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Unsportsmanlike Conduct- (OOC)


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Cool potatoes. 


To keep things kind of interesting and also to look relatively unthreatening but tough, he is leaving behind his gun, helmet, and most of his equipment, just bringing his jacket, whip, a few thermal pellets and sedative injector. 

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Oh one thing Starshot knows about Carnivore, while he always makes the kill himself, he tends to use underhanded tricks. Poisoned carcasses, traps, and Drones. He has a rep for using drones to weaken a dangerous quarry first. Perhaps dozens of them. Earned him the rep of not being all that much of a sportsman. That and he rarely cleans up, harming other creatures with his left overs.

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Ok not sure how the sensor's work, but I'm going to say unless you want help, you aren't going to narrow down Carnivore's location to less than maybe a hundred mile radius zone. Hunting sky tyrants takes a lot of area.  His drones are covering a pretty wide area, and bouncing signal off each other.

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Mechanically the sensors are as per stashots sheet under equipment / the xeno and are pretty expensive / powerful. The xeno isn't armed but it's pretty top of the line for a yacht like luxury hunting vessel !


As per star trek, feel free to fiat something impairing their accuracy e.g quantum electro-magnetic lensing ? I.e. story comes first!


Let me know what you want and I'll post ic.

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I'm gonna say since this is a guy who doesn't want to be found, it's not so much the sensor's can't pick him up, but that he's kind of erratic. You've definitely narrowed down three places that make sense. Up in a northern more mountainous area, an eastern riverbank/swamp, and a southern jungle. Trying to narrow it down will require either patching into the system. 

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Ill roll Starshots stealth if needed: Stealth: 1d20+14 27


Not sure if his Helmet super senses pick up anything (Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Extended [Visual] 1, Infravision, Microscopic Vision 2 [Cellular], Radio, Ultravision, X-Ray Vision, Drawback: Power loss [Lead for X Ray Vision] probably not but you never know if it has some fungus on it or some cool IR signature! :)


Providing he is not seen, or appears not be seen, he will be activating using the aim action (in this case, his improved aim feat). 

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Carnivore: Initiative: 1d20+5 12

Greasy Gear: Initiative: 1d20+4 8

Sky tyrants: Initiative Check: 1d20 3


Sky Tyrants notice check: 

Notice check: 1d20+5 20


ok so the sky tyrants see Gear, they don't care yet. 


So Inititive






using dragons from the handbook with a sonic blast instead of fire for the tyrants.


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