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FC: The Fighting Game

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Super-Move: Moonson gestures and picks up her opponent with swirling hydrokinetic energy - smashing them against the sides of the arena with bone-crunching force, then lifting them up high and smashing them brutally to the ground, face-first. 

Victory: Hydrokinetic energy wraps itself around Monsoon's opponent's neck as she briefly chokes them, then drives them to their knees in front of her. Extending an armored hand, she intones, "Kneel before me." 


Comrade Frost: 


Super-Move: "To HEL with you!" Comrade Frost grabs his opponent and pulls them into the swirling vortex of his chest, dropping them into the middle of an undead battlefield in Nifleheim! They take several blows and cuts from the horde of Viking skeletons before a blow from a giant ax sends them hurtling back through the portal and outside. 

Victory: Comrade Frost snaps his finger, casting a pall of ice over the scene - he then squats down and begins doing a cheerful hopak while a campy version of the Korobeiniki plays.




Super-Move: Citizen punches his target straight up in a stratospheric punch that lifts them up out of the scenery entirely - then flies up above them and eye-beams them back into the arena with a tremendous BOOM. 

Victory: Citizen takes off into the air at supersonic speed - then can be seen hovering over the city. 


Sea Devil: 

Intro: Sea Devil turns around, her armor's mask retracted and can be seen in the middle of chewing on an extremely large fish. She swallows, her armor's mask closing shut, and hops into the arena. 

Super-Move: "Ia!" Sea Devil drives her trident into the ground and points at her target, bellowing in some eldritch tongue. At her words, giant purple tentacles erupt out of puddles on the ground and grab the target, pummeling them against walls and into the ground, before throwing them back across the arena. 

Victory: Croaking with triumph, Sea Devil retracts her mask - then cuts a yellow sign into the ground with her trident and squats in the middle, looking right at the player with big yellow-black eyes. 




Super-Move: Woodsman shoots his opponent in the face with an explosive arrow, blinding and deafening them as he charges. He hits them about the face and upper body with his hatchet, then slaps a sticky grenade on their chest, jumping away as the blast knocks his opponent across the arena. 

Victory: Woodsman quickly binds and gags his opponent, then strings them up by the ankles from a stage hazard. Pulling his hood up over his head, he disappears into the shadows, reappearing atop a darkened rooftop somewhere in the city. "Gotcha." 







Lady Horus: 

Intro: With her back to us, Lady Horus puts her helm on - then spins around, hawk eyes glowing, ready for action. "Hah!"

Super-Move: "Hah!" Lady Horus flies towards her target at full-speed and strikes him in the belly - then with impossible speed is there to catch him when he lands with a blow to the back, driving him upwards into the air. She finishes with a flying ankh blow that smashes her target directly into the ground from above. 

Victory: "Hah!" Smirking, Lady Horus takes off, her white cape fluttering in the breeze, ankh gleaming brightly. We cut to her sitting on a golden Egyptian throne, legs crossed and still smirking, flipping a shiny gold coin. 



Intro: Signing autographs for the crowd of onlookers, Fast-Forward looks over at his opponent and sighs - taking off his sunglasses and handing them to a spectator. "All right, kid, it's time to fast-forward!" 



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Blue Jay

Intro: Steps out from behind a background element and jumps onto the stage.

Super-Move: Attacks her enemy with a variety of kicks and close-range arrows. When the enemy is full of arrows, they explode and fall on their back.

Victory: Stows her bow and cross her arms smugly. "Train a little harder next time, please."


Intro: A swirl of smoke rises from the ground, then turns green, and finally dissipates to show her.

Super-Move: She punches the enemy who flies back and then pauses in mid-air. Miras runs forward at super-speed and hits him; he goes flying back one more frame. She hits him again, and again, and again, each time pushing him back one more frame until he collapses on the ground.

Victory: Stands up tall and bows her head. "God wills it."



Intro: Descends from the top of the screen in her armor. "Surrender now!"

Super-Move: She throws her enemy into the air and blasts him with a continuous beam of energy that sends him into orbit, then she flies up into space, grabs him, and piledrives him back into the stage.

Victory: Helmet retracts while she reads something off her arm menu. "You're under arrest."



Intro: Bounces in from off-stage, lands hard and flexes.

Super-Move: Stabs the enemy with his claws and launches them, then forms both fists into arm-cannons and air-juggles them. Finally, as they're falling he forms his fists into giant blocks and slams them into the ground.

Victory: Stands and nods smugly. "That was good practice."



Intro: Drives his truck up to the battlefield and gets out, cracking his knuckles.

Super-Move: Picks up his opponent in an arm made of energy and smacks them into obstacles all over the stage.

Victory: Gets back into his truck. "Stay outta my town."

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Intro: Bonfire, wearing street clothes and his head in smoke form, walks onto the stage while sipping some coffee out of a takeaway cup. He finishes, and focus shifts to the cup, which suddenly bursts into flame and burns down.


Victory: Bonfire walks off the stage, the scene cuts to him out of costume, relaxing in a barely lit room, lying on a couch with a takeaway cup in hand, lit up by the laptop sitting on a coffee table in front of the couch.



Intro: Barrier slowly walks in from off-stage, grabbing her shield and having it twirl into position on her arm. She enters a combat stance. “By the authority placed on me by the Praetorians, I command you to stand down.”

Super-Move: Barrier slams her shield’s edge against her opponent’s head, following it up with a grab and, at much faster speed than she usually moves at, slipping behind her opponent, before lifting them up into a german suplex. She then turns her body 180 degrees, facing towards the ground, before pulling herself and her opponent upwards, lifting them above her head, and throwing them against the screen’s edge.



