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Doctor Deoxy (PL10) - Exaccus

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Doctor Deoxy


Power Level: 10/11 (175 / 175PP)
Unspent Power Points: 0

Trade-Offs: None

In Brief: Brilliant Geneticist in Hyper-evolved Techno-Organic Power armour

Catchphrase: None

Theme: Radioactive

Alternate Identity: Dr. Nathaniel Anderson (public)
Birthplace: Manchester; United Kingdom

Residence: Maintains various Homes across the world

Base of Operations: Emerald City; Genesis Base
Occupation: Geneticist, full time super scientist.
Affiliations: N/A

Family: No immediate family; generally scattered branch families.


Age: 39 (DoB: 1978, 12th of March)
Apparent Age: Late Thirties
Gender: Agender
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height:: 5’11 (varies)
Weight: 159lbs (Varies)
Eyes: Violet with Hourglass like pupils, similar to an octopus
Hair: Black, Kept short and parted on the side.(Varies)



Ever since Nathaniel Anderson was a child, he was interested in genes and mutations, because of a mutation of his own. Seeking the source of this mutation, he took his passion for the subject of genetics, applying himself in the relevant fields. This eventually led him to become one of the forefronts in the fields of genetics, finding good fortune in his work both as a geneticist and a hired lecturer for universities and conferences. While he was on holiday in Romania, he discovered an alien crash site. With his accrued funds, he purchased the land on which the crash site resided, building a holiday home as a cover for his research into the ship.


Over the course of his studying of the vessel, he discovered the source of its FTL travel - a time dilation drive. Using his intellect, he reverse-engineered it to a working prototype, which with refinement became what he now calls the Time Dilation Artificial Evolutionary Ligature or Time DAEL for short.


After his work on the crashed ship was concluded, he was surprised when he ran a land survey to find it was rich in uranium, possibly from the crashed vessel's power core. After moving the crash back to his homeland, he turned the property for a profit to the highest bidder, and moved back to his homeland, taking residence in London.


Using what he had learned from his studies of the crash, he developed a suit of techno-organic power armour, and henceforth began to fight crime as Doctor Deoxy both from a sense of moral responsibility and a desire to test his creations out.


Due to extended periods wearing the suit and drawing deeply on its nature he has recently become irrevocably merged with it, his very nature having been altered he Is now no longer human in the traditional sense of the word, though he still has a very human mind-set.


He recently moved to Emerald city to pursue his interest in studying the prevalence of minor mutations amongst the populace


Personality & Motivation:

He is eternally curious and wishes to learn anything he can about everything. This has let people to find his personality grating, as his curiosity often comes at the expense of the personal space of others. He wants to see what his new suit is capable of, but is inclined to heroism


Powers & Tactics:
His body is augmented by the suit to expand upon his natural state acting as a source and filter for the amazing powers he displays. Generally in a combat scenario, he will pick off the lesser opponents first, prioritizing containment for the safety of civilians.


Power Descriptions:

Energy projections are typically dark violet in colour. The suit appears to be a metallic film over his body providing protection with little to no rigidity, supplementing it with a helmet, breastplate, gauntlets and boots.


For SCIENCE!: Though he has a strong moral core, Nathaniel Anderson has always had a little trouble with the idea that just because he can do something doesn’t mean he should and as such he will sometimes over indulge his curiosity, focusing his attention on something to the exclusion of all others, this has also given him something of a bad reputation among his peers in the academic community.


Space Invader: Nathaniel Anderson has always been a little socially inept, but now with the excitement of his discovery and the opportunities it provides have exacerbated this immensely, now rather taken with all the meta-human specimens around him he is want to prod and poke at them physically and psychologically and generally make a nuisance of himself.


Scary Eyes: Due to the unique nature of his eyes, Nathaniel is totally colour blind readily confusing colours; they’re also very off-putting to look into and may make social interactions difficult or impossible.


Feed me!: Now One with the armour the suits intensive metabolic energy needs are now his own, certain powers may fail to take full effect or fail entirely if deoxy lacks sufficient energy to fuel them, it has also increased his required daily calorific intake by four fold.


Clean Freak: In spite of, or perhaps because of his extensive knowledge of microbes Nathaniel is an obsessive cleaner and germaphobe and when confronted with excessive levels of dirt and the germs, GERMS, GERRRMS! He may seize up, refuse to enter the premises or in an extreme reaction, attempt to clean the entire area with bombardments of scouring energy.

Me, Myself and AI: With the suits full merging with Anderson the simple combat computer has found itself vastly improved, now able to tap into decoy’s mind as he can it’s, though it is generally helpful it is still in its infancy and has a naiveté that others might exploit, now being inseparable from Anderson it may also make him vulnerable to effects his once purely organic nature protected him from.


The power within: Now a merger of the technological and the biological doctor deoxy’s physiology is forever changed and virtually unrecognizable from the human he used to be and thus his body may react surprisingly or unexpectedly when injured or exposed to certain stimuli, such as venting energy from wounds that might damage, or ignite his surroundings and indirectly or directly harm people in his vicinity.

