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A Good Trip to the Pub, Ruined.


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8PM, Febuary 25th, 2017.

Morley's.  The scene for a fundraiser for the the medical costs of some sick police officers.


It was hard to imagine Amir al-Misri attending a more down at heels event like this, at random.  Yet, here he was.  Without an invite, but with a fat checkbook.  Of course he had reached out to the hospital and simply paid for all of the related bills.  It wasn't announced either.  Sure he could afford it, but frankly he liked being human sometimes.  Even if, at about a hour in, and he showing his ability to drink alcohol with minimal effects.


Hell he bet them they wouldn't been able to get a blood alcohol reading on the breathalyzer at the end of the night.  It would seem that for some aspects of halaal the super powered billionaire with movie star looks did not keep (yes he stated a good bit of his lot in life was luck).  Pork was right out though.  And at this moment he was laughing loudly, at a joke told by one Detective Kirkendahl, a blond man in an suit that was a bit too large, as if he had lose weight recently.  The clap on the detective's back was a bit, meaty swat, though without any super-strength behind it.


"... he... he was... caught by his... Ah... on the fence? Ahhhhh-hahahahahahahaha!"  He pounded on the table, managing to catch the pint glass before it fell over, as his shoulder shoot with mirth.

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Cops are essentially the backbone of the hero community. They are the first responders. They made sure, even if there were no heroes around, that people were safe. So when some virus controller tried to test their new found powers on the West End precinct, Moira took that personally. She knew several of the cops by name. Joseph Marelli. Angie and Donald Goldstein. Alex Samuels. Robyn Turner. Some she saw almost every day on her patrols around the West End. They were family. And you don't mess with family! Still, no clue about where the virus villain went. But if they were to ever show their face, they'd get a face full of justice, namely Moira's fists!


But Moira, right now, was playing hostess to an event for the sick police officers. She would announce the live music playing. Sadly, she couldn't gett her favorite local band, The Vigilantes, back together. Still itwas good to have some people pitching in. When she wasn't on the mic, she mingled among the guests, making sure everyone's glass and belly was full. She happened upon Amir's group. Sitting at the table where an open seat was, she smiled big, "are you guys alright here? Need anything?" She playfully leaned on Kirkendahl's shoulder, "how's the family doing?" Sitting up she noticed Amir, "and who's you're friend here?" She reached out a hand to Amir, "I'm Moira." He was a handsome man, looking about the age she was supposed to be. He carried his swagger very well. "And who might you be?"

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Kirkendahl noticed her first, and he shrugged a little, "Going so schools I can't can't afford, while being paid far too little, and worked too hard.  Y'know, same ol', same ol'."  The sandy haired man smiled at her, cheeks flushed to show he was more than a little drunk. "How about you?"  He looked over at her, before she shifted, naturally.  "Oh, how can I be so rude?  Moira this is Amir al-Misri head of Summit Transnational, does the hero thing, and is friends with pretty much everybody!"


There was a chuckle from Amir before he knocked back his drink, setting the glass down and extending a hand back to her.  "Amir, just Amir.  if I am feeling florid, my name stretches father than the gap between the sun and the moon.  It is a pleasure to meet you Moira."  The handshake was firm, he made eye contact, but he didn't overstay the welcome.  Given he was floating around the numerous groups, rubbing elbows with at least moderate skills.


"He's being modest! Though Moira surprised you haven't heard him, he's a big shot hero celebrity type!"  And with that he slugged Amir hard in the arm, "Was jes' tellin' 'bout the time a perp got caught on a wrought iron fence when I was still a uniform!"  The police office started to giggle down into his drink, and shaking his head.

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