Bird of Arms

Intro: Wings extended, Jann slowly glides onto the stage. Once he lands, his arms reach towards his waist, where, under his shirt, he clicks something, before bringing his arms upwards and assuming a combat stance.

Super-Move: Jann throws a pair of bolas at his opponent’s feet, and as they struggle to get out, flies directly upwards, where he is shown with sky and clouds in the background. Then, he immediately turns around on the point by kicking his feet upwards, before descending rapidly. The camera switches to an over-the-shoulder perspective for a moment, as it shows Jann on a direct collision course with his enemy. He reaches out with his arm, and as he is about to reach the ground, back in normal view, spikes them. They bounce off the ground, and Jann, still on one knee, pulls out a variety of weaponry to strike them with at high speed while they’re in mid-air.




Intro: A portal, black in the middle with edges that light up green, opens, and Sha’ir steps through. The camera first shows his face, green eyes piercing through the portal, before panning outwards.  As the portal closes behind him, his Mage Book, attached to his waist, magically floats upwards, stopping in front of his hand.

Super-Move: Sha’ir shoots forwards a blast of magical energy, shaped like a net. It hits and wraps around his opponent, who immediately afterwards is struck by a spike of rock shooting upwards from the ground, the force lifting them into the air. There, they are hit by a block of what appears to be translucent rock dropping downwards on them. As they’re lying on the ground, a shape that looks like a spectral dragon’s mouth appears above them, and sends flames downwards at them.


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Intro: Terrifica roars onto the scene on her motorcycle. “This is completely unnecessary.” She gets off and extends her staff. “I’ve already planned this out, and you lose.”

Playstyle: Highly technical & expert friendly. Capable at any range.

Super-Move: “Oh, enough already.” Terrifica pushes a few buttons on her staff and then unleashes a screen filling Terrifi-Cannon blast.

Victory: Terrifica collapses her staff and replaces it on her belt. “No one ever listens.”





Intro: Waverider walks on to the stage and activates her forcefield (it has a low buzzing sound and blurs her body a little). Her notepad replaces the usual countdown-ready-fight animation, which is silenced for her fights.

Playstyle: Newbie friendly blaster, terrible in melee.

Super-Move: Waverider unleashes a vibrational explosion that fills over half the screen. She seems to be screaming soundlessly inside of it.

Victory: Waverider holds up her notepad, which says “Sorry about that.”





Intro: Queenie flies into position. She grins widely. “I’ve been cooking up something just for you, sunshine.”

Playstyle: Newbie friendly, but has something for experts too. Primarily a blaster, but can work as a grappler too.

Super-Move: Queenie says various cooking preparation terms, and uses the Ring’s constructs to perform them on her opponent.

Victory: Queenie poses heroically, a knowing grin on her face. “Now that’s home cooking!”





Intro: Pacer appear as if from nowhere. “This’ll be done in an instant!”

Playstyle: Super fast combo crazy lunatic melee specialist.

Super-Move: “Okay, bored now.” Pacer unleashes precisely ALL OF THE PUNCHES on her opponent from all sides. (Her Future Pacer skin does this via around the world overrun tramples.)

Victory: Pacer blurs briefly, and starts munching on a food item she didn’t have a moment ago. “What’d I say?”





Intro: Stalwart walks into the frame and cracks his knuckles. “You’re sure you want to do this?”

Playstyle: Powerhouse melee specialist, with a side of grappler

Super-Move: Stalwart unleashes ONE PUNCH!!!!!! The opponent flies backwards and briefly achieves orbit, falling just in time to be slammed in the ground hard enough to shake the earth on its axis.

Victory: Stalwart looks regretful. “I warned you.”

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Intro: Runs in and flips a coin. "I'll give you a head start." drops into a fighting stance and locks face shield in place

Play style: Starter friendly melee spammer

Super-move: runs around at high speeds generating a tornado and running up debris in the tornado, makes flying kicks at the target launching them up into the air. The last blow is a flipping hammer kick sending the target down into the ground.

Victory: Hyperactive grabs the coin out of the air. "Too slow"


Greasy Gear

Intro: Flies in on his cosmic cycle and lands. he draws all four guns. "This can be quiet or very loud."

Play style: Slow blaster tank

Super move: unleashes a blaster volley before rolling a grenade down towards the target and blowing them up.

Victory: spins all four guns and holsters them. Silently nods at the target.


Kid kamehameha

Intro: Does a short Haka and then slams his fist into a palm.

playstyle: Expert friendly either quick combos with Laka, heavy tank with Pele, and blaster with Kahoali

Super move: grabs the target by the wrist and slams them with a straight arm to the gut. He then grabs them turns and flings his target into the air. When his enemy comes down he backhands them across the screen.

Victory: "The might of the gods empowers me."

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Watchdog (and Daystar): 

Intro: Watchdog enters, a glowing Daystar just behind her. She pushes Daystar off-camera and draws her gun, growling "You ready to dance with the Devil?" 

Super-Move: Watchdog shoots the character in the shoulder with her grapple gun, pinning them to a wall. She runs up to them and beats them with her tonfa, with slow-mo hits of jaw strikes and belly hits - and then ducks as a glowing Daystar appears behind her. "Now!" Daystar raises her hand and blasts the character _through_ the wall behind them, the screen briefly flaring to white. 

Victory: Watchdog handcuffs their beaten opponent and kicks him in the ribs while a brightly-glowing Daystar smiles big for the camera and gives it a big thumbs-up. "God Bless America!" 

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