Enemies: Doctor Deoxy holds a great enmity towards Cerberus Rex and his dinosaur minions and they, in turn, have great disdain for him. He has also made an enemy of an alternate version of himself, Doctor Dissector: Who has allowed his fascination with genetics to lead him to dark and terrible places that disgust and offend Deoxy as a scientist and a Transhuman being.


Abilities: 0 + 4 + 6 + 14 + 4 + 0 = 28PP

Strength: 10 (+0)
Dexterity: 14 (+2)
Constitution: 16 (+3)
Intelligence: 24 (+7)
Wisdom: 14 (+2)
Charisma: 10 (+0)

Combat: 8+8 = 16PP


Initiative: +15
Attack: +4/+6 (with Symbiotic AI)/+10 (Evolving Technology)
Defense: +8/+10 (With Symbiotic AI) (+4 Base, +4 Dodge Focus +2 Symbiotic AI),

+3 Flat-Footed

Grapple: +4/+6 (With Symbiotic AI)
Knockback: -5/-10

Saving Throws: 5 
+ + = 14PP

Toughness: +10 (+3 Con, +7 Protection)
Fortitude: +8 (+3 Con, +5)
Reflex: +5 (+2 Dex, +3)
Will: +8 (+2 Wis, +6)

Skills: 56R = 14PP


Craft (Chemical): 8 (+15)
Craft (Electronic: 3 (+10)
Craft (Mechanical): 3 (+10)

Knowledge (Behavioural Sciences) 8 (+15)
Knowledge (Life Sciences): 8 (+15)
Knowledge (Technology): 8 (+15)
Language: 2 (+2) (Romanian, German, Native: English)
Medicine: 8 (+10)
Notice: 4 (+6)
Sense Motive: 4 (+6)

Feats: 14PP


Attack Specialization 2 (Obliteration (Disintegration 10)) (On power)
Benefit (Wealth) 3
Dodge Focus 4
Improved Critical 2 (Energy Projection (Blast 10)) (On Power)

Improved Initiative 2
Skill Mastery (Knowledge Life Sciences, Technology, Medicine, Craft Chemical)

Speed of Thought
Uncanny Dodge (Hearing)


Equipment: 40ep = 8pp (Silver reward 8/15pp of equipment)

Genesis Base (and island)          

Size: Gargantuan (4ep)

Toughness: +45 (8ep)

Features: (28ep) 
Combat simulator
Concealed 5 (+30 to checks to locate)
Defence System
Fire Prevention System

Grounds (x3 Size of base)

Holding Cells
Living Space
Power System
Security System 5 (DC: 40 Disable Device to bypass)
Self-Repairing 2 (Recover from total destruction in 1 Week.)
Work Shop


Info:Built into the highly irradiated island off the coast of emerald city that once belonged to the atomic brain before his defeat and exile from earth prime, Genesis base is a subterranean system of bio-mechanical tunnels and alcoves spread out under the entirety of the island and even the floor of the surrounding ocean and allows his experiments to roam free within the boundaries of his domain.

Doctor Deoxy has spared no expense and no breadth of his genius to ensure that the facility is a veritable fortress both to the outside world and inescapable prison for more dangerous experiments he cannot bring himself to destroy, having constructed the base from a more primitive iteration of the same techno-organic life that once composed his armour and is now permanently bound to him, as such it is capable of repairing and maintaining its various functions directed by the master control core, a bio-organic brain of sub sapient intelligence that acts as the master computer for the base.


Intruders would need to not only brave the highly irradiated parts of the island to find an entrance but also face the numerous potentially ferocious life forms the good doctor has concocted and released into the lush jungles of the island environment as well as the bases bio-technological weaponry and Biometric Security systems, though these are far from infallible and can be overcome by determined enough foes they serve as heavy deterrents.


Most impressively perhaps is the base’s ability to seal itself off completely from the outside world, retracting access points and shifting its subterranean layout, even redirecting teleportation of people who have not been granted access to its inner levels by the doctor, though this again is not perfect and can be fooled by good enough fakes (Such as morph with precise or a device built to alter the user’s purported genetic code or the effects of magic.)


Doctor Deoxy is currently in a private and personal war against the local villain Cerebrus Rex Over the doctors recently cloned and enhanced dinosaurs and thus is loath to be away from his base for extended periods of time so as to be able to repel the saurian raiding of his island’s wildlife; this is because both worried for his creations well-being and enraged by the beings stealing and perversion of his work, he is unwilling to openly admit the situation for fear of the repercussions of his actions resulting in the destruction of all he has wrought and Cerebrus rex for his part is unwilling to mention where his new minions are being sourced from, some of these intelligent dinosaurs have shunned or been rescued from Cerebrus Rex and opted to return to genesis base both as personnel and security for the island.


