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Kestevan 79
Coalition Victory Station
Lor time mark 1421.1 [February 3, 2016 (Terran Calendar)]

Amara Val-Ren stood in the center of the command center looking at the massive holographic display that floated in the air above the table around which she was gathered along with Elite and Traveller.  The hologram was a detailed map of the Lor Republic and the surrounding parsecs, many of which contained systems and worlds which had accepted assistance from the Praetorians.  Intermixed with the representations of the multitude of systems and stellar anomalies were markers providing information on incidents warranting the Praetorians' attention.   

There were far too many of those markers in Amara's opinion. 

Although a group of Praetorians (including Amara, Traveller and Cavalier) and Star Knights had managed to follow a group of Spectrum Knights back to their base of operations, capturing a number of their leaders, the Spectrum Knights that had escaped were continuing to spread the chaos and destruction across the galaxy.  In addition, new Spectrum Knights continued to appear nearly every standard Lor week.  Although most of those chosen as hosts were unstable individuals and not able to fully utilize the potential of their armor, the damage they still caused before being stopped was great.   

While the combined efforts of the Lor Star Navy, the Praetorians, the Star Knights, and various freelance bounty hunters had drastically reduced the pirate activity that had spiked following the Incursion, there were still shipping lanes along the edge of the Republic that were regularly targeted by pirates.  This was particularly true along the unclaimed expanse that lay between the Republic and the remains of the Stellar Khanate, where there were ample locations for pirate ships to dock without too many questions being asked. 

The Stellar Khanate presented another set of challenges.  A number of systems that had broken away from the Khanate had begun to form formal ties with the Republic, and in many cases looking to the Praetorians for aide.  And there was much for them to be concerned about.  A handful of Star Khan's senior officials that had survived the Incursion had declared themselves rulers of a section of the Khanate and begun trying to expand their areas of influence.  The rogue Boran known at Sovereign had led a group of former pirates he had brought under his command during the Incursion and taken control over an area of the former Khanate.  While a group of Praetorians had halted his attempts to expand into a number of free systems along the unclaimed expanse, it was doubtful Sovereign had lost his desire to continue expanding his domain. 

Star Khan himself was still at large somewhere, although what his condition might be was questionable.  When he had been rescued from a Lor prison transport, the former conqueror had been in a coma, his body ravaged by the failure of the many implants the Communion had installed in place of so much of his organic parts.  There were reports of loyal Khanate forces gathering in large numbers in the central systems of what remained of the Khanate, but accurate information was hard to come by.   

Another increasing concern for Amara was the Praetorians' relations with the Lor Star Navy.  While the Republic civilian government and many in the Lor military (particularly those that worked directly with the Praetorians during the Incursion) were still supportive of the Praetorians, the Star Navy hierarchy and number of star ship commanders were beginning to act more distant.  There had even been some disputes over the Praetorians' authority to operate in certain Republic systems. 

"It would seem we are little closer to helping establish any lasting peace than we were when the Incursion ended."  Amara commented to the other two women with her.  Among the surviving original Praetorians, the Naram relied heavily on the guidance and assistance of Elite and Traveller as the team had taken on its new role.   

"Did my brother and the other Imperators have to deal with this many problems and I just never realized it?"

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Sitara gave a smile to her colleague/commander she’d seen similar many time ago in her lifetime.


“Why do you think I’ve never taken a promotion?” she gave a little laugh “Far too many other things to occupy my time.”


She leant on the edge of the holographic projector apparently studying the map with apparently some contemplation before speaking again.

“These things tend to settle down eventually, new societies will form and empires and federations form. Still wouldn’t hurt to help these things along a little. How about we send some Praetorians to do a little recon and a little diplomacy?”

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"They dealt with more, I suspect," Tatiana says offhandedly to Amara's question as she returns to the gathering with a tray bearing three hot cups of tea, black and strong, which she offers to the others.  "Few people are used to looking beyond a single planet's problems.  When you step back and look at the combined troubles of an entire galaxy, it is always going to seem bleak, if only from the sheer size of the galaxy.  If you aren't careful, it can be overwhelming."


She takes a seat and proceeds to think over the situation.  She'd gone over the reports already.  Now, it's time to brainstorm over a cup of tea.  "Political relations with the former Khanate states will be difficult.  It is a turbulent political environment.  Backing any one state could end in that state gaining too much power and turning against us.  If we try and build those relations with a single state and do not support it, it can easily cease to be at any time.  If we are going to build relations in that region, there can be no 'little' about it, nor will it be particularly subtle.  Which means that we will have to overcome the hurdle that everyone we speak to will know we are in talks with their enemies as well.  A difficult hurdle, but not insurmountable."


She takes a sip of tea and lets the warmth wash over her.  Space always seems so cold to her, no matter what the environmental controls are set to.


