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Cinco por Cinco: Yo Ere Tan Cool

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El dueño de ti
Colonia Doctores, Mexico

Saturday, September 17th, 2016

11:00 AM


In pulque's heyday, there were over 1000 pulqueria's in Mexico City.  Changing times, and a heavy handed propoganda campaign by beer companies, led to the decline of pulquerias.  To the point that there are only handfuls left in the entire country.  El dueño de ti, was one of those few remaining vestiges to days long gone.


And more importantly, it was the long agreed upon meeting place between Serge and an online correspondent he had been communicating with for some time.  Serge had volunteered his aid in helping his online pen pal in their search for a missing loved one.  It was pretty much the sort of situation that was perfectly set up to end with the kidnapping of a young American teen.


Which was the exact conclusion the Ministry of Powers had made when they had caught word of the chatter between the teens.  As the situation matched that of an English youth who had been missing for some three weeks now.  His last known location this very pulqueria.  Silently an old contact of Klara's asked her, if she could personally stake out this meeting and hopefully find the missing English Youth.  Of course, the Ministry of Powers had no way of knowing that Serge was never in any danger to begin.  Even if his friend was simply a cartel lure, Voin would not be the only superhero on the scene that afternoon...

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This is the place. Serge noted to himself, with a sigh of relief, as he doublechecked the notes of his pda. Yup. El Dueno de ti, just as the sign says.  He wiped the sweat from his brow with the water bottle he was holding. This summer had been bad enough as it was for someone living in the midwest. With Mexico being much much closer to the Equator, it made the heat unbearable. It was only mid-September, but Serge did not feel a single ounce of envy for the people who had to deal with this weather for the entirety of the summer.


He traveled light on clothes; he doubted he could weather the morning sun with anything more than a t-shirt and shorts. Besides, in his haste to leave his stuff at the hotel room he was renting, in order to not stand his pen-pal up, he didn't really have the pressence of mind to grab anything more than that.


He walked into the tavern-like establishment, taking the straw hat that was protecting his head from suffering a sun stroke due to hyperthermia, as he stepped into the shade. He politely waved at the waiter who hurriedly passed in front of him, well on his way to deliver his order. It was 7' past 11. A bit tardy, to be sure, but he hoped his pen pal wouldn't hold a grudge to an out-of-towner.


Now, he just scanned the establishment, hoping to spot someone looking for a guy entering the place while sticking out like a sore thumb. <Link-XP> was the nickname he'd been introduced to his pen-pal, so, if someone in here knew it without Serge telling them, that would be the one that Serge was looking for.

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There were some advantage to being allied to the Ministry the main one was there teleport booths that had allowed her to travel to Mexico with no time or effort. There was just enough egalitarian still in her that she just could fly first class, and economy class didn’t normally provide her with suitable room for her size.


At seven foot tall Klara could never just blend into a crowd, being a good head and shoulders over most people, so instead she used it to her advantage striding around with confidence drawing people's attention. And people expected a certain things of a giant of a woman which she could often use to her advantage, though it would never make up for not being able to buy clothes easily in her size.


Dressed in a bright colourful sundress and shades she made her way through the streets of Mexico City on the way to her meeting.

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The statuesque Klara certainly had all eyes on her.  Even as she entered the pulqueria, just about everyone in sight noticed her.  Even the waiter, especially the waiter, who practically tripped all over himself as he headed towards Serge.  Klara was not the only one to enter the pulqueria after Serge.  A gaggle of small children chased after the woman laughing.  Entertained by her larger than life size.


The rest of the patrons got on to business as usual.  No one's eyes lingering towards Klara.  And more importantly, no one looking around as if they were trying to find someone.  Which limited the possibilities of narrowing down identities to each of the pen pals.

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So they'd moved on to the discrete, not looks, whilst obviously looking now and again stage of things. It used to bother her when she first left her home, especially among the oh so polite British but by now she'd just gotten used to it all. 


"Sorry little ones you can't come into a place like this." she spoke in her soft mum voice


Kneeling down got out of her bag a selection of sweets she kept in there for just such an occasion, keeping an eye on her purse having not been born yesterday. Then once she was happy that they were stated she made her way to the bar, better to take the lead on the whole situation.


"I've heard a lot about you Pulque and I'd thought I'd come and try some." for now she was playing the happy tourist, though she'd obviously done her homework.

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Serge let out a sigh. Maybe I'm earlier? He wondered, as he checked his time. No, I'm definitely late by a few minutes. Hmmm... It doesn't seem my penpal has arrived yet, then. Maybe they got held up, or... no, let's settle down for a bit, no need to act all hasty. With these thoughts in mind, he greeted the waiter who appeared to move towards him, before wincing as he saw the man trip while being distracted. "Woah, there, fella, be careful. are you alright?" He automatically responded. Following the waiter's gaze, he noticed a woman who stood out just as much as Serge himself did, no, even more. She was taller than tall, and her eyes and facial features appeared... asian? Maybe not Japanese or Chinese, but close. For a second there, he wondered if maybe her was the one to have contacted him, but the woman didn't appear to give Serge much of a second thought, so he shrugged himself. Well, I suppose I'm not the only tourist in the world.


Returning his gaze to the waiter, who led him to a free table, before taking out a pen and block, Serge understood that he would have to order. "For starters, a glass of- no, make that a bottle of water- would be much appreciated. As for a drink, well... what would you recommend for a lightweight like me?" he said, hoping the waiter would understand english.

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