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Creme Melee (OOC)


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Okay, now that I'm back let's make this happen.


Too many civilians (in his mind) to break out the heavy lumber, so he's going to try drawing the beasties' attention from them onto him; activating Flight, then charging right into 'em (Move Action), popping his Aura on the flyby (Free Action), and then kicking one in the face (Unarmed Attack, Standard Action). With luck they'll treat him like a piñata, and not the poor civvies.


Alternate Power: Strike 9 (Feats: Variable Descriptor, Extras: Aura, Duration 2 - Sustained) [37PP] (Fire/Entropy) (Fire Aura) Damage is DC 24 Toughness if they take a swing at 'im.


Now, as for the BOOT TO THE HEAD...


Results1d20+4: 12 [1d20=8] DC 15 Toughness if by some miracle that hits. ^^;


EDIT: Okay, got informed Aura enhances unarmed attacks too, so that means a) that attack would be 16, not 12 (I have a +8 with energy attacks, and +4 with normal attacks), and b) if that impacts that's a DC 24 Toughness. :)

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Results 1d20+10: 29 [1d20=19] That's going to roll straight off of Meat Man.


Two of the Cream Meanies are going to start off using Aid on the third one, boosting his Att. Results 2#1d20+8: 2 # 9 [1d20=1] 14 [1d20=6]

So his attack goes up by +2. He's going to Power Attack by +2. Results 1d20+8: 9 [1d20=1] Miss, bad. Not sure if he still gets hit by the Aura, though.

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On ‎10‎/‎5‎/‎2016 at 1:07 PM, EternalPhoenix said:

Immunity to Entrapment? Descriptor of simulating cooking oil? Not permanent duration, of course.

So pretty much this. 5PP for it. Duration (continuous) to bring up to 10PP. Fades+Total Fade equal out. And, just for fun, a pair of Slow Fade power feats. So, it won't fade away until about 50 minutes from now.

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