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...I even looked at the name like three times because I had made that mistake, corrected it, made it again, "fixed" that, then did it again this time.


I blame the last few days of little sleep hours.


Anyway fixed, sorry Cape!

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Thanks :) no apology necessary. 


Anyway, Ill throw out a roll or two proactively to see what Bolt might now. Lazy sausage as he is, he would not have taken 20 to investigate the various organisations, but I suppose he might hit the library at a later date. 


Business Knowledge: 1d20+14 26 for knowledge business. 


Might not be pertinent but being preactive. If it is pertinent, happy for that to go straight into IC or OOC depending on your judgement. 


If you do need any other knowledge rolls (e.g. another business roll or tech roll, feel free to roll on my behalf to keep up pace/speed, he wont be rerolling them!)

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