Vitalus
Power Level: 14 (213/215)
Tradeoffs: Undercapped, PL12 (0 Attack, 0 Save, +1 Toughness, -1 Defense)
Unspent Power Points: 2


In Brief: A former hero looking to get back into being a hero.


Residence: Riverside
Base of Operation: None
Catchphrase: "."


Alternate Identity: Wesley Octavius Knight (birth name)
Identity: Secret (mostly)
Birthplace: Tunnel Hill, Alabama
Occupation: body artist, business owner
Affiliations: None
Family: None, all passed or in the past.


Age: 27 (born 13 December, 1989)
Apparent Age: early twenties
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: African-American
Height: 6 foot 6 inches (1.98 meters)
Weight: 240 pounds (109kg)
Eyes: green (due to mutation), brown (originally)
Hair: black


Wesley is a well-build man, with very defined muscle. A fighter's build. Swole arms, legs, and torso. His arms, chest, back and neck are covered with years with of inked art. Each one of them a personal memory (even if a few of those memories are 'this looks awesome'). His eyes are a vibrant green and have been so ever since his powers erupted forth. he loves his thick long dreadlocks and considers them a source of pride that he keeps them up so well. you can hear the southern inflect in his voice, even though he's been in Freedom for nearly a decade.Even though he's big, he does not walk like a big man. Almost always in thought about something and someone. When he's not doing that he like to sit or lean on walls. Never a straight stand. His clothing is urban wear baggy cargos, sandals, and an a-shirt when in public or when it's proper. He does love to show off his ink. His 'costume' is barely different. he throws on  a brown hoodie on and ditches the sandals for work boots.


Power Descriptions: Wesley's power set changes so much that even he thinks it's silly. The only thing constant is the glow. He glows dark green, gold, or purple when he uses his powers. All the ranged powers shoot of as shots of energy. If someone is under his powers effects they might even glow themselves. Not as bright as him, but definitely noticeable until it's done.


History: Here for pre-Freedom City days


When he got to his destination, it wasn't a cake walk. While he did have the job, it wasn't as good at it was made out to be. Sure everything was nice and the owner was a nice guy, but Wesley didn't get much being the new guy. So he poked around for side jobs where he could. There was a whole community around here! Riverside was great.


Though his first big paycheck came from someone off the books. A woman who needed an intricate back piece done. She somehow new about his powers and knew he could stay up day and night if need be. Little did he know he was getting into Triad business. The woman, who only wanted to be known as 'Jade' taught him Mandarin as he worked. It was for his own good. By the time he was done (seven days? ten?) a whole boatload of gangsters came flooding in. This was the real deal, he had to protect himself and not hurt anyone. Jade was resting, but watching the whole thing. Of course, the was easy, a meta with biological powers versus normal guys (there were a bunch of them though, with hatchets!) Of course he survived and no one died. 'Jade' said that others who needed to know. She thanked him for being her 'Knight'. And that's how he got his first her name. Even though it was his last name.


After that was one of the most disgusting things ever. A bunch of heroes gathered to fights some alien poo? He never  found out what it was, but he and another (a machine kid) were the last ones to face down that piece of filth. That lead to more connections. The adventures start to blur after that. Only his time on the Knights of Freedom was the clearest out of it all (Avenger, Scarab, Divine, Grimalkin, Dr Archeville, others).


By that time, he'd moved into his own place and with the money to buy a place in Riverside. It was small, but he had a following, both on the mundane and meta side. He tried, comically almost, his hand at the dating scene. It didn't work out. That and he was more absorbed in his work and art. By then he'd lost his way. doing more jobs for himself and his friends than focusing on the hero thing. And while that's not why he came up here, he always felt like it was his calling that he was ignoring. He even traveled a bit. Got his bachelor's degree in medicine. Still, the call of the hero beckoned him. Some times it even came to his front door! he was not callous. He helped what he could. Just never...


OK enough's enough. He could ignore it no longer. The tug at his heart strings as the world almost drowned was too much. He was going to get out there and do something. He even took a (third after the short lived 'Life Knight') name. Vitalus!


Personality and Motivation: Wesley is, well, quiet is an exaggeration. He does like conversation, he just never gets to talk. Not that he minds. He'll listen to anyone and answer in kind. He is a stand up guy and will rush to help if needed. All those years he was 'absent' was a misnomer. He was here, just in the background! He wants to step out of the back ground now. To do more than just hide in the shadow. To step up and take responsibility.


Powers and Tactics: Wesley is a mix of range and melee. He'd prefer not to mix it up and shoot down his enemies in a nonviolent (as you can get with using bioenergy to blast others) way. But if it gets close range, he will flip on his signature Adrenaline Rush and quickly beat down his opponents with massive strength and speed.



The Job: Wesley owns and works at Knight's Ink body art shop. Tattoos and piercings are normal. But select clientele have special requests. As long as it's legal, Wesley will oblige them.

The (kinda) Secret: While his new foray into the hero scene is that of a covered urban warrior, there are a handful of heroes villain and civilians that know his identity.

Relationships: He is very friendly with his employees (and in fact won't hire someone if the crew disapproves). 

Ghosts!: Not that he fears them. Malevolent spirits are somewhat a sore spot for him as he cannot deal with them by himself.

Warmth: Wesley leaves a faint heat trail that those with certain senses can see like a beacon.