"But so long as the former Khanate states are more focused on squabbling with one another than on acting against us, they are a limited threat.  What we need are ways to make the border worlds unappealing targets without drawing too many people or resources."

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Amara took the offered cup of hot tea when Tatiana brought them over, thanking the other woman and then taking a sip as she listened to the advice from both Tatiana and Sitara.  The Naram could not help but smile behind her cup.  Both women possessed considerable experience which she found invaluable, but also came at things with very different outlooks.  But their different viewpoints were equally as valuable as their experience, even if not always easy to harmonize. 

Looking back at the section of the star map that contained the Khanate worlds, Amara considered both her friends' suggestions.  During the Incursion and since, the Naram had found herself involved in a number of diplomatic negotiations.  She now had a better understanding of some of the things her bother had once confided in her in the years after she had joined him in the Praetorians.  It had been so much simpler to be merely one of the ones out there keeping the peace and protecting the Empire.  Now she had to do all that and more. 

"Well, the situation with many of the former Khanate states is simplified some by the fact that several have embassies here on the station and have already been building diplomatic ties with the Republic, Unity and other former Coalition governments.  Focusing on those worlds at least gives some semblance of a continuation of the Coalition." 

"As for the border worlds," she continued, glancing toward some those systems, "perhaps if we have Cavalier coordinate with the Citadel for our patrols to closely follow or proceed Star Knight patrols.  That could at least give the appearance of a stronger presence in the area by both our organizations that could deter some of the warlords that are looking for weak areas into which to expand."

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Sitara accepted the tea with a polite smile, she could happily mingle between both high society and the dregs though she sometime prefered the honesty of the streets to the veiled talk of most high society. It was a little depressing that little had changed since she left her home planet, but at least her home was more civilised than some of Khanate states.


“Resources are spread thin everywhere, even with us, especially with us. But we might have more success than either the Lor or the Star Knights, I’ve heard stories that we’re nearly legendary out in that region of the space. By taking an interest we might show that we’ve got interest in helping out in the region, as long as we don’t look like we’re there to cause trouble.”


Sitara was glad she didn’t have the make the decisions what to have to do on large scale, though she was getting itchy feet for staying in one place for so long. Even if there was several good reasons to stay out for now.

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"Be always mindful not just of the message you're trying to send, but the message that will be received," Tatiana warns.


"Keep in mind, the Khanate states are very much a warrior culture.  If we visibly increase military patrols like that, the move has a high likelihood of being construed as a challenge or a threat.  In either case, they risk loss of face as cowards if they do not engage.  Mines provide a measure of security and threat without offering the temptation of honorable combat, and it is a clearly defensive measure."


She taps a few buttons on a console, "Perhaps we are focusing too much on the direct approach."  She turns her console, revealing a holo projection of the Sea of Stars; a Lor music group known for exceptional use of percussion.  "Perhaps it is time to ask someone to go on tour."

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Though the two women differed in their approach to things they did occasionally agree, and those were time when things could get dangerous. This could very easily be one of time, with the whole situation being so volatile.

“That's not a bad idea, having feet on the ground to gather intel about the situation. But who could we send to do the gathering? Most of us are too well know to travel there without attracting some attention, the Khanite must have our faces on record somewhere. And I don’t think we can send any of the new Praetorians into such a dangerous situation. The only way we might get away with it was if one of our number did something stupid, really stupid as opposed to our normal methods.” she gave a smile being one of those who did such things “But it’s not like an opportunity like that is going to come our way any time soon...”

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"I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss them," Talia corrects.


"I've noticed a creeping mindset of first- and second-class Praetorians creeping into our midst.  If not addressed, there will be a schism.  Possibly in the field."  She is quite matter-of-fact as she sips her tea.  It happens often enough.  The old guard decides they're better and always will be, regardless of future data, and the new blood resents them for it.


"I have a thought for a prime candidate, though she may need a little more practice with her Galstandard first."


She goes through the team's roster in her head, "Unfortunately, I don't think we have any skilled musicians to contribute to the tour besides myself." 

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“Remember I’d been travelling the galaxy for thousands of years before the Deltrazi Republic.”


With her easy relax manner and fairly grounded personality it was sometime easy to forget that Sitara had centuries of experience of the universe.Not that she normal acted like she was in an way superior to any of the other Praetorians.

“It’s not that I don’t trust their level of skill, but there loyalty isn’t necessary to the best interest of the Praetorians or this region of space. I suspect that some of them would rather disrupt the Khanate in order to strengthen the Lor Republic, even if it not the best idea for the stability of this region of space. The older Praetorians don’t have that connection.” there was a note of sadness in her voice at that last part, they’d all lost so much due to the passage of time.

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