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Finding active Super Teams in FC


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I've read thru the Super Teams in the guide, I'm looking for something that my character (Redline, almost approved) would find in a phone book or on the internet. Hoping for a brochure-like experience, wondering if there are any actually active at this time. If not, how many heroes have public personnae/ reputations? Maybe we can cobble together our own....

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Pretty much only the Freedom League (or for PCs the Auxiliary) and AEGIS are like a public known entities with like an address.  AEGIS as governmental agency is not exactly hard to join but comes with the baggage of being more of a shield agent than like Avenger.  I guess technically Unison the UN super group is open to new members but tends not to really do team adventures as much and is once again more like a government branch than a "traditional" super team.


Claremont academy for teen heroes is kinda like a worst kept secret sort of arrangement, If you're a teen with powers its hand waved that you can discover/be discovered there.  But mostly the claremont teams/team ups still grow more naturally from friends having zainy adventures together.


As for public heroes there are a fair number that have little to no secret ID though fewer with the kind of fame that would make them easy to track down without concerted effort.  Ace Danger is Famous (Like johnny quest grew up to be james bond and is real famous) and is connected to Danger Industries so not hard to find.  Likewise Alex Albright (Psyche) is (in)famous as a public Terminus Baby and CEO of the AEON foundation, Ms. Americana I think is publicly linked to Archetech.  Queenie is a superhero/celebrity chef so maybe through the restaurant you could get in touch?


All that said if you're interested in a team and think you'd be a good fit best thing to do is get in touch with some of the players of current members and discuss OOC how to make a team up work if they have space and what not.  Teams tend to get new members and form through team ups and group adventures mostly rather than just calling each other up or holding tryouts :D

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