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Okay, Gretchen's plan is to disable the van by flattening one or more of the tires, by using her Precise Move Object and Improvised Tools feat in conjunction. Depending on how close the van is, she might even be able to do it from here! Let me know if Disable Device or any other rolls would be required. She wants to do it quietly by popping the valves, not loudly puncturing them.


If you feel this is beyond her abilities, let me know and I will do something else.

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Echo: 1d20+14 29

Thugs: 1d20+1 10


                                                                                 Round 1

Initiative                                         Character                                          HP                                     Damage condition

29                                                  Echo                                                  1                                       Unharmed

17                                                  The Shrike                                         0                                       Unharmed

10                                                  Thugs                                                GM                                    Unharmed

4                                                    Phantasmo                                         1                                       Unharmed



Standard action: Superfast Fists vs. Thug (with Takedown Attack 2): 1d20+14 26



Toughness save vs. DC 27: 3#1d20+2 15 15 8

Three goons remain.


The Shrike is up!

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