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Osla is going to use her axe and the rules on breaking objects. Woopsie. So with her Strike, Strength, and the +1 Super-Strength throws into the breaking objects thing, that's a nice little DC24 hit. The pickup truck'll then have 5+Toughness bonus. Assuming it's not got +14-15 toughness, she can definitely do some damage to it. 


I'll also roll Initiative, just in case. Oslanitiative: 1d20+8 21

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Well they can't very well let some outsider's enforcer boss them around. They drop the bag and go for their guns! Initiative: 22.


The truck is: 14, so Disabled and Injured. They're not getting away in it, or at least not very fast.


Osla has the Surprise Round advantage.

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Vs. Demoralize: 13. Failed by six, so Shaken (-2 to checks, Saving Throws and Attack rolls for the next round).


Round 0 over, Round 1 start:


Scarpians(x3): Unharmed-GM

Arrowhawk: Unharmed, 4HP(+1 for invoking the Deal With The Devil Complication)


The two unchastened Scarpia men attack: 3 and 12, total miss. Lead Scarpia man: 1. All three ahots go into his truck.


Arrowhawk's turn.

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She's just going to go nuts on them unarmed with Takedown Attack.


Move Action: Leaping! Jump off that damn rooftop!


Standard Action: CHARGING Power Attack! For a net -2 Defence, +2 DC. Taking 10 to hit gives her 20, and lays out DC23 Toughness saves for everyone hit. She only has Takedown Attack 1, not 2, so she won't be able to take out all 10 men, probably.


Surged Standard Action: She rolls to Intimidate the guys. BOOGA BOOGA: 1d20+10 11
And does a terrible job. Oh well.

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Time passed.


Intimidate saves vs DC11 Intimidate: Three run for it.


Fiating(have an HP) that Osla inflicts Bruises and knocks half of the Scarpians prone.


Round 2.


Scarpians(x7): Unharmed(x2), Bruise(x5), Prone(x5)-GM

Arrowhawk: Unharmed, 5HP


The untouched two open fire again, for all the good that'll do: ...Two critical hits. Huh. But Minions so no damage bonus. Two DC20 Toughness checks, please.


The Prone'd take their turn just getting up again.

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Opposed Grapple check: 17.


Vs. Intimidate, Intimidate: 17. 


He was not prepared and spills several of his guts.


The six not being grappled gather in a loose circle around Osla and her captive.


All of them take their round to Aim. 


Meanwhile a helicopter miniboss heaves to from over the horizon. Initiative roll: 16. It will act next turn, after whatever gunmen are unfortunate enough to remain conscious. For now it is content...to watch.

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OK, unharmed and with 5HP


Standard Action: Throw the guy she's holding at one of the gunmen. Assuming ~200 lbs, he can throw him up to 10 feet. DCs are based off her Strength 22, so DC 21. Taking 10, that's 17 to hit a guy with another guy.


Move Action: Jump out of the circle, She can move 40' as a standing long jump, clearing the ring of people.


Free Action: Quick Draw her bow and swap array slots.


Free Action: SURGE for an extra Standard Action.


Standard Action: Fire a thunderbolt arrow! Dazzle visual and auditory rank 6, DC 16 Reflex save for the Area, then DC16 Reflex Save for the Dazzle effect.

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