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Beware the Shrike!


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So I'm hoping to bump Grim's sidekick Gretchen to PL10 in the next few months, but I don't think she's logged enough field time to justify it. Any street-level heroes looking for a team-up?


The Shrike is basically a PL8 mash-up of Robin (minus the high-end martial arts) and Dr. Fate, or as I call her, 'MTV's Daria with a Power Ring'.

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This sounds like fun! Starlight seems to me like the obvious choice for a team-up. There is a bit of PL gap there, which could cause some complications, but they already know each other fairly well and Sam's very much the street-level type.


If that doesn't tickle your fancy, Echo is a PL lower (for the time being, at least), also fairly street-level in terms of capabilities, and has a nonstop smart mouth that might nicely compliment Gretchen's.

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Sam and Gretchen would probably be easier to set up, so we can go with that, but a future thread with Echo also sounds like a good idea; had no idea her backstory was so cool and twisted!


Gretchen set up a webpage for Grim that she monitors for her, and sometimes people send her cries for help and the like; normally, Gretch screens them and passes the important ones on to her boss. But many one day she gets one that's particularly urgent and Lynn's not available; she doesn't feel comfortable tackling it alone, so maybe she meekly asks Sam for help?

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