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[OOC] Kick Off!: Dark Horse


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Nevermore is going to quickly and quietly swap his Gadgets around a bit. 

He's going to change from the Analytic Cowl setup to the Tools of the Trade setup, which, most importantly, gives him a Subtle Datalink power. We can also fluff the link to the Rookery as giving him Access Codes....if he succeeds at his Computers check!

His goal is to temporarily disable the sensors that activate the lights in the hallway with movement. Not the actual trophy room (that's probably already lit up anyways), but the hall, so as to make it less obvious they're doing the sneaky-sneak. 

Computer Check: 34.

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So before I roll Init, I'm going to be trying to figure out the best way to configure Gadgets (currently consulting Chat). End result is a desire to use Grapnel to yoink the shiny! We can also establish what rolls you'd want me to make for that, Olopi.


Notice Check: 29. Hopefully I'm not wasting all my good rolls for the next week, both here and in "meatspace", on non-combat rolls....


EDIT: Angrydurf's suggested configuration:

Extended Reach (Unarmed) Limited to Disarm and Improved Disarm


Since this is something like 20-50 feet of range, that seems reasonable. But I want to bounce it off of you first before we "commit". 

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That gadget sounds reasonable (and fun!). Works with me! Bonus points if it's a grabby hand or slime hand! :P


Now, as for most ominous rolls:


1d20 + 12 = 29

Well dang!

Nevermore notices there's something up on the room's ceiling, but can't really make out anything more specific for now, there's too much darkness up there to see what it might be properly!

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Sadly it's "only" going to be an articulated grapnel claw....I'm too lazy to PP that up but the math should fit in 10PP or less.

I'll roll Initiative (because there's no way this won't get noticed), and then the Disarm check.

Initiative: 7.


Disarm Attack Roll (rolling as a Melee due to using Extended Reach): 32

...I'll take a +5 on the Strength Check. And +4 from Improved Disarm. And +4 from his actual Strength. As I'm reading the Disarm entry, that'd be  15 (base) + 13 (strength and feat and crit).

So, DC 28 to not get disarmed, I guess?

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Standard Action: Rearrange Gadgets to the following:

Electroshock Gauntlets 
 Stun 10 (Extras: Linked [Martial Arts] Flaws: Daze) [10PP] (Electricity)

Move Action: Move up to Fancy Thief.

Extra Effort: Surge for another Standard Action.

Standard Action: Punch him! Melee Attack Roll: 30. That probably hits....anyway! DC 23 Toughness Save, and DC 20 Fortitude save (vs stun). 

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The Thief returns fire, directed at Ouroboros:

1d20 + 12 = 24

I believe that hits, so that'd be a DC 27 Toughness Save, please!


Now, at the same time, something drops from the ceiling! Drops, and proceeds to attack Nevermore in the same motion!

1d20 + 13 = 15

Wooooow. What is up with these rolls. Rerolling that one, another HP to Nevermore!

1d20 + 13 = 18, upgraded to 28

Well, that's better.

So, as that hits, that's a DC 22 Toughness Save against Damage, and a DC 15 Reflex Save against a Visual Dazzle!


Also, The Weaver's initiative: 1d20 + 4 = 18

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