Abilities 12 + 10 + 12 + 6 + 8 + 4 = 52PP
Str 22/30 (+6/+10)
Dex 20 (+5)
Con 22 (+6)
Int 16 (+3)
Wis 18 (+4)
Cha 14 (+2)


Saving Throws 5 + 4 + 4 = 13PP
Toughness 13 (6 con, 7 protection)
Fortitude 11 (6 con, 5 save)
Reflex 9 (5 dex, 4 save)
Will 8/17 (4 wis, 4 save, 9 enhanced save)


Combat 24 + 14 = 38PP
Attack +12 (base)
Defense +11 (+4 flat-footed)


Grapple +18/+26
Initiative +5
Knockback -6 (-3 without protection)


Skills 92R = 23PP
Acrobatics 10 (+15)
Craft (artistic) 7 (+10)
Diplomacy 8 (+10)
Gather Information 8 (+10)
Knowledge (current events) 2 (+5)
Knowledge (life sciences) 12 (+15)
Knowledge (popular culture) 2 (+5)
Knowledge (streetwise) 7 (+10)
Language 1 (English [native], Mandarin)
Medicine 11 (+15)
Notice 6 (+10)
Search 7 (+10)
Sense Motive 11 (+15)


Feats 12PP
Accurate Attack
Acrobatic Bluff
Dodge Focus 4
Power Attack
Precise Shot
Ultimate Effort (Craft [artistic])


Powers 48 + 12 + 8 + 7 = 75PP


Biological Manipulation: Array 20 (Power Feats: Alternate Power 8) [48PP]
. . Adrenaline Rush: Container 8 (passive) [40/40]

. . . . Damage 2 (hardened muscle; Power Feats: Mighty) [3CP]

. . . . Enhanced Strength 8 [8CP]

. . . . Enhanced Feats 2 (Improved Grapple, Move-by Action) [2CP]

. . . . Enhanced Save 9 (Will 9) [9CP]
. . . . Leaping 3 (x10) [3CP]
. . . . Speed 3 (50MPH) [3CP]
. . . . Super-Strength 4 (Effective 50 str; Power Feats: Groundstrike, Shockwave, Super-Breath, Thunderclap) [12CP]
. . Atrophy: Paralyze 12 (Extras: Range [Ranged]; Power Feats: Incurable, Reversible) [38/40]
. . Biokinetic Disruption: Damage 12 (Extras: Alternate Save [Fortitude], Range 2 [Perception]; Flaws: Action [Full]; Power Feats: Incurable, Reversible) [38/40]
. . Cure: Nullify 12 (all biological effects; Extras: Effortless; Power Feats: Selective) [37/40]
. . Heal: Healing 9 (Extras: Action [Standard], Total; Power Feats: Persistent, Regrowth) [38/40]
. . Muscle Control: Mind Control 12 (Extras: Alternate Save [Fortitude], Conscious, Duration [Sustained]; Flaws: Range [Ranged]; Power Feats: Precise) [37/40]
. . Serotonin: Emotion Control 12 (Extras: Independent, Total Fade; Power Feats: Mind Blank) [37/40]
. . Shape Body: Transform 12 (living to living; Flaws: Range [Touch]; Power Feats: Incurable, Precise, Reversible) [39/40]
. . Virus: Nauseate 12 (Extras: Range [Ranged]; Power Feats: Incurable, Reversible, Variable Descriptor [Viruses]) [39/40]


Life Support: Immunity 12 (aging, disease, environmental conditions [all], poison, sleep, starvation and thirst, suffocation [all]) [12PP]


Sense Life: Super-Senses 8 (Life Awareness [very common; accurate (mental), acute (mental), ranged (mental), radius (mental)]) [8PP]


Tough: Protection 7 [7PP]


DC Block

Unarmed                      Melee          DC 21 Toughness (Staged)     Damage (Physical)
Unarmed, Adrenaline Rush     Melee          DC 25 Toughness (Staged)     Damage (Physical)
Hardened Muscle              Melee          DC 27 Toughness (Staged)     Damage (Physical)
Atrophy                      Range          DC 22 Fortitude (Staged)     Slowed or Paralyzed
Biological Disruption        Perception     DC 27 Fortitude (Staged)     Damage (Energy)
Cure                         Range          DC 22 Fortitude              Biological Effects Nullified
Muscle Control               Range          DC 22 Fortitude              Controlled
Seratonin                    Perception     DC 22 Will      (Staged)     Calm or Despair or Fear or Hate or Hope or Love
Shape Body                   Melee          DC 22 Fortitude              Transformed
Virus                        Range          DC 22 Fortitude (Staged)     Sickened or Nauseated or Helpless

Totals: Abilities (52) + Saves (13) + Combat (38) + Skills (23) + Feats (12) + Powers (75) + Drawback (-0) = 213/215 Power Points

Edited by HG Morrison
+2pp for June 2017
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Dodge Focus is lost when you're flat-footed, rather than halved - that's why it's cheap! With Dodge Focus 4, Vitalus has only 7 base defense, and thus 4 flat-footed defense.


Per a house rule/clarification on descriptors, the descriptor on "mind powers" (and thus, Vitalus' immunity in Adrenaline Rush mode, if I'm reading this right) is 'psionic', not 'mental', to distinguish it from the Mental sense and Mental +0 Extra.



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Fixed flat-footed.


What would i need to put for the immunityto be something like bane or hulk doing their thing and not being affected (as much?) by mental effects? Not saying he's raging, but it's built off that. If it's too much trouble,  can drop it.

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