Powers: 1 + 45 + 7+19 + 1+ 7+ 8+ 2 = 90pp

Biological Immortality(Immunity 1; Aging) [1pp]


Evolving technology (Array 18) ( Techno-organic; 36pp array default power: Snare: PFs: Alternate Power 9) [45pp]
   BE: Capture Cells (Snare 10) (Array; DC 20; Extras: Contagious; PFs: Accurate 2 (+4), Affects Insubstantial 2 (full power), Precise, Reversible)
   AE: Energy and matter manipulation (Transform 12) (Array; affects: anything, Transforms: 5000 lbs., DC 22; Flaws: Action (full), Distracting, Range (touch))
   AE: Energy Projection (Blast 10) (Default; DC 25, Feats: Improved Critical 2 (Energy Projection (Blast 10)); PFs: Accurate 2 (+4), Homing 2 (2 attempts), Incurable, Indirect 3 (any point, any direction), Precise, Ricochet 2 (2 bounces), Split Attack (2 targets), Variable Descriptor 2 (Broad group - Any Energy))
   AE: Force field Projection (Create Object 10) (Array; Max Size: 10x 50' cubes, DC 20; Extras: Impervious; PFs: Precise, Progression, Object Size 3, Selective, Stationary)
  AE: Matter Materialization (Create Object 10) (Array; Max Size: 10x 50' cubes, DC 20; Extras: Duration (continuous); PFs: Innate, Precise, Progression, Object Size 3, Subtle (subtle))
  AE: Molecular Manipulation (Transform 10) (Array; affects: broad > broad - inanimate to inanimate, Transforms: 1000 lbs., DC 20; Extras: Duration (continuous); Flaws: Action (full), Distracting, Range (touch);  PFs: Accurate 2 (+4), Extended Reach 2 (10 ft.), Innate, Precise)
   AE: Obliteration (Disintegration 10) (Array; DC 25, Feats: Attack Specialization 2 (Obliteration (Disintegration 10)); Flaws: Distracting; PFs: Precise, Reversible)
  AE: Open Spatial Gate (Teleport 8) (Array; 2000 miles as full action; Extras: Accurate, Portal; Flaws: Long-Range; PFs: Change Direction, Easy, Progression 2 (Portal Size 25x25ft))
  AE: Radial Blast (Damage 10) (Array; DC 25; Extras: Burst Area (50-250 ft. radius - Targeted), Auto fire (interval 2, max +5), Selective Attack; Flaws: Distracting; PFs: Accurate 2 (+4), Progression, Increase Area 2 (area x5), Variable Descriptor 2 (Broad group - Any Energy))
  AE: Kinetic Projectors (Move Object 10) (Array; Strength: 50, Carry: 4.3 tons / 8.5 tons / 12.8 tons / 25.6 tons, DC 25; Extras: Damaging; PFs: Accurate 2 (+4), Affects Insubstantial 2 (full power), Precise, Subtle (subtle))


Impervium Nanoscale Armour (Protection 7) (Techno-organic; +7 Toughness) [7pp]

Lesser Augmentations (Array 8) (Techno-organic, Mutations; default power: Hardened Force field; PFs: Alternate Powers 3)[19pp]
  BEHardened Force field (Impervious Toughness 10)
  AEMorphic (Morph 4) (Default; morph: any form, +20 Disguise, Feats: Quick Change 2; PFs: Custom (Covers Scent), Precise)
  AE: Metabolic Energy Form (Insubstantial 3) (Array; Energy.)
  AE: Tachyon Boosters (Flight 8 (Techno-organic;2500mph 25000 ft / rnd.  Extras: Stacks with (Flight 1))

More than a Man, Less than a God (Super-sense 2 ) ( Cosmic Awareness Flaw: uncontrolled) [1pp]

Sealed Environment (Immunity 7) (Techno-organic; environmental conditions (all), suffocation (all)) [7pp]

Symbiotic AI (Enhanced Trait 8) (Techno-organic; Traits: Attack Bonus +2 (+6), Defense Bonus +2 (+10) [8pp]

Tachyokinetic Flight (Flight 1+8) (Techno-organic; Speed: 10 mph, 100 ft. /rnd to 5000mph 50000 ft /rnd) [2pp]

Totals: Abilities (28) + Combat (16) + Saving Throws (14) + Skills (14) + Feats (14) + Powers (90) - Drawbacks (0) = 176/176 Power Points


DC Block

ATTACK                                                            RANGE                   SAVE                              EFFECT            ATTACK MODIFIER
Unarmed                                                           Touch                    DC15 Toughness           Damage                       +6

Capture Cells                                                    100ft                     DC20 Reflex                    Snare                          +10 

Energy Projection                                            100ft                      DC25 Toughness           Damage                      +10

Energy and Matter Manipulation                  Touch                     DC22 Fortitude               Transform                    +6

Molecular Manipulation                                 10ft                         DC20 Fortitude              Transform                  +10

Obliteration                                                      100ft                       DC20 Fort/DC25 Tou    Disintegrate               +10

Radial Blast                                                      50-250ft radius    DC25 Toughness (AF)    Damage                     +10

Kinetic Projectors                                           100ft                      DC25 Toughness             Damage/Mov-Obj    +10

Edited by HG Morrison
Edited at Player